Chapter 1

A blonde haired boy of 13 years of age could be seen tied to a wooden post. This boy had an angry scowl on his face, because he had been tied to this post for 8 hours, and no one had come looking for him. His blue eyes held angry tears in them, and his whiskered cheeks had streaks from said tears. This boy was dressed in a orange and blue jumpsuit, that almost made him glow in the night. This boy is Uzumaki Naruto and he had been here since his so called team passed the true genin exams. His sensei and teammates had left to go do their own things leaving him tied to the fucking post. This pissed him off beyond anything he had ever felt before. He hated being treated like this, it was always him, ignored and isolated. Abandoned by the village he was supposed to call home. He had been fine with it when he didn't know the reason, because he had just figured they hated him for his pranks. No these fucking bastards hated him for something way beyond his control and that happened 13 almost 14 years ago. The Kyuubi attack 13 years ago, and the day the Yodaime fucking screwed him over. He used to look at said man like he was a hero, but now he hated the man, and even hearing his name made his blood boil.

He feeling something falling on his head looked up and spotting storm clouds scowled deeper and said "Great just my luck. It decides to storm tonight." He wondering if it could get any worse, blinked when thunder roared above him. This made him frown and say "I fucking hate my team and life."

He then closing his eyes started to try and calm down. It worked a little well as he was soon in his mindscape. He growled landing face first into sewer water. He standing up wiped the grime off of his face, and looked around. Spotting some pipes he followed them until he came across a split. He looking down the first one could feel dark hatred filled power emanating from this way. He guesses this way lead to the Kyuubi. He looking down the second one could feel pure power flowing from this one, and it wasn't just one power neither, it was three power sources. He deciding to go down this path, blinked finding himself in a room with a fireplace. He then hearing someone with a powerful and smooth voice telling him to sit down. Turned his head to the source of the voice. He blinked spotting a man appearing to be in his early to mid 20's with slicked back brown hair, a thin brown beard, and dark black eyes. This man was dressed in a dark grey shirt with no collar and nothing in the front. He had on a pair of blue jeans, that were dark and looked to be stained with blood. He had on a pair of black shoes that looked to be soaked in blood. Naruto feeling another power, turned his head a little and blinked spotting a pair of floating grey ringed eyes. He ignoring that turned to the last source of power and blinked spotting what was a hedgehog. It had black fur with a tuff of white fur on it's chest. In it's quills you could find red streaks. It had white gloves on, with golden bands around said gloves. Its eyes were a mixture of red and black. The last thing noticeable about the hedgehog was the white shoes it was wearing, oh and the seven emeralds around it. Naruto shaking his head took the only open seat.

The only man in the room smiled at this and said "Good. Now let me explain to you who and what we are. My name is Niklaus Mikaelson and I am what is known as the a Hybrid. I am a fusion between a vampire and a werewolf. I was once just a normal boy, well maybe werewolf, until my youngest sibling was killed by a wolf. My mother and father being enraged about this transformed my family into the original vampires. I of course didn't know that I was half wolf until I killed a human for the first time and triggered my transformation. My dear mother feeling as I was an abomination against nature and wanting to appease my dear father sealed away my powers, and I was forced to render her useless. I and my siblings lived for centuries with me looking for a way to undo what my dear mother had done to me. I found a way and did it. I soon had a little girl, but died protecting her from an aunt I never knew I had. This is all from a different dimension, but the god there owed the god here a favor and sent me here for some reason."

Naruto nodding at this turned to the floating pair of eyes. Naruto's eyes widened when the eyes showed him that they were the eyes of the mythical sage of six paths, awakening once again inside of someone in the hopes of changing the world for the good. He nodding turned the hedgehog. It then said "My name is Shadow and I'm a genetically engineered Hedgehog with speed capable of making others look like snails. I also have something called Chaos Control that allows me to control the energy of chaos. I am immune to all diseases and do not age. The seven emeralds you see around me are the Chaos emeralds that allow the users to harness great power. Like Niklaus I am from a different dimension."

Naruto hearing this asked "Okay I get the eyes, but why are the hell are you two here, and how did you get inside of my mind?"

All beings blinked when a voice said "That would be my doing."

All eyes turned to door that had been shut but was wide open. Standing in the frame was a woman with long flowing silver hair, deep purple eyes, and pale skin. Hanging in her pointed ears were earrings shape like the half moon. She was dressed in a purple kimono with the images of the moon shining over a lake on it. On the left breast of said kimono was the kanji Moon Goddess. She looked like she had all of the right curves in all of the right places. Naruto looking at her asked "Who are you and how did you get into my mind?"

The woman sighing said "I hoped it would be obvious with all of the moon gear I'm wearing and the kanji but I guess I'm wrong. I am Tsukuyomi the goddess of the moon."

Naruto hearing this blinked and asked "Okay now that's cleared up how did you get in my mind, and why are you in my mind.?"

Tsukuyomi sitting in the fifth and final chair said "I am in your mind because I am a goddess no mortal's mind now matter how powerful can block the powers of a goddess. As to why, well it's my duty."

Naruto blinked hearing this, not noticing how the eyes somehow nodded to her along with Shadow. Klaus on the other hand was shaking his head at what this meant. Naruto asked "What exactly do you mean it's your duty?"

She was about to answer when Klaus said "Kid she's trying to tell you that she's your mum."

Naruto blinked hearing this and Tsukuyomi glared at Klaus. She shaking her head said "Niklaus is correct. An incarnation of mine did give birth to you and died as your mother."

Naruto hearing this growled much like Klaus would and asked "Why are you here?"

Tsukuyomi ignoring his growling said "I'm awakening the Rinnegan in you, along with giving you all of Klaus experience, memories and turning you into a hybrid. The first hybrid this world has even seen. You will also be gaining the speed and power of Shadow."

Naruto growling asked "Why are you doing this?"

She said "Because it's my duty."

Naruto growled even louder hearing this and said "The only reason you're doing this is because of guilt."

She hearing this shook her head and said "No I'm doing it because I love you and I'm your mother."

Naruto actually snarling said "Bullshit! If you loved me you would've come a long time ago not now."

Tsukuyomi said "I do love you."

Naruto now baring his fangs and having slitted blood red eyes said "You stop lying to me right now, or so help me Kami I will march out this door, walk to the seal keeping that fleabag back and rip it wide open."

Tsukuyomi hearing this said "You'd die if you did that and I do love you. That's why I'm giving you these powers."

Naruto shooting up from his seat was literally foaming at the mouth as he roared "You can take these powers and shove them. I didn't need them when I was little and I don't need them now."

Tsukuyomi said "You need to calm down son."

Naruto then roared "DON'T YOU DARE!"

She standing up was looking him dead in the eyes asked "Don't I dare what? Call you what you are?"

She with tears flowing from her eyes and down her face said "You are my son, nothing is ever going to change that. You are the child of the goddess of the moon"

Naruto with his nails digging into his fist, and a snarl on his face said "I am not your son and I refuse to be your son."

Tsukuyomi growling said "You are my son."


Tsukuyomi with tears now freely flowing down her face and hitting the floor said "I'm so sorry son. Please let me make it up to you."

Naruto shaking his head let all emotion fade from his face as he said "It's too little too late for you to try and fix this."

He then went to walk out, when Shadow asked "What did Ayame-san tell you when you were 3 and starving?"

Naruto closing his eyes said "Your mother loved you so much Naruto-kun. I should now she watched me when I was younger. She was so pretty and would eat ramen just like you would. I know she's not alive because she'd be making the stupid people of this village pay for harming a hair on her precious baby boy's head."

The eyes then somehow asked him "What did your Jiji tell you to do when the villagers killed that cat you had been playing with?"

Naruto sighing opened his eyes said "Forgive them for they are blinded by hatred and ignorance. Do not hold grudges Naruto-kun because it is grudges that starts wars and destroys families."

Klaus hearing this asked "What did the four anbu who used to guard you tell you?"

Naruto now staring at the darkness with tears in his eyes said "Never forget what they do to you, and remember that if our sensei were alive she'd be skinning the fools alive. Store it all up, build up walls around yourself and never let them get to you."

He smiling said "That is what Wolf and Raven said to me."

He then said "Stop listening to them, they're just fools who can't see the ramen for the bowl. Don't hate them, as that is what they want. Give them smiles, even if you have no teeth. If your mom was here she'd be punching their teeth down their throats with a happy smile on her face. She loved you that much."

He looking as the darkness in his mind was receding said "Snake and Cat said that to me."

He looking at the sewer water said "You're forgetting the most important thing anyone ever said to me." He smiling as the dark water cleared and showed Mikoto Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha saying "Your mom was more then most people thought. I know that she's trying to push her way back to you wherever she is. Trust me when she does reach you she's gonna have presents for all of the birthdays she's missed and knowing her is gonna cry at how big her baby has gotten."

It then showed Itachi standing in his window covered in blood. Itachi smiling at him said "I just slaughtered my clan Naruto-kun, yes including Kaa-chan. The reason I did this was so I could protect you Naruto-kun, my clan wanted to make you into their weapon and overthrow the Hokage. Except for mother that is, she was only going along with the plan so that she could finally take you in without the stupid civilian council sticking their noses in it. I'm leaving the village Naruto-kun to join a group of dangerous people, so that I can once again protect you from the inside."

Itachi poking Naruto in the forehead said "Lookout for the red dawn Naruto-kun and grow strong like your mother would want you too."

The memory then faded. He turning to Tsukuyomi who was looking at him with hope, sighed and asked "If you love me tell me why do I love the rain so much?"

Tsukuyomi with a happy smile and snot running down her nose said "You love the rain so much, because it's always silent when it rains. It calms you down, soothes you. You don't like thunder though as it reminds you of explosions, fireworks and those horrible festivals. You don't like lightning either as it is the most deadly element in the world and you were almost struck by lightning once when a villager drove a lightning rod into you."

She then scowling said "I've never been so glad for your aunt in my life. She's the reason it rains when you're upset you know. She has been watching you since you were born and adores you."

Naruto blinked hearing this and suddenly remembered that Tsukuyomi was part of a trio of goddesses. Tsukuyomi then said "Your other aunt is the reason I was able to escape the clutches of the underworld. She sent a solar flare at the doors and allowed my incarnation to rejoin with the rest of me. It's safe to say she adores you also."

Naruto blinked at this. He then figured out that she must have been stuck in death or limbo, and had been trying to get free so she could join the rest of her body. Naruto asked "How long ago did this happen?"

Tsukuyomi smiling said "An hour ago."

Naruto hearing this instantly let go of all his anger at his mom, because she was stuck in the underworld and when she finally got free instantly came to him. He realizing this, shook his head and hugged his mom. He rubbing his head into the upper part of her kimono said "I'm sorry for getting upset mom."

She crying tears of joys as she was getting her first hug from her baby, hugged him back and said "It's okay baby." The pair then hugged for a while

A little while later Naruto was sitting in his chair with Tsukuyomi sitting in the chair across from him explaining him his new powers, his new eyes, and other things. Naruto shaking his head said "So the Yodaime is my dad?"

She blinking nodded. Naruto nodding said "Good more reason to hate the guy, anyway go on."

She blinking continued on and said "Your godmother is Senju Tsunade, I really don't know why she's not taking care of you, but I'll find out. Your godfather on the other hand is the toad sannin and super pervert Jiraiya. Baby I don't want you going anywhere near him, because he'll try to corrupt you and my baby is not becoming a pervert."

Naruto blinking asked "Does Jiraiya have long white hair, black eyes and have a weird headband on his forehead?"

She nodded. Naruto said "I already met the guy and he tried to get me to read that stupid smut he dares call literature. I kicked him in the balls, ran to some Kunoichi and pretended to act like a terrified victim escaping from their attacker. I cried to them and said that he tried to get me to do the things inside of the orange book with him."

He smirking said "Best hour of my life."

His mom smiling at this said "That's my baby. Now then let's talk choice in clothing."

Naruto groaned at this and asked "Are you going to train me or what?"

She nodding said "Yes but after we work on your clothing choice."

Naruto groaning again finally understood why Shikamaru hated spending time with Yoshino. He quickly thought "Troublesome mothers."

He then blinked and face palmed. His mom spotting this asked "Why are you face palming?"

He said "I just said the word Troublesome and used it as an adjective."

She titling her head asked "How so?"

Naruto was about to tell her when something inside of him screamed at him not too. He decided to listen to it as it had saved his life many times before. He shaking his head said "Never mind."

She shrugging said "Now the color orange is okay sometimes in small doses, but not all the time in one big dose."

Naruto groaned again and thought "Troublesome."