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Nemuitteru kimi. (Sleeping you.)
by Miyamoto Yui

Part 1 - Things...are strange to say the least.

A girl's figure was running from a distance in front of a little boy. Kazahaya reached out for her, but she turned with a smile and shook her head playfully.
"You have to catch me first!" she called while waving her hand.
"Wait a minute, Kei!" Kazahaya shouted behind her. "They told us we shouldn't go there!"
"Kazahaya!" she called being so far out that she couldn't even hear his plea…

"You can't go there!!!" he shouted

Kazahaya immediately got up from bed with his hand on Rikuou's shoulder.

"Good timing," Rikuou said as he looked curiously at the hand on his shoulder. "Came up here to check if you were _still_ sleeping. Maybe you can make breakfast now."

Kazahaya looked at the clock and realized he was fifteen minutes behind schedule.

"Why are you always coming into my room?" Kazahaya asked as he still held onto Rikuou's shoulder.

Rikuou leaned close to Kazahaya's face and whispered into his ear, "Because there are always interesting things to do while you're asleep, Kazahaya."

The blond, too shocked and annoyed to do anything at that very moment, saw the black-haired one rise slowly and stifled a chuckle. Rikuou turned around to leave the room.
As he was exiting the door, Kazahaya took a pillow and aimed it at him shouting, "Bastard!"

Huffing and puffing, he brushed his teeth and washed his face. As he was changing in front of the bathroom mirror, he looked at him face with a frown. "Why do I have to look like a girl?"

Then, an image of Kei came to mind when she had looked into a mirror with him and wrapped her warm arms around his neck. They were looking at their reflections with their cheeks touching one another.

"Kei…" he mumbled before he knew that he had even said her name aloud.

Shaking his head, he grumpily went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

"About time you made it," Rikuou sarcastically announced as he held the paper in front of him.
It was an annoying habit of his that Kazahaya hated. You could never talk to Rikuou straight. There was a job, newspaper, joke, or whatever always in the way.

Kazahaya wrapped the string of the apron over his waist as it hugged his skin since he was wearing something resembling a midriff, showing his stomach. He was angry about that too. He was wondering why in the world Kakei needed him to wear this to work?!

While cooking with a grimace on his face, he suddenly said with spite, "How come you don't ever make breakfast, Rikuou?!"

For the first time in the entirety that he had lived in that complex, Kazahaya turned around to the rustling of Rikuou putting down his newspaper.
"Oh my!" Kazahaya teased with tinges of bitterness in his tone. "What an honor to have you look at me without the newspaper in the way!"
"You look very good in the cooking apron." Short and simply answered, Rikuou smirked in amusement and went back to reading.
Kazahaya scowled and sneezed.

"Bless you," Rikuou flatly said.

Kazahaya was also shocked by this. Rikuou being…being…polite? Was hell freezing over? "Thank you-"he started to say.
Rikuou then chuckled again. "And blessings to those girls who will get a kick out of seeing you in shorts today. Remember, you're the customer magnet!"

(Author says: I have a fetish for nice smooth stomachs and nice legs. Hee. And who's Rikuou to say that?! He's the one I like!)

"Forget I even tried to say thank you." Kazahaya then turned off the stove and put everything into their separate plates. Bringing everything to the table, he sighed as he placed Rikuou's plate in front of him and started to eat in silence.
"We have to get over to Kakei's office as soon as we finish breakfast," Rikuou seriously announced.
"Oh?" Kazahaya looked at him in confusion. "I thought we were working the store today."
"Nope, Sagai's doing it today." Rikuou folded the paper and began eating.
"I really wonder what he does! Sleeping all day and the like."
Rikuou shrugged his shoulders and they finished their breakfast quickly.

When they got to Kakei's office, Kakei's hands were folded with a smirk that Kazahaya wished at the moment wasn't there. It looked evil.

Too evil even for his own good…
Could he even be called the word good in the first place?

"For this job, I need you two to work together." He sighed as he seriously looked at them. "You need to find a notebook."

"A notebook?" Kazahaya asked with an eyebrow up.

Kakei nodded calmly. "You need to find a blue notebook with worn-out, coffee-stained pages, but it's blank."

Rikuou just stood there with his arms crossed. Though calmly examining everything in his mind, he was also perplexed.

"The jobs just get weirder and weirder," they both thought at the same time.
"But…I sometimes feel like we're in some story book," Kazahaya also thought in his silence.

"You need Rikuou to read the blank pages…" Kakei said to Kazahaya with a firm voice of authority. "…because they're not really blank."

"Are you up to taking the job?" Kakei asked with a tilt of his head.

Kazahaya, who was trying his best not to be to show that he wasn't feeling well, nodded with his usual. "I need the money."

His ability was better when he was feeling weak anyway…

Additionally, he couldn't pay the penalty.
Nor could Rikuou.

Rikuou nodded in agreement.

"All the instructions are on your cel phones, but this is the warning." He gave them an icy look that sent a chill down their spines.

It was one that Kakei rarely ever gave for giving instructions.

"No messing up. You must follow these instructions EXACTLY…" Kakei gave them a stern look while still laying his chin on his folded hands. "…or else serious damages will result in lots of unpleasant areas."

They, at the moment, didn't know what that meant.

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