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Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of Number Four, Privet Drive were proud to say that they were normal. They had a normal house filled with perfectly normal things, an adorable normal son whom they had named Dudley Dursley. All in all, they were normal just the way they wanted, they didn't hold up with any sort of nonsense, after all.

Mr. Dursley worked at a drill making company called Grunnings. He was a well respected man with a respectable job. Mrs. Dursley was a normal housewife who loved drawing and baking things. Everyone in Privet Drive loved her delicious cakes. She was also the current unbeatable champion at their weekly Bridge games. Everyone at Privet Drive loved the small family of Dursleys.

The neighbors always spoke highly of the family. Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, in their opinion were nice and wonderful people. The Dursleys were well liked by all. They also had the best kept lawn in all of Privet Drive which was a whooping big point in their favor. Despite arriving at Privet Drive barely a year ago, the Dursleys were settling well, rather nicely in fact. In Privet Drive, impressions matter very much and the Dursleys certainly were very impressive.

However, the neighbors didn't know everything about the Dursleys. The Dursleys had a secret, which would kill them if it ever got out and it wasn't the fact that Petunia Dursley's sister was a witch. Beneath one of the floorboards in their smallest bedroom, there was a secret room. A training room filled with weapons and practice gears. The Dursleys had ran away from that life of theirs but they were ready if it ever caught up to them. The neighbors didn't know that they were harboring a secret, which if ever got out could even get them killed.

Vernon and Petunia Dursley were not what they seemed like. They kept a normal calm exterior outside which was helping them to keep their fear hidden. They were terrified of being killed. They might have lived up to their mid twenties and had a child but it wasn't over and they knew it. They were terrified of being killed and leaving their son an orphan. That was probably the reason they ran away from America, where monsters run rampant. They had fought for years, but now, with their son's life at hand, they were not afraid to run. It was basic human survival instinct : fight or flight.

The morning in question was a normal morning. Mr. Dursley woke up early and after finishing his daily routine got ready to go to work. He looked puzzledly at the cat at the Privet Drive board but didn't think much of it. The traffic was busy, as usual and he sat there humming a tune wondering about his life. Lost in his thoughts, he didn't notice about the bizarre people dressed in robes. Distractedly, he went to his office which stood on ninth floor and worked there until late.

Mrs. Dursley on the other hand had an odd morning. She went to work on the garden as she usually did after feeding Dudley and was shocked to see a flutter of owls in her lawn. She didn't mind them, of course. In fact, she enjoyed their company just as much as they enjoyed hers. Their pleasant hoots soothed her, and she spent the entire morning with them, feeding them some leftover breakfast. After stressing so much, it was a pleasant change. The neighbors hadn't seen Mrs. Dursley so happy and they were glad for her, wondering what was with her and owls. This was not gone unnoticed by a small tabby cat sitting on the Privet Drive board.

When Mr. Dursley returned home that morning, completely oblivious to the celebration going on the streets and everywhere else, he found his wife in a happy mood. She preceded to tell him about her day and they briefly wondered what all those owls were doing here in daytime. In a matter of minutes, the subject was dropped, they had to care after Dudley after all. The tabby cat on the board stood there stiffly, watching them.

Even when the Dursleys crept up to bed, tired, the cat on the signboard was as stiff as ever. It was almost midnight when the cat finally moved. The arrival of an old bearded man on the corner caused the cat to twitch it's tail and narrow it's eyes. The man looked around like he sensed he was being watched and looked straight into the cat's eyes. Muttering "should have known" he took out a cigarette lighter from his pocket and put the street lights out.

The man went over to the cat and the cat slowly changed. Instead of the cat, a stern looking woman in green robes stood there. The old man and the woman talked for a while and the woman left, trusting the old man and the inhabitants of Number Four. She had watched them all day and had accepted them. They might seem weird or normal, but they seemed all right to her.

The old man left them a gift. A small baby in a basket well protected from the cold by warming charms bearing a curious lightning bolt scar slept peacefully in the front steps of Number Four, Privet Drive.

Needless to say, Petunia Dursley was surprised to see her nephew in her front porch when she woke up the next morning.

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