Heyy! Long time to writing.

I've been pretty busy the many months I've been away. Or well, either busy or with no inspiration to write. School has been tough, but i managed to pass and finish school (with awful grades ehe). I have been searching for a job for quite a while and it's been hell. I have gone to lectures about how to search for jobs and such and finally i got to work freetime at some store. So i'm using A LOT of time there, at the lecture, at a friends or to relax, or actually also to clean at home. I don't have much spear time to come up with ideas for any other character related fictions which are not me and my friend's OC's

But i've been reading all of the comments i've gotten on both of my fictions. "Revenge" and the (suprisingly) popular "Small games, love claims". I want to thank everyone for reading and liking my fictions. Since it's such a big part of what i love it means a lot.

PS: I WANT TO TELL EVERYONE THAT I'M FULLY AWARE OF ALL THE WRITING MISTAKES AND I HATE IT AAAH/ I'll fix it some time! I've grown in english prft. And i'll start reading the fiction before posting it. I'm soon 20, i should know how to do this properly.

Yes. And as some of you has been waiting for. YES, i am going to continue writing fictions, including writing more chapters for "Small games, love claims." I've already written half a chapter including a wish from one of the readers. So once its published there should be some Hilda and Oga too, but right now i haven't got enough inspiration, and i'll probably work slowly. You guys are the only inspiration i got right now, and its a lot! Enough to rise from the ground and get my ass in buissness, but I need to just get back into the ship and anime/manga.

Right now i'm really into Assassination Classroom. The anime and manga makes me crack up all the time. (And i'm afraid of octopuses prft). My heart belonges to Akabane Karma, and i will sink with my Karma x Okuda ship. I'll probably write some fictions for them if i feel like it, because i've read some fictions of them, but non of them can fully end my thirst for feels.

Thank you so much for being patient, and so supportive. I won't fail you guys! Eventually, i'll continue! I promise. And hopefully that won't be in too long.

I love you guys!