Harry Potter And the Lordships

By Currahee506


A/N: Summary: harry is 11 and finds out he is a wizard but also discovers his titles and his destiny as well as his Soul Mate. Not the best summary I know and it is my first fan fic so please Bear with me.

Chapter 1 Gringotts and his soul Mate

As Harry Entered Gringotts Bank Next to Hagrid he noticed a sign that said. Enter, Stranger, but take heed of what awaits the sin of greed, for those who take, but do not earn, must pay most dearly in their turn, so if you seek beneath our floors a treasure that was never yours, Thief you have been warned, beware of finding more than treasure here. (pages 72 and 73 of paperback HPaPS) As he glances around he notices a corridor leading to offices he feels he needs to go towards it though Hagrid tries to steer him towards the tellers instead. Harry looks at Hagrid, 'why can't I go see if my parents left me anything?' Harry Asks. 'Professor Dumbledore wants you in and out of Diagon Alley quickly.' Hagrid Says. Well I don't know him so I'm going to the inheritance offices as is my right I assume Says Harry.

Griphook the goblin walk's out and see's the incident and sees his charge the Lord Potter, then walks up to him and says, 'Greetings Lord Potter how may Gringotts help you today?' Harry Looks at the Goblin and asks 'I'm A Lord?' Griphook is shocked and asked him 'has no one told you of your heritage my lord?' 'I didn't even know I had money to my name until Hagrid here told me about my vault.' Harry says. 'I would like to get to the bottom of this Sir.' Harry says. 'Of course lord potter Please follow me.' Griphook says.

Hearing a commotion, a young honey colored Bushy haired girl looks towards the sounds and sees a handsome raven haired boy walking towards her and her family. As she watches him she is knocked over by a rude man with a snake caped cane. 'Watch where you're going MUDBLOOD' Says the Rude Man. 'You watch where you're going sir you knocked my daughter over while she was standing still and you will apologize to her' says the girl's father. 'I am a Pureblood Wizard I will not apologize to a worthless chit of a girl such as her lowborn self' says the rude man. 'You will apologize to my daughter this instant you are speaking to Earl Daniel Matias Granger and Countess Emma Jane Granger and our daughter the Lady Hermione Jane Granger'. Suddenly the man's cane smacks into Hermione's face 'no MUDBLOOD can be of noble birth in the wizarding world' says the rude man. 'And my name you muggle filth is LORD Lucius Malfoy you will leave and take your MUDBLOOD Trash Daughter with you'. Say's Lucius Malfoy.

At this harry walks over and helps Hermione up and asks. Are you ok Milady? Yes I am kind sir says Hermione. As their hands touch a Golden Glow appears around the two 11 year old Children.

Then Harry turns to the now named Lucius Malfoy You sir will apologize to the lady and leave here I am LORD Harry James Potter Lord and Head OF House Potter. My house is higher ranked then yours EVEN if I am a half blood. Lucius Sneers and turns to leave ignoring the boy who then grabs the man's cane and rips it out of his hands I SAID APPOLOGIZE YOU LOWLY SCUMBAG.