Well my friends after leaving it up for a bit, I got a 50% majority vote for naruto so its gonna be naruto oc/gamer redo now.

The polls are naruto 50%

highschool dxd 28%

hsdxd with naru girls 12%

naruto with hsdxd girls 9%

total of 32 votes

so, just a heads up, the oc will still be rather bat shit insane when it comes to his mouth so foul cussing, and a total disregard to life in general, and there is a very good reason to this.

Also all of the work I did to create a table top game for the story to write about what I play as, was destroyed, so I made a new system, the last one was to heavily influenced with to much clutter and was getting just way to long to re write several times.

Now don't get me wrong, I love rtn hinata I really do, but this time shes not gonna be in it, as that is a special message I was received with and had the idea, so shout out to my love for giving me the idea.

Now your asking but but but who is it then, well not gonna tell you right now gonna have to wait evil laughter so now on to other news.

Writing will be slow I am sorry but im not fully here right now, I can not maintain my focus to well so I will dow hat when I am able to so cheers my friends, and hope you all like the redo of what story im going to be doing soon.