Chapter 1 - Takedown


(Feburary 24th, 2010)

"Woah!" A crowd cheered as a 4-ton orca jumped into the air in front of them at the Oceanworld park in Orlando, Florida. The trainer standing on the edge of the pool was guiding the whale around, making him do as he was told.

"Alright, good job Kilitum!" she praised the whale.

But the whale was about to pull off a life-altering stunt that would change the face of how people view these aquariums forever.

The trainer, a veteran of the trade named Dawna Lebeau, dipped her hands into a bucket to fish out...a fish. She turned to Kilitum, who was feeling like his life was repetitive and redundant, was eyeballing the fish in the trainer's hands.

"Good job, come and get the fish!" Dawna held the fish out for the whale.

The whale took the fish, but then Dawna turned to get another one. That was when the whale made his move - he popped up and grabbed the trainer by her ponytail and pulled her into the icy pool!

"Ahhh!" The trainer went headfirst into the liquid Hell.

Underwater, the whale was in complete control, but he was taking the first steps into making the tank a personal Hell for the trainer, who tried to free her hair with her arm, but the whale got a taste of the fish that was on that one arm, and bit into that too. A surge of pain shot through the trainer's arm, and then, she knew she was in deep trouble.

The whale brought the helpless trainer back to the surface.

"Help!" she screamed before being brought back under.

Then, out of the sky, a figure landed square into the drink wearing a skintight, star-studded wetsuit. She swam down and placed herself right in front of the whale and stopped him dead in his fins.

It was Wonder Woman, and she was using her ability to talk with the whale in order to stop him from hurting the trainer any further.

"Stop, let this lady go!" Wonder Woman communicated in an unexplainable way.

Meanwhile, another figure landed in the drink, clothed in a hooded trenchcoat, holding 2 30 foot hoses in his hand, and had a 10 lb weight in the other.

It was the Coat! Using the weight to drop to the appropriate level in the tank, The Coat swam over with the hose in his hand, and just as Dawna was about to take her last agonizing breath, the Coat took the hose and put it in her mouth to give her life.

"Let the trainer go!" Wonder Woman demanded of the whale.

The Coat placed the other hose in his mouth to provide himself with breath, and crossed his arms in front of the whale in the hopes he could intimidate him into letting the trainer loose.

Wonder Woman wasn't about to give up on the trainer's life.

"You are going to let her go...or you will regret the decision..."


(Feburary 23rd, 2020)

A rather warm and sunny day engulfed Vancouver, BC. But not all was at it was meant to be. At the Loblaws, A man had been taking his time slipping pharmacy items, pills, drugs, cough syrup, into his bookbag, in the hopes of not paying for it.

Off in the frozen foods, one of the heroes of the MV Nautilus, Kenny Triton, was busy loading frozen vegetables into the frozen foods display. He had since retreated into his average, everyday life since the adventure. He would send letters to San Diego to learn about how the time travel machine was being used, but it mostly lay dormant, as there was lots to discuss on how to use it. He had also gotten in Contact with Diana through facebook, and would have conversations via comments and stuff, but she was busy all the time with the CIA and some old IADC stuff, and the communication between friends was strained.

"Kenny from grocery, could you please call 900? Kenny from Grocery, call 900!" A voice peeped over the PA.

Kenny dropped what he was doing and walked over to a nearby phone. He picked it up and dialed the number.

"Kenny here." Kenny replied.

"Kenny, it's Sandi. When I call you to customer service, go outside and wait."

"Description?" Kenny knew why he had to go to the front.

"Plaid shirt, blue jeans, Adidas cap. He's got a bookbag with a Ps3 logo on the side."

"Ok. i'll be waiting." Kenny hung the phone up.

That was the type of crime fighting that Kenny had reduced himself to for 7 months. He'd go out in his truck once in a while to deal with poverty issues, like wife-beaters and drug pushers, or maybe even to pull a person out of a ditch for free. Of course, he loved to show off his nearly 20 year old truck - it was a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado, a lifted Dually, Quad-cab, 7.3 litre Diesel engine with an Automatic Transmission, similar to that of a transmission found in an M1 Tank. Kenny originally bought the truck for $3,000 and spent $6,000 modding it to his specifications. Ultimately, that truck was his favorite toy.

Once in a while, he'd take his friend Teena Wahlberg out for a spin in it, and they would hang out with Teena's once long lost family from the cruise. Teena was so thankful to kenny for his actions that she even helped pay for his truck's mods.

"Kenny from Grocery, please come to customer service please?"

That was the cue. Kenny dropped his work and walked outside as if it was no big deal.

A minute passed, and Kenny awaited the arrival of the thief. Then, he came walking out as quick as he could, as he was experienced in the field and knew how loss prevention worked.

"Stop sir!" The loss prevention officer tried to stand in front of the shoplifter.

However, things escalated rather quickly - the lifter pushed the LPO aside and ran with the bag! Kenny took the time to chase and run after the thief. He was a big guy but Kenny wasn't scared of him.

However, the guy didn't get too far before another figure came running and tackled him onto the sidewalk in front of the store's left wing, and that figure immediately put the guy into a submission hold, and held him down before the LPO could pick herself up and arrive.

And of all people, It was Diana Prince.

Her ponytail swung around with every squirm the shoplifter tried to get out of. Her glasses stayed on despite the fact this guy was maybe twice her size, but she was much stronger than he was.

"That's it mister. You've had it!" Diana held the lifter down.

By the time Kenny had gotten there, the guy had his head face down in the pavement and his arms twisted like a pretzel. Diana turned to look up at him with a look of pride on her face, which Kenny smiled to approve of.

"Wow!" the LPO got over to where the guy was being held down.

"He uh...ran into me." Diana smiled at the LPO.

"He won't be running any more." The LPO grabbed the lifter's bag, handed it to the store manager, and then picked up the beaten man after Diana got up off of him.

"Kenny, thanks for being there." the LPO took off with the lifter.

After being left alone with his friend, Kenny turned to Diana and gave her a hug.

"Y'know, I would've eventually caught him." Kenny smiled.

"Sure...sure you would've." Diana joked "You're probably wondering why i'm here."

"No, I just thought you wanted to swing by for coffee." Kenny matched wits with his friend.

"Actually...we have another date with the time machine - Feburary 24th, 2010."

Kenny knew that date. He had talked with Diana about whale captivity, and anyone who knows whale captivity knows that date has a significant meaning.

"Oh...I get it." Kenny did get it. They were going to Oceanworld.

"We're going to avert it tommorow. You know how time travel works, we can't just show up now."

"I wouldn't dream of it." Kenny replied.

"Good. I've already got the tickets for San Diego, we leave as soon as you're ready."

"I'm almost done my shift, give me 10 minutes. We'll take my truck." Kenny pointed to his pride and joy, parked in a spot a few metres away. The truck was all splattered with mud and dirt, and it didn't make Diana any more impressed.

"That's one ugly truck." Diana replied. Kenny didn't take it offensively.

"Sure she is, but she gets the job done. Strong like an Amazon. She could pull an elephant stuck in the mud."

"Well, maybe then it isn't just an expensive toy to compensate for what you don't have." Diana teased Kenny.

"And how would you know that? Is the CIA sticking cameras in my bathtub?" Kenny began walking towards the store entrance.

"We thought about it." Joked Diana.

Kenny chuckled at that comment.

"Oh, did I tell you about Josie?" Asked Kenny

"Josie?" Asked Diana

"Josie, she's my girlfriend."

"You've got a girlfriend now!?" Diana was excited to hear about that.

Kenny pulled his smartphone from his pocket and slid through the pictures and showed the picture of his girlfriend. She had cute green eyes and a raven pixie hairstyle. She looked slender and petite, and cute as could be. Kenny then slid the pictures over, and he had a couples picture with her and they were both smiling together.

"Aww, that's so cute. Let me see!" Diana took the phone from Kenny's hand and took her time to inspect it. She appeared to readjust her glasses and looked more carefully at the picture.

"Yeah, She's my sweetheart. And to think, I took a swing and hit the ball." Kenny broke into Diana's concentration on the picture.

"How'd she ever fall for a guy like you?" asked Diana

"Well, let's just say she's turned on by men trying to compensate what they don't have by buying big ugly trucks."

Diana grinned at Kenny's comment.

"Ok, give me a moment, I gotta go finish up." Kenny took his phone back, and went back into the store.

"I'll be waiting." Diana waited at the doorway.

In the 10 minutes that awaited, Diana pulled out her smartphone and called Steve.

"Steve Trevor here." Steve answered his phone.

"It's Diana, i've caught up with Kenny." Diana replied.

"Does he know of the really big plan yet?" Steve asked.

"Not yet. I think it's best we wait to tell him the real jist of the plan when I bring him to Washington. By the way, i'm sending you a picture."

"Ok, wait a minute." Steve prepared the hyper-advanced computer, IRA.

Diana played with her glasses and somehow, it sent a picture to Steve.

"You think he's going to chicken out when you propose the plan to him?" Steve joked over the phone.

"I'd bet 20 bucks on it he will." Diana replied.

"You're on." Steve replied. He looked up the picture Diana sent him over the phone.

"So that's who he's been with. Nice girl."

"She'll be shocked alright. But I think she'll go along with it. Especially if the world is at stake."