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Elena stepped into her house, dropping her bag onto the table beside the door. She heard Elijah shut the door behind her, and she smiled softly.

They had stopped at the grill and grabbed some food to bring home, and were planning to sit and watch a movie they'd picked up at the RedBox.

She kicked off her shoes before turning to him. "I'm going to go get changed into comfy clothes, would you want to change into the ones I wore home the other night? So you're not stuck in your dress pants and shirt?"

"That would be great, actually." He said, placing Ava's seat in the livingroom.

Elena leaned down and picked the little girl up out of her seat. She would be wanting a bottle before she fell asleep for the night.

"They are upstairs. You can just change in my bathroom if you want," she said, starting up the steps.

Elena laid Ava on her bed, and placed a couple pillows around her before she stepped over to her dresser and pulled out her pajamas. She then handed Elijah the clothes she had borrowed from him the other day. After he had stepped into her bathroom, she turned away from the door and stripped down. She switched out her denim shorts for a pair of soft cotton ones. She pulled her work shirt over her head and reached back to unclasp her bra. She slipped her loose pajama shirt over her head, and turned back to the bed.

She had just bent over to pick Ava back up when Elijah knocked on the door that adjoined her bathroom and bedroom.

"Yeah," she called, lifting the little girl and placing her on her hip.

He stepped inside, with his clothes neatly folded up. He placed them on the chair beside her bed before turning to them.

"Shall we?" He asked, motioning towards the livingroom.

"Yeah, go ahead and take Ava. I need to grab something and then I will be down in a minute." She said, handing the little girl to her dad.

She watched as they headed out of the room, and with a deep breath, she headed down the hall towards the unused nursery.

She opened the door, and taking one more deep breath to steady herself, she stepped inside and flicked on the light. Her eyes scanned the room, before she stepped over to the corner of the room where the electric swing sat. She quickly folded the legs together and picked it up. She made sure not to drop the cord, and headed out of the room.

She carefully made her way down the steps, taking care not to make too much noise or trip on anything.

Once at the landing, she headed into the livingroom, and placed it on the floor. She could hear Elijah in the kitchen, working on either their food or Ava's bottle. She quickly set the swing up, and plugged it into the wall outlet.

She had just finished with the swing when she heard Elijah come into the room. Elena took a step back and turned to him.

"I thought Ava might like to swing..." she said softly, knotting her fingers together as she stared at him.

Elena chewed on her lip, as she waited for his response. Would he think her too forward? Or it too weird for his daughter to use the swing that had been intended for her son.

Elijah looked at the woman before him, who was nervously chewing on her lip, and knotting her fingers together.

He smiled softly, and stepped forward towards the swing.

"I think she will love it. After she eats and burps, she'll probably fall right to sleep in it."

"I'll go get our food ready while you feed her," Elena said, smiling softly at him.

Elijah nodded and settled on the couch, lifting the bottle to Ava's lips. He watched as she latched on, and immediately started drinking. He could hear Elena in the kitchen, getting things together.

Just as Ava had finished her bottle, and he had lifted her to burp, Elena stepped into the room, carrying a wooden tray with their food on it. She placed it on the coffee table, before turning to Elijah.

"If she's done, I can put her in the swing so we can eat comfortably."

Elijah nodded, and watched as the brunette gently too his daughter, who kicked her legs at being in Elena's arms. She placed the little girl in the swing and fastened the belt that would keep her from wiggling out.

The brunette covered her with her blanket and then reached up and switched the swing on low, since she'd just eaten. It started to swing from side to side, and Ava settled into the coushon, looking up at the ceiling.

Elena didn't bother with Ava's pacifier. If it seemed like she would need it, she could always give it to her. After reassuring herself that everything was okay, she made her way to the tv and put the movie into the Xbox that Jeremy left downstairs simply for movies.

She then settled onto the couch beside Elijah and reached for the glass of tea she had brought for herself.

"You would think I would tire of Grill food," she laughed, picking a curly fry up off of the plate.

Elijah chuckled and started on his own food as the movie started.

After they'd finished their food, Elijah stood and picked up the tray off of the coffee table. Elena paused the movie and stood also, moving their drinks to a end table.

She watched Elijah carry the tray toward the kitchen, before stepping over to check on Ava. Seeing that the little girl was sleeping peacefully, Elena smiled.

Just as Elijah stepped back into the livingroom, she pointed at the coffee table.

"If you're want, we can move that more towards the TV and pull the ottoman out from underneath the window and push it against the couch to prop our feet on." She offered, knowing that would most likely be more comfortable.

He nodded and grabbed one end of the coffee table as she grabbed the other. They slid it towards the TV, and then quietly moved the ottoman in front of the couch. Once that was done, Elena pulled a blanket from the basket behind the couch.

After they had settled back on the couch, with their feet propped up on the ottoman, Elena tossed half of the blanket over her legs. She offered Elijah the other half.

Elena felt her stomach do a flip as he took the blanket and laid it over his own legs. As she started to movie again, Elena was distinctly aware just how close they were on the couch.

As the movie progressed, Elena found herself slowly getting closer to Elijah. As if without conscious thought, their bodies seems to gravitate towards each other, on their own accord.

When her shoulder brushed his, Elena stiffened and flicked her gaze towards him. Elijah was also looking in her direction. Elena chewed her lip as her gaze met his.

Elijah seemed to hesitate for a moment before he lifted his arm, seeming to hold his breath as he waited.

Elena flicked her tongue across her lips before moving so she was sitting against his side, and his arm came around her shoulders. Elena turned her body towards him enough that she was snuggled into his side and comfortable.

She could hear and feel his heart beating against his chest. And if she wasn't imagining things...his heart beat seemed a little fast.

Eventually, Elena found herself relaxing even more. She turned so she was snuggled into him even more, and her arm went around his chest. His fingers were slowly combing through her ponytail, causing her stomach to flip.

His fingers in her hair was so distracting that she couldn't concentrate on the movie, no matter how hard she tried. When his fingers snagged a small tangle, Elena gasped softly, feeling a spark of arousal shoot through her body.

She felt Elijah pause as his fingers tightened in her hair slightly. She could feel his heart start to beat faster, and she knew they were on the precipice.

Any moves they made from there would define what their relationship would be. Would they ignore what was between them at the moment, or would they act on their desires and cross the line that they couldn't come back from?

His fingers slowly released their grip on her ponytail, and Elena couldn't help but feel a sting of disappointment. Before she could dwell on it for too long, he moved his fingers up and grasped the ponytail holder, and gently pulled her hair free, causing it to fall about her shoulders.

His hand was in her hair once again, but this time it was against her head as he guided her face to his. Elena lifted her face so that she was only inches away from his. Before their lips touched however, he paused.

"Tell me no," he said hoarsely, "and I will leave it be. We will remain as friends, and I won't.."

Before he could finish his sentence, Elena closed the distance between them, her lips gently brushing against his.

Elijah's fingers twisted in her hair tighter, and Elena felt her stomach clench at the action. Her hand slid up and into his hair. She tugged on the dark locks, pulling him closer as his tongue slid across her lips.

Elena opened her mouth, and she moaned quietly as his tongue slipped inside. As their tongues battled for dominance, she felt his hand slide down to her waist. He gripped her flesh, and pulled her close to his body. Elena kicked the blankets off of their legs, letting out a whimper of complaint when Elijah pulled away from their kiss.

Elijah looked at Elena, his heart pounding in his chest. He felt his blood rush south at the image before him. Her hair was messy from his hands, her eyes dark, cheeks flushed, and lips slightly swollen from his kisses.

He felt his control snapping as he looked at her. Before she could speak, he was kissing her again, and moving so that she was laying on her back. He hovered over her, loving the gasp that left her as he moved their positions. Her legs wrapped around his waist, and he groaned deep in his throat at the feeling of her pressing against his hardness.

Elijah knew they needed to stop before things got out of control, but he didn't want to. He wanted to keep kissing her, wanted to keep feeling her body pressing against his.

His hand slid down to her waist, lifting her lower body closer to his own, insuring that Elena had no doubts about his want for her.

He felt the brunette shudder, and her legs tighten around his waist as her hands slid over his shoulders.

Elijah slowly pulled his lips away from hers, taking a deep breath.

"We should probably stop," he panted, his hand gripping her waist tighter.

Elena lay beneath Elijah, her breath coming in heavy pants. She could feel him against her, and she knew that she was soaked. She wanted nothing more than to continue.

"You're probably right," she said softly, her hands still gripping his shoulders. "Stay awhile?" She asked, chewing her lip.

Elijah nodded and leaned down, kissing her softly. He then moved so he was laying against the back of the couch, and she was laying half on his chest, half on the couch.

He ran his hands through her hair, his lips pressing a kiss to her forehead.

Elena snuggled into him, and let her eyes slipped closed. She was still hot and bothered, but she knew he was right about them needing to stop.

It was a couple hours later, after the Xbox and tv had turned off, when Ava let out a cry, waking up with a wet diaper.

Elena's eyes snapped open as she heard the baby, and she was instantly up and moving toward the little girl. She flicked the swing off, and pulled her out. Ava had wet through her diaper and through her pants.

"I would be upset too, if I was in your position." Elena whispered, as she grabbed Ava's diaper bag. She pulled out a diaper and another onesie.

"Is she okay?" Elijah asked quietly from the couch.

"She just wet through her diaper and pants. Guess she was pretty miserable just laying in it." Elena said softly.

She laid the little girl down on the ottoman and quickly changed her diaper and clothes.

She then picked her up, and looked at the clock. She knew the little girl might eat again, but probably wasn't actually hungry. So instead, Elena grabbed her pacifier and slowly started walking the floor and patting her bottom gently.

Ava grabbed a fistful of Elena's hair and soon faded to sleep.

"I guess we should head home," Elijah noted, looking at the clock.

"Or you could stay," Elena said softly, "it's so late I hate for you to drive home if you're tired."

Elijah smiled softly, and stood up. He stepped forward and lifted his hands up to cup her face. He kissed her softly, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.

"I will even promise to behave," he said, winking.

"Maybe I don't want you to," she teased, sending him a saucy look.

He chuckled and kissed her again softy once more.

"What about Ava?" He asked quietly.

"I have her a pack and play. We can sit it up beside the bed and let her sleep in it."

Elijah nodded, and kissed her forehead before turning to grab said item. Elena headed up the stairs, the baby soundly asleep.

After they had set up the playpen, they settled her in on her back and covered her with her blanket and then crawled into Elena's bed. She lay beside the playpen, and Elijah slid in behind her, his arm going around her waist and pulling her close before he faded to sleep.

Elena lay there, thinking about everything that had happened. She smiled softly, deciding if they were to be, then it would work out. She had ignored her feelings for months, and she wanted to see what would happen.

She snuggled back into Elijah and soon she too fell asleep.

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