Author's Note: This is my first Noragami fic so please forgive me if I've gotten these two a little OOC. I ship it hard but I'm still working things out. Thanks for reading!

When not in battle, Bishamon's clothing often slid from her shoulder. She never seemed to notice and it didn't appear to bother her but Kazuma would quietly appear at her side to right things. It didn't escape him that the phenomenon happened most when they were alone but he didn't dare let his mind wander to a place where he might attribute her bare shoulder to his presence. Instead he chose to believe his master allowed herself to be more absent minded in his company and the proper fit of clothing didn't feel important. When with Kazuma, Bishamon didn't need to focus so much on her array of regalia and could allow her thoughts to roam where they pleased. He was honored.

Kazuma couldn't pinpoint when his service to her changed from the traditional devotion of a shinki, to a man very much in love but he couldn't deny it even to himself. And he didn't think it mattered, either. He would serve her until his body lay dead and cold once more.

Bishamon had the most beautiful hair and though he thought it most beautiful when the ropes of spun gold floated freely about her in the bath, he tried his best not to stare. It was a pleasure he denied himself over even the view of her naked body. Flesh was lovely, yes, but her hair was divine.

He watched with worry as the edge of her robe slipped from her shoulder again as she slumped on the edge of her bed. She was beautiful even when weighted with fatigue.

"Veena," Kazuma's hushed voice flickered in the silence.

"I'm just tired," she whispered lifting herself further into bed.

"I worry." He knelt at the edge of the mattress and brushed a wayward strand of hair from her eyes.

"I know you do." Her smile was weak and exhausted. Kazuma turned to go but her hand grasped his wrist. "I see you, Kazuma," she murmured. "I see you. I don't ever want you to think I don't."

"Veena…" His breath came out in a rush and his traitorous heart thundered in his chest as her lips softly brushed against his fingers.

Bishamon's violet eyes slid closed and Kazuma watched her face slacken in peace. Even after the centuries they'd shared together she still managed to surprise him.