Silent Hill: Room 302

Chapter 1: A Hole New Problem

Henry Townshend sits up in his bed and stretches, yawning. He blinks a few times, looking around his bedroom. At that moment, the telephone next to his bed rings. Henry groans, then picks up the receiver.

Henry: Hello?

Voice: I'm always watching you. I'm always watching you. I'm always—

Henry hangs the phone up, gets out of bed, and heads towards the bedroom door. Entering the hallway he continues to yawn, passing large cracks and gaps forming in his walls. He opens the door to the bathroom and enters.

Henry positions himself in front of the toilet and begins to do his business next to the large hole in the bathroom wall. He starts to whistle cheerfully to himself. Suddenly, Cynthia emerges from the large hole in a panic.

Cynthia: Henry! Where have you been?! I need your help! I am trapped in the subway station and need to-

Suddenly, she is pulled back into the hole, screaming. Henry looks over to the hole and just shrugs, finishing up and leaving the bathroom.

The living room is howling with radio and television static, cracking sounds, and ghastly moans. Acting like nothing at all is happening, Henry enters the kitchen. He opens the refrigerator door and inside is a bloody bag and the unsettling sound of a dying cat coming from inside.

Henry: What the hell?

Henry scowls.

Henry: Out of milk...

He shuts the door and heads back to the bedroom. Moments later he enters the bathroom fully dressed and enters the hole.

Henry exits the hole, now inside of an abandoned grocery store. Whistling to himself again he grabs a shopping cart and heads to the dairy aisle. As ghosts and otherworldy creatures zip about him, he begins to examine and sniff the leftover milk.

Henry arrives back in his apartment with a bloody grocery bag. He pours a bowl of cereal and sits down on the couch, picking up the remote and turning the TV on. After flipping through various channels of static, he stops on a channel that is nothing but screaming and demonic images.

A ghost begins to pull itself from the wall behind Henry, groaning and gurgling. As it is about halfway through the wall, Henry nonchalantly grabs a candle from the coffee table, lights it, and places it in front of the ghost. Howling in anger, the ghost retreats.

Ghost: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!

Henry goes back to his breakfast. He picks up the cereal box and pours a little more.

James: Pass that over, will you?

Henry hands the cereal to James who is sitting beside him. After a few brief moments. Henry suddenly realizes he is not alone, slowly turning to the new face in his apartment. James munches down on his cereal.

Henry: What...the...hell?

James turns to Henry who now looks confused.

James: Hey.

Henry: Hi.

The two continue to stare back at one another.

Henry: Who are you?

James: James. James Sunderland.

James extends his hand. Henry cautiously shakes his hand.

Henry: Don't mean to sound rude, but how did you get here?

James: Strangest thing. I was looking for my wife, whom I love dearly, in this dreary town known as Silent Hill. Heard of it?

Henry: I'm familiar.

James: Anyways, while looking for her, because I love her so much, I find myself in this prison where I have to jump through a bunch of holes. Suddenly, I'm here. Then you brought back groceries and now I am eating this wonderful cereal. Where did you find this?

Henry: Grocery store through the hole. What about your wife? Aren't you worried?

James: My wife that I love and would never harm? Nah, she's been dead for years.

Henry's look grows more disturbed as James continues to scarf down his cereal.

Henry: So, why would you be looking for her?

James: She sent me a letter, probably because she loves me as much as I love her.

Henry nods.

Henry: Makes sense. So instead of questioning your surroundings and trying to get back to your search, you just made yourself at home and are eating my cereal?

James: I found you shouldn't question things, just accept what has happened and move on.

Henry: I'm sensing some denial.

James jumps up from the couch and points a finger at Henry.


Henry backs up a bit, raising his hands.

Henry: I'm not accusing you of anything. Calm down.

James sits back down and takes a deep breath.

James: Sorry, just with all the walking around that town I needed a rest. My back is killing me.

Henry: Would you like a pillow?

James's glance darts back to Henry quickly.

James: What is that supposed to mean?

Before Henry can answer, a noise is heard coming from Henry's bathroom.

Henry: Must be that damn hole messing up the walls again. I'll be back.

Henry stands up and shuffles his way to the bathroom. He steps inside and looks around. A strange mist envelops the small room. Henry examines the hole and scratches his head.

Henry: Oh well.

Heather: Excuse me.

Henry turns around to see Heather Morris poking her head out from behind the shower curtain, dripping with water.

Heather: Hand me a towel, please?

Henry: Oh yeah, sure.

Henry grabs a towel off the rack and hands it to Heather.

Heather: Thanks! By the way, you might want to talk to the Super about your water.

Henry: What's wrong with it.

Heather: Nothing severe. It's just sometimes it's blood.

Henry: Gotcha, thanks.

Henry leaves the bathroom. A few steps down the hallway, it dawns on him.

Heather, now covered in a towel, sits next to James on the couch. They both look back at Henry who is looking more dumbfounded than ever.

Henry: So let me see if I got this right. You...James, right?

James nods.

Henry: You were looking for your dead wife who sent you a letter in Silent Hill and while jumping in random holes you ended up here.

James: Pretty much.

Henry: Right. And you, Heather, was it?

Heather smiles and nods.

Henry: You were searching for the murderer of your father in Silent Hill?

Heather: Yep! Also something about me giving birth to some kind of demon god but I really wasn't paying attention.

Henry: I see. And were you jumping into random holes as well?

Heather: Dude, it's Silent Hill.

James: Yeah. Can't get anywhere without jumping into holes.

Henry takes a moment to collect his thoughts.

Henry: So you both have some pretty important missions, am I right?

Heather and James are now eating cereal, watching the screaming demon channel on TV.

Heather: Oh yeah, important.

Henry: Got some loved ones to find, slash, get vengeance for?

James. Yep.

Henry: Something you should probably jump on. Like, now?

Heather: Ssshh! TV.

The TV makes more screaming noises following by garbled static. Henry growls and grabs the remote, turning the TV off.

Henry: Out of my apartment, now!

Heather: Don't you think we tried? The hole keeps sending us to random places that always end up right back here!

Henry slumps his shoulders.

Henry:'re stuck here, then?

Heather jumps up and hugs Henry.

Heather: Seems that way!

Henry: Perfect.

At that moment, a loud thud is heard from the wall as well as muffled curses.

Heather: What was that?

Henry: That? Nothing! I...I heard nothing!

Heather notices Henry looking at the dresser next to the couch. Before Henry can move, Heather jumps up from the couch and places her hands on his arms, holding him in place.

Heather: Sundy, check the wall!

James: Sundy?

Heather: I said do it!

James gets up and pulls the dresser away from the wall. The wallpaper has been torn off and a small hole is in the wall. James kneels down and peeks into the hole.

Henry: That's dangerous! You should get away from there!

James: It's a woman..

Heather lets go of Henry and shoves James out of the way, peeking into the hole. She see's Eileen on her bed rubbing her foot.

Eileen: Damn nightstand! What is that thing made out of?

Heather pulls back from the wall with a devilish smirk.

Heather: Sooooooo, a bit of a voyeur, aren't we?

James: You know if the hole were a little bigger I could stick my hand in there...

Henry yells and pushes the two away from the hole, pulling the dresser back over the wall.

Heather: What's your damage, Henry?

Henry: The hole was there when I moved in! Honest!

Heather: Rrrrriiiiiiiiight...

Henry: It's the truth, dammit!

Heather: How about instead of spying on her you just go over and ask her out?

Henry: There is a slight problem with that plan.

Henry points to the front door which is covered in various chains.

Heather: Oh.

Henry sits on the floor and leans his back against the dresser.

Henry: I would love to actually see her face-to-face for once. I feel like such a creep watching her through a hole in the wall.

James: In my experience, mysterious holes are where you find some of the best things.

Both Henry and Heather look at James, who just awkwardly looks away.

Heather: Well at least now you're not stuck here alone! Who knows, maybe that is why me and James are here. To help you find a way out and into the arms of the woman next door!

Heather hops up and walks back to the bathroom.

Heather: I've been in this towel for too long. I'm going to get back into my clothes!

She disappears into the bathroom. Henry chuckles a little under his breath. He looks over at Jams who is hesitantly trying to adjust a pillow next to him.

Henry sighs.

Henry: Oh, what the hell...