Chapter 3

Monkey See, Little Bird Loves

"Inguami-san!" Sarutobi calls one morning while the dog-like girl is wandering aimlessly around the halls. "Are you going to do the work or not?"

"Huh? I thought you were the one who's doing them, Chairman," Inugami says, grinning.

"It's your job, too, you know?"

Sarutobi is getting quite annoyed with Inugami being a lazy butt and not do the morning duties like she's supposed to do. But still, Sarutobi can't control her either way.

Sarutobi growls at Inugami and grabs the clipboard from her. "You're totally useless!" She exclaimed in exasperation.

Inugami smiles and gives Sarutobi a thumbs up. "Yup! I am, aren't I?" She grins.

"It was supposed to be an insult!"

Inugami and Sarutobi continue their daily fighting routine while Inugami claps the chalk board erasers. Aki sighs and shakes her head at their antics.

"As usual . . . Nobody can get along."

While the two are arguing their butts off, Aki takes the chance to walk into her own classroom and sit at her desk with Nekoyama sitting after her.

Things have been swirling in Aki's mind lately, such as knowing about Inugami's secret, how she's been cursed that causes her to transform into a puppy based on her surname and personality whenever she's kissed by a girl and now dealing with 3 other girls with animal surnames that can also transform. What next?

"Why am I always getting into this?" Aki says to herself.

"Did you say something?" Nekoyama asks.

Aki jumps at Nekoyama's voice and waves her hands back and forth. "Oh! N-nothing! Nothing at all!"

"I definitely heard something," A quiet voice says from between them.

Both Aki and Nekoyama turn and scream from a familiar person's presence.

"T-Torikai-san!?" Aki screams.

"Hi, there!" The sickly girl waves her arm a couple inches.

"Wh-what are you doing here?" Aki asks while trying to calm herself from Torikai's unexpected presence. "I thought you were still at the hospital."

"I decided to come here. Besides, it's a lot more fun here than at the hospital anyways." Torikai sits down with them and stares at the window. "The sky looks dreary . . . Just like all my shattered dreams . . ."

Aki and Nekoyama stare at her open mouthed. "Wh-What did I say about sentences like that?" Aki stutters.

Torikai giggles and brushes it off by saying, "You didn't talk to me . . . Nobody ever talks to me . . ."

Aki sighs. "Just . . . Just be quiet . . ."

The sickly girl turns to Nekoyama. "Is something the matter with Acchan?"

"She's just under the weather," Nekoyama says.

"Am not!" Aki denies.

"Acchan is the same as always," Torikai giggles.

As soon as everyone arrives, the bell rings for class to begin. But during the lesson, Aki is paying less attention than usual as she looks back at Torikai.

She knows for sure that her surname has to do with a bird, so she'll transform into one when being kissed. However, she finds it hard for Torikai to have the energy to even kiss someone. And she knows Sarutobi is the not the type for romance either.

Sighing, she looks back at the board to take notes again, which takes the whole period.

**After Class**

"Nekoyama-san~!" Inugami says as she runs into her classroom. "Let's walk together!"

She stops to notice Torikai standing there next to Nekoyama.

"Oh, hey, Torikai-san," Inugami greets. "Long time no see~!"

"Same to you, Puppy-chan," Torikai replies as she waves with her sleeve.

Inugami immediately hugs the bird-like girl. "Are you feeling well?" She asks almost immediately.

Torikai giggles again and breaks the embrace. "Of course. And you?"

Inugami gave her a thumbs up and a lopsided smile. "Doin' greeeaaat!" She lowers her arm and decides to pop another question. "Why are you at school again? Were you planning on meeting Sarutobi-san again?"

The bird-like girl nods. "Mm-hmm. Actually . . . it's more than that . . ."

"Huh?" Inugami and Nekoyama exchange confused looks for a bit while noticing the bird-like girl blushing.

"What do you mean by th-" Nekoyama starts when she is cut off by a slam of a door sliding open.

"Inugami-san!" The voice of Sarutobi cuts into their conversion.

Inugami freezes before turning around and laughing nervously. "Ahahah! Yeah?"

You STILL need to do your duties!"

"But I already did!" Inugami counters.

"You only did HALF of them!"

"Aw, but doesn't that count as work?" Inugami tries to reason.

"No, it's not!" Sarutobi shouts.

Just then Torikai cuts in. "Let's all just be friends please." She says, quietly.

"Not until Inugami-san does her duties! She just walked off, leaving me to do the rest myself!" Sarutobi shouts as she points at the dog-like girl.

"Ah, please don't be mad," Inugami says while waving her hand in the air.

"I am mad!" Sarutobi says.

"U-um, I should probably get going now, so I'll see you all later!" Inugami takes off with Sarutobi shaking a fist at her.

"You'd better do your duties tomorrow, you hear!?"

Torikai giggles as she turns away. "They're so cute . . ."

**After School**

Aki sighs as she walks back from her kendo club when she hears loud screeching in the halls. Like real monkey screams.

"Did someone actually bring a monkey to school?" Aki asks herself as she runs in the halls to check out what the sound is.

However, before she can turn a corner, a brown monkey jumps on her, making her tumble to the floor on her back.

"Ow! Ow! Get off!" Aki shouts while struggling with the monkey.

The monkey clings to her head and it scratches her cheek. Aki immediately grabs the monkey and tears it off her head.

She holds it out at arms distance and studies it closely. Then it dawned on her . . . "Oh dear, please no!"

She runs into the room the monkey had come from and looks around. She then notices a small blue bird perched on the window sill.

"Sarutobi. . . Torikai . . ."

She now realizes that the two had kissed earlier, but has no idea why. However, that's not important at the moment. She needs to catch the bird, or at least keep it in the classroom so that it doesn't escape. The dark haired girl tries to jump in to catch the bird, but it flies up high, making the kendo girl unable to catch it.

"I need some help!" She sighs in exasperation.

As if on cue, Inugami rushes into the classroom, panting. "Aki-chan! We're looking for the monkey and birdie girls!" Inugami shouts as she skids into view.

Nekoyama comes as well. That's when Aki gets a great idea. "Hey Nekoyama! Help me catch this bird!"

Nekoyama looks to where Aki is pointing. She immediately starts moving slowly towards it, licking her lips. Aki is slightly concerned for the bird's health. Since Torikai is really sickly, so is the bird itself, so it may not last for long and Nekoyama might be able to eat it for dinner.

In an instant, Nekoyama wastes no time jumping in to catch the bird. However, it flies away at the last minute, causing Nekoyama to hit her head on the wall.

"Nekoyama-san!" Inugami cries in alert, running towards the cat-like girl. "Are you okay!?"

"I-I'm fine," Nekoyama replies as the bird swoops down on one of the desks, chirping.

Aki is slowly approaching the bird, preparing to catch it with her hands. However, it flies away again as soon as the dark-haired girl is about to grab it.

"Dang!" Aki groans.

"I got it~!" Inugami says as she holds out her finger. "There, there, little bird! Come here."

The bird slowly flies over and lands on Inugami's finger, much to Nekoyama and Aki's surprise.

"How did she do that?" Both of them say in unison.

"Hehe~!" Inugami giggles. "Oh, Torikai-san. You just couldn't wait to kiss her, can you?" She gently sets the little bird on the desk.


A few seconds later, the bird de-transforms into a naked Torikai sitting on the desk, giggling.

The monkey jumps off of Aki shoulder as a puff of white smoke appears as well.


"Th-that was SO embarrassing, Hibari!" Sarutobi cries while blushing and covering her bare chest. "Why'd you do that!?"

"Because I love Sacchan . . ." Torikai says softly.

Sarutobi gasps softly and her face portrayed shock. She never expected such a confession like that from her sickly friend, considering that Torikai had kissed her earlier as well. Then, That shock quickly is replaced by a glare.

"Don't say silly things such as that!"

Torikai giggled and then stood up, walking over to her clothing. She did not even bother to cover herself, much to everyone's surprise.

"You're the one being silly." The girl answers with a sweet smile.

Sarutobi glares and then is about to get up to stop Torikai from speaking when Inugami puts a hand on her shoulder.

"You're really naked. Are ya sure you wanna give us a good view~?" She asks innocently.

"J-Just shut up and get my clothes!" Sarutobi yelled with a furious blush.

Aki sighs and then hurries to get the girl her clothing. "You guys frustrate me so much."

After the two girls put on their clothing, Aki looks over at the crew while the gang is talking amongst themselves.

"So, that's it, huh?" Aki says to herself. "We got to see Sarutobi's and Torikai's transformations. So, now what? Why am I getting myself into this mess anyway?"

Inugami giggles as she puts an arm around her friend. "Don't worry, Aki-chan~! You're able to keep our secret, right?"

"I don't think it's possible," Aki mutters.

"Sure there is~!" The dog like girl says. "You promised, remember, Aki-chaaaaaan~?"

"I get it! I get it!" Aki shouts while putting her hands on her head while shaking it roughly. "You don't have to tell me that again!"

"Oh, my~!" The voice of Ushiwaka says as she and Nezu step into the room. "What do we have here?"

"We heard a commotion," Nezu says as she links arms with Ushiwaka's. "So, we decided to investigate."

"Hooray!" Inugami cheers while putting her fist up in the air. "The gang's all here!"

"And what's THAT supposed to mean!?" Sarutobi shouts.

The dog-like girl giggles as she puts an arm around the monkey-like girl, grinning. "You know what I mean~! Hehe!"

"I just . . . I don't understand you at all, Inugami-san!" Sarutobi shouts.

"Haaaah . . ." Torikai sighs happily while resting her head on a desk. "Romance is such a beautiful thing . . ."

"Really?" Nekoyama asks as she looks over at the dog and monkey-like girl, fumed with jealousy. "How dare she flirt with Sarutobi-san . . ."

"Is she really flirting?" Nezu steps in next to Nekoyama.

"Ah, let them have their fun~!" Ushiwaka says while waving her hand and puts her other hand on her cheek. "I can totally see Inugami-san and Sarutobi-san having fun."

"Am not!" Sarutobi shouts at the cow-like girl, making Ushiwaka giggle.

Aki, on the other hand, is sighing heavily from all the stress that's been going on for the past few weeks. Does she seriously have to keep the biggest and most ridiculous secret from everyone? Right now, many questions form in her mind, but doesn't have the energy to even ask.

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