So, I was watching the episode "Temporary Duty" where Hawkeye and Nurse Bigelow switch places with Surgeon Dupree and Nurse Lorraine Anderson, Margaret's old friend. Anyway, the part of the episode when Margaret tells her friend about how she has no friends did not sit well with me because, technically, Hawkeye is her friend. Was nobody taking into account Hawkeye and Margaret's budding friendship after "Comrades in Arms"?

Anyway, disclaimer for that episode as well as spoilers. There are also spoilers for "Comrades in Arms".


After watching Dupree ride on Potter's mare, Margaret gets ready for bed while Lorraine heads out for a shower. Deciding to read a book to pass the time, Margaret merely mulls over her friend's words to her regarding finding friends at the 4077th. Fifteen minutes later, Lorraine comes back into the tent and slides into her cot. Just as Margaret is about to turn out her light, the blonde says, "Lorraine, I wasn't entirely truthful about my having friends here."

"See, Margaret? I told you. You just have to open up to people," Lorraine replies as she turns in her cot to face her friend.

"Well, I did alright," The blonde mumbles. Hearing the suggestive tone in her friend's voice, the brunette sits up in her cot. Realizing she digs herself a hole, Margaret answers, "I had an affair after I found out about Donald's girlfriend."

Confused, Lorraine parrots, "An affair? With who?"

The blonde mulls over her decision before asking, "You won't tell anyone?"

"Did I tell about the time you snuck out of the base to go on a date with that college guy when we were in high school?" The brunette questions with a smirk.

Margaret nods knowing she is safe. Taking a breath, the nurse answers, "Captain Pierce."

"The one you exchanged for Dupree?" Lorraine asks in surprise eager to hear the story.

Margaret nods before telling her friend about her and Hawkeye's being shelled. With a quick breath, Margaret ends, "That was about five months ago."

"And there's nothing going on between you two now?" Lorraine asks after processing the tale.

Margaret shakes her head, "No, there can't be."

"Because you're married," Lorraine adds. Her friend nods as she rearranges her pillow so she can cover herself more with her blanket. Just as the blonde is about to turn her lamp off again, Lorraine asks, "If you had an affair with him, why do you still feel he's your friend."

Thinking back to her relationship with the jokester in the last few months as well as the pregnancy scare she has, Margaret smiles a little as she answers, "He's compassionate and caring. He listens. I trust him with anything."

"It sounds like you like him as more than just a friend, Margaret," The brunette replies as she props herself up on the cot ready to tease her friend mercilessly.

"Lorraine, I'm married," The blonde answers as she snuggles deeper into her cot as Lorraine replies, "Doesn't mean you don't like him."

When Margaret says nothing, the brunette adds, "You said yourself Donald's more like a toy soldier. Your relationship with Captain Pierce seems better than what your marriage does."

"Lorraine!" Margaret chastises jokingly. Her friend raises her eyebrow adding, "You wrote your husband a Dear Hank letter, Margaret."

"I never sent it," The blonde answers softly knowing exactly where the letter is hidden. Lorraine nods staying quiet for a few minutes until she asks, "Margaret, will you tell me more about Charles?"

Rolling her eyes, the blonde shuts off her lamp saying, "Go to sleep, Lorraine."