Chapter 2

The next day, with Naruto still being tied to the post, it was now morning and in walked Sakura. She daydreaming about her Sasuke-kun blinked spotting the baka still tied to the post. She snorting thought "That's what the baka gets for being such a idiot."

She then hearing someone walk into the training ground gained hearts in her eyes spotting Sasuke. Sasuke brooding about having to go to the grocery store to buy more tomatoes scowled spotting his worse fan-girl. He looking past her spotting Naruto tied to the post, snorted and thought "Stupid dobe. He and the useless fan-girl are going to get me killed."

He then walking over to the nearby tree leaned against it and closed his eyes. Sakura running over to him asked "Will you go out with me Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke not even opening his eyes said coldly "No!"

Sakura hearing this deflated for about five seconds before she asked again. This continued on for the next three hours, and Sasuke was ready to snap, when a poof of smoke Kakashi appeared. He eye smiled when Sakura screeched you're late. His eyes then opened as Naruto was supposed to scream at him also. His eyes moving to Sasuke, looked him over, it then moved to Sakura and looked her over. His eyes moving to where he thought Naruto would be blinked not spotting him there. His eyes then moving to the stumps gained wide eyes spotting Naruto soaked to his skin still tied to the post. He cursing in his head cut Naruto down and watched as Naruto finally fell to the ground. He looking at Naruto cursed as Naruto had been here all night and it had stormed last night, bad. He moving over to Naruto checked to see if he was wounded in any way. He sighed in relief when he wasn't and started to shake Naruto awake. What Kakashi didn't know was that Tsukuyomi had told him not to put up with anymore shit from anyone. Klaus had told him to maul or maim his team the next time he see's them for showing just how much they cared for him. The eyes had shown him what it would do if some people left it tied to a wooden post all night. Shadow had told Naruto to beat the people that left him tied to the post, until they were blue and black all over. So Kakashi shaking Naruto awake was about to get real bad, extremely quickly or in the words of Drake it was about to go from 0 to 100 real quick. Naruto snapped his eyes open revealing his gray Rinnegan with slitted black sclerae. Naruto grabbing Kakashi's hand roared "SHINRA TENSEI!"

Kakashi was blasted back, crashing through several trees, until he literally landed right in the middle of a team eight training session. Naruto leaning up blurred toward Sasuke and sent him flying in the other direction, making him crash into a team ten training session. Naruto appearing in front of Sakura, kneed the wide eyed girl hard in her chest making her hunch over. He then with a snarl on his face said "Shinra Tensei!"

Sakura was then launched through the air, crashing through trees into a team nine training session. He sniffing the air, dashed towards Kakashi's scent.

Kakashi himself had just gotten to his feet, but was holding his side as all of his ribs hurt. He was wondering what the hell had just happened. One minute he's shaking Naruto awake, the next he's crashing through trees. He then hearing someone call his name blinked and turned to find Kurenai and her team looking at him with concern. Akamaru smelling something heading their way barked it to Kiba. Kiba turning his head said "Kurenai-sensei something is heading this way and fast."

Shino having spread his bugs said "Whatever it is it's pissed off and practically exhaling chakra."

Hinata with her Byakugan gasped and said "It's Naruto-kun but something's strange about him."

Kurenai hearing this turned her head looking in the direction all three of her students were, gasped when Naruto literally jumped down from the sky. Akamaru now getting Naruto's scent instantly whimpered and rolled on his back, placing his tail between his legs. Kiba knowing what this meant sniffed the air, and felt terror fill his very veins. He taking a few steps back said "How in the hell does he have such a strong alpha scent."

Growling could then be heard, and the smoke from Naruto's landing cleared. Kurenai gasped spotting Naruto's eyes. They were not the calm ocean blue they normally were. No they were a furious gold that promised pain. Naruto eye's scanning on everyone stopped when they landed on Kakashi. Naruto forming a lance in his right hand blurred toward Kakashi, who with wide eyes barely managed to avoid being impaled by said lance. Naruto spotting this jumped and took a swipe at Kakashi. Kakashi replacing himself with a log, quickly revealed his sharingan. He was told to duck and he was glad he did or he'd be missing his head. Naruto standing in front of Kakashi growled. Kakashi looking at him asked "What is the meaning of this Naruto?"

Naruto snarling said "You left me tied to that fucking post all night while a fucking Storm raged on. I'm gonna make you regret it, you and the other two who left me tied to the post."

Kakashi hearing this gained wide eyes and said "That was an accident Naruto, let it go."

Naruto baring his fangs snarled and said "No I have let to many things go in my life and I'm tired of it."


He then blurred forward and Kakashi was forced to start dodging attacks from Naruto. What made Kakashi afraid was that with each swing Naruto's attack were getting faster and faster. He thanked Kami when a swarm of bugs shot towards Naruto. Naruto as if sensing them turned and unleashed a torrent of black fire from his mouth. He then blurred toward Shino who had wide eyes. Shino was then hunched over as a fist was lodged into his chest. Naruto growling said "Stay the fuck out of my business bug boy. I don't want to hurt you."

He then took off towards Kakashi again, who had summoned a dog and sent it to the Hokage for help. Naruto was about to swing at Kakashi, when he felt what looked like someone poking him. He turning snarled spotting Hinata. He vanishing kicked her through a lot of trees until she landed beside Kurenai. Naruto turning back to Kakashi was about to attack him again, when he found himself incapable of movement. His eyes moving down growled spotting a shadow. His eyes moving to Shikamaru who was standing beside Ino and Chouji growled out "Let me go now."

Shikamaru shaking his head said "I can't do that Naruto so just give up before Ino enters your mind and makes you stop."

Naruto hearing this felt his rage boil up. He activating his Rinnegan and making Kakashi, Asuma, Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino gasp said "Fools. Bansho Teni'n!"

Shikamaru gained wide eyes when he was literally pulled towards Naruto and his shadow possession jutsu was defeated. Naruto punching Shikamaru in the jaw said "Stay out of my business."

He then turning to Chouji was who was rolling towards him growled reared his fist back and punched Chouji. Everyone felt their eyes widen when Chouji was stopped and blasted backwards. Naruto spotting Ino going through handsigns blurred in front of her with his right hand raised. He then growled out "Mind your business. Shinra Tensei!"

Ino was then launched much like Sakura had been, this time landing in training ground seven. Asuma spotting this got out his trench knives and rushed Naruto. Naruto spotting this snarled and to the shock and terror of Asuma summoned a bunch of sharp spears. They launched at Asuma and soon the man found himself in a battle for his very life. Naruto turning to Kakashi growled and dashed forward. He was an inch away from him when he was kicked by a green blur. He rolling to a stop stood to his feet and snarled spotting Team Gai. Gai being the one who kicked him said "Yosh How unyouthful of you attacking your sensei and team like this."

Naruto hearing this got even more pissed and started to tap into the chakra of the Kyuubi. This was not good for Team Gai or Kakashi for that manner as Naruto roared this time, and shook all of the training ground eight. His body also bulked up and the already sharp claws at the tip of his fingers thickened. Naruto now with red triple slitted Rinnegan eyes snarled and said "Stop getting in my way."

He then dashed forward, and Gai tried to block a punch from Naruto. His eyes widened feeling his arm break from said punch, even with him wearing weights. He was then blasted backward. Naruto not even stopping dashed toward Lee and before the green clad boy could move his top was torn open as multiple slashes appeared on his chest and stomach. Neji with his Byakugan tried to find Naruto, but all he could catch was a glimmer. Naruto appearing directly behind Neji slammed his elbow into the Hyuga forcing him to the ground in pure agony. Ten-Ten tossing Kunai everywhere, gained wide eyes when they were shredded. She was then hunched over, and kicked into a tree. Naruto then dashing towards Kakashi, blinked when Gai tried to kick him again. He catching Gai's legs slammed the man into the ground, and tossed him into the trying to stand Neji. All of Gai's bones had been broken from that slam and he colliding with Neji wearing his weights broke Neji's bones. Lee getting up dashed toward Naruto with his weights off. Naruto sensing this, held up his hand and said "Persistent Pest. Stay down Shinra Tensei!"

Lee was hit with a wall of pure gravity and collided with the already unconscious Ten-Ten and rendered himself unconscious. Naruto turning to Kakashi dashed forward and Kakashi being terrified thanked Kami when a group of Anbu appeared in front of him and Naruto. Naruto spotting this growled and said "Move now!"

A tiger masked anbu stepping forward said "You need to calm down Uzumaki-san or I will make you."

Naruto tilting his head said "You can't make me do a damn thing anymore."

The anbu hearing this went through handsigns and summoned a bunch of wooden foxes. They attached to Naruto and the anbu attempted to force the Kyuubi's chakra back. His eyes widened when that didn't work. Naruto snarling blurred and all of the wooden foxes were destroyed. Naruto snarling at the foolish anbu said "I hate you all."

He then throwing his hand into the air roared "CHIBAKU TENSEI!"

All of the anbu gained wide eyes when they were literally ripped up from the ground and forced into the sky. The eyes got wide when chunks of earth started ripping from the ground and started to crush them. The tiger masked anbu was the last one hit with the earth, before the ball crashed to the ground and broke apart revealing a large group of hurt anbu. Naruto growling at Kakashi dashed forward, and Kakashi was ready to fight for his life, when Sarutobi showed up in his battle gear. He looking at Naruto with hard eyes said "Naruto stop this foolishness now."

Naruto growling said "I will not stop until he pays for what he did. I will not stop until they all pay for what they did."

Sarutobi hearing this said "Don't give into the hatred of the Kyuubi's chakra Naruto."

Naruto snorting said "This isn't it's hatred old man. It's one hundred percent mine."

Sarutobi hearing this said "Naruto you must forgive him and your teammates for whatever they did."

Naruto hearing this asked "Just like I must forgive the civilians and shinobi who took pleasure in making me suffer because of the fox in my stomach? Just like I'm supposed to forgive my FATHER for sealing said fox inside of me? Just like I'm supposed to forgive you for hiding my heritage from me?"

Sarutobi felt his entire body chill as he asked "How did you find out?"

Naruto growling said "Someone actually gives a damn about me. My fucking mother told me last night when she visited me in my mindscape after that fucktard left me tied up to a wooden post, all night during a MOTHERFUCKING STORM!"

Sarutobi hearing this turned to Kakashi and said "We'll be talking about this after we find some way to calm him down."

Naruto howled loudly and said "I'll calm down after I make him pay."

Naruto then dashed past Sarutobi who felt his eyes widen at Naruto's speed. Naruto about to bring his claws down on Kakashi, growled when he was stopped by snakes wrapping around him. He shaking with barely contained rage, growled at Anko who was looking at the damage he did with wide eyes. Naruto pumping chakra into his body was trying to break the snakes, but they kept coiling tighter around him. He was about to breath black fire on the snakes, when Yugao appeared with her sword poised at his throat. Naruto feeling the sword at his throat growled very loudly. Hana then appeared with all three of her dogs in front of Naruto growling. Naruto was practically foaming at the mouth now. Kurenai getting in front of Naruto said "Naruto-kun you need to let this go and calm down."

Naruto hearing this unleashed what they hadn't felt yet, his killing intent. Sarutobi nearly had an heart attack witnessing the village burning by Naruto's hands. Kakashi was trying to stop himself from throwing up as he could see Naruto killing him a million different ways. Anko shivered at the power and malice behind Naruto's killing intent. Hana was trying not freeze like Kiba at the killing intent. Yugao was barely stopping her hand from trembling from the killing intent. Kurenai felt like running away from the killing intent. Naruto with all of his teeth glinting with murderous intent said "You traitors. Like the old man over there you side with him."

He then started to really and try to get out of the snakes, not even caring that his movement was causing Yugao's sword to dig into his neck. Anko shaking her head got extremely nervous and said "Kid we don't even know you, how are we traitors?"

Naruto hearing this howled very loudly and said "You liar. You're Snake, the one behind me is Cat, the girl with the dogs is Wolf and the one in front of me is Raven. I never forget someone who was friendly or protected me."

He then figuring out how to escape, used the power of Shadow and appeared in a tree above Kakashi. This shocked everyone as they didn't even see him move. Naruto jumping down from the tree set his murderous quadrupled slitted red Rinnegan eyes on Kakashi, who shit his pants. Naruto dropping down on all fours said "I'm gonna make you pay."

Naruto was about to dash forward when Iruka appeared with Ayame holding a hot steaming bowl of ramen. Naruto spotting the ramen, felt his stomach growl. He was trying to stay focused on making Kakashi pay, but the scent of his favorite food was getting to him. Ayame slowly walking towards him with a gentle smile on her face said "Let it go Naruto-kun. Just let it go."

Naruto hearing this growled as Ayame and Iruka were on Kakashi's side and Ayame was using ramen to calm him down. He feeling his stomach start to bite him, dug his claws into the ground and let loose the loudest howl anyone had ever heard. He then capping his killing intent, and stopping the flow of Kyuubi's chakra stood to his feet. He feeling his bulk vanish, ignored as three of the four slits vanished. He allowing the Rinnegan to deactivate glared with hate filled gold eyes. He walking over to the bowl of ramen and took it from Ayame he walking away from her and Iruka growled out "Klaus was right. Only trust yourself and maybe your family."

He stopping and glaring over his shoulder said "Everyone else is just out to stab you in the back or in the heart with a white oak ash dagger." His eyes roaming the training ground looked at the people still standing and said "Traitors the lot of you."

He then turning around took two steps and vanished. Sarutobi once he was gone rounded on Kakashi and asked "What the hell did he mean when he said you left him out in that horrible storm last night tied to a wooden post?"

Kakashi putting his headband down grabbed his ribs and asked "Can I answer that after we all go to the hospital."

Sarutobi was about to say no when he took a look around and spotted all of the hurt shinobi and kunoichi. He sighing said "Yes. Yugao, Anko Kurenai, Hana and Asuma collect the injured and take them to the hospital. Iruka escort Ayame to the ramen stand in case Naruto heads there. If he isn't there try to track him down."

He then hearing a yes sir, teleported to his office and sent a letter to Jiraiya telling him he needed to get to the village yesterday. He sending that one, wrote a letter that was going to get him hurt badly. He wrote a letter to Tsunade explaining to her that her godson was alive and had been for almost 14 years now and that more would be explained if she reported to the village as fast as possible. He sending that letter, closed his eyes and waited for his old teammates to walk in and complain. He didn't have to wait long as all three walked in and said "Sarutobi we need to do something about the jinchuriki he just defeated a group of anbu, two elite jonin, 10 genin and nearly killed two of those said genin. His own teammates for that manner."

Sarutobi was about to say something when he suddenly felt killing intent he had hoped he wouldn't be feeling for a while. He blanching ran to the window ignoring the questioning looks on his teammates faces. He looking at the south gate blanched as he could see a very pissed off Tsunade stomping her way towards his office, with her assistant behind her apologizing to people. The pet pig was trying to keep up with her. He turning around walked over to his desk and pulled out a sheet of paper. His teammates were confused, and got even more confused when he started writing out his last will and testament. Danzo wondering why Sarutobi was doing this walked over to the window and looked out it. He spotting Tsunade instantly understood what Sarutobi was doing. He gimping to the door said "Well I can see that you're busy Sarutobi. I'll come back another time."

Sarutobi hearing this said "You even think about setting a pinky toe out that door and I'll place all of the blame on you."

Danzo blanched at this and asked "Are you mad she'd kill me and use my bones as earrings."

Sarutobi said "She's probably going to do that anyway, if we're lucky."

The other two confused asked "Who is this person you two seem to be so afraid of?"

Sarutobi looking up from the will said in union with Danzo "Senju Tsunade has returned to the village hidden in the leaves and is in a murderous mood."

Both elders hearing this blanched and turned to leave, but sadly it was too late as the door was ripped off the frame by a very angry Tsunade Senju who asked "What the hell do you mean my godson is alive and has been for the past 13 years?"

Sarutobi looking down at the will dated it and thought "I'll see you soon sensei, Biwako-chan."