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"Character Dialogue"

'Character Thoughts'

"Radio Chatter"

"All teams, standby for ground assault!" The base's comms systems yelled out. Above the base, dozens of dropships and Sabre Class Space Superiority fighters were either dogfighting or trying to avoid the aliens fighters and smaller frigates.

"BR, where are those ships going?"

"They appear to be heading towards a clearing on the other side of the hills to the southeast of the base." BR replies. Before one of the frigates could get in the cover of said hills, it was hit by one of the base anti-orbital laser cannons, completely severing its engine unit from the rest of the ship. The engine unit landed on the largest hill itself while the rest of the ship continued along with the path, but with no way to slow down and stop safely.

"Pilot Hev, get into your titan and head to that crash site. There are several klicks between it and the main alien landing zone. Go there and wipe them out." Commander Williams says.

"Copy that sir. Ready BR?" Hev asked.

"All systems are green sir," BR replies. After getting in his titan he grabs an Ion weapons class kit, then moves out. While going out, he passes by several Grizzly class MBTs, behind them were several Wirbelwind Class AATs. (Anti-Air Tanks). Behind them was several dozen jeep like vehicles carrying infantry.

"Good luck out there out pilot. We've have to secure some farming villages to the north of here." The commander of the armored column says.

"Likewise sir. Good luck." Hev says, before the bases' doors open, allowing everyone to leave the safety of the base. Above them, a larger version of one of the alien ships that flew over the base was hit by several laser cannon shots, completely destroying it.

'Nice shooting.' Hev thought to himself. A few minutes later, Hev and his titan cleared the ridge overlooking the ship's crash site. The ship slammed into a cliff face, completely destroying the front third of the ship leaving the remaining third middle of the ship intact, though everyone inside has likely been tossed around. Outside the ship, the survivors of the crash had already secured the area around the ship.

"Best plan of attack?" Hev asked.

"Down the middle. They don't appear to be organized." BR says

"Copy that," Hev says, before running down the hill. The aliens, now fully aware of his existence start firing on him, doing little damage before he returns fire. Many of the aliens flee inside the downed ship while the rest were killed by the titan.

"Command, survivors from the crash have entered the ship, requesting directive, over" Hev says.

"Stand by. Alright, from what we know thanks to the battle in orbit, there should be a drive core in the middle of the ship, find the largest source of energy and fire on it." Commander Williams said.

"Copy that. BR, scan for the largest energy source." Hev says. On his HUD, the titan began scanning for a large energy source, several popped up.

"Sir, there are several energy sources coming from the ship's interior," BR says. On his HUD, Hev could see all of the 'energy sources'. Most appeared to be very small, likely weapons, however, there was two that was much larger. Having his titan climb on the ship, he tears open the hull directly above the largest energy source. Upon seeing the 'energy source', it was a collection of drop ships Quickly spraying into them, several explode, and completely destroys that section of the ship, causing the titan to fall into the ship. Inside the ship, the surviving aliens were clearly scared shitless, because they were trying to get the hell away from the giant as fuck mech that just fell on them.

"Any suggestions?" Hev asked, watching the remaining aliens flee.

"The only thing I could think of is simply going through the ship until you exit," BR says.

'Sounds simple enough.' Hev thought. Choosing a weak point in the wall, Hev starts firing into a wall hoping to melt the interior hull. Seeing the ship's hull start to melt, he backs up has far as he can, he sprints and uses the titan's dashes to send himself through the wall.

Outside the ship, a turian force had arrived on scene to help the downed ship.

"Spirits, those cannons did a number on this ship." Someone said. Silently agreeing, Saren watching with great interest as search teams went around the ship.

"Anything?" Saren asks.

"Nothing sir. All we found was some very tracks and some dead personal." Someone said. Then some explosions inside the ship could heard. Everyone instantly went into combat stances and pointed their weapons at the ship.

"Weapons down. They must've been secondaries from the crash." Someone said everyone started to relax. Then some survivors came running out of the ship.

"Troopers, report." The commander of the rescue force said.

"We were attacked by a very large mech, it's inside the ship." One of them said. Saren looked over the ten or survivors, he saw panic and fear on their faces. They also had no weapons on them at all.

Before more questions could be asked, the hull started to melt and the survivors started to panic.

"We need to run!" One of them yells.

"Stand your ground!" The force commander yells. The hull started to break more before a very large came through. "Open fire!"

Everyone standing there opened fire, will the ship's survivors immediately hauled ass away from the ship.

"Get back here!" Saren yelled. But they completely ignored. When Saren looked back at the mech it returns fire. He watches several of his squad mates completely disappear into a very fine paste and mist. The next thing he feels is extreme pain and impacting something strong.

"Fall back! Retreat to the woods!" The force commander yells before turning into a paste. He feels someone grab him and pull him further into the forest before blacking out.

Back in the titan, Hev was observing the aliens fleeing into forest around the crash site.

"Mark them for tracking. Let the spectres deal with them." Hev says.

"Marking" BR says.

"Commander, the ship has been successfully neutralized and repelled search and rescue force," Hev says.

"Acknowledged. Stand by for new orders." Commander Williams says. Hev observes the devastation around him. "Alright. You remember the armored column you passed as you were leaving the base?"


"There is a large alien force attempting to seize the city. We're taking heavy losses and all pilots are currently engaged protecting the outpost. And aliens have yet to bombard us from orbit. Head to the city of Vos and help those tankers hold the city."

"Copy that. On my way." Hev says before he starts running towards the city. The only thing working for him was he was on a ridge overlooking the city. Zooming in on the city, he sees human forces getting overrun by the aliens. Opening the main hatch to the titan, he stands on the lower hatch.

"Fastball me," Hev says. BR grabs him and starts aiming.

"I will begin moving towards you as soon as I throw you" BR says.

"Good," Hev says. Then BR throws him. Very quickly closing on the city, he uses his jump jets to slow himself down. Seeing an alien on a rooftop, he aims at it and braces for impact. The alien never saw him coming. He impacted it and sent both into wall, however, Hev was unharmed while the alien's upper body was completely caved in. Below him, he sees the aliens are pushing on the defenders hard. Making sure he still has his preferred weapon of choice, his Alternator, he jumps down behind the aliens and opens fire.

From the defender's point of view, he was merciless in his attacks. Caught between this, demon, and the stonewall of the defenders, the aliens stood no chance.

"Pilot! We're glad to see you!" A rifleman says.

"What's your status?" Hev asked. Both he and the soldier start walking towards a city square where more defenders had formed a defensive line.

"We've lost most of the lighter armor. They were here before us and we had to fight in." The rifleman said.

"A shit storm." Hev finished.

"That's an understatement. Commander Morrison is in the command tank." The rifleman said while pointing at a tank in the square, before returning to the front line. Hev continued on towards the command tank. The commander looked up at him.

"Where's your titan pilot?" He asked.

"Moving towards the city. I had him toss me here." Hev replied.

"-Sigh- I'll take anything at this point. Look at this map. Tell me if you see a problem." Morrison said, indicating to the holo table. At first glance, it looked fine, infantry holding several blocks with the bulk of the remaining armor hold up either in the square or outside the city. However, looking further Hev could see several holes in the line where the aliens are pushing.

"I'm guessing these holes?" Hev asked.

"You're damn right they're the problem! I want you to go there, and plug it up tighter than a nun's ass." Morrison said. Hev saluted.

"My pleasure sir." Hev said, before running out. He quickly uses his parkour kit to get some height to climb a building. Looking over the area, he sees several infantry squads getting overrun. 'Time to fix that.' He thought. Running towards them on the roofs, he jumps behind them and fires into the alien's rear.

"Thank for the help pilot! We were trying to force a defensive line here." One of the riflemen says in gratitude.

"Hold this position. I'm gonna try and plug the holes." Hev says.

"There's still several squads trapped around here. We were part of a company that got scattered around here." The same rifleman says.

"Got it." Hev says, before running towards some gunfire. Seeing more aliens, this time firing at some civilian cars, he throws an arc grenade at them. To his surprise, the alien's weapons temporarily stop working, only for them to come back online. Before they could turn and fire on him, the riflemen behind the cars finish them off.

"Thanks for the help pilot!" One of them yells. Looking behind them, Hev could see a group of civilians.

"There's more friendly infantry in an apartment building a block down. Form a defensive line there. You see anyone, pass the word." Hev says.

"You got sir!" One of them yells while all of them salute him. He watches the civilians and riflemen go past him, while he watches their backs. Continuing along his current trend of killing aliens and helping out trapped squads. Then alien armor rolled in. No, they actually rolled in. They were more like wheeled tank destroyers, but still just as dangerous.

"Get everyone inside and anyone with anti-tank weapons outside, now!" Hev yells. He grabs the mag launcher off his back and took aim at the lead 'tank'. The three rounds he got off impacted the hull, but only destroyed a wheel. Several other riflemen with anti-tank weapons fired on it, completely destroying it. Then more of them came around, too many for them the deal with at once.

"Fall back into the building! NOW!" Hev yelled and the riflemen followed him inside.

"Hold this building! Anyone got some satchel charges?" Hev asked.

"Yeah, there's some over here." Someone replies, pointing at some collection of said explosives together. Outside, the aliens started yelling into some kind of loudspeaker and shouting at them in a language they couldn't understand.

"You know, I think it's funny they think we would understand them at all." Someone says, everyone got a chuckle out of it. After grabbing as many charges as he could, Hev runs to the roof.

"Pilot, I am around the corner. Shall I engage?" BR asks.

"Affirmative. Put watch your fire, there's friendly's and civilians in this building." Hev replies. The titan didn't reply, but simply came out of hiding and started firing on the aliens from behind. Several of the alien 'tanks' turned their weapons around and fired on the titan with little effect. On the titan's shoulder, a small object appeared and fired a bright red laser at one of the tanks and completely destroyed it. The remaining few tanks tried to escape, but Hev jumped on the lead tank and threw some satchel charges on it then jumped off and detonated them, completely destroying it.

Hev put his hand up, causing the titan to cease fire. The remaining aliens took this time to get out of the tanks and surrender. Hev indicted for the riflemen to take them prisoner.

"Pilot, what's your status?" Morrison asked.

"Found some riflemen and repelled a major attack. And my titan showed up." Hev replied.

"Out fucking standing! That's the best news I've got all day. Word has come down from Commander Williams, the alien ships in orbit have fallen back to high orbit, we're taking this time to get a headcount for the next wave." Morrison said.

"Copy that, I'm on my way." Hev said, before turning towards BR. "Stay here til they're completely detained, kill any that try anything."

"Understood sir." BR said over the titan's loudspeakers.

"You have a transmission coming in from pilots Shepard and Farson." BR says over their private channel.

"Patch them in." Hev says.

"So, how are things down there?" Shepard asked.

"Technically, I'm above you guys. I'm closer to the planet's equator." Hev said.

"Oh, shut up smart ass, answer the damn question." Farson said.

"Alright, calm down. We've held this sector for the time being. What about you guys?" Hev asked.

"We held our ground as well. The outpost is secure." Shepard said.

"Same here, though we secured the fleet's escape pods. Anderson's alright." Shepard said. Both Hev and Farson rolled their eyes at John, only he would be so casual around the admiral.

"Hey, Hev. Come find when this is over. I got something to show you." Farson said very flirtatiously, before leaving the channel.

"Man, how the hell did you get her?" Shepard asked.

"Simple, I'm awesome." Hev replied, sure that even though he couldn't see his shit eating grin, Shepard had a mental image.

"Awesome my ass!" Shepard yelled, before leaving the channel as well.

Back in the command tank, Hev, Morrison, and a hologram of Williams were speaking over the holo table.

"They retreated to a higher orbit above Shanxi, though we can't say why." Commander Williams said.

"They could be waiting for reinforcements. They may not have enough grounds to take this planet." Morrison said.

"That may be true, but question it, why haven't they obliterated us from orbit?" Hev asked.

"We've trying to figure that out since the battle started. It's clear they shields only work against kinetic based weapons are completely useless against directed energy weapons. They may want to capture as much of our tech as possible." Morrison suggested.

"Regardless, we've formed a battle line going around a kilometer around the base. Your sector is the furthest west we've gotten to hold. Bastards were fast when they deployed." Williams said. The map showed the outpost in the middle. Around the base, the area's famous hills dominated the landscape to the north and west of the base while to the south and east was largely plains suitable for farming. The city Hev was in was the farthest south they had secured completely.

"What's the current plan sir?" Hev asked.

"Simple, we take this break in the fighting to regroup and get ready for round two. I want a full strength report from you Morrison. Hev, stay there with them. You're the only pilot around that area. They'll need your support." Williams said. "Dismissed!" Hev and Morrison saluted him before his hologram disappeared.


"Damn it! I thought you would've had this Desolas." Admiral Floriso said. Since the beginning of the ground assault, Desolas had been assuring him that the battle would be over soon. Almost two hours later, several frigates had been destroyed as well as a few cruisers that were in the high atmosphere.

"We're currently taking this time to regroup and assess our current positions. We'll have the planet Admiral. We will subdue these primitives." Desolas said, before breaking the communications.

'Primitive my ass.' Floriso thought to himself. He had sinned plenty of times in his life, but right now, he was going to follow council orders on orbital bombardments, no bombarding civilians. He would also spare the local's main base of operations. It would cost more turian lives but would grant them new technology if they won here.

'It would give us an edge over the salarians and asari.' He thought again.

Meanwhile, in the main turian FOB, Desolas was watching field surgeons attempt to save his brother Saren's arm.

'I will see these primitives punished.' He thought.

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