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"Foreign languages"

Chapter 3: Visions

The next morning Lightning awoke early, she went to the kitchen and fixed herself some breakfast along with a cup of juice. She then made up two separate plates of food and grabbed two cups before heading down to where Snipe and Ravess were tied up. When she walked in the door closed around behind her and she used a locking crystal to seal it.

"Wake up you two, breakfast is here," Lightning said placing the two trays on the table then sitting down with her own after untying the tied up Cyclonian generals.

"Give me a reason why I shouldn't smash you right now?!" Snipe growled as he woke up.

"Forgive my idiot little brother, he's not a morning person," Ravess elbowed him.

"Why shouldn't I smash the girl," Snipe snapped back.

"Because she almost killed us last time, and given the fact that she has her weapon and we have nothing. It would only get us killed if you tried you fool!" Ravess snapped back.

"Wisely spoken," Lightning said as she took another mouthful of her food.

"Now, come join me for breakfast," Lightning glared at the two of them, both Ravess and Snipe visibly paled at the cold look they were receiving.

Silently they sat down opposite Lightning and looked at their trays of food expecting to be given rotten food. Instead they were surprised with a hot freshly cooked breakfast and a cup of juice, exactly the same type of breakfast that Lightning was eating. They ate wearily, their eyes never wavering from Lightning's. They knew that if she were to snap they'd be dead within a few seconds.

"So, you're going to tell me whereTerra Cyclonia is and how to get in their undetected," Lightning said after another bite of toast.

"Why the bloody hell would I do that? She'd kill me," Snipe protested, with that Lightning grabbed his head and slammed it into the table causing his nose to bleed.

"I will kill you this second if you don't!" she snapped at him.

"I'm sorry, forgive my brother's impudence, yet again. He clearly doesn't understand the situation, all brawn and no brain as they say," Lightning found the purple haired woman much more pleasant to talk to.

"Let me put it another way, I'm willing to cut a deal with you Ravess. You get me and my crew into Cyclonia, and I won't kill you. But also I'll allow you the protection of the Storm Hawks as well as a room on this ship and a place on our team. I'm sure Fiona would love a fellow archer to compete and learn from," Lightning said.

"She was the blonde who was firing arrows as accurate and as powerful if not more so than my own?" Ravess asked and Lightning nodded.

"You can't seriously be considering this!" Snipe again protested, this caused Lightning to snap. She grabbed his head and roughly slammed it against the table a few times knocking him out. She then tossed him across the room not bothering to care where he landed.

"Now, where were we?" Lightning asked.

"The part where I was accepting your offer, of course. Feel free to keep my brother tied to a chair here," Ravess offered scared.

"A good choice you've made, now I will leave your brother's imprisonment under your care. However if he or you attempt to escape and you let him go, you'll die and then I'll have Fiona shoot him out of the skies, and then I shall execute him," Lightning stood and went to the door unlocking it, she then tied Snipe up again before leaving, allowing Ravess time to finish her breakfast and to come around to the realisation of the decision she made.

As Lightning left the room Hendrix was leaning against a wall with her arms cross, she had an expression of worry for Lightning, she was not at all like how her mother had described the red haired girl to be. However she had the same temper as her father, definitely Lightning Strike's kid.

"Can I help you Hendrix?" Lightning asked crossing her arms.

Hendrix didn't reply so Lightning walked past her and to the bridge where Piper was sitting at the table with her feet up and a book in her hands. Lightning walked over and told her the direction to fly in heading towards Terra Cyclonia. Piper went over to the wheel and began to adjust their direction before sitting back down and going over her notes.

"So is the purple haired girl joining our crew?" Piper asked not even looking up from her notes.

"She is, Although her brother might need to be... Disposed of," Lightning quietly replied.

"How's Hendrix taking it?" Piper said thoughtfully.

"Not well, as expected," Lightning shrugged.

"She'll come around eventually, she is an original Storm Hawk. Our methods would be considered more cutthroat to her whereas we find our methods more efficient," Piper sighed and then went back to scribbling in her notebook.

"Lightning, reports state that after we left Terra Atmosia, the Cyclonian's came back and took the Aurora stone again. The Red Eagles were outmatched without their leader and they were significantly lacking in skills compared to the Dark Ace," Vigil said walking into the room.

"Furthermore there's been word of all of the Sky Knights teaming up to charge Terra Cyclonia in an attempt to reclaim the Aurora stone. My assumption is that they will fail due to the Dark Ace's move, the sends a shockwave. If he used the Aurora stone as the crystal then all of their sky rides will be destroyed or rendered useless. My diagnostics would suggest that we fly high above the clouds, where the Sky Sharks would be and approach from an overhead position right on top of Terra Cyclonia. It seems like the most viable option," Fiona said laying down a map of the regions near Terra Cyclonia.

"We'll take these factors into account and devise a plan, I suggest we destroy the Aurora stone outright as these fools in Atmos can't seem to defend it properly. Ravess knows their defences, I recommend using her knowledge to our advantage and infiltrating the terra. From there I'll find or fight my way to Master Cyclonis and take her out, If I need to use my infinity stone you'll know to vacate the perimeter," Lightning said crossing her arms.

"Master Cyclonis is at her strongest, and her weakest in her crystal catacombs. If you plan to face her in single combat that would be the best place," Ravess said walking it with Hendrix behind her, a permanent scowl on the crystal mage's face.

"I don't think we should trust a Cyclonian's words," Hendrix frowned.

"Unlike you, Storm Hawk. I value my life enough to not cross the red haired girl over there," Ravess snapped at Hendrix and Lightning nodded appreciatively.

"Alright, let's devise a plan of action. We already know most of the Sky Knights in Atmos are dumb as a door," Piper said and all of them circled around the table and the map spread out.

It took them most of the day to devise a proper plan, the idea was the Ravess would return to Cyclonia before they move. She would explain how she escaped capture and then lure Cyclonis into the crystal catacombs, Fiona would infiltrate and pose as one of the new guards and would be assisting Ravess in leading Cyclonis away. From there Vigil and Lightning would drop in at the highest point of the stronghold and silently remove the guards they come across before meeting up with Fiona who would then rendezvous with Ravess and then Lightning would face Master Cyclonis. At least, that was the plan.

Vigil and Lightning managed to recover and repair the Cyclonian Archer's ride well enough for it to fly and their story to be believable by Master Cyclonis. When all the preparations were done, Ravess left a few hours out from Terra Cyclonia so that she would return well before the plan was to take place hours later.

As expected the large envoy of Sky Knights failed in their frontal assault of the stronghold and were easily dealt with by the power of the Aurora stone being used by Dark Ace under Cyclonis's order. At the point the Storm Hawks watched from far above as what Lightning said came to pass. She was standing on deck of the Condor and was currently giving Kip (who was in her Wyvern form) a good pet before they were to drop in on Cyclonis, quite literally. Fiona had already infiltrated the place, posing as the lookout guard that they had captured and taken hostage. Now Lightning was just waiting for Vigil to be ready before they did some free falling.

"Fiona's given us the signal from the top tower, you ready?" Vigil asked walking out in his full armour.

"Don't drop me," Lightning smirked at her childhood friend.

"When have I ever?" Vigil retorted.

"Don't answer that!" He then immediately added sheepishly before Lightning was about to reply.

"Alright, Lightning and Vigil. You're clear to free fall in... 3... 2... 1... Now!" Piper's voice called and Lightning smirked giving a salute to Piper before she and Vigil jumped off of the side of the Condor and soared through the clouds falling right on top of the Cyclonian stronghold.

Around 200 meters from their landing point Vigil caught up with Lightning and then spread his wings, slowing them down so that they wouldn't splat on the place they were landing. When they landed Vigil let Lightning go once they were safely on the ground. An arrow then struck the ledge and Lightning looked down to see the steel rope connected to the arrow which led them down to a lower platform. Lightning pulled her blade from her back and used it to zip line down the steel rope and land next to Fiona, Vigil followed suit.

"Ravess has reported to Master Cyclonis and Master Cyclonis is heading to the crystal catacombs to interrogate Ravess, or so she plans," Fiona said.

"Alright, change your arrows to a 3m radius doze crystal arrow," Lightning said, Fiona pulled out a grey crystal arrow and knocked it into her bow before they proceeded.

When Lightning kicked down the door the group of guards turned around on alert. Fiona fired the arrow at them and the whole group fell unconscious instantly. Vigil went and made sure each of them were fully out before grabbing all of their weapons and tossing them off of the ledge they landed on, the Cyclonian spears falling into the wastelands.

"Ravess is waiting for us outside of the catacomb entrance in the east wing, let's hurry there," Fiona said.

Lightning led the way as the ran through the halls, when they came to doorways where groups of Cyclonian's were Fiona would immediately shoot one of her doze crystal arrows to send the group into a deep sleep. They eventually saw the purple haired woman with her arms crossed tapping her feet impatiently.

"Master Cyclonis is expecting me any second now, you really cut it close. I hope your plan goes off without a hitch or I'm fucked," Ravess snarled before realising who she was talking to, cursing her mental lapse, Lightning just ignored her.

"Is this the entrance?" Lightning asked and Ravess nodded nervously.

"Stay behind me," Lightning drew her blade and walked in, as she got to the main chamber of crystals a purple blast flew at her, she rolled out of the way and returned with blue ones of her own.

"And I thought I'd have the element of surprise. You must be the Sky Knight who's been causing problems," when Lightning looked at Master Cyclonis, she was genuinely surprised that instead of an older woman or man she was looking at a young girl with dark hair, around the same age as her.

"Master... Cyclonis? Aren't you a little young to be..." Lightning trailed off.

"I should say the same thing about you," She shot back.

"What are you, 16 or something?" Lightning asked.

"Are we supposed to be having this kind of conversation?" Fiona asked, she knocked a fire bolt arrow into her bow before raising it and firing at the girl.

To Fiona's surprise the girl stopped it with her hand, turned it around and with even more force sent it flying back at her. It hit Fiona in the chest and sent her flying back into a wall and knocking her head. Vigil ran over to check her vitals while Lightning, albeit impressed glares at the Cyclonian matriarch.

Lightning's grip on her blade tightened and she reached to her belt and took the velocity crystal off of it and placed it in the end of her blade. Cyclonis raised her eyebrow in thought, Lightning didn't want the girl to have a chance to come up with a plan. She darted forward using the velocity crystal's speed and cut at Cyclonis, she was surprised when her blade cut through air and she found Cyclonis had leaned back to avoid the cut, she then twisted and her leg slammed into Lightning's ribcage causing her to drop to the ground clutching her side.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. It's not nice to attack someone when they're not prepared," Cyclonis smirked, she held out her hand and a green crystal from the wall flew into it. Her staff then opened and the purple gem sucked in the power of the green one turning it half purple and half green.

"Now I think we're even," Cyclonis's staff transferred the green energy from the crystal to her body.

Cyclonis dashed forward using her own velocity crystal and went to slam her staff down on top of Lightning, the red haired girl blocked and picked herself up putting distance between the two of them. Those who were watching were entranced as Lightning and Master Cyclonis clashed, the blue and green energy blade meeting the purple and green glowing staff. A battle between a crystal duelist and a crystal mage. Sparks flew everywhere through the crystal catacombs and some of the pillars holding the roof up were damaged with chunks being torn off through either Cyclonis or Lightning being slammed into the pillars.

High above them a golden crystal that was once fading started glowing due to the energy that is radiating from the battle. The two broke apart and gained distance from each other. They were both panting heavily and were taking a few moments to gather their strength. Lightning reached into her belt pouch and produced her black infinity stone, the velocity stone was placed back on her belt and she put the black gem in to replace it. Cyclonis responded by summoning the aurora stone to her and combining it with her staff. Both of them were about to have a battle with the power of their two infinity stones. Lightning charged up the black energy in an aura around her and initiated the Lightning Chain and going straight at Cyclonis. Cyclonis charged up a beam and shot it at the rapidly approaching Sky Knight. Above them the golden crystal fell and shattered enveloping both Lightning and Master Cyclonis in its golden light.

Lightning landed on her back in an unfamiliar room, she groaned feeling all kinds of soreness. She was aware of someone on top of her who gave out a similar groan of pain. Lightning opened her eyes to find rose coloured ones staring back at her, both immediately realised who the other was. Lightning shoved her off and scrambled to get her blade while Cyclonis picked herself up and called her staff to her. They went to attack each other, the blasts from each infinity stone was sent flying towards the other however they curved in mid air and both flew to a single point, a woman.

"Really, the next two to arrive since two hundred years and they're trying to kill each other," a younger girl said standing next to the woman.

"Athena, that is enough," the woman scolded gently causing a pout to come across Athena's face.

"What the fuck is this shit?" Lightning asked.

"Took the words right out of my mouth Sky Knight," Cyclonis sneered.

"You are in the temple of Avalon, as for why your here. Well, the Oracle has a message for you. Then you will be able to ask the elders about why you're here," the woman said turning her back and walking away.

"Well, aren't you going to follow? And don't even think about trying to attack each other again, the defences here will electrocute you and that's a very unpleasant experience. Take it from someone who has experienced it before," Athena said before turning and following.

Cyclonis muttered something under her breath before placing her staff on her back. Lightning took her infinity stone out of her blade and put it back in its pouch before she placed her un-energised blade on her back and followed along with Cyclonis, an unspoken truce now between them. As they walked along the halls following the two women Lightning and Cyclonis couldn't help but notice the intricate portraits that lined the walls. All of them depicted a female with a staff and either a male or a female with a sword of some kind. They were gazing at each other in a lovers embrace, the most noticeable portrait being one of a beautiful young black haired woman who was standing in the arms of a taller red haired woman, gazing at one another. The names on the plaques read 'Morgana Le Fey & Andraste of Avalon'.

"Are you two finished admiring history?" The woman asked, the two in question looked at each other and shrugged.

"The oracle is waiting," she gestured through the door.

Lightning, not wanting to wait anymore to find out why she was in this damn place with her enemy. Walked through without hesitating at all, she was soon followed by Cyclonis. As they got to the main chamber they found a pool of water in the centre of the room, on the far side a figure sat on what appeared to be an altar. The figure had a hood on but the robes indicated that they were human and a female.

"Lightning Andraste Strike, Camilla Lark Cyclonis, I've been expecting the two of you for some time now," the oracle said as the two got to the room.

"How do you know our names?" Cyclonis's eyes narrowed at the oracle who merely smiled.

"I know many things about you, child, I've been watching over the two of you ever since the ancients revealed your names and then revealed the prophecy regarding the two of you. Your past complements the other in ways you cannot fathom and your future is woven together with the fine unbreakable strings of fate," the Oracle replied cryptically.

"Great, so can you tell us why the fuck we're here?" Lightning said bluntly, crossing her arms over her chest.

"You are here, because the two of you have been chosen long before your parents had even been born," The Oracle lifted her hand and the water in the pool started to ripple.

"Long ago, before the lands were separated. Everyone was a part of one region, that of the mystical Avalon. There was peace and prosperity in the land as we began delving into the powers of the nether realm through the use if powerful mediums allowing us to use powers that were not of this world. The clans of Avalon congregated together to make the ancient council, dedicated to keeping order between all of those who lived on the beautiful planes of Avalon. They brought the greatest minds that were available together to discover the sources of the powers that came through crystals, however darkness emerged and corruption began to ensue between the clans. A force of evil known as Rage and his twin sister Shade began to gain power, dark power. After gaining followers they sought to unleash the power of the Chaos Stone, a powerful dark relic capable of unleashing demons into the world. Along with their followers the siblings brought war and destruction where they went, until in a battle against Merlin the elder Crystal Mage revealed a prophecy. Morgana Le Fey, his apprentice and the warrior princess Andraste would stop the siblings in their tracks and use the powers of the Darkus and Haos infinity stones, forged in the fires of Olympus by Hephaestus, to bring peace to the world once again. During this war many died, the world was split from the ground with pieces of land having to be lifted into the skies in order to retain life, the regions were divided into Atmos, Nox, Lumos, Fae and Tartarus. Rage and Shade were banished to the depths of Tartarus but they weren't defeated. On Morgana's death bed, she was held by her lover Andraste. The two of them vowed that whenever the siblings once again threatened to destroy the world, they would again return to save it. A Mage and her Knight to stop the evil once and for all," Lightning and Cyclonis blinked as they watched the history of the world.

The temple of Avalon, and Avalon in general was something that had said to be a myth. A folk tale told to children when they questioned how the world came to be. They did not expect it to be true, nor did they expect to be seeing it firsthand.

"What was Merlin's prophecy?" Cyclonis asked, her voice shaking. Unconsciously Lightning had grasped her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze which Cyclonis found calmed her strangely enough.

"The Red One steps into the Light

Girded loins for her part in

The apocalyptic fight.

Darkness hides in different forms

See beyond shape, colour, lies

And the emotional storms.

Ally with her; pay with your heart

Though trust cannot be given

Unless the Darkness you part.

See with the soul and not your eyes

Because to dance with beasts you

Must penetrate their disguise.

Beasts can be beautiful

Dreams become desires

Reality changes with reason

Trust your truth

Love . . . monster . . . mystery . . . magic

Hear with your heart

See without scorn

Love will not lose

Trust her truth

Her promise is proof

The test is time

Faith frees

If there is courage to change...

A double-edged sword

One side destroys

One releases

I am your Gordian knot

Will you release or destroy me?

Follow truth and you shall:

Find me on water

Purify me through fire

Trapped by earth nevermore

Air will whisper to you

What Spirit already knows:

That even shattered

Anything is possible

If you believe

Then we shall both be free.," (House of Night Prophecies, P.C. & Kristin Cast).

"What the hell does all that mumbo jumbo rubbish mean?" Lightning said.

"That I cannot explain, however my time with you is over. Please proceed through the door, there are some people that can explain your situation better than I," The Oracle gestured to a mahogany door to her right.

By now Cyclonis had realised that she was gripping Lightning's hand, she promptly dropped it and sauntered towards the door. Lightning couldn't help but watch the sway of the smaller girls hips as she walked behind her towards the door. When they walked through the door they came across an unusual sight, there was a table set up with four chairs and a tea pot was hot and placed in the middle with two cups on either side of the tray.

"Dear, it would seem our guests have arrived," a voice got the two teens attention.

Lightning and Cyclonis's jaws dropped as the red haired woman grabbed the book out of the dark haired woman's hands and placed it on the ground. The dark haired woman glared at the red head and then pouting mumbling "my book," before her eyes landed on Cyclonis and Lightning.

"Oh, they're here already," the dark haired woman said surprised.

"I just said that Morg, dear," the red head chastised.

"Shut it Andy," the dark haired woman stuck her tongue out childishly.

"They're like a married couple," Lightning muttered and Cyclonis remained with a stoic facial expression.

"That's cause we are one," the red head sighed.

"Sorry, where are my manners. Please, sit," the red head gestured and hesitantly Lightning sat next to Cyclonis, who, not even 30 minutes ago, she was fighting against as if their lives depended on who would win the duel.

"Tea?" She asked, Lightning and Cyclonis looked at her strangely.

"Ah, you might not know what that is. It was something we used to drink back in Avalon," she said before pouring the two of them a cup.

"So, I'm sure you have many questions to ask. But first of all, my name is Andraste and my wife sitting next to me is Morgana."