Prologue: My Name is Holly Lily Potter

My mother Lily named me Holly because of the flowering plant and as a sort of tradition since the females in her family like her and her sister usually have flower names. My father James gave me my middle name Lily in honor of my mother who he loved very much. How did I hear about this?

It wasn't from my own parents who died in a car crash when I was just a baby it wasn't from my Aunt Petunia, my mother's sister who practically looked sick when I asked about my parents (a question that is forbidden in the perfect world of the Dursley household.) I got this information from a scrap of paper all though letter might have been a better word.

Though I don't think they are long enough to be letters. They're just little pieces of paper that arrive around my birthday. I don't know who send them. A pretty, small brown owl arrives and brings them to me, usually tied with a colorful ribbon. I have ten of them so far and I keep them in one of my Cousin Dudley's old shoe boxes that would never be filled with letters.

I don't mention them to my aunt or uncle. They would just throw them out. Instead I keep them hidden in the boxes and read them when I have had a bad day. I don't know if they are true or if they are a lie. And I don't care.

They just make me happy.

"Holly!" Aunt Petunia knocked on the door rapidly as if Number 4 Privet Drive was on fire instead of being a normal, boring Saturday morning. Not even on Saturday could seven year old Holly Potter sleep in, she was expected to help her aunt with breakfast. "Get up you lazy girl."

Holly waited until she heard Aunt Petunia walk back towards the kitchen before she sat up. Unlike the rest of the family who had large, cozy rooms Holly's room resided in a small room under the stairs that was usually reserved for coats. But Holly made it as cozy as possible by decorating it with pages torn out of My Little Pony coloring books and handmade drawings that she had made of herself and her parents Lily and James Potter.

She had never meet them of course, Aunt Petunia told her that they had died in a car crash when she was a baby and that's how they had been stuck with her in the first place. But she could imagine them and the Dursleys had often pointed out that Holly had her mother's stubborn green eyes and her father's untidy, black hair.

Holly sighed as she forced herself to get out of bed even though it was the middle of the summer and the attic was scorching hot. She put on the same pale, blue dress with the little white flowers and the stiff collar that Holly had been wearing on and off all summer.

Aunt Petunia got her clothes from a local bargain bin, since she often told Holly that she didn't seem the point in wasting money of her since she was going to dirty her clothes anyway. Holly didn't bother pointing out that her own son often dribble juice and bacon grease down his clothes and that his hobbies included tormenting other school children.

Holly joined her aunt in the kitchen as she clumsily arrange the breakfast table with plates and glasses so that Aunt Petunia could serve the food and pour the orange juice. Uncle Vernon Dursley was reading the newspaper and he looked so angry that his face looked a little pink as he flipped through the pages of the newspaper. Holly wondered why her uncle read the paper every morning since it upset him so much, but Holly didn't want to deal with the consequences.

Her cousin who was turning eight years old son, Dudley was finishing one of the leftover donuts from yesterday. Sucking the cream jelly from his fingers, Holly turned away not wanting to crave the surgery taste. Dudley was such a hog when it came to food that he would let Holly starve if it meant that he didn't have to share his food.

"Don't just stand there, Holly," Aunt Petunia snapped. "Serve the bacon."

"Yes," Holly said in a quiet, timid voice as she grabbed the hot bacon pan from the stove and started serving several large pieces of bacon on the plates. She didn't even bother putting bacon on her plate, Dudley would probably shove it in his mouth before she had a chance to eat it.

The phone rang and Aunt Petunia turned to answer it. "Yes . . . what? . . . But we have, had this trip planned for months! Where on earth are we going to put her . . . goodbye." Aunt Petunia hung up the phone tensely and glared at Holly. Holly pretended that she didn't see and continue serving. "That was Mrs. Figg, she can't take her for the week, her great aunt died and she's going upstate for the funeral. We're going to have to take her along since your sister doesn't want anything to do with her either." The Dursleys often talked about her as if she were a meager dog.

Holly was so surprise that she dropped the bacon plan spilling the leftover bacon and grease. Dudley dived into the floor and started eating the fallen bacon. Petunia screeched about her once clean floor. Vernon stood up. "Stupid girl! Look what you did, you ruined my breakfast!" He handed her a roll of towels. "Clean it up."

"Sorry," Holly said as she started cleaning up the mess, but she couldn't stop grinning.

For Dudley's eight birthday Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon had planned a huge trip to California in the States. Dudley had been begging (more like throwing tantrums) to convince his parents to take him and finally Dudley was getting his wish for his eight birthday.

Holly was sick of Dudley constantly teasing her about going to meet Mickey Mouse while Holly was stuck with batty Mrs. Figgs and looking at pictures of her cars instead of going to Hollywood and Disneyland. But apparently Mrs. Figgs couldn't babysit her, all of Aunt Petunia's friends were on vacation, and Aunt Marge couldn't stand Holly's presence which meant she was going to go with them!

She was going to go to Disneyland and meet Mickey Mouse and all the Disney princesses! Sure, the Dursleys' would probably not treat her better in sunny L.A. but she needed a break for Privet Drive.

Dudley's eyes widened when he realized the same thing and he started bawling, but Holly noticed that no tears came out. "I don't want, hic, Holly to come, hic, it's my birthday, and she'll, hic, ruin everything."

Vernon grumbled. "We don't have a choice Dudley, don't worry we'll leave her in the hotel if we have too."

Petunia rubbed his back, "There, there sweetheart I won't let Holly ruin my baby's special day. We'll get you everything you want, you won't even remember that Holly is there!"

Holly smiled to herself as she cleaned the kitchen. But the good part was that she would be there.

-End of Prologue-

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