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A slender and shapely leg emerged from the steamy bathing room. Dripping toes poked around for purchase on the bathmat and then their owner followed. Yuisu stepped out into the open laundry room and shivered against the shock of cold winter air. She quickly grabbed a towel, wiped her arms and legs, and wrapped it around her modest chest. Then she twisted up her long black hair in a second towel to dry. When down, her hair reached her shoulder blades, and took a long time to dry out naturally. Finally, Yuisu slipped her feet into some fuzzy pink bunny slippers, opened the door, and strode out into the spacious hallway.

That was a mistake. A wave of goosebumps ran across her butt and told her two important things: her towel didn't reach any lower than her hips, leaving her most private area quite exposed; and the rest of the house was even colder, chilling all of that exposed skin.

"Eep!" she squeaked. "Stupid mountain air. Why did Uncle Ichiro want to live all the way up here in the first place?" Yuisu grumbled as she darted down the hall with new urgency.

Her bright green eyes dropped to the floor and her tone turned somber. "I miss you, Uncle. I remember when I was little and you and I would race around the house, slipping and sliding in our socks down this hallway."

But then Yuisu smiled and looked straight ahead. "Giving me an entire house was just like you, Uncle. You were always too good to me." She shook her head and let out a chuckle. "But I'll put it to good use, sharing it with people and helping them just like you would."

As Yuisu passed by a large glass door, there came a slight clatter from outside and she turned to the sound. In the garden beyond, several wild deer were nibbling at the snow-covered plants and trees, finding an occasional new leaf to eat. She smiled and watched them peacefully for a moment. As she turned to resume the trek to her room, that peace was shattered.

First was the noise. The crack of breaking branches, the scream of a deer in pain, and the crash of the glass door breaking inward. Next came cold. Raw winter air blasted in through the open hole, carrying wisps of snow and bits of broken safety-glass. Yuisu's already chilly bottom didn't even get a chance to clench before...

WHAM! Yuisu was tackled from her feet and the cold was replaced entirely by something… Warm, fuzzy, soft? Those were the only words that could explain this unexpected sensation that had engulfed her as she fell to the floor.

Yuisu was flat on her back, with two feet of wet black hair streaming out across the wooden floor behind her. Her hair towel was nowhere to be seen, sent flying somewhere during the fall.

She moved her right arm along her side, but where her other towel should have covered her, she felt only a feathery softness beyond that of any down pillow. She flexed the fingers on her left hand, but where she expected bitter cold, she held an ample handful of soft, warm flesh. She opened her eyes, but where she expected to see snow-reflected sunlight, there were two golden eyes, staring piercingly into her own green ones.

"What happ...?" was all Yuisu managed to say before the pieces started to click together in her mind. The thing she held in her hand was a woman's breast, and a big one at that. It belonged to the woman currently glaring down at her, as did the fluffy feathers that had wrapped around Yuisu and shielded her from the snow and broken glass on the floor.

With surprising grace and strength, the mystery woman lifted Yuisu from the ground and set her on her feet safely away from the devastation. Yuisu then got her first clear look at her.

The woman had very long white hair, with some strands reaching her knees. She wore tight-fitting jeans, a white spaghetti-strap shirt (currently pulled down around her stomach thanks to their collision), and a white bomber-jacket that looked too small to actually zip closed. The result was quite fashionable, if you could ignore the exposed tits. Thanks to Yuisu's perverted side, nicknamed "Yuri-su", she could not.

The woman tried to fix her shirt to cover her breasts, but she was having extreme difficulty. Where any human girl would have had arms, she had massive wings. With long white feathers instead of fingers, she could only use her thumb-like digits to try to pull her shirt back over her considerable breasts. The woman was a harpy, a bird-lady from mythology, with wings for arms and long, powerful talons for feet.

[Image: imgur /6QFgMZc ]

The harpy turned her piercing gaze back to Yuisu and stepped closer. "A little help please? Or are you just going to keep staring forever?" she said in a teasing tone.

Yuisu was suddenly aware of where her eyes had been focused. Starting with her own alert nipples, she also became aware of her own complete nakedness. Yuisu flushed red from chest to ears and stammered, "S-sorry."

At this point, Yuisu's mind was holding on by a thread, with the her perverted side threatening to take full control. She had to move quickly. She grabbed the top of the woman's shirt and pulled it up and over her chest, then let out a sigh of relief.

The relief was short lived. With no bra, the thin cloth did nothing to hide the woman's own set of erect nipples. Yuisu's eyes narrowed and a grin crept across her face. With her libido in full control, she was now Yuri-su, the nickname her friends' invented to describe her when she was acting particularly ecchi, which happened rather often, actually.

That's it. I can't stop myself from motorboating those titties, Yuri-su thought as her hands rose to chest level and assumed the groping position.

Before Yuri-su could pounce, the harpy turned around and took a quick step toward the broken door. With lightning speed, her right talon kicked out and grasped something. She gave it a sharp twist and a sickening POP! resounded through the hall.

Yuri-su glanced down and her erotic mood vanished instantly. The harpy's wicked talon held a young fawn, its black eyes lifeless and its neck broken.

The killer harpy swiveled her head nearly 180 degrees and peered over her fluffy white hood to look Yuisu dead in the eyes. Then she smiled for the first time since she crash landed in the house.

"I brought dinner, miss Yuisu! I'm Haru, and I live here now," she said in a sweet, syrupy voice. "Sorry about the door."

Not much later, the broken glass and snow had been swept up, plastic sheeting had been duct-taped over the missing door, and another guest had arrived. Yuisu and Haru, now fully clothed, sat in plush chairs and sipped hot tea while the newest arrival spoke at length.

"Hello, miss Nakahara. I see you already met Haru, since she made much better time than me up your driveway. I'm your Cultural Exchange Coordinator. You can call me Agent Will." He smiled broadly. "And do call me if you have any questions or issues. I'm here to help! Well, when I'm actually here, which won't be often. This town is kind of remote, you know?" The black-suited man paced as he talked, his slicked-back hair glistening with excessive gel.

"I apologize for not contacting you in advance about Haru's arrival, but there were some rush orders from on high." He chuckled, "Ha, 'on high', get it?" His gaze flicked between the two girls. Seeing no reaction, he continued. "Anyways, Haru is your new homestay. She'll be staying with you now, miss Nakahara, and that means more than just living here. Haru can't leave the property without a host family member, meaning you, as an escort."

Agent Will smiled but his face was hard to read with his eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses. "But I'm sure you already knew all of that, since it's all spelled out in the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill. Be particularly mindful of the Interspecies Protection Act, especially before you entertain any sensual thoughts. I'm more laid back about that than most agents, so unless it becomes a problem..." He trailed off with what might have been a wink.

"Well, that's about it for my official duties." He turned to Yuisu. "My train's not for another couple hours, and Haru tells me she brought some venison as a housewarming gift." Agent Will grinned and held his chin in one hand. "Or would it be 'housecooling' gift? Ha! I crack myself up," he mumbled. He grinned at Yuisu and said, "But yeah… mind if I join you for dinner?"

Yuisu sighed audibly. That man has zero tact. "...Sure. I'll get things started in the kitchen." She turned to Haru and said, "Please tell me you know how to clean, or butcher, or whatever needs to happen to that poor deer before we can cook it?"

Haru's golden eyes went wide with glee. "Oh, of course! I can do that, I'd love to do that, if it would help!" she blurted in her low, sweet voice. She bounded off to the kitchen, large breasts bouncing in time with her awkward gait. Raptor talons are not made for elegant running, after all.