The Eternal Saga

(An Inuyasha Crossover Bleach Fanfiction)

Arc I: Dawn of Dreams

Chapter 1: Prelude to Chaos


It was a dramatic dawn in the Soul Society; the golden rays of sunlight on its land were describing a scenario of a grand chaos and destruction. Almost all the lower ranked Soul Reapers were busy in managing the remnants of crumbled buildings, extinguishing the fire at places and helping the injured fellow Soul Reapers. Most of the Captains were not present there while Ichigo, Byakuya, Isshin, Urahara, and Yoruichi were looking towards Sesshomaru who was standing a bit away from them along with Tia Halibel. Everyone was in a bad shape but they were calm like the survivors of an apocalypse.

In order to make any kind of sense of it, I have to go back a few years ago in past, when the true apocalypse started…


After the 3 years of Naraku's defeat and the disappearance of Shikon Jewel when Kagome had finally returned to the Feudal Era in order to spend the rest of her life with Inuyasha, everything was very peaceful just like a beautiful dream but the pleasant dreams have a nasty habit of often turning into nightmares.

The significant changes in the past due to Kagome's interference caused a terrible disturbance in the space and time balance of earth or World of the Living. This disturbance brought a chain of natural calamities such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc. into both the present (Modern Era) as well as in the Feudal Era. However, the mighty Gods i.e. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades stopped this destruction with the help of some other entities by transforming Feudal Era into a separate dimension i.e. Demon Dimension.

But every action has an equal and opposite reaction and thus a new and mysterious Demon Empire appeared out of nowhere in the Demon Dimension and it completely changed the face of that world. Now Demons were forced to give up the free nomadic lifestyle and accept the political kingdoms bounded way of life and soon Sesshomaru's Mother reestablished the Great Dog-Demon Empire with herself as the Empress and Sesshomaru as the Prince. Being the prince and also the greatest contributor in the establishment of Great Dog-Demon Empire, the duty of handling the external affairs fell into Sesshomaru's hands. Thus, his frequent visits to the Soul Society and Central 46 for meetings resulted in the development of friendly relationships between him and some of the Captain Class Soul Reapers especially Urahara, Yoruichi, Isshin, Byakuya, Kyoraku, and Ukitake.

(Three days before the Present day)

The final battle between the Soul Society and Aizen at fake Karakura town in the World of the Living…

Blood was scattering in the sky as Aizen put a fatal cut at Halibel's belly after unsheathing his sword; every single person was shocked to see that unexpected scenario.

"I am done with you… it seems you are not strong enough to fight for me." Aizen said in his usual egoistic and calm tone.

Halibel stepped back a bit with her hand tightly wrapped around the deep wound at her belly while her eyes were wide open with the shock of Aizen's betrayal.

"I…I don't understand…" She said slowly with a great shock.

"Isn't it obvious? Even if I made any more of you sacrifice yourselves, it would achieve nothing. I went through a lot of trouble to gather you Espadas but I have never expected that your gathered strengths will be inferior to that of mine." Aizen said further in a serious tone.

At first, Halibel got even more shocked but swiftly came back to her senses just as she realized that whom she had trusted blindly, for whose sake her Fraccions died and for whose sake she was fighting for this long, he was using her all this time for his own selfish plans. Her anger rose at its peak, she chafed her teeth while looking towards Aizen furiously and then she rushed towards him with all the strength she had left with to put into one final blow.

"How troublesome!" Aizen spoke normally in a calm tone just as Halibel's weapon hit him at the right-hand side of his abdomen.

Now Halibel got confused as there were no expressions of pain or disturbance on Aizen's face even after receiving a powerful direct hit from her. While thinking about all this she was rapidly losing her strength of even staying conscious. Soon enough she understood that the one whom she attacked just now was an illusion as it had already got scattered in the air and then all of a sudden she felt a sword slowly cutting through her skin at the back of her left shoulder.

"Don't make me go through the effort to swing my sword twice on the likes of you." Aizen said while stabbing his sword in Halibel's left shoulder.

But before Aizen could have slashed Halibel, a turquoise colored energy wave pushed him away from her. Now everyone fell in a greater shock when they saw it was Sesshomaru who had pushed Aizen away from Halibel with his Bakusaiga.

"Lord Sesshomaru, I had no idea that you can step into the battle for the sake of a lowly Arrancar." Aizen spoke in a bit playful manner but Sesshomaru ignored his words and quickly turned back to catch Halibel as she was falling down towards the ground.

Halibel felt in her blurry consciousness that someone was holding her in his arms and from that fierce and unique spiritual pressure she immediately recognized Sesshomaru even with her eyes closed.

"Lord Ses… Sessho..maru… apolo..gies that once a..again you have to b..break your rules… to save.." Halibel said in a very low and painful voice.

"Do not speak, relax and undone your Resurreccion in order to save your spirit energy." Sesshomaru said to her as he flew towards Head Captain Genryuusai while holding her into his arms.

"What could be the reason behind this Demon Prince Sesshomaru?" Head Captain Genryuusai said in a serious tone while staring at him.

"Neither I have violated any of the rules nor have I done anything which is against the words which I gave you before coming here… Head Captain Genryuusai!" Sesshomaru replied to him.

"But now I can't afford you to stay here, you have to go back either to the Soul Society or to the Demon Dimension." Head Captain Genryuusai spoke to Sesshomaru in a strict tone.

Sesshomaru remained silent after listening to Head Captain Genryuusai's words and then he approached Lieutenant Kira at the ground who was healing Rangiku and Hinamori. Kira got shocked to see unconscious Halibel in Sesshomaru's arms.

"Kira, do you think if there is anyone from Squad 4 who is still present in the Soul Society?" Sesshomaru asked him with slight restlessness.

"My apologies Lord Sesshomaru, I might have healed her for you but I am already occupied and yes, there must be some soldiers in the barracks of Squad 4 who can heal her." Kira replied to Sesshomaru.

"I know… I want you to open a Senkai Gate for me." Sesshomaru replied him.

Just as Kira opened the Senkai Gate, Sesshomaru entered inside it in order to reach the Soul Society with Halibel as soon as possible.

"I wonder why Lord Sesshomaru wants to save an Espada." Kira murmured to himself while watching Sesshomaru taking Halibel to the Soul Society.

"Interesting! A Demon is so desperate to save an Arrancar that he has put aside all the rules, morality and pride and moreover Halibel accepted his aid who never trusted any men except me… but no wonder because after all both of them are merely the monsters so they are just responding to each other's miserable condition." Aizen taunted after Sesshomaru had left with Halibel to the Soul Society.

"Aizen you have forgotten the value of pride, morality and other basic building blocks of a true warrior in the overwhelming greed of power and that makes you nothing but even lowlier than a Hollow." Head Captain Genryuusai spoke to Aizen.

"You just don't understand… so, now I am coming to destroy all of you and then I will proceed to the Soul Society in order to make the King's Key." Aizen said with a cunning smile on his face.

To be continued…