I've had this idea bumping around my head for a while. It is sort of a Twilight and iZombie crossover, with the characters from Twilight and general themes from iZombie. Let me know if you like it, and I will keep writing this, hopefully with longer chapters lol.

This is rated T, but may change due to graphic (non sexual) content. If you feel this should be rated M, please let me know.

It is hard, losing the love of your life. Then again, lose is such an inadequate word. I drove him away, because of who I am. The blood in my veins, simply by existing, made him leave. Charlie hated me like this, I knew, so I tried, really tried to make an effort. My grades were stellar, because I didn't have the drive to do much else. I was working three days a week, and saved every penny from my tiny paycheck, so I could say I had some sort of college fund. My friends didn't like it either, I saw the way they stared.

It had been two months, why wasn't it ending?

As if I had any idea. But it seemed that today would be different.

"Bella, enough is enough," Jessica said sternly. It was a rainy Friday in mid-December, the last day before winter break started.

The boys had not so subtly left the table, leaving me, Jessica, and Angela. An intervention. Great. Just what I wanted.

"We really think that you deserve better than this," Angela said softly. "So that's why…"

"We are going to a boat party in Seattle, kicks off the winter break," Jessica said.

Well, this was unexpected. If I had to bet money on an intervention, I would've bet for a movie, or shopping spree. Boat party? In this weather?

"I'm not sure if my dad will be okay with it," I explained after a pause to digest the information.

Jessica made a move as if to snap at me, but Angela put a hand on her forearm. "Why don't you ask him? I don't see why he wouldn't say yes, but if he says no, we'll go do something else, okay?"

"Okay," I said. Because I might've been stupid for thinking he would come back and say he loves me, but I'm not dumb. I always thought of myself as independent, able to take care of myself. I needed to stop pining over someone who didn't want me.

The rest of the day passed quickly as I fretted on breaking the news to Charlie. I was also confused as to who would throw a boat party in December. Unless the entire boat would be ninety degrees, who would have much fun?

Charlie came home a bit earlier than usual, and looked at what I was cooking, soup and cornbread. "Looks good, Bells," he said. "Anything interesting happen at school today?

This was it, the moment of truth. "Jessica and Angela invited me to a boat party tonight, can I go?"

He didn't say anything, so I looked back at him to see if he was even considering it. He schooled his expression into one that wasn't downright shocked, and said, "Dress for the weather."

That was surprising. "That's it? You'll let me go?"

"You're 18, Bella, you should be going out, having fun. I'm glad there's something other than school and work for you," he said.

I ate dinner quickly, and called Jessica, telling her I could make it. She seemed excited, and told me that she'd be there to pick me up in a half an hour. Then the stress began. What would I wear? I hadn't done anything in months, and a party seemed to be the time to dress up, even just a little bit. I settled on a nicer pair of jeans and a red sweater. Warm, yet kind of stylish.

I pulled my hair back into a braid before making my way downstairs. Charlie was washing the dishes, and waved me out the door. I felt kind of bad for not doing them myself, but the honking of Jessica's horn broke me out of my trance. I grabbed my jacket and purse and headed out the door.

Thankfully, the drive to Seattle only took about two hours instead of the usual three because traffic was so light.

"How did you even know about this?" I asked Jessica.

"My cousin, he works for Max Rager. They threw this party for the new SuperMax line, and he invited me," she said.

"Sounds like a dream job," Angela said.

"Well, work hard, play harder, right?" Jessica asked.

She turned the radio station up, and the sounds of bubbly pop music filled the air. I dozed off for a little while, only to be woken when Jessica announced "we're here!"

Rubbing my eyes I saw a huge waterfront house towering above us. The lights were on, and there were party decorations everywhere. Mostly, it was Max Rager posters that were blinking on and off that illuminated the night sky. Jessica led us to the back of the house, to the boat.

Well, it was more of a yacht than anything else.

There were girls in bikinis and guys in shorts drinking out of the red plastic cups, laughing and playing around.

"What do we do now?" I asked.

"Well," Jessica said, taking off her coat to reveal a sequined purple top, "we mingle. We are fashionably late, after all."

The three of us moved to the boat, and Jessica introduced us all to her cousin Ryan, a mediocre looking and sounding twenty something who stared at our chests for too long. Gross.

I drew my coat around me tighter and stood by one of those huge heat lamp things. My hands warmed quickly, and I decided that I'd probably stay like this the rest of the night. Someone offered me a beer, which I turned down, and I decided on one of those fancy bottled sodas. It was lukewarm, but it gave me something to do, at least.

"Hey sugar, you want some U?" a voice asked behind me.

I turned around and saw a man with short dirty blond hair looking at me.

"What?" I asked, sipping my soda nervously. He was looking me over appreciatively, and while I didn't want to, like, touch him or anything, it was kinda nice to have someone think I'm hot.

"Utopium, or U, as we call it. Strongest stuff in the world, it'll fry your brains in a heartbeat," he elaborated.

And he was a drug dealer. Great, just my luck.

"I prefer my brains to be not fried, thank you," I said, turning away.

"Well honey, I'm not looking at you for your brain," the man went on and suddenly there was a hand on my butt.

So I did the first thing I could think of, and pivoted to throw my drink in his face. What a creep. My dad always made sure I had pepper spray in my purse, and just in case this guy got violent, my hand found it and turned the nozzle to the 'on' position.

"Leave me alone," I demanded.

He wiped his eyes angrily and started to say something, but was cut off by a piercing scream behind me. Turning around, I saw that the front part of the boat was on fire. People were screaming, running away from the flames. Looking around, I saw that there wasn't a single fire extinguisher. Technically, that was against the law.

But the strangest part is, people were attacking each other as well. One man, or boy, I couldn't tell, was attacked by a woman in a bikini, and when she stared at me, I saw her eyes were bright red. It was so similar to the shade of James' eyes that fear like I hadn't felt in months washed over me.

"Run!" my brain was screaming, and my shaky legs rushed to comply.

But when I turned around I saw it was too late. The man I threw my soda on, his eyes were red as well, and he grabbed my right forearm as I tried to push past him. He was snarling, saliva foaming at his mouth.

"Let me go!" I begged. Oh my god, what about Renée? And Charlie? I'd survived so much, gone through so much in the last couple of months, would I really die like this, on a boat party surrounded by drug fueled strangers attacking each other? I tugged on my arm. "Please, let me go!" I begged.

With one final tug, I took a step back only to notice that pain was blooming along my arm. It was less severe than the venom from James, but it hurt. The step back made me catch my heel on the chair behind me, catapulting me off the yacht. I hit the water with a smack, and knew I was quickly losing consciousness.

Well, this is it, I supposed. The guilt took a split second to settle in.

Charlie. He was so happy to see me doing something, and I never got to say goodbye to him. He silently waited for me to return from this never-ending pit of misery, that now when I've started to come crawling back to him he has to deal with my funeral instead of high school graduation.

And him.

Over the months since he left, I'd been so careful. I tried not to think about them, not to mull over all the memories with them, how happy I was, like I was really a member of the family. I'd snapped all my CD's, holed myself away from the world behind the walls of homework and work. But now, that I was going to die, I found myself not caring.

Edward, I thought. Edward, Edward, Edward. Suddenly, the memories were all there. The way he smiled, that stupid beautiful smile that always got my heart racing. The way my hand felt in his, like we could take on the world together. His cool hand on my forehead after he sucked out the venom from my blood while I screamed in pain. I knew how difficult it must have been for him, but he stopped, and comforted me, like his pain didn't matter.

And the way he kissed me.

Oh, could that boy could kiss.

I mean, not that I had too much to compare it to, but every time he touched me, so damned nicely, I turned to mush. My bones liquefied and all I could focus on was the way he felt, the way he made me feel. I remembered his lips and tongue gliding down my jawline and neck while his hands held my hair away from my face carefully, so carefully, like I was precious and important.

My heart was breaking all over again, but I didn't care. Because as my life ended, I wanted to be happy, and I was happy, I knew because I could feel the twisting pain all over my body, in my heart and lungs, but my face was breaking into a smile.