The Eternal Saga

(An Inuyasha Crossover Bleach Fanfiction)

Arc VII: The Thousand-Year Blood War

Chapter 274: Legend of the Lu Feng Xian II


"This was the time when the entire kingdom of Dong Zhuo became a sworn enemy of Lu Feng Xian… it was the beginning of true chaos… Lu Feng Xian, I, and the Princess escaped Dong Zhuo's kingdom along with our troops while Princess's father was murdered a long time ago… Dong Zhuo lied to her about her father so that she didn't try to escape from his palace… we all wandered in the jungles, villages, and abandoned castles… one place to another in the search of a permanent home… it was the most difficult time of our life." Zhang Liao spoke to everyone while deeply thinking about the past.

"Hmm… and what happened next?" Neliel asked him.

"It was the time when we made a lot of friends and enemies but unfortunately the number of our enemies were far more than that of our friends, we fought countless big and small battles during that time but when our soldiers started to give up on such a nomadic life and Princess fell sick due to the lack of proper facilities then we decided to get scattered and live a life of oblivion, increase our numbers, regain our strength and then get reunited in the future to come up with a formidable army… Lu Feng Xian moved towards the northern region along with the Princess, the soldiers got scattered and retreated to their respective villages and regions while I began to wander from one kingdom to another in order to increase the number and strength of our army… even after getting scattered like this, all of us remained in contact… soon enough, I received the news of Princess's pregnancy…" Zhang Liao spoke further to everyone but was stopped by an interruption.

"What did you say…? I was pregnant… but with whose baby?" Diao Chan asked him shockingly.

"Lu Feng Xian's!" Zhang Liao answered Diao Chan.

"Impossible!" Lu Bu murmured in a hopeless tone.

"This is true… and I was so glad to know this because being the child of Princess Diao Chan, she was the true heir of her kingdom… I decided to visit the Hans capital but when I reached there, I noticed that everything had changed… the prime emperor of Han Kingdom was murdered and the entire kingdom was in the grasp of a council of few ministers… the entire Han kingdom was compromised with all of its enemies… the kingdom of Diao Chan was under the control of an enemy kingdom… they captured me along with a few soldiers of my troops, some of our soldiers gave up due to the torture and they provided the council with the information of Lu Feng Xian and Princess's hideout… the council immediately sent an enormous army to slay both of them because the only heir of entire Han Kingdom was in Princess Diao Chan's womb… I escaped the prison of Hans, gathered my men, used my connections and immediately rushed to both of you for your protection… it was indeed a terrible war, we were heavily outnumbered… in the end, Lu Feng Xian decided to hold the entire army all alone and he asked me to escort the Princess Diao Chan to a safe place." Zhang Liao narrated the tale even further.

"Then what happened to us… me and Lu Feng Xian?" Diao Chan asked Zhang Liao.

"I knew that this chase is never going to end… someday the army of Han council was going to find Princess Diao Chan and kill her in along with her child…thus, I decided to separate her from her child… she was pregnant of only four and a half month… my men developed an artificial womb and they translocated the fetus from Princess Diao Chan's body to that artificial womb which was actually a glass tube… however, in this process, Princess Diao Chan's memory accidental shifted to the day when her kingdom was first attacked by Dong Zhuo's forces… so, I along with all of my men and their families developed a village in the north and told a fake story to Princess Diao Chan that our kingdom got lost in a war and she is not remembering that war due to the memory loss… we didn't tell her anything about her Lu Feng Xian and her child… after a few weeks, I visited the place where I left Lu Feng Xian… the nearby civilians told me that he died while fighting against the enormous army." Zhang Liao told all of them in a sad manner while his breaths were getting shortened due to the loss of blood and spirit energy.

"Hmm… what about my child, Master Zhang Liao?" Diao Chan asked him.

"Your child, Lu Lingqi, she is as exceptionally strong as her father… unfortunately, she fell into enemy hands at a very young age and as expected, instead of telling her the truth, they brainwashed her against you and Lu Feng Xian… I had to leave the village at times and present myself to the council but your daughter always misunderstood me and considered me her enemy… in the end, when the council decided to finish her off, I helped her in escape the danger but she left with a misunderstanding that I abandoned her to die alone…!" Zhang Liao replied Diao Chan while coughing blood from his mouth.

"Master Zhang Liao… enough, you are making your condition worse!" Lu Bu said to Zhang Liao worryingly.

"No, Lu Bu… don't stop me… there's one last thing which I have to tell you… after all that happened, I didn't even hear a single news of either Lu Feng Xian or Lu Lingqi while I continued to stay in my village along with the Princess… then one day, out of nowhere, I found you lying down on the ground and critically injured… I took you to our village and treated your wounds… your face and your body were exactly similar to Lu Feng Xian… however, you were looking much weaker and skinny when I found you… your spiritual pressure wasn't equal to Lu Feng Xian but it was still greater than all of us… while in all those years there wasn't any Demon who took birth with an exceptionally powerful spiritual pressure… but neither you had any memory of your life nor you had any remembrance of fighting skills… I have always remained doubtful about you… that whether you are the legendary Demon warrior Lu Feng Xian… or just another exception who coincidentally got an identical face to him… and that's why I gave you the name Lu Bu… and that's how you started living with us in our small kingdom, our village!" Zhang Liao said to Lu Bu while slowly closing his eyes.

"Lu Lingqi is the only one who can confirm this!" Diao Chan muttered while looking into Lu Bu's eyes.

"Hmm…!" Lu Bu responded in a serious manner.

"She… is in trouble… Ba..Bankotsu is after her… save her… save your daughter… save the heir of our kind!" Zhang Liao said to Lu Bu in a loud voice while holding his hand very tightly as he was getting closer to the death.

"Yes… I will… Master Zhang Liao… no matter what I have to do but I will not let even the slightest of the danger reach her… I will do what it takes to protect her and avenge you… even if it means to turn this world into the Inferno itself!" Lu Bu said to Zhang Liao in a confident manner while staring towards him as he didn't have much time left.

"Master Zhang Liao…!" Diao Chan murmured while bursting into tears.

"Please, hold on!" Neliel murmured in a low and sad voice.

"I..I can finally die in pe..peace… as I have completed… all of my duties… as a General… Princess, now I am leaving everything… in your hands!" Zhang Liao said to Diao Chan while holding her hand with his.

"I am glad that at last… everything..will be fine now… because… Lu Feng Xian… is back!" Zhang Liao uttered his final words and then he took his final breath in the lap of the Princess for whose kingdom he sacrificed his everything.

To be continued…