As the title suggests, this will be a fic inspired by the classic movie Beauty and the Beast, with a Fairy Tail twist. While this fic shares similarities with the original film, there will also be many differences.



The sound of raindrops banging hard on the giant windows of the castle was the only thing that could be heard during that dreary night. It had been an especially bad day for the spoiled, selfish prince. His parents had been out for the entire day, and Mira, the head chef, had accidentally dropped the entire pot of salt into today's dinner, resulting in an inedible mess. He had been furious after that, and nearly sent her to the dungeon. Before that, his pet cat had torn his favorite shirt for no reason other than boredom, and for some reason the fireplace would not light, which probably annoyed him the most. On a day like this, he couldn't even observe one of his favorite things; fire.

For the tenth time today, he same thought had crossed his mind.

Why is this happening to me?

He was a rich, spoiled prince who got anything he desired. Untouchable, he only spared time for those who he felt were worthy. Anyone else wasn't worth it, that's just how it was.

I don't deserve this.

"Useless piece of crap," he muttered to himself as he tried to light the fireplace one last time, to no avail.

It was at that moment that he heard loud banging that resounded all throughout the castle, overpowering the sound of the storm. Someone was knocking on the front door.

"Who the hell…"

He made his way over to the door, getting even more frustrated with every obnoxious bang that was heard from outside.

He swung open the large front door, ready to let out all of his pent up anger at whoever was on the other side. He saw no one at first, until he looked down. There, a short old lady dressed in rags stood, holding a torn up old book and shivering from the cold. She looked up at him through drenched white bangs. He knitted his brows in bewilderment. Who was this old hag to dare show up at his castle unannounced? And how dare she not bow at his feet?

"I-I apologize for d-disturbing you at this hour, b-but please s-sir, may I take shelter in this c-castle until the storm clears? There are n-no more houses for m-miles," She asked politely, through shivers. Her voice was sweet, kind. He hated it. He was a prince dammit, he had little time for poor old ladies who had nothing to offer him.

"Leave here. This isn't some shelter," he said coldly. "If I were to let every random stranger into my home, I'd be a dead man by now."

"Please, sir, I have n-nowhere else to go," she pleaded desperately.

"Not my problem. Get off my property, I have no time for peasants."

He then started to close the massive door, but was stopped short by a small hand that kept the door open. A vein popped up on his forehead, showing how close he was to losing it.

"You are making a mistake, young prince. You should not judge people based on appearances," the old woman stated firmly, her tiny hand keeping the door from closing.

Despite being slightly taken aback by the sudden change in her attitude, he held his ground. "Watch me. Get your dirty hands off of the door, before I remove them myself," he demanded, tired of this lady's persistence. Today had already been bad enough, why was he going through this now?

It was at that moment that the old lady began to glow, startling the young prince enough to step back in shock, letting the door swing open once again.

In a matter of moments, the lady had transformed from poor and old to young and beautiful, surprising the prince further. Long, curly blond locks cascaded down her slim form, clad in a flowy pastel pink dress with a dark pink ribbon tied around the neckline. A small wing resided on each side of her head, and she hovered in midair like an angel. Her entire being seemed to glow despite the dark, gloomy surroundings.

"Natsu Dragneel. Your actions just now have proved that you are selfish and shallow," her angelic voice declared as she glared down at him. "I had a feeling you were in need of a lesson, and I was right."

"E-ehh?!" The young prince sputtered, terrified. He continued to back away. She continued to follow. "W-who are you?! And how do you know my name?!" The frightened prince demanded shakily.

"My name is Mavis, you needn't know anything more," she stated simply. "You couldn't even give shelter to a helpless old woman. You deserve to be cursed!"

Holding out the book she had kept to her chest the whole time, she opened it and began chanting something in a language the young prince could only define as "gibberish".

He could only stand and watch, petrified as Mavis finished her incantation. When she finally ceased, she closed the book, and after a second the book vanished from her hands in a flash of light. A second later, the young prince began to feel odd.

"From this point on, you shall be known as E.N.D. Until you find someone who will love you for the monster you are, and who you will love for the person they are inside, you and your servants will be cursed with the appearance of a demon. You also will not age. I hope this teaches you to not judge others by appearances. I wish you best of luck, Etherious Natsu Dragneel," she sang as she slowly disappeared into thin air.

As soon as he was alone, he began to feel pain all over his body. The sides of his head pounded as if something was trying to escape from the inside. His fangs that he had naturally since birth started to grow at a painfully fast pace, and the skin around his arms and the sides of his face began to burn. He felt an odd sensation in his hands, and when he looked down at them he was appalled at the sight. Claws had started to grow where his nails used to be.

He writhed and coward in pain and discomfort, his hand holding on to his pounding head, but not for long as he was jabbed by something growing out from just above his ear. He immediately extracted his hands and wobbled over with great difficulty to the nearest mirror.

By the time he made it to the mirror, the dark, curved horns that had grew from the sides of his head were fully grown, and the sides of his face was covered in a black, intricate pattern of some sort that went down his neck and arms, almost like a tattoo. His pink hair seemed darker, and when he opened his mouth, he saw that his canines looked more defined than they were before.

Horrified with his new terrifying appearance, he screamed at his reflection and punched the reflective surface with a clawed hand. Shattered glass collected on the ground below him and in his knuckles

"I'm gonna be like this forever," he groaned. "Curse you, you witch!" he yelled to the tall ceiling at the top of his lungs.

He collapsed on the maroon rug, any sign of hope absent from his now piercing red eyes, replaced with lifelessness.

A single tear landed on the rug below him as he concluded that he would never be happy again.

… Because who could ever learn to love a demon?

Hope you enjoyed the Prologue of my new fanfic!

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