Rhys and Sasha are both sitting outside what is left of Helios, looking up at the Elpis the moon of Pandora. At this point they're together, and reminiscing of the times they had together.

Rhys looking up at Elpis "Elpis sure does look nice without Helios in front of it."

Sasha turns to Rhys, "Do you remember the time at the Atlas Facility"

"Yes of course.. Why do you ask?" Rhys replied.

Sasha smiled "It was just the most beautiful place I've ever seen on Pandora.." Rhys interrupts "Yeah... Until everything tried to kill us!"

Sasha laughs, "Yeah, until killing part. But it was so.. so..." "Romantic." Rhys and Sasha quoted at the same time.

They both turn to each other and smile.

"So you do remember I said that" asked Rhys with a smile on his face.

"How could I forget, even though you were acting weird, as usual. Yeah, I was thinking it but I was just nervous..."

"You? Nervous?" Rhys jokingly asked "You're the most confident person I know" He added

"Shut up!" Sasha lightly pushes Rhys

Sasha blushing "When you put that flower in my hair it was the cutest thing.."

"Well, I am very cute you know!" Rhys Joked

"I know you are!" Sasha says as she grabs Rhys' cheeks and squishes them.

"I would have kissed you back then you know, but then the flower kinda exploded.. On my face"

"Yeah that was funny! I wouldn't change anything about that moment, anyway.. It's doesn't matter now because I get to kiss you now" Sasha happily said

Sasha and Rhys look into each others eyes and kiss under Elpis.

Rhys and Sasha look at each other and smile, "I love you" they both add.

Both begin to raise one arm and stick out their little finger "Pinky Promise"... In the distance they hear a strange noise, what sounds like a person...

Sasha looks around to then see Fiona and Vaughn "Ugh Fi!" She Shouted!

Fiona making gag noises as Vaughn bro fists the air. Rhys Bro fists the airback.

"Air Bros!"

You're the Broest of Bros!