So... It's been awhile

If the writing seems a little weirder near the end, that's because I wrote half of this in 2017, and the other half throughout an afternoon like a month ago.


Actually no, it was stunned silence. Wally couldn't help, but feel slight pride in the fact that he managed to stun the rest of the Big Seven, or rather five of the Big Seven, since J'onn already knew. The slow twitch of feathers as they started to puff caught his attention, and Wally realized that he had automatically sped himself up. Breathing deeply Wally was suddenly hit with the flight or fight instinct, but as with most speedsters it was flight, flight, flight. Wally watched as one by one Shayera's feathers rose in surprise, Diana's blue eyes went wide and Wally knew just knew she was thinking about the the Justice Lords, Wally wouldn't be surprised if it crossed all of their minds.

He wanted to say something, anything to reassure them, that he was still their Flash, still their friend, brother, family. He just didn't know how to. Wally also knew they would need a few minutes to roll it over in their minds and hopefully not think his joking. Wally and J'onn knew he wouldn't joke about something like this, but right there and now, he wasn't one-hundred percent sure and that scared him.

The feeling of calm, gently pressed into his mind from J'onn and Wally couldn't help, but be thankful for it. Wally closed his eyes for a moment, allowing the calmness to wash over him, and remember a different time, a different life when he had a mind-link pressing into mind every day. M'gann's mind pressing against his, and feeling not only her's, but also also the rest of his teammates. Wally remembered the first time that M'gann had pressed calm into his mind, was during a stealth mission, which Batman really should have stopped sending them on after the first dozen or so buildings blew up. Mammoth had stepped on him, who steps on people? Okay it was more like stomped straight onto his leg breaking it, and causing him to not only scream, and cry in pain, but also start to blindly panic while Connor and Kaldur attack Mammoth.

Wally hadn't even heard any of them through the mind-link as he tried not to freak out. Later Wally would learn that Artemis and Robin had been on the other side of the building, and had quickly made there way over when they were hit with Wally's panic and speeding mind. M'gann had to disconnect the mind-link from the others, leaving only Wally and herself on it, before holding Wally to her and pushing herself into his mind, sending more and more calm into Wally's mind, before gently luring him to sleep.

The sound of John's voice knocked him out of his memory as he said "My hearing must have gone out, because it sounded like you just said you're from a different dimension."

"That's... That's exactly what I said." Wally stated. This could go many different ways, they could one not believe him, unlikely. Two, make him leave which Wally didn't think they would do, but you never know. Number two would also break his heart. Three, they could stay and talk for hours about his old home, but Wally was hoping they would go with option three. It would allow him to control what he would and wouldn't say, things like I've known over half of the League's secret identities by the time I was around twenty, would be better left unsaid.

Things like Clark has a brother/clone, Mars is full of Martians, and about the Team would be better. Maybe also talking about how long his been a hero, would also be good. Alongside how long heroes have been running around on his world. Bruce/Batman/Bats was the first to speak with two simple words that reminded him of the Batman back in his first dimension "Start talking."

"What do you want to know?" Wally asked back he needed some sort of starting point after all.

"Try the beginning." Clark suggested. Starting at the beginning, easy. Wally thought but what beginning? The beginning of the first heroes? The beginning of the Justice League, the Team, Kid Flash? For another moment he said nothing, before straightening his back as if he was giving a mission report inside the Cave and began with "Get comfortable this is going to take awhile. In the dimension where I was superheroes started coming out during the 1930's." After that the rest of the words came out like water from a waterfall, Wally wasn't sure if he could stop if he wanted to.

Time passed slowly as Wally spoke about the Justice Society, about the members, what they did, when, and why they did it. Wally spoke about the first Flash, and the legacy he made, alongside the legacies the other members left. He spoke about a little about the Wonder Woman of his old dimension, how she fought into World War 2, and joined the All-Star Squadron, an extended group of the Justice Society. After the Justice Society, Wally spoke about the heroes that started to come after from Batman, Superman, the second Flash and more.

Wally sat now, trying his best to stay straight, but soon relaxing back into the chair, his chair with his logo and everything. "In 2003, the Justice League was first formed, when a race of aliens called the Appellaxian invaded."

"What or rather who are the Appellaxian?" Shayera asked. Like Wally she was relaxing back into her seat, the first half-hour showed they were going to be in for awhile.

"The Appellaxian are an alien race, made up of energy. They took the forms of Earth's natural materials like gold, stone, wood, fire, and a few others." Wally explained and waited for a moment to see if anymore questions would come, when none came he moved on. "After the Appellaxians were defeated the heroes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, and Green Lantern Hal, officially made the Justice League. Funnily enough my old world Justice League had two different headquarters before they finally got their Watchtower made out of an asteroid."

"Where'd they get that big of an asteroid, around Earth?" Clark quickly asked.

"Both Green Lanterns, John and Uncle Hal towed it in, put cloaking devices on it, before building the Watchtower in it. No weapons though, only a shield." Wally answered.

"Uncle Hal?" John asked and hissed at the same time.

Wally just smiled at him and pulled his cowl down, ignoring John as he said "After the Watchtower was created the League went on missions together, and soon started gaining new members, while other superheroes starting coming out. Like Guy Gardner, Plastic man, Blue Beetle the first one anyways, and more." Wally found as he talked the deep, weight of guilt of keeping his secrets close, the guilt of lying to his friends, his family started to slowly disappear.

Robin, Richard, Rob, Nightwing, 'why isn't everyone just whelmed', Dick.

Wally wasn't sure how long they've been talking or rather he talked and they just asked questions every now and then. Wally paused in his story as he knew what or rather who he came next. "Robin." Wally said the name soft enough that they almost missed it, alongside the gently tone that showed love. He already knew how they would react when he told them about the child heroes, probably the same or worse when they found out Captain Marvel is a child. To Wally it hadn't really mattered all that much, as long as he was trained, showed how to ask for help, and knew the League would be there. Why would it matter otherwise?

Wally as the Flash had taken Billy's side arguing that only Billy was the child, Captain Marvel is an adult, with enough power to take on Superman, they can't stop him. Wally's ribs ached slightly at remembering the hug Captain Marvel gave him afterwards, and getting the League to agree to having him on, besides Speedy was also technically a kid, even if he was over the age of 13.

"Robin." Wally repeated the hero name again, remembering all three Dick, Jason, and Tim. "A whole new generation of heroes started with him." Wally told them. "It was in the year 2006, Haly's Circus had made its first stop in Gotham, and meet a man named Tony Zucco who wanted Haly to pay protection money." Wally turned his head towards Bruce and stared at him eyes to the cowl, "He refused and-"

"The Flying Graysons payed the price." Bruce finished, while Wally nodded a yes. Bruce didn't like to think of that case often, but he remembers watching as for the first time every, Dick Grayson an eleven year old, flew with the rest of the family, only for the rope he was swinging on to snap, and fall to his death. Batman had spent weeks tracking down and bringing Zucco in for the murder of Dick Grayson. Bruce had always wonder though, if he had known about Zucco before, could he have saved Dick?

"In my old world, all of the Flying Graysons died, except for Dick Grayson, a nine year old at the time." Wally leaned forward slightly "Dick was quickly adopted by the one and only Bruce Wayne, who understood the anger, the pain, the overwhelming sadness that he was going through. He also understood that Dick wanted Zucco to pay. Bruce taught Dick to fight, to be a hero, but he also how that you can choose your own family, and that why after weeks and weeks of hard training. Dick got the vengeance on Zucco and became Robin, the boy wonder, also known as the first child sid-partner." Wally had to stress on the partner part, remembering how hard they fought to be seen as equals by every hero and villain, not annoying sidekicks. After all that's why the Team was created in the first place.

Wally watched as they all stiffened and a few heads turned to look at Bruce before going back to him, and understanding why he always argued that Billy was a hero, and why he also argued that for Speedy, Stargirl, and other teenagers. "Your Batman had a child sidekick?" Clark asked while Wally couldn't help the wince as in a way he was also called a sidekick. Roy would have punched him, actually if Clark had said that when the Team first got together, they all would have gone for his throat. "We try not to call ourselves sidekicks." Wally answered gently.

"Please tell me you didn't start at nine." Shayera asked. "Even Thanagarian children don't start there training till at least fifteen."

Wally grinned at all of them before saying "Of course not!" he could see the relief in their eyes before humming "I only got my powers when I was twelve, and didn't start out as a hero until close to my thirteenth birthday." Clearing his throat Wally moved on because he was suppose to be in the story yet. "Anyways after Robin, came Speedy, who you all know this Earth's Speedy, Green Arrows first partner."


"It's... It's complicated." Wally answered "And we'll get to it later, because if we do it now, we'll be skipping everything." Wally at times like talking about the Roy's wondered how they were doing, and how Arsenal was dealing with the fact that in a way, Lain was also his kid, but he was young enough to be her big brother. Going through Roy's rise to Speedy was quick and easy much like Dick's though also like Dick's he left parts out. No one needed to know how Dick was sent to a juvie instead of an orphanage, or how Roy's father and adopted father died. They know this Roy, and by Wally's skimming through Speedy's personal history both dimensions were pretty close together. After Roy was the good part though, the rise of Kid Flash.

"Now for the best part of this story." Wally hummed while smiling "When I was ten, I found out my newly made uncle, who I always thought was a lame, was my hero, the Flash." And yes Wally had to stress on the Flash's name. "The second Flash as it was, I found and might have, just a little bit, stole all of his notes on the Flash formula." Wally hummed as he remembered his first time stealing something had been the Flash formula and was a little proud of that fact. "It took me almost a year to find all the chemicals I would need then all I had to do was create some fake lightning, and dumped the chemicals on me, and blow myself up," Wally couldn't help the pride that filled his voice as he talked about blowing himself up, like he did it every day.

The rest of the League stayed silent for a moment before voices started to overlap each other with "You did what!?"

"You could have died! What were you thinking?"

"And I thought grabbing and carrying Joker's bomb was the dumbest thing you've done."

"Hey!" Wally interrupted "If I hadn't blown myself up, I would one be dead already, two not be here with any of you, and three my old Earth would be blown to smithereens!" Wally huffed at the end before holding up a hand and saying "Wait, we'll get to the whole Earth almost blowing up part." He waited a heartbeat before launching back in about the hospital, about how it took him two weeks to find out he had superspeed, how Uncle Barry took him as his partner and soon started on Aqualad.

When Wally thought about Aqualad, Kaldur'ahm, 'my friends call me Kaldur', Kal, Wally always remembered how calm he was when they were scared or freaking out. How Kaldur never got mad when Wally tried to put science in place of his 'magic', how in a way Kaldur, like Roy, was an older brother to both Wally and Dick. Wally thought of the way Kaldur's heart broke with Tula, but he didn't tell anyone until after the League had been mind controlled, how he didn't mind when Wally gave him speedster hugs, which was basically body slam his target and squeeze tightly. How Kaldur had willingly followed Wally and Dick into a building on fire, and went into the creepy basement that was Cadmus.

After Kaldur, July fourth came and so did telling about how the League had kept the secret of the Watchtower from them. How betrayed they felt how they all felt like they were sidekicks, not equals who stood and fought side by side with their mentors almost every day. He talks about how in that moment they created something, something powerful, something important, something that others would follow.

Superboy, Supey, 'no tights, no capes, no offense' Conner. When Wally thought of Conner Wally thought of someone who needed to show that people cared, he thought of the first time Supey spent the night at his house and slept in a closet because he didn't like beds. He thought about how the clone could read, write, knew the names of things, but had never even seen the moon outside of memories implanted in his head.

Wally was full stretched out now, feet on the table and everything. Shayera's wings were laying over the arm rest of her chair, and coming close to touching the ground. Clark was rolling his shoulders and stretching his back, John was shifting around looking like he wanted to get up and stretch, while Diana stretched out her fingers, and slumped slightly. The only ones who didn't seem all that uncomfortable was J'onn and Bruce, but Wally knows that J'onn can sleep standing straight for hours on end, while Bats lives a quarter of his life down in a cave, sitting in front of a computer. Wally paused in his story, his mouth feeling dry as he talked about breaking into Cadmus.

Standing, Wally shot out of the room and towards the cafeteria were he quickly grabbed snacks and shot back dropping them to the center of the table before going back for drinks. He wasn't going to listen to his stomach yell at him any longer okay? He chair was still spinning as he dropped drinks in front of all of them, making sure J'onn got oreos, before being back in his chair and stopping the spinning. Legs back on the table, taking a nice long sip of his soda then "And then we see it. Project Kr, the atomic symbol for Krypton, the Superboy."

"Superboy? I have a son." Clark asks, surprise lacing his voice.

"In a way." Wally answered "Superboy was more of your clone brother, or you could say he was the love baby between you and Luthor."

"Luthor!?" Half of them shouted causing Wally to jerk slightly.

"Yyyyeeeaaahhh." Wally said while waving "He was half Supes, and half Luthor, but all hero." Wally stated and refused to hear anything else about the matter as he quickly state "Cadmus grew Supey in sixteen weeks, with DNA stolen from Superman, and don't worry, I've been keeping an eye on this world's Cadmus, they don't have a project Superboy, or Match."


"Another Superman clone."

"How many did I have?"

"Only two." Wally answered "That I know of," he muttered mostly to himself, because who knows, maybe Cadmus went crazy and made more. They did make two Roy clones after all, although they did name one Jim. "Anyways, after we found Superboy, we decided to release Superboy, which in hindsight may not have been the best thing when they had telepathies controlling his very will." Wally muttered off handily.

The base, Mount Justice, The Cave, came next and with that memory came a feeling of loss. The Cave always been more then just a base, the Cave had been a second home to all of them. It was the place that they all knew they were safe, Wally could speed around without being scared someone would see because he left the blinds open. M'gann could be green, floating in the center of the room, while shape shifting and no one would bat an eye. Conner could watch static while covered in eggs, milk, or paint alongside everyone else. The Cave had been home and just describing it to them for a few moments, felt like he had lost something important in him, just like what happened when it blew.

Miss Martian, M'gann Morzz,'you can call me Megan', Miss M, came next with the thoughts of red hair, burnt cookies, laughter, and mind-links. Wally had a crush on her once upon a time, but now all he felt was that she was like a sister to him more then anything.

Wally remembered how unsure M'gann use to be, how she would go to large lengths to hide her true self. Wally didn't understand it back then, how could he? He had nothing to really hide. Then he 'died' and was suddenly in a different universe where he had to hide everything about himself. Now he understood why she hide her secrets behind a different face, how she was scared of reactions, of the truth, scared of what could change.

After M'gann Wally talked about their first mission as a team and how they didn't trust her, they trusted each other from Cadmus, but M'gann to them was an unknown who hadn't been superheroing for years or had been programmed with everything they would need. Then there second mission where Robin started out as leader but soon turned into second in command with Kaldur as there leader.

"Is it a common theme for your missions to have a building explode?" Diana asked, as she thought about how in one a building collapsed and one just got blown up. Wally blinked and looked at her before saying "You know, I never really thought about it, but most of are covert recon missions did turn out like that."

Tigress, Arty, 'he probably wants me to kill you', Artemis. When Wally thinks of the last one of the original six to join the group and who became so close to each other, he thought on how much he hated her at the beginning of it all. At first she was nothing but a replacement for Roy and teen him found that unacceptable. In the end though Artemis proved herself time and time again that she was her own person that she wasn't there to replace anyone, she was there because she wanted to be better and she became better. She in the end became a close friend who was like family to him alongside, he trusted her to have his back if needed.

Wally quickly fell into the 'if it's important go into detail. If it's not, skim.' frame of mind. He skimmed through the missions, making sure to say they were all successful, and in a way they were. Talking about the Doctor Fate one was a little odd, because it reminded him that Kent and Inza were alive in this world, and that still freaked him out every now and then, when he really thought about it."You were Doctor Fate?" John asked sounding surprised "I thought you didn't like magic."

"I don't," Wally answered "but under extreme circumstances, or a stupid witch-boy named Klarion is trying to take Nabu's helmet, you have to ignore your own dislike for the mission." Wally silently decided that the next time he saw Klarion he was going to kick that cat. He's not a cat person anymore because of it, truthfully none of them were cat people anymore thanks to Teekl. "Kaldur became Dr. Fate after me, I don't think Nabu like the game of 'who's gonna wear him next' we had unknowingly started."

"Honestly, our worst mission that we had wasn't actual a 'mission'," Wally began, using his fingers to form bunny ears at the word 'mission'. "It was suppose to be a training exercise, and it was, we knew it wasn't real, we knew it was fake, even when our mentors died, our families died, our loved ones died, we knew it wasn't real." Wally found himself stressing as he looked at his fellow League members. "Then Artemis 'died', and it became real." Even after the therapy sessions, even after the many years had passed, Wally still felt the pain of losing everyone. He had never told Black Canary, and no one else had every blabbed either, but the mindlink had allowed each of them to feel the 'deaths' of their teammates. They had felt it when Artemis had died, just a second of pain, then nothing, Wally had been the first to understand even as M'gann screamed. The link had still been in place when Kaldur died, even if it was weaker from the distance, by the time Connor died, Wally was just waiting for it to be over, that had been the main reason he hadn't truly been mad at Dick for lying to him about the mother ship.

Wally was careful to not tell the League that small detail as he explained the full training exercise. "That is why, you refused the mind simulations." J'onn stated more then asked. Wally glanced at the martian before nodding and giving him a sheepish smile even as he softly said "It's nothing against you J'onn, but being lost in a powerful mind, forgetting what was real, and what wasn't, was enough for me." Besides, I don't think I could take another Failsafe Wally decided not to tell them that either.

"I hate that cat so much." Wally began next this time one of his legs was looped over one of his chair's arm rest, the other one stretched out on the floor. "The cat and witch boy, thought it would be a great idea to force our world into two separate ones, one were people seventeen and younger lived, and another were eighteen and older lived."

"A world of only children, and another of adults." Diana whispered staring at him before she softly asked "how many died?"

"We tried our best," Wally began "we sent a message all over the world, asking older children to search and rescue younger ones, to take them to the nearest school, I ran all over Central and Key Stone, I ran through different cities, gathering children, babies, putting out fires, while Kaldur called on his friends from Atlantis to help, before we even took on Klarion. When we did, we also took our trump card, the Helmet of Fate, the last option for all of us." Wally ran a hand through his hair before he continued, "Zatanna put the helmet on, even as I yelled for her not too, Nabu managed to stop Klarion though."

"He refused to release your world's Zatanna." Batman stated finally speaking up, and watched as Wally nodded in reply. "Did she stay Dr. Fate?"

"No. Her father made a deal with Nabu, and became the new Dr. Fate."

"You didn't answer my question," Diana spoke up after a moment of silence "how many died?"

"The League didn't want us to know," Wally started "so we had Robin hack in and look, the number of deaths on that day, were never truly confirmed, some children just went missing, some were never found. Others were simple lost in the system and never truly returned to their parents, a lot weren't found and rescued in time."

"I think we should take a ten minute break." Clark announced after that and watched as the others agreed, Wally bolted from the room, and into a quiet hallway, trying to ignore his heavy heart over what the Team had silently decided to call their biggest failure.

Wally decided to ignore the worried looks after ten minutes were up and quickly jumped into the part where he got to run cross country during a snow storm. "You saved a queen?" Shayera questioned as Wally told her about his run through the country, with a heart on his back.

"Yeah, Queen Perdita had a failing heart and needed a new one, I was the only one available, and fast enough to get it to her in time." Wally told them a small smile playing at his lips as he remembers the young queen, who in time became a good friend of his, surprisingly enough delivering a new heart, and then rescuing her from uncle Count Vertigo, made a great ground work for a friendship. Wally wondered how the young queen was doing, was she still doing their silly challenge of trying a slice of every kind of cake in the world. "Of course, I was kind of a brat back then, and... well, I didn't want to do it." Wally winced at their surprised looks, but it had been true, he hadn't wanted to run a heart cross country, he wanted to fight alongside the League, he hadn't cared about a little girl needing a heart.

"I learned a very important lesson that day though, a lesson that I still carry to this day."

"And that would be?"

Smiling at Clark, Wally answered with a "it's not the big things that get your name everywhere, sometimes, a lot of the time, it's the small things that can make our job worth it, like seeing a little girl smile."

"It was after that, that the team started getting closer together. I mean sure we trained, and went on missions together, but we each had our own 'group' we stayed in, even after fail safe." Wally told them. "We only started really letting our secrets out after our four member covert mission to Qurac against Queen Bee that we really started sharing. That mission also introduced us to a future team member, not that we knew it at the time of course."

"After Qurac though, everything seemed to hit the fast track, first Connor found out he wasn't the only Superman clone, Red Arrow joined the team, Robin took everyone on the team, except for myself, and went undercover in Haly's circus. It felt like we had little to no down time between those then New Years happened."

"New Years?"

"It was when everything the Light had planned, finally all came together. A few days before Red Arrow was accepted into the Justice League, which was amazing he was the first hero of our generation that had joined the League, alongside we got another hero to join the team. Of course we ditched half way through the ceremony because our computers got a scan of one of our villains. We went after her, and found ourselves springing a trap instead. The trap worked against them, or at least we thought it did, when we managed to not only capture them, but also get a case with whatever was inside away from them. We were kind of riding a high about capturing the Riddler, Cheshire, and others, that when we had a chance to trap another group of villains, we took it without saying a word to the League."

"Reckless." Batman cut in and Wally shrugged because he wasn't wrong it was reckless, but it worked. "How many came out?"

"Uhhh, Luthor, Queen Bee, Sports Master, Blockbuster, Bane, and all of Bane's men. Cheshire, who somehow got out of jail, again. We managed to capture Sports Master, Blockbuster, Bane, and Bane's men. Cheshire, we kinda didn't care about hunting down and capturing at the end, Luthor grabbed Bee and left with her in tore, and we can't really touch Luthor, but that basically the same way here. What we didn't know at the time was that, that 'mole' we were worried about was on the watchtower, taking out the justice league."

"How did one person, one mole take out the entire League?" Diana asked.

"Remember that briefcase I mentioned? The Light's plan was to have the mole gain entrance into the League, they would then allow the case to be taken by the League and then active the mole. They used code words that once said the mole would shut done and do whatever the person who said the words wanted, they could find out all the League's secrets, or in the case take out the League.

"They used special chips they created to do this. A mixture of magic and technology, it could go through clothes, metal, armor, and sink into the skin on the neck. The 'chip' would then insert itself into the brain and take over, basically making the person or robot into nothing but a puppet." His friends faces were filled with horror as they looked at each other and thought about what if someone controlled them, what would that person could do with that kind of power, they could destroy cities, kill thousands, and so much more. "Red Tornado was one of the ones who were chipped, but he had a few seconds before it took over to make a fail safe within himself. It made him shut down when he tried to chip someone, in this case Kaldur. The team of course had no idea what was going on, only that Red Tornado has shut down for no reason and we needed to get him back online.

"Luckily Red had started building himself a new body, so Rob, Zatanna, and I downloaded him into it, while the rest of the team went after the mole aka Red Arrow, who was a clone of the real Roy. Then Black Canary came down the Cave and attacked us." Wally can still remember the shock and panic that filled them that day. The need to run and get out of there as fast as possible, the confusion because they hadn't understood, all they could get was the fact that Dinah was attacking them for no reason. "After that we had to gather reinforcements, magic users from Atlantis, scientists who we saved before. We had to work together to make new chips that would override the ones on the League, alongside we had to prepare ourselves for what we had to do."

"You had to make plans to take the League down." Batman interjected when Wally stopped seeming to be thinking on what to say.

"Yeah, it-it was terrifying." Wally began remembering the bone deep fear that was pulsing through all of them. "This wasn't a covert mission, with our mentors on standby for just encase we needed help. This was if we don't do this right, we could die, or worse, we could become the puppets. If we didn't get this right on our one chance, we could lose the entire world." It had been like fail safe, but real.

"Once we got onto the Watchtower, we split into groups and started taking League members out. We took most of the League out with surprise attacks, I guess all those covert missions were good for something after all. The only reason we actually were able to beat the League back then was because they were being controlled, they could only fight as well as the one who controlled them. The very thing we were fighting, was the thing that saved us. Once we freed the League though, we went after the bad guys, Savage, and Klarion, sadly both of them got away in the chaos. Which in the end allowed them to start planning again.

"Though I think the bigger issue was the fact that the League was under mind control for a bit over a day, and six League members went missing for a full sixteen hours."

"Hera... What did they do?" Diana finally asked as Wally stopped, and wondered for a moment if he should mention that was just the first six months of being on the team.

"That can wait until tomorrow." Clark injected "we all have things we need to do before we can continue, including eating, sleeping, and checking our daily lives. Alongside I'm sure that Flash wants to go see our new... guest." Nodding to Wally, Clark watched as Wally flashed him a smile, pulled his crowl up, and bolted from the room.

"I need to think on this." Was all Batman said before leaving, the others soon following.


Honestly, after watching Misplaced again, and seeing cars crashed, I knew kids had to have died, or went missing, or were never returned to their actual homes. I'm also willing to bet that the League searched out the number of deaths and that the Team had looked to, even when they weren't suppose to.

This was originally going to go through both seasons 1 & 2, but that probably would have been another 4-5 year wait.