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Love Never Dies

Chapter 1
Bad Beginnings

A young boy by the age of 6 was out in the backyard of the home he
lived in. He had bright green eyes and jet black hair, his name was Harry Potter
It was a beautiful sunny day at 4 Privet Dr. Harry was stretched out on the
grass, he was having a great time until a loud scratchy voice called his
name from inside the house "Harry get in here now" It was Aunt Petunia.
"Yes Aunt Petunia" Harry yelled after being knocked out of his thoughts. Harry
walked quickly into the house.

As soon as he walked into the house Dudley ran by and slammed harry into
the wall. Harry stood up painfully and walked into the kitchen.His Uncle
sneered at him as he walked in "Harry your going over to Mrs.Figg's house
while were out and you better behave for her." Petunia told him as they went
to the door. They walked outside but before Harry could get into the car
Vernon grabbed him by the arm. Harry winced as his Uncle held his arm roughly
"If I hear you did one thing wrong you'll be in a lot of pain when you get
home, got it" Harry nodded numbly as Vernon let go of his arm."Now get in"
Harry jumped in the car as quick as he could.He didn't want to go to Mrs.Figg's
house but it was better than being with his Uncle. He just hated the smell
there. Mrs.Figg was an old woman that lived up the road from them, she had
dozens of cats. Whenever harry came over to be watched by her, she made him
sit down and look at pictures of her cats. Harry liked dogs better, he had
nothing against cats its just a dog you can teach tricks and you can play
with them unlike cats who just sit there.

When they arived there were cats lying all over the lawn, as usual. Petunia
walked up the steps pushing harry ahead of her. When they got to the door petunia
knocked and the door opened, Mrs.Figg was standing there with a cat in her
arms, it was the cat harry reconized to be Fluffy. "Hello Petunia dropping off
Harry" Petunia nodded absent mindedly, then turned and left. "I have company
today so be good" Harry nodded and walked inside. Once inside he sat down on
the couch in the den. A man was sitting in the chair across from him. He had
sandy coloured hair and light brown eyes. Mrs.Figg walked in from the kitchen
"Remus this is Harry Potter, Harry this is Remus Lupin" Remus looked up from
the paper he had be reading "Hello harry, how are you?" Harry looked up tentivly
for a moment , it wasn't often a stranger would want to talk to him, "Fine sir"
Remus laughed and said "call me Remus, so ...How old are you, Harry?" "6"
no one spoke for a moment, harry sat there wondering if he should say something
more "How old are you ?" Remus smiled wearily at him "I'd rather not say, it
makes me feel old". Harry stood up not wanting to talk anymore "Mrs.Figg can
I go outside?" Mrs.Figg looked at him for a moment in thought "Alright but stay
in the backyard." Harry nodded and walked outside.

He stood on the deck for a moment wondering what to do, and just then a
bird flew down into the backyard, Harry walked over to it slowly wondering if
it was hurt. It had a letter tied to its leg, Harry moved closer and then
suddenly it jumped forward and landed in front of him. Harry jumped back and
fell to the ground. Just then Harry got a closer look at it. It was a bird
harry had only ever seen in books. It was an owl!

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