Yuisu didn't really have a plan in mind when she applied to be an Interspecies Exchange Host. A letter arrived asking for participants and she filled out the form on a whim.

- Applicant Given Name: _Yuisu _

- Applicant Family Name: _Nakahara_

She had recently inherited a huge house from her late uncle, and hosting until-recently-mythological beings would put it to good use. It would also be a welcome break from her boring small-town life as a part-time convenience store clerk.

- Gender: _Female_

- Age: _21_

Yuisu was committed to being a gracious host to any extra-species exchange homestay assigned to her home, regardless of gender or species. She definitely wasn't thinking about beautiful monster girls when she decided to apply.

- Relationship status: _Single_ _

- Sexual orientation: _Gay_

Okay, perhaps Yuisu was thinking of them a little bit. In high school, she got the nickname Yuri-su for a reason, after all. She wasn't opposed to the idea of being surrounded by beautiful and exotic women, but the law could make it… troublesome.

- I, _Nakahara Yuisu_, hereby swear to abide by and uphold the Interspecies Protection Act, and I acknowledge that intimate relationships between extra-species homestays and humans are forbidden [except where exempted by the Kimihito Amendment in the case of approved marriage].

While researching the Interspecies Exchange Bill, Yuisu read up on that amendment. Like many of Japan's laws, it was woefully behind the times and didn't allow for gay marriage.

All in all, it looked like romance wasn't in her future, but when it comes to monster girls... looks can be deceiving.

Welcome to Yuisu's lesbian life with monster girls: Monster Yurisume.

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