Hello. As you may or may not have noticed I haven't been updating my story for a very long time. Recently I have been looking to try and make a return but school is pressing extremely hard so I doubt I will find much time this year (my most important school year). If I do find time, I will most definitely try to update, but I have also been considering a rewrite. As some people have pointed out to me, the plot and story is good, but my writing quality and the way with which I am playing the story out is rather poor (compared to what it could be) so if I do get the time I may choose to rewrite the story. However, last year I could not find much time so this year I doubt I will either. Once my exams are over, I will definitely try to make a come-back. Also if you have looked at my profile, you might notice a story or two will be taken down after this note. I originally had 12(?) stories up. Like I have promised I will never abandon any of my stories, but I have taken many of them down (for the time being) due to the lack of motivation I had and the enormous pressure of trying to keep 12 stories updated at once. At the time that this was written I had 4 stories up but I may remove 1 or 2. All stories which I previously had up will be written... someday... except for 1 story which I condemned due to... reasons. The two stories I will definitely keep are [Percy Jackson: Son of Zeus] and [The Second Chance] (may be renamed).

Sorry for my tardiness with updates.

And sorry if you were excited, thinking this was going to be a new update.

For those who are interested in what exams I am taking, I am taking the standard British GCSEs but I have also opted to take American ACT exams.

Also, please note this was taken from a PM I was writing but then I decided to place it as an Author's note so a couple of things in this note may be out of context that I missed.