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Five Years Later

After the dates, things between Tori and her friends, and their new friends, have gone well.

After their date, Jack and Emily became an official couple, and she helped him find a job at a local beach where a mock pirate ship, that does work, is docked and they do a weekend group project where anyone interested can pretend to be a pirate. The person in charge was surprised at how well Jack fell into the part of the captain of the ship so well. Little does he know, Jack isn't acting at all. He's just being himself before coming to this time.

Like Jack, Will found a job he's most comfortable with. A few miles from Andre's house is a prop making company who specialize in swords and bladed weaponry for movies, shows, the like. Feeling at home, Will has become the favorite of the employees. Not only are his bladed weapons high quality, he's the only one who doesn't take smoke breaks, or breaks at all except for lunch, and doesn't mess around.

Elizabeth, who has shown a talent with costume design like Cat, found a job at a local costume design shop for plays, movies, shows, and personal reasons (fans wanting replica outfits). Like Will, she has quickly risen to be a preferred designer by not only her dedication to her designs, but by not being late, lazy, or anything that could look negative on her.

With Tori and her friends, Tori and Jade have become an official couple, like Emily and Jack. Like them, Robbie and Cat have finally started dating, to the lack of surprise to their friends who saw it happening for over a year. Shortly after graduation, Cat joined Emily at the costume design shop, becoming an apprentice under Emily. Robbie, meanwhile, started helping a local playhouse with its background effects, such as striking the set and setting up the lighting, everything he did at Hollywood Arts.

Beck and Andre, though still single with a few dates now and then, have started a promising start in their career choices. Beck has started acting at the playhouse Robbie works at, Robbie helping him get the job, as one of its premier actors and occasional director. Andre, likewise, has had a promising start as a singer/songwriter/musician with a local studio, its first client since they opened months prior to his joining.

Tori and Jade have gone well with their careers as well. Tori has started at the same studio as Andre as its main singer and songwriter, like Taylor Swift years ago with Big Machine Records, but her style different and she has Andre helping her. Jade has also started at the playhouse that Beck and Robbie are working and improving their art at, but she has stayed behind the scenes, working as a director and playwright for the same play Beck and Robbie have gotten their start in.

Now, five years later, Tori and Jade sit on the bride's side of the church, their wedding rings proudly on their fingers. "Who would've thought, just a year ago, we were up there getting married?" Tori asks, watching as her sister and future brother-in-law give their vows, Elizabeth and Will getting married later that year.

"Cat, apparently." Jade says, looking over to Cat and Robbie, the two still engaged, sitting in the groom's side since there aren't a lot for Jack's side. "For the last three years, she's been getting our weddings planned since graduation." The Goth says as the priest, the same who married Tori and Jade, tells Jack and Emily they can kiss.

"It's good that Beck finally started dating Trina, and Andre finally has a girlfriend and not a girl-of-the-week." Tori says, cheering when Emily and Jack pull away.

An hour later, at the reception, Jade can't help but laugh when her gift is revealed.

Her gift?

A one-one hundredth scale version of the Black Pearl with Jack, Will, Elizabeth, and Emily on the bow, with the Jolly Roger the same as before, but with text around it saying 'Pirates of Los Angeles'.

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