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Elena ran. She ran and ran and ran. She didn't know how long Kim amd Nate would be down for or if she could hide. She didn't know if she could do that again, where she harnessed the babies' power.

It had to be that. What else could it have been?

"Ee-lay-naah," she heard Nate calling through the woods.

Her heart was pounding in her ears and she was sure the sounds of her breathing was so loud it could have been through a megaphone.

"Where are you, dopples?" He taunted.

Elena heard the crunching of the undergrowth and she pushed on harder. She saw a thick copse of trees ahead and bolted towards them. As she pushed through the low bushes, she tripped on some rocks.

Only it wasn't rocks, it was the old cellar on the Lockwook land, the entrance to the underground tunnels. Elena ran down the stairs and sent the heavy wooden door flying open.

Her arms wrapped around her stomach, she could feel it turning, feel nervous butterflies going crazy in her abdomen.

She had not gone more than half a dozen steps into the room when she was forcefully spun around and her back hit the cold, stone wall. Nate had his forearm pressed against her upper chest and his eyes glowed bright yellow.

Elena still had her arms and hands wrapped around her middle protectively. She felt her stomach moving, tiny little prods were hitting her hands. If she weren't so scared, she would recognise that it was her feeling the babies moving from the outside for the first time. Not just the little turns and flutters she has been feeling for the last week or so, but actual kicks.

"You're a tricky little bitch, aren't you?" Nate said, leaning his head in and sniffing her neck. He moves his left hand from her chest to the side of her head and his other went to her shoulder. "Not so sure now, are you doppelganger?"

"If you kill me," whispered Elena, she was feeling a little dizzy from all the injuries that the babies blood had healed over the last few hours. She wouldn't let her weakness show, her eyes glared at Nate. "You will regret it. There will be no running and hiding. No way for you to get away. Your death will be painful, so painful you'll wish you had never been born. I've had vampire blood, only a few hours ago. Elijah and I will make sure you suffer for what you've done to our family."

"You really should listen to her," said Elijah. He was standing just by the door, casually leaning back, his ankles crossed over. Elena grasped in surprise and relief, she was safe, Elijah was here.

If Elena didn't know any better, she would say he looked merely bored, but there was a desperate gleam in his eyes. One that silently asked if she was okay, but also promised he would not let this hybrid escape with his life.

A second later, Nate was sent flying into a wall ten feet away. He got up, growling, in his hand a small hand gun.

"No," Elijah said. The gun was knocked to the floor. "You will not be leaving this cellar alive."

Nate seemed to get the last bit of defiance, he speed around Elijah, and managed to get to the stairs, but Elijah followed.

Elijah raised his hand and swung out, Nate's head leaving his body before rolling down the stairs and stopping by the bottom step, his body fell to the ground, blood pouring from his neck.

Meanwhile, Elena swayed a little before falling to her knees when Nate removed his arms, which had been what was holding her up. She heard Elijah killing the hybrid that had been tormenting her.

Elijah picked up the head by it's hair and then tossed the body over his shoulder then took them both off the stairs. He was back a minute later, wiping his hands off on his handkerchief.

"Are you hurt, Elena?" His eyes searched her body for injuries as he crouched in front of her.

Elena looked up at Elijah and before she knew it, she lept out at him. She threw her arms around his neck and burst into tears, her shocked body not knowing how else to handle everything.

"Shh, my love," Elijah crooned into her ear, rubbing soothing circles on her back. "I've got you, sweetheart. It's all right now."

Elena couldn't stop, she didn't even really know what she was crying over.

"Elena, minn sváss dýrr," he pulled back and curles his hand under her chin, lifting her eyes to meet his. "You're safe now."

"Ah," Elena winched, with a sharp intake of breath, when she moved back out of his embrace. Her ribs must not have healed yet.

"What hurts?" Asked Elijah, concerned.

Elena placed a hand over her cracked ribs, and took a deep breath. It still hurt. The back of her head also throbed a little, now that all her adrenaline was leaving her.

"I- my ribs and my head." She reached a hand up to rub the back of her head, and felt that while there was no open wound, it was tender and had been bleeding, which was evident by the dry blood flakes on her fingers. "I also feel a little foggy."

Elijah gently lifted her shirt to see a large red and purple bruise over her right side and under her breast. He wasted no time, the sclera of his eyes turned black and the veins under his eye lids went dark, his fangs elongated and he bit into his wrist, placing it to her mouth.

Elena drank down the blood, hungrily. She began to feel better almost instantly, but still kept drinking, feeling Elijah's concerned eyes on her the whole time. She broke off, licking her lips.

Elena kissed him then. She grasped his lapels and smashed their lips together in a desperate need to feel that they were both alive and well. Their tongues tangled and Elijah tasted his blood still in her mouth, as Elena thread her fingers into the hair at the back of his head.

Elijah stood, his hands going under Elena's thighs and wrapping her legs around his waist, he moved his hands up to her, one being on her back, while the other clasped her arse.

He had just backed Elena up on one of the pillars when he felt something prod at his abdomen. He didn't quite register it when it happened again and again, in quick succession on opposite sides of his stomach.

He pulled back out of the kiss and looked Elena in the eyes, slighty confused. She was smiling a watery sort of smile.

"Elena," he questioned.

She nodded.

It happened again.

"Elena, was that-"

She nodded, getting down on her own feet and grabbing hands, she places them on her protuding belly, in two different spots. The babies must be re-energised from their father's blood.

He felt the prods on his palms.

"Elena." This time it wasn't a question. He was smiling too, tears in his eyes. "They're kicking. I can feel them kicking."

"I know."

Elijah hugged her to him, kissing her neck.

Elena felt something sharp poke her hip.

"Oh," she grasped, pulling back and rubbing the spot. "What's that?" She pointed to his pocket.

Elijah has a look on his face that could only be described as 'deer in the headlighs'.


He sighed, "I tell you what, my lovely Elena, I shall show you what it is, but not here. There is a dead body thirty feet from us."

Then he smiled and took her hand, leading her into the tunnels. They walked for a few minutes in silence, Elena's confusion growing with each step.

"Here," said Elijah, stopping under the hole in the celling of the cave that he himself made with his foot months ago. It was dusk outside, the sky a beautiful cobolt blue, a few stars already twinkling. The bright light coming from the horizon lighting the dark cave just enough for them to see.

"Elijah, what-"

"I know waiting for the perfect moment was going to be hard, but it's like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. I love you, and I am so sorry for the argument we had this afternoon. I was worried and had no right to-"

"Elijah," she interrupted. "It's okay, really. I don't even care about our argument. I thought I was going to die. I thought our babies were going to die. But we didn't and you saved us and..."

"Shh," he placed a finger over her lips. "I remember you, the night I turned human." He reach one hand out, to stroke her cheek, the other going into his pocket to clasp the box. "You are so incredible, so strong, so kind. I should never want to taint someone so good, but I won't let you go. In a thousand years I have never loved someone as I love you."

He pulled the box out and crouched down on one knee.

"Elijah- wha-"

Was he doing what she thought he was doing?

"Shh, sweetheat," he smiled, opening a box. Inside was a beautiful ring. The band was thin, with tiny diamonds in it and in the center, a huge round cut diamond sat. It had to be close to the size of the nail on her pinkie finger.

"It's beautiful, but is it really the right ti-"

"If I waited until the right time, it would never happen," Elijah cut her off, smiling at her. "I don't want to wait another moment. The attacks today proved there is no time like the present. Now, be quiet, my love, and let me propose to you?"

"Oh, my God," she grasped. Tears prickled at her eyes.

"Marry me, lovely Elena?"

Elena's face spead into an enormous smile, while happy tears leaked from her eyes.

"Yes." She was nodding, there was not a moment of hesitation, she knew she wanted this. "Yes."

"He's still not answering," Klaus snapped, throwing his cell phone into one of the few remaining sofas.

"I don't see why we don't just go find them," Jeremy said. "They might be in trouble."

"Elijah said he had it," Caroline said, looking up from were she was, packing some more stuff away into a box.

"No, Jeremy's right love," Klaus said, picking up his phone and slinding it into his pocket. "Kol, Little Gilbert and I will go look for them at the cellars, you and Bonnie stay here. We'll be in touch. And, please, make sure our guest doesn't leave." He nodded his head towards Adrian, who was still chained up, but looked like he had passed out.

It wasn't long before Klaus came across Nate's decapitated corpse and a few seconds later, Kol found the head. Jeremy called for the two originals, holding out the hand gun containing two wooden bullets.

"Well, they were definitely here," Kol said, picking up Elijah's discarded, blood stained handkerchief.

There was a noise outside the cellar and Jeremy sped off after it, leaving Klaus and Kol behind. A second later, Jeremy yelled that he had got in a lucky shot and broken the neck of a female hybrid.

"Want me to get her back to your place, Klaus?" He asked, Kim thrown over his shoulder. "I'll throw her in you dungeons?"

"Sure," Klaus shrugged, then smirked, turning to Kol. "You've trained your progeny well, brother. I'm impressed."

Klaus then tried calling Elijah again, but he didn't answer. Again. Only this time, they heard a faint ringing noise coming from the entrance of the tunnels.

"Go on Jeremy, take the bitch back to my house, she killed my brother, I want her alive. Kol and I will follow that sound and be back soon. Or we'll at least call."

Both Originals took off towards the ringing, while Jeremy headed back up the stairs.

"Just answer the call and they'll stop ringing," Elena said. She and Elijah were laying on the ground of the cave on Elijah's coat, her own coat thrown across their naked torsos. After the proposal they had ended up making love right there against the cave wall before removing all their clothes properly and making love again on the floor.

"I'm trying go bask in the happiness of our impending nuptials." Elijah ran his fingers up and down Elena's arm as he spooned her.

Elena just smiles, admiring her left hand in the dim light, the stars from above reflecting off the glittering stone.

"We're worrying over you two and you're getting some nookie?" Kol said, as he rounded the corner, his hand thrown up over his eyes. "Really?"

"When you two are quite done..." Klaus said, impatiently, making no move to impair his vision, he just simply tapped his foot to show annoyance.

Elena had squeaked with embarrassment, hiding her head under the coat and curling her legs up. Elijah, however, sat up bare chested and unabashed.

"If you wouldn't mind, Niklaus," Elijah said, gesturing with his hand a turn around sign.

Klaus rolled his eyes before turning around and facing away from the undressed couple.

Once dressed, Elijah took Elena in his arms and lept out through the hole in the roof, his brothers following. They both decided not to tell Elijah just yet what had become of Finn, he looked so happy and neither missed the glittering on Elena's left hand. They would give them a few minutes, at least until they arrived back at Klaus' manor.

Bonnie felt herself dozing on the sofa, she was so emotionally exhausted.

She knew she was dreaming.

It was a large house, with a beautiful courtyard in the center, a fountain filled the room with the trickling sound of running water.

"Hello sweetie," Sheila said.

Bonnie spun around, and practically jumped unto her Grams' arms.

"Oh, baby, I'm so sorry about your dad. Rudy is at peace," her Grams said, rubbing Bonnie's back as she sobbed. "He wanted me to tell you he loves you so much and he is so very proud of you. We both are."

Bonnie looked at her Grams in shock.

"He passed through here briefly. He didn't stay, he was mortal, meaning there was not reason for him to linger."

"What are you doing here, Grams?"

"You're leaving Mystic Falls."

Bonnie nodded.

"I am now," she said. "Dad's dead, you're dead. Kol's going with his family to New Orleans, Caroline and Elena are going with them. I have no reason to stay."

"I know, baby," Sheila smiled at Bonnie. "You're so strong. I've seen your future Bonnie, you will do great things."

"Take my ashes with you," Sheila said. "When you move, I'll need to be with you. My role in your future is far from over. This old girl still has her ways of helping you, even from the otherside."

"Where are we, Grams?"

"I can't tell you that." Sheila shook her head, smiling. "What I can tell you is that no matter what choice you make, the entire Bennett family line is behind you. We all offer you our support in protecting the future."

"Grams, what are you talking about?" Bonnie didn't have the patience for riddles, not with the day she just had. "Future? You make it sound like- I don't even know."

"Our family is very old. One of the oldest known families of magic users. We have invented some of the most powerful spells in history." It wasn't Sheila that said this.

Bonnie hadn't even noticed that she and her Grams were no longer alone. There were many other people there, mostly women. They all had the same dark skin of Bonnie and Sheila.The one who spoke was a woman who looked to be about forty. She had kind, yet stern features and long thick black hair in large dreadlocks.

"Hello Bonnie," she said. "I have watched over you your whole life. I always knew you would be special. My name is Ayana, you've heard of me?"

Bonnie nodded, her eyes wide. This was the witch that taught Esther. She knew Kol as a human.

"Good," Ayana said. "Then I have a few things to tell you. First, Esther did not invent the immortality spell, she simply copied and altered an already made spell from our family Grimoire. You'll need to collect that from a safe place. Sheila hid it shortly before her death, she had a vision that she would be dying soon and that you were not yet ready for it."

"Is that true, Grams?"

"Yes," Sheila nodded. "There is a key that you got, in my will. It opens a safety deposit box at a bank in Atlanta, if you ask Abby, she'll tell you which one. Collect it on the way down to Louisiana."

"But I have your Grimoire and Emily's and even a few others."

"We all have our own spell books," Emily said, she stepped forward. "Doesn't mean we have to have only one, you could have many. There is no limit on knowledge."

"Why are you all telling me this?" Bonnie asked, "Why now?"

"There was a powerful coven from Greece, about two thousand years ago," Ayana told. "They broke off into two different sectors, because of a disagreement they had. A powerful witch created a spell, to live forever, but the potion was stolen and so it devided them. One side was cursed."

"Thankfully, even though it was our ancestor that made the immortality spell, our lineage was not the one cursed. The witches who were cursed, are now known as Travellers, they can still use magic, just not nature magic. They need something to start the spell before relying on their own inner power."

"Tra-travellers? I've read about them." Bonnie remembered coming across a reference in a few spell books of Kol's.

"Around the same time our ancestors went south, into the Mediterranean and Northern Africa, the Travellers left Greece and went north mixing with the Romani people and moving through Eastern and Central Europe, like Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, The Czechs Republic, Slovakia, even parts of Russia and the Ukraine." Sheila took over the storytelling. "The girl that stole the immortality potion, her line was cursed by the natural order itself. She would live forever as the first immortal, but everything must die, so nature found a way around that."

"Esther knew this when she altered the spell for her family," said Ayana. "Which is why vampire blood only turns one imortal after they have died. That first girl however, she didn't die to live forever, so every ten generations of her family line, an exact copy is born. A doppelganger."

"Oh, my God." Bonnie grasped, realising the implications.

"Yes, you see where we're going," Sheila said.

"Your friend Elena is a Traveller," Ayana explained.

"But the Travellers have long since lost the doppleganger lineage," Emily said. "Katherine had a child out of wedlock. Her father hid his family away when his oldest daughter began to look the way she did, he stopped practicing magic and went into exile, to protect her. He planned to send her to a convent when she was 16, so there would never be another. But as you know that didn't work out. And he could not bring himself to murder an innocent baby, his own grandchild no less, so he sent her to relatives still within the Traveller circle and sent his daughter far away."

"Esther knew the doppleganger legend," Ayana told her. "She also knew that a young woman who came over from the old country with husband was the doppleganger. Tatia lost her husband less than a year after they settled into the area and discovered she was with child shortly after that. Tatia was very lonely after the death of her husband. Like myself and Esther, she was not of Viking heritage, her husband found her on a voyage and claimed her. She learned to fit in with the settlement and began to raise her son. After Esther killed her and used her blood to make her children into vampires, I took her son back to her parents. Her great-grandson took the name Petrov and settled in Bulgaria a hundred or so years later."

"What's all this got to do with those dreams I was having of New Orleans?" Bonnie asked, trying to get all the information to sink in.

"My own husband was a Viking," Ayana said, ignoring Bonnie's question. "He was a comrade of Mikael's and so when he died shortly after our daughter Brynhild, was born. Mikael and Esther offered us passage to the New World in exchange for teaching Esther magic. Esther saw the immortality spell in my family Grimoire once, that's why she begged me to do the spell. When I refused, she stole the page and did it herself. I only got it back after she was killed and her children fled the area."

"This is your family history, child." Emily snapped, when Bonnie still looked confused. "Did I not just tell you, knowledge is power?"

"Fine," Bonnie said. She hoped she would remember all this. "What happened to Brynhild?"

"Bryn lived to be a hundred and two, had six children and became a very powerful witch. She settled in Northern Africa, and her great-grandchild times twenty-three came back to Virginia with another doppleganger eight hundred years later."


"Yes," Sheila said.

"So what's all this got to do with now?" Bonnie asked.

"You know the Hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson?" Sheila asked, "You know how he is a natural hybrid. How he is the only one who can make werewolves into being like himself?"

Bonnie grasped awake tot the slaming of the door. Klaus, Kol, Elijah and Elena entered just as she was rubbing sleep from her eyes.

Her worry had been for nothing, she found she could recall the dream she just had with perfect clarity. She still wondered what relevance this all had right now, but given that Elijah didn't look grieved, in fact he looked quite happy, showed that now was not the time.

She didn't really know when it happened, but the Mikaelsons had become family, and they had just lost their brother. It was time to stick together.

"I'm sorry to tell you, brother, but Finn has died."

"Are you- wait, Finn's dead?" Elijah asked, he was shocked. Just an hour ago, he was so happy, now, he was completely devastated.

"Yes, Elijah, I saw him burn myself," said Klaus. "I have his murderer in the cells in the basement."

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