Title: Harry Potter's Protector

Rating: K

Summary: The Dursley's aren't what you call normal. Their demigods! When Harry Potter arrives Petunia vows to protect her nephew at all cost. Watch as the daughter of Hecate and the son of Hades keeps a close watch on the Wizarding world, raises a champion of the Big Three, Athena, and Hecate, and drags some of the Potter's friends into strange situations. A crossover between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Rowling's or Riordan's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 1: A Warning from Hecate

Petunia's POV

I was fast asleep when I saw my mother standing there. It had been a couple of years since I had last seen her. Both Vernon, and I, had come back from the States after helping out a school with their defense problem. Despite what people thought I didn't hate magic and neither did Vernon. It was just better if no one knew about the world of the gods and the monsters that we had to fight. And, no, I'm not talking about the Flaming Turkey demons that the Brooklyn House seems to think is worth a having a whole workshop about.

"Petunia," Hecate said, "Lower your glamour so that I can see the real you."

I did as I was told, the blonde hair vanishing to be replaced by long black hair. My pale eyes changed to black as well and I saw that she nodded and then I asked, "What's going on, mum?"

"Tom Riddle has defied Lord Hades," she told me and I felt my anger rising, "However your sister's son lives and he will need to be protected."

"Of course, mum," I said, at once. "When is he arriving?"

"He's already here," she answered, "Of course there's also a problem. When Tom Riddle failed to kill Harry a piece of his soul latched onto the child. This Horcrux must be taken care of and the best place to take care of it is in the Underworld."

"It's the beginning of stupid November," I hissed, "How dare those blessed mortals leave a child out to freeze to death."

"I thought that would outrage the mother in you," she said, "The Big Three, Athena, and I have all blessed him. He will be our champion, the one that will defeat Tom on his own terms and not on Dumbledore's. Also have some of the Potter's friends, including that numb skull Severus, come when the Horcrux has been taking care of. He will need to be around them to be a well-rounded boy."

"I will take care of it at once," I said and then I woke up.

I ran down the stairs and at once opened the door. Laying there was a baby boy and I knew right away that this was Lily's son. He was also blue and I grabbed him and at once started to work on getting his temp back up. Couldn't that dumb moron put some kind of warming charm around Harry so that he wouldn't freeze to death? Yeah, I guess that would be too much for him. Shadows formed and my husband, Vernon, appeared.

"What happened?" he asked, "And who the heck is that?"

"Harry," I answered, "My sister and her husband are dead, Vernon, and that blessed mortal just dropped Harry off and didn't even protect him from the elements."

"Your sister's son," he said and I nodded. "Great!"

I then chanted a heating charm over the baby and was glad to see the blue vanishing and his skin returning to normal. I then made another crib appear and placed him in it. I then sat down and looked at my husband.

"Mum visited," I told him.

"Was she the one that told you that your sister and her husband were dead?" he asked.

"Yes," I said, "And guess what? Your father has a thorn in his side. Tom Riddle defied death and didn't come to DOA records."

"Oh bloody great," he growled, "My dad will be hard to live with during the next Winter Solstice meeting. The last time that he was in the mood was during the Black Death and don't even get him started on the Titanic and massive genocide."

"Trust me, I won't," I promised. "Mum wants me to summon the Potter's friends so that they know about the demigods and other things. She says that they're going to be needed to insure that Harry is well rounded."

"And I thought we had come to live here to have some peace and quiet," he said.

I looked at him and asked, "And when have we ever had a normal life, Vernon? You know that demigods never have that."

He sighed and said, "Don't remind me."

"I need to take Harry to the Underworld to remove the fragment from his scar," I told him, getting up, "I'll be back soon."

He nodded and I collected Harry and was gone.

Taking the soul fragment turned out to be much easier than I thought. Wellbeing in the Underworld really helped things move along. And then to make sure that Harry was protected I bathed him in the River Styx's. No one would ever find out as I didn't want Tom to have that information. I visited Lily and James in the Fields of Asphodel and granted them temporary memory of when they had been alive.

"Our son was a Horcrux," James said, shocked.

"Yes," I said, "But I had that removed. Your son will not suffer at the hands of that horrible man."

"Oh Harry, I'm sorry that we can't be there for you," she said, "But your Aunt will make sure that you're okay."

I put a hand on her shoulder and said, "I'm sorry for not telling you that I'm a demigod. I didn't want that information to come known knowledge and I didn't want to put anyone in danger."

"It's alright," she said, "At least your taking care of our son."

"I will take care of Harry like he's my son," I vowed, "I swear that on the River Styx."

A boom was heard and I smiled. The river had accepted my vow. I gave my sister one last hug and then vanished back to the world of the living.


A/N: I saw another story where the Dursley's are demigods and thought it was a cool idea. However I'm making double sure not to copy anything from her story. I don't play that game as an author's work is personal. I also thought it was a great idea that Harry is around some of the Professors that he will be under and that Petunia patched things up with her sister. Another note: I'm having writers block with 'The Punishment of James Potter." Once I'm over that then I will post a new chapter.