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Elena bustled around the floor of the grill, carrying a tray of food. She had been working since they had opened at eleven that morning. It was now nearing nine at night, and she was ready to collapse.

The girl she worked with, Rebekah Mikaelson, had called and said she would be late. The blonde hadn't stated why, but the owner had asked Elena to cover her until she got there.

She did so without complaint, mainly because she and Rebekah were friends. She'd gotten rather close to the girl in the time the blonde had been working at the grill.

Apparently, her family came from money, but she wanted to make it on her own. She and her older brother had moved to the small town of Mystic Falls, Virginia after he'd had a falling out with their parents.

She was a hard worker, and had covered for Elena a few times. So Elena didn't mind doing the same.

When the blonde came in just a little while later, she apologized multiple times as she quickly run her fingers through her hair, braiding the long locks.

"I'm so sorry, Lena." She said, shooting a frown toward her friend. She knew how hard the girl worked, and she hated to cause her to have to do more.

"It's entirely alright," Elena said, pulling off her apron that held her order book and other stuff of that sort.

"I was getting ready to leave, and just as I opened the door, I ran into my brother."

Rebekah said, shaking her head. "He was honestly a wreck and since I hadn't seen him in so long-"

Elena couldn't help but interrupt her. "You live with him..." She stated, more than a little confused.

"Not Niklaus, I have three more aside from him." the blonde clarified before continuing. "Kol obviously you know. Elijah, the eldest, is the one who showed up at my door. I haven't seen him for over a year. He was in a relationship with some devious bitch."

Elena's eyes widened. She'd heard Rebekah curse before, but the level of hatred she apparently held for the

"We are both off work tomorrow, how about we go to lunch and I will tell you the whole story," Rebekah said, tying her own apron around her hips.

The brunette nodded, grabbing her bag from her locker. "Sounds good to me, see you tomorrow."

With that, she gave the blonde a hug before heading out the back door and towards her car.

Elijah sat in the living room of his brother and sisters home, head resting in his hands. He glanced over at the bundle lying on the couch, surrounded by pillows. He had been so sure when he'd made the decision to pack up his things and move to the small town his two younger siblings occupied.

He thought that it would be far enough away for him to escape the things he'd been dealing with back in New York. And while it had helped to move on from the girl he'd spent the last year trying to please to no avail, it didn't make his responsibilities any less.

With a heavy sigh, he rubbed his eyes and leaned back on the couch, careful not to jostle the pink bundle that held a little baby girl. He had just managed to get her to sleep, he didn't dare do anything to wake her.

Closing his eyes, he heard the words his sister had told him earlier. They were here for him, and would help him in anyway they could. Elijah simply hoped it would be enough for the little girl...his little girl.

The next day, Elena walked into the little coffee shop she had Rebekah frequently visited. They would order whatever caffeinated beverage they were in the mood for, as well as a sub sandwich. While the food at the grill was awesome, the subs here were to die for.

She spotted the blonde, who was currently sitting at a table, writing on a notepad and staring at her iPhone. The look on her face screamed, business mode. Elena couldn't help but giggle as she slid into the booth across from the girl.

Rebekah just absently waved as she continued to scribble on the paper. It looked to be a list of some sorts. When Elena read crib, changing table, and baby swings her eyes widened considerably.

"Uhhh Beks, is there something you're not telling me? Have you gotten some in the last few months?"

The blonde shot her a look and laughed dryly.

"It's for my brother." She said, finally placing her phone on the notebook and shoving it to the middle of the table.

"Elijah? The one who showed up at your door last night?"

"The very same. He showed up last night, with his two month old daughter." The blonde said, stirring her tea before taking a drink.

Elena's eyes widened before she blinked. "Is the mom..." She asked, trailing off as she recalled Rebekah's words from the night before.

"She isn't around. She spilt a week after the baby was born. Elijah begged her to stay, but she left anyways. Elijah has been raising their little girl, Ava, ever since."

"Wow, that's crazy. For someone to just up and leave their child..." She said, shaking her head.

Rebekah nodded, sliding Elena the list. "You care to help me? What am I missing? I am going to help Elijah set up the nursery in his house."

Elena looked over the list, before handing it back to her. "Well, you want a diaper holder thing. The ones that you put the dirty ones in and it locks in the smell. Those are a life saver." She said, trying to remember the name of the thing.

She watched as Rebekah scribbled that down, and Elena smiled. The waitress had yet to come, so she grabbed her friends tea, taking a sip.

"So, what does your brother do?" She asked, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.

"He's a lawyer," Rebekah said, lifting a hand to wave down the waitress.

After placing their orders for food and Elena's drink, they went back to working on the list.