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Unexpected 2 Chapter One

Early Morning, Friday, December 10th, 2010

Pastor Rielly Younge had been up all night, in fact he had been up for several nights. Apparently, their town was not as vampire free as the Founders Council had been led to believe. Shorty after sunset, on Sunday night, he had recieved a visit from a newly turned Alaric Saltzman. The History teacher had given him an envelope and a heavy box. Alaric had told the Pastor that if he died and the new family in town, the Mikaelsons, were still around he was to read the letter and follow the instructions inside. He then disappeared, before the Pastor could do anything.

Rielly did not know much about Alaric Saltzman. The man had barely been on the council for a few months, when he went missing in early-November. He did know that he was close to the Gilberts and if the letter failed to garner answers, Rielly could always ask Elena or Jeremy. He was not sure why he did it, but he left the envelope sealed and gave the former history teacher the benifit of the doubt.

It paid off when just a few days later, Alaric had been found, dead and the Mikaelson family were still in town... Well all but one. There was a rumour going through town that the writer who came to town back in March or April, Elijah, was dating Elena Gilbert and that they had gone on a getaway. The Pastor had no idea why a man in his, at least, late-twenties was doing with a girl barely out of high school, but he had always prided himself on his ablity to not judge. Perhaps they truly loved each other. After all, he and his late wife had had seven years between them.

After opening the letter, everything became so much more clear. This town, his town, was being over run by not just vampires, but werewolves, hybrids and witches, too. And a boy who could see and speak to ghosts! He had not even known that anything other than vampires even existed. And to make matters worse, the Council was rampant with traitors. Mayor Lockwood, Sheriff Forbes, Damon Salvatore! No wonder there had been so many catastophies in Mystic Falls lately. The most interesting piece of imformation Rielly got from the letter was about the Mikaelson family. How they were The Originals! This made the relationship between Elena Gilbert and the Original, Elijah, all the more disturbing.

He could use this to his advantage, but it must be done carefully. First he would need to get his hands on this white oak stake, or prehaps the contingency plan, Alaric wrote of. But that would be a plan B, as it required a witch and an alive Original, as well as someone from their bloodline.

He had called a meeting for the following night but left out the traitors, vampires and sympathizers. No doubt, Carol Lockwood and Elizabeth Forbes would try to warn their children (if they could even still be called that, Caroline and Tyler were monsters, now, as far as he was concerned), and Rielly did not want that. He also left out Meredith Fell, he did not need her underhandedness, here. There was a plan set into place, the supernaturals of Mystic Falls would all need to be watched and if the oppitunity arose, they would take it.

Like they did, a week and a half later, when Damon Salvatore was alone and half drunk. The Council shoved a knocked out Damon into the back of a van and hid his car. A week after that, they nabbed a hybrid. Then another. Then a vampire passing through town who had made the mistake of stopping in at the Salvatore Boarding House, thereby showing it's true nature. His family's old cattle ranch, with it's newly built vampire proof prison, ten miles out of town, proved to be the perfect base.

Four days into the new year was when the Council had their best capture to date. Two old vampires, one being an Original, the other a red head. They found the bloodline, now all they needed was a witch. The Bennett witch, preferably. Instead of ridding the town of vampires, they would rid the world!

It was the day after New Years, Bonnie and Kol had planned a trip away and asked Elijah if they could use one of his houses. He'd relutantly said 'yes', but Bonnie's dad had been in a car accedent, involving another car with bald tires and ice on the road. Rudy, Bonnie's father had ended up with a broken leg, several cracked ribs, a massive concussion and a lot of bruising. She and Kol had postponed their trip indefinitly.

"Here, Elena." Bonnie handed Elena a silver bracelet, it had charms hanging off. They all looked like Celtic knots and sigils. Bonnie explained that she had spelled it. They were for protection and would hide all non-visual signs of her pregnancy.

"This will work?" Elijah asked Bonnie, who nodded.

"Kol and I have been researching into it for weeks. I've been having dreams and I feel as if something is coming. I'd feel better if Elena and the baby were protected in any and every way possible." Bonnie took the bracelet back off Elena, who then held out her right arm. Bonnie did up the chain, then muttered a few words in latin under her breath. "Did it work? Can you hear the baby?" She asked Elijah.

"No," He shook his head. "I cannot even smell the hormones. Thank you, Bonnie."

"How long will this forrm of protection last for?" Elena said, looking at each of the charms.

"It will last until you start to show. When you can no longer hide your belly or write it of as just having had a large lunch," Bonnie said. "But since you're fit and it's your first pregnancy, you should be able to conceal it until you're at least five or six months. Hopefully." Bonnie looked around the room. "I also want to do a few spells on this place."

"I'm really starting to get worried," Stefan said, to Caroline. It was a week into the new year and three weeks since Damon had taken off. "I know mine and my brother's track records, with contact between each other, hasn't been the best. Ever. But he promised to call. He was only meant to get out off town to clear his head. The whole thing with Elena and Elijah and their little surprise really threw him for a loop."

"He's Damon, Stefan," Caroline said."He's impulsive and reckless and he's probably been drunk these last few weeks, drowning in blood and bourbon... And Soroity girls. I'm sure he's fine and has just lost track of time. He'll call you any day, I'll bet." Caroline smiled reassuringly and pat Stefan on the arm.

"That's just the thing though, Caroline. I've tried calling at least once a day for the last week and his service has been cut off. I'm worried he's turned it off again. You remember how much of a bad person he is when he turns it off." Stefan was starting to get really worried, it the last two months before Christmas, he and his brother had been the closest they had ever been in a hundred and fifty years. Stefan has no doubt Damon would have called him when he was ready, but it had been weeks. "I've decided that if I don't hear from him by Friday, I'm going to look for him."

"I can't tell you not to," Caroline said, chewing on her lip. "If that's what you feel like you need to do, he's your brother and as much of a dick as I think he is, you love him and I totally understand that. If you need any help, just let us know. And not just me, I mean all of us, Bonnie, Elena -yes, Elena-, Matt, Tyler, Jeremy... Hell, even Klaus considers you his friend."

"Thanks Care."

Elijah watched Elena flutter about the kitchen, making cookies. Apparently they were her latest craving. She was so beautiful and Elijah still had trouble sometimes remembering that she was his. That this was his life now. He smiled, absentmindedly, watching her roll the batter into balls and place them on a tray. It was mid-way through January and Elena was currently ten and a half weeks pregnant. It all still seemed somewhat like a dream, a dagger induced fantasy, far too good to be true. But true it was, and Elijah felt himself being the happiest he had been in his life. He was to become a father and he had his family together. Sure Finn was away with Sage and he did not yet know he was to be an uncle, but Elijah did not want to tell this joyful news over a phone call.

The spiteful, hate-filled woman his mother had become was gone and Elijah, his siblings, Elena, Jeremy and Bonnie were starting to heal from the repacussions of the last few months. The only good thing to come out of the month of humanity he and his family had been put through was that he and his siblings were now closer than the have ever been and that being human when his and Elena's relationship had taken off, had produced the miracle now growing inside Elena. Simply for that fact alone, Elijah found he did not hate Esther nearly as much as he should, purely because without her attempt to kill them, he would not have his child. In fact he might not even have had Elena. Who knows?

He watched as Elena stuffed a warm cookie, not ten minutes out from the oven into her month, then moan rather loudly, chewing on it.

"That good, huh?" He said, leaning on the island counter and taking a cookie for himself. "They must be, since that moan was akin to the sound you make when I... well, you get the idea, my love?" He smirked at her, raising his eyebrow. He then took a bite and after chewing and swallowing said, "Mmm, good, but I'm still not sure they warrent that sinful moan you just did. I think you should save that particular noise for me and me alone."

Elena blushed when he had made the comment about her moaning for a cookie but lately, it had been all about the food with her. If she wasn't eating, she was throwing up; at least she had not had any violent morning sickness episodes in the last few weeks.

"I'm carrying your baby, you're not allowed to tease me for enjoying chocolate chip cookies! Just be glad I didn't add a layer of ice cream into the middle, which is what I really want to do." Elena poked her tongue at him and smirked. "Besides, you've got quite the sweet tooth, too. I heard no complaints last week when I made blueberry muffins, chocolate brownies and banana bread."

Elijah walked around the counter and stepped in behind her, his hand going to her hips. "I'm not, my love," he nuzzled at the side of her neck, "I just think that you should control the noices you make. I might get jealous." He whispered all this into Elena's ear, huskily, before nipping at her earlobe. "Perhaps I should remind you, right now, why I can draw those pleasure filled moans from you far better that some sweet, doughy concoction ever could." Elijah spun Elena around and captured her lips.

"Mmm," Elena broke off the kiss. "As much as I want to continue this path, Jeremy finishes school soon and you were meant to be on the road an hour ago."

Elijah ran his nose down the side of Elena's neck, his arms still encircled around her waist. His other hand cradling her stomach.

"I will miss you this weekend, my lovely Elena." Elijah muttered into Elena's ear when his nose reached it. He then knelt, lifting her shirt some and kissed her exposed lower tummy. "Take care of your mother for me, minn lítt einn."

"We'll miss you, too." Her fingers ran through his hair and she almost wished it was still as long as he kept it when they had first met. While she had never done so, she would bet it would have felt so nice to thread her digits into his longer locks and have something to really hold onto. "But if you want to move in here properly, you need to get your stuff from your old place in New York."

"I know, sweetheart," he stood back up. "Still, I shall endeavour to be fast. I would not like to be away from you for too long."

Elijah gave Elena one more kiss and grabbed the cooler by the fridge on his way out, he loaded it into the back of his car then came back inside.

"Bekah is running a little late. She just messaged me to say she was on her way." Elijah gave her one last kiss, before leaving. "I'll be back on Monday morning."

"I love you," Elena told him, just as Rebekah's car pulled into the driveway.

"And I love you." He stopped his sister on the way up the stairs, Elena was still standing by the door. "Make sure she takes her vitamins, no more than one coffee a day and please, don't let any harm befall them, sister?"

"I'm still right here," Elena said, slightly annoyed. Elijah had been very over protective and the more into her pregnancy she got, the worse he became. She played with the necklace around her neck, absentmindedly. For Christmas, Elijah had got her a beautiful, large, oval, silver locket. On the front was the letter 'M' and a pretty design. Inside, it had two compartments, the back held vervain and he had told Elena that the first picture of their child would grace the front comparment.

"I will, brother," Rebekah assured Elijah. She caught Elena's gaze and they shared an eye roll. "Now go, Elena is safe with me. Plus this house is probably one of the safest in North America. We'll be fine."

"You'll call if anything happens?" Elijah had been hovering since her doctor's appointment the week earlier, when her doctor had told her that she was anemic and would need to be on iron supplements, too.


"You know," Elena said, when Elijah had finally driven off after his prolonged farewell, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say he doesn't trust me with my own health and that of our unborn child."

"It's not that," Rebekah replied. They were inside now, Rebekah helping herself to a cookie. "It's just that my brother has a case of 'Overbareing Protector'," she used her fingers in quotation marks. "God help us all if you two end up with a daughter. My poor, possible, future niece."

Elena was looking forward to tonight, the girls were coming over and they were all having a girls night. Elijah had gone out of town for a few days and so Caroline and Rebekah had descended on the Gilbert house and kicked Jeremy out for the night. They were all standing around the kitchen island, eating ice cream sandwiches.

"Oh, my God," Elena moaned. She licked at the ice cream running down her arm. "This is so good. I swear, I've been craving chocolate chip cookies and ice cream all week!" Elena reached to make another one.

"Whoa, hold up there, preggo," Caroline said. "Bonnie's not here yet and you've had two, how about we save the rest for after pizza."

"Oh, pizza," Elena practically drooled, Caroline and Rebekah laughed. "Don't laugh, I'm always so hungry. Pizza sounds so good right now. Your brother," she shot a glare at the female Original, "Won't let me eat much junk food. He's being a dick, because he doesn't understand that ignoring pregnancy cravings is enough to drive you crazy! And Care, don't withhold food from a pregnant lady, she will seriously cut you." They all started laughing again.

Just then the door opened and Elena got a wiff of pizza. Bonnie entered the kitchen, carrying four boxes of pizza and a grocery bag of chips, popcorn, chocolate and more ice cream.

"Don't tell me you started without me?" Bonnie said, mock pout on her face.

"It was all Elena," Rebekah said.

"Whatever, Bekah." Elena poked her tongue out at the Original. "Have I told you I love you, Bonnie?" Elena said, taking the pizza off her. "I could smell this awesome cheesy goodness as soon as you entered the house." She opened a box and grabbed a slice of a plain cheese pizza.

Bonnie just laughed and placed the ice cream in the freezer. "Care, Bekah, could you two please get my stuff out of my car? I couldn't carry my bag of clothes in with all this food Elena made me get."

"I hate you guys," Elena pouted. "Since you all obviously don't want this, I guess I'll just eat all the pizza. Meanies!" Then she burst out in giggles.

The fog was thick, she could hardly see more than four feet in front of her. It was dark, cloudly. No moon light penatrated the grounds, just darkness and it pulled Bonnie forward. She could smell apples and wet earth and maybe faintly, a slightly musty smell you get when close to large bodies of water. Through the fog, Bonnie could make out a looming shadow of a house, it was large and towered over her. As she got closer, she saw it was an old, white colonial style house, with a wide porch and pillars holing up the roof.

Somehow, Bonnie knew she was dreaming. She had been having this dream for weeks, since Elena had found out she was pregnant. She knew it was important, that it was telling her to be wary in the coming months. Whether it be in Mystic Falls or elsewhere. It just did not tell her what to be wary of.

Bonnie continued on, she had to get to the door, she needed to see inside. But she knew that every time she entered, she did not end up in the entrence way, but in a court yard. Sure enough, as soon as Bonnie opened the door and walked through, she was in the court yard. This too was old, there were terrences around and stairs leading to a second story. A fountain sat in the middle, but it wasn't water that flowed, but blood. This place smelt of blood, alcohol and for some reason, even though Bonnie had no idea how, but promise. She heard echoes of laugher and celebration, good-natured banters, where the words weren't distingushed. Cries of a baby, soothing words from a mother. Now she was sure it had something to do with Elena.

She knew this place held answers, but something pushed her onwards. She could not stop.

She climbed the steps and walked through a door, ending up in a barn. Instead of stalls for houses, there were cages that lined the walls. Each of the cages held someone she knew. The first was Jeremy, then Damon, then Stefan. Caroline, Rebekah, even Finn and Sage and lastly Kol. That was the one that made her pause, rushing to the bars and trying to get them to open.

"It's no use, darling," the Kol in the cage spoke, not looking up. "I'm not really here. Not yet. Go back."

"What?" Bonnie questioned, still struggling with the bars. "What do you mean, go back? I can't just leave you here. Or Caroline. Rebekah, Jeremy. Your brother or anyone. I have to help!"

"Like I said, Vakker, I'm not really here, not yet. You're needed back there." He points to the door she came through, which was still open and Bonnie could see the court yard still out there.

Bonnie let go of the bars and walked back through the door in a trance. The door slammed closed and Bonnie put the make do jail from her mind, she had to continue on...

Bonnie bolted up in bed. She was momentarily glad Elena had upgraded her bed to king size when Elijah moved in. While it was tight, all four girls had managed to squeaze in. It took her a moment, but Bonnie's breathing managed to calm down and she lay back down, falling back into sleep.

Damon was in agony. It hurt to think. He had not had a drop of blood in weeks, months... for all he knew, years. When a vampire starts to desiccate, they lose their sense of time. The air was laced with vervain and every breath seared a burning pain through his throat and lungs. It would not be long before he started to mummify. His only hope was Stefan.

He had given his brother until Friday. It was Friday.

Stefan had packed up his car and was heading north, there were only a few places in the U.S that Damon would head to and the closest was New York. Or at least that was the most probable. If Damon proved to not be there, Stefan would head south, through Atlanta and then to New Orleans. If still not found, he would try Chicago, San Francisco and Las Vagas. They were his favourite places. If he wasn't there, Stefan really didn't know. He just hoped that Damon was alright, after losing Elena, Stefan did not want to lose his brother also.

After driving for a few hours, Stefan pulled into a gas station in a small town in Pennsylvania, to re-fuel his car. The whole time he had an eerie feeling, as if he was being watched. After paying, he drove a few miles out of town and pulled over in a park bay on the side of the road. Now would be as good a time as any to get a drink. He was not foolish enough to try cold turkey, not with out Lexi to help him anymore, so he had cut his human blood intake down to one bag every second day, He would hunt first, get some animal blood and then top up with the blood bag.

All through his hunt, he still had the feeling off being watched. He was sure he was being followed.

Back at the car, Stefan opened the cooler in the back of his car and got out a blood bag. He opened the top and sucked out the intoxicating fluid through the tube like a straw, almost moaning after the first sip.

He was just finishing up the bag, when he heard a crunch of gravel behind him and felt a small hand on his upper arm.

Stefan took in a large sniff of the air and determined that it was a vampire behind him. He spun around and prepared to defend himself, but the other vampire was too fast. All he saw was a flash of dark brown hair before the vampire attacked.

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