Silent Hill: Room 302

Chapter 3: Mass Transit

A long, droning escalator seems to descend out of a black abyss and extend forever. The hum of the machinery is the only thing cutting through the eerie silence.

Sitting on one of the steps is Henry Townsend, head lowered and eyes closed as if he had been asleep. As the steps near the floor, he awakens and looks drowsily at his surroundings.

Henry: What the hell?

He comes to his feet before the steps end and walks onto the cold concrete floor. In the distance he spots several stone columns and benches. Along the white walls are various subway safety posters and advertisements.

Henry: Is this a subway station? Don't think I've ever been here before...

Before Henry can take a step, he hears a noise come from behind him.


Henry: Huh?

Henry turns and see's Heather tumbling down the escalator and having a grand time of it.

Henry: Whoa! Watch out!

Heather flies right into Henry and the both topple to the floor. Heather giggles as if she just got off of a roller coaster.

Heather: Weeeee! Let's do it again, Towny! Race you back to the top!

Heather turns back to the escalator and pauses.

Heather: If...there IS a top...

She scratches her head as Henry gets back on his feet.

Henry: Cute.

Heather: Wow. This place looks charming. Where in Sam Hell are we?

Henry: No clue. This looks like a subway station. Kind of like the one outside my apartment.

Just then, something dawns on Henry.

Henry: Wait a second, where's the other one?

Heather: Hmmm? You mean Sundy?

James: Right here.

Henry and Heather jump back and yell, startled at James' sudden appearance. He clutches a pillow close to his chest.

James: I came down shortly after Heather. You two looked like you were having fun so I didn't want to bother you.

Henry: What's with the pillow?

James: What do you mean? Is there a reason a man can't have a pillow?! I'm not on trial here! I CAN HAVE A PILLOW IF I WANT TO HAVE A PILLOW!

Henry: Easy! Easy! It was just a question. You go hog wild...

James looks quizzically back at Henry and holds his pillow like a beloved teddy bear.

Henry: Now that I think about it, this place does seem familiar. I think I've been here before, and I believe I met a woman here! What was her name again?

Cynthia: Cynthia...

Henry turns and see's a beautiful, young, and very seductively dressed Hispanic woman standing behind him looking very perturbed.

Henry: Oh...yeah...hi, Cynthia.

Heather and James look over at Cynthia then at each other.

James: Who is that?

Heather: Ex-girlfriend I bet.

Henry: Ahem! She is not an ex-girlfriend, HEATHER!

Cynthia: Not with the way you treat a woman! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! You disappeared and left me stranded down here with these...THINGS! I thought you were going to protect me!

Henry: Heh, well you see...things happened...I went in the hole and...just couldn't find my way back so I just made due...

Heather: He' striking out big time.

James: Ditto.

Henry: HUSH! Anyways it's been nice but I gotta get back to the apartment, you know. Back to the grind...

Cynthia: But don't you want that "special" thing I promised you if you helped me get out?

Henry blushes.

Heather: Special thing? Towny, what special thing?

Henry: Hehe, it's nothing, Heather, really...

Heather: Is it something naughty?

Henry: No, it's nothing like that!

James: If it's anything like my special pillow it will take your breath away.

Henry: Stop it! Both of you!

James and Heather pause for a moment.

James: Oh it's definitely a pillow.

Heather: Towny! How would poor Eileen feel if she knew you were tramping around with someone else!

Henry: SHUSH!

Cynthia: Eileen? Who's Eileen?

Henry: N...Nobody! Just a friend. Friend next door. I barely see her through the hole...EERRRR I MEAN through this whole ordeal I've been going know...

Cynthia: Hmmm...well anyway, I've been looking around and can't seem to find a way out. It hasn't been easy with all these creatures down here.

Henry: Well, I guess with the four of us we can find a way out.

Henry looks around and see's a steel pipe laying on the floor. He picks it up and grips it in both hands.

Henry: We've had some experience with these things so you have nothing to worry about.

Heather: Yep!

Heather pulls out what looks like a magic wand from her jacket and begins to wave it around.

Heather: With the power of love we will triumph!

Henry: What is that?

Heather: The light in the darkness, Towny!

James: And I have a gun!

Henry and Heather look back at James who is holding a pistol in his right hand while still gripping his pillow in the other. The two back up, startled.

Henry: Whoa! Where the hell did you get that?!

James: I've always had it.

Henry: Where?! We've been out several times and I've never seen you use it!

James: Well I'm sorry, Mister Melee, but I left my chainsaw at home and this is the only thing that will fit in my pocket!

Henry: Alright, careful with that thing! Let's go.

The group begin to head into the labyrinthine subway station.

James: If you want me to bring my chainsaw next time just let me know!

The group arrives in a lower level of the subway system. Henry leads with his steel pipe at the ready. Cynthia cautiously follow behind him with Heather following, her wand clutched in both hands ready to strike. James brings up the rear, still clutching his pillow next to his heart, pistol held up in the other hand.

Henry: Well so far so good. Let's keep moving. Exit has to be around here somewhere.

Cynthia: I don't know, Henry, I've been down here a while and haven't been able to find a way out.

Henry: Relax, I'm sure there is a hole around here somewhere. There always is.

Cynthia: What do you mean 'a hole'?

Henry: Yeah, a hole.

Cynthia looks back and Henry puzzled.

Henry: They've been everywhere I go. Can you not see them?

Cynthia attempts to respond, but her eyes light up in fear and she points behind Henry.

Cynthia: Ssshh! Henry, look!

Henry turns to see a sniffer dog coming from around the corner, it's tongue sliding along the floor looking for it's next meal. Henry readies his pipe.

Henry: It's alright, we can just quietly move around it. No need to spook him and give ourselves away.

Henry look over to the rest and motions towards the wall. The group moves in unison against the wall and begins to make their way towards the searching monster.

Heather: Towny! Why don't we just whack him?!

Henry: These things always travel in packs so his buddies can't be far behind. If we make too much noise they could come for us, and god knows what else is down here. We're doing this slowly and quietly.

The four make some more progress along the wall and they begin to pass the sniffer dog who still meanders around.

Henry: We got this. Almost there...

As they proceed, James looks behind him and see's another sniffer dog slowly approaching him, growling.

James: Hey, guys?

The other three look in James' direction and see the dog, immediately stopping in their tracks.

Heather: Sundy, stay calm.

Henry: Yeah, don't do anything to startle it.

The dog gets closer to James.

James: I don't know what it wants! What should I do?!

Henry: Be quiet! Just keep moving! And don't you dare fire that gun!

James: Nice doggy...go away now...

James tries to shoo the dog away with gentle motions of his leg, but the dog lunges and sinks it's teeth into James' pillow. His face immediately goes pale and he grips the pillow tight.

James: No! Go away! Give it back!

Heather: Sundy! Just give him the pillow!

James: No way! It's mine! Make him get his own!

James wrestles with the dog who is becoming more adamant to take the pillow away.

Henry: For god's sake, James, just let him have the pillow! There are millions of pillows in the world! We can always get you another!

James: But this one is MINE!

The commotion catches the attention of the other sniffer dog who begins to growl and approach the group.

Cynthia: Henry!

Henry: James! Give him the damn pillow!

James: Never!

James aims the pistol at the dog.

Heather: Sundy! Don't you dare get us killed over a pillow!

Henry: James! Don't shoot! Just ditch the pillow and let's get out of here!

James: It'!

James fires a shot into the sniffer dog who yelps and tumbles backwards. The gunshot echoes at what seems like deafening intensity down the empty corridors of the subway. The four stand in silence.

Heather: Maybe nobody heard it.

Cynthia: The dead could hear that gunshot!

Just then, a low rumbling sound is heard, accompanied by the howls of other sniffer dogs occupying the tunnels.

Henry: Sounds like the dead did hear it...

A low groaning noise starts to rise and big pools of black, tar-like liquid begin to form on the tunnel walls.

Henry: Oh, shit...

Heather: What is it, Towny?

From the black substance, a hand emerges, then another. Pulling itself from the ooze is a moaning humanlike creature, black liquid pouring from it's mouth. More pools of the stuff begin to materialize and more figures emerge. The creature stumbles out of the wall, then rises up and floats just a few inches off the ground like a demonic marionette.

Henry: Ghosts...

Heather: Doesn't look like any ghost I've ever seen!

Henry: We have to run...

More 'Ghosts' emerge from the walls and begin to approach the group. Henry's eyes begin to flutter and he grabs his head in pain. A low, droning white noise rings in his ears.

Henry: We have to run NOW!

Henry grabs Cynthia's hand and dashes off in the opposite direction with Heather and James is hot pursuit and a small army of Ghosts float after them. Henry notices a stairwell leading down.

Henry: There! Let's move!

Henry and Cynthia lunge down the stairwell. A tar-covered hand emerges from the wall and grabs Cynthia's arm.

Cynthia: HENRY! HELP!

Henry turns and takes a swing with his pipe at the arm. It makes a sickening SNAP and the arm twists away. Henry pulls Cynthia away and watches as the arm snaps and distorts back into place and begins pulling with it the rest of the Ghost.

Henry: Damnit! Keep moving!

Henry and Heather both help Cynthia get down the stairwell to the lower level, with James bringing up the rear.

Heather: Hey, Sundy! How about using that gun?!

James: But you told me not to use it!

Heather: That didn't stop you earlier now DID IT?!

James: I had to defend myself!


Heather puts her wand away and snatches the pistol from James. She takes a few shots at the Ghosts to little effect. The bullets barely get a response as they just seem to sink into the Ghosts' skin.

Heather: Well that was fun while it lasted. Here you go!

Heather shoves the pistol into James' chest and runs off. James fumbles with the gun before following.

The four arrive at the bottom floor. Littering the tracks are a vast graveyard of subway train cars.

Cynthia: Now what?

Henry looks around for any means of escape. On the other side of the tracks he see's a circular hole in the wall.

Henry: Over there! Let's go!

Henry grabs Cynthia's hand. Looking in both directions around the cars there are locked steel gates preventing any passage.

Henry: Damnit! We're locked in!

The Ghosts' groaning starts to penetrate into the subway tunnel. Henry groans in pain and grabs his head. Heather runs towards one of the subway cars and grabs a door.

Heather: Come on! Maybe we can get one of these doors open!

Henry joins Heather and they pull on one of the subway car doors. Eventually it begins to pull open enough for them to enter.

Henry: Go!

All four enter the subway car and shut the door behind them. Before they can catch their breath, the ghosts begin to seep through the subway car walls as if they weren't even there.

Heather: Oh give us a break, will ya?!

Henry gets to work pulling open another door opposite the one they came in. Forcing it open, he leads the others onto the tracks between their car and another one adjacent to it.

Henry: We just have to get through this next car and we're home free!

He runs down the track a little to another car door and gets to work.

Henry: Damn! This one's stuck! Give me a hand here, James!

James: Now how am I going to help you with a gun AND my pillow in my hands?

Henry glares at James as he tugs at the door. Heather snatches the pillow away from James.

James: HEY!

Heather: You'll get it back if we live through this! NOW MOVE IT!

James stammers a bit then runs to help Henry. The two manage to get the door open just enough to get through. Heather tosses James his pillow and jumps in the car, followed by Henry and Cynthia. Henry looks further down the car to see an open door leading out.

Henry: Hey! There's an open one down there! Let's go!

Henry runs towards the door and exits, followed by Heather. Cynthia heads in that direction with James behind her. Suddenly, a Ghost hand reaches out of the just ajar door and grabs James pillow. James fights the Ghosts' grip but is losing the battle. Cynthia turns around and see's James' struggle.

Cynthia: You have got to be kidding me!

Cynthia darts over to James and kicks at the hand with her heels until it gives and lets go.

Cynthia: Get moving, you dope!

James dashes off towards the open door and exits. As Cynthia reaches the door, it slams shut in front of her. Henry and Heather reach the hole and motion for James.

Henry: Go! Go! Get in!

James dives into the hole and disappears. Henry looks back to the subway car.

Henry: Where's Cynthia?!

She is nowhere in sight. Several Ghosts begin to pour through the walls and the subway cars heading right towards Henry and Heather and in the distance several sniffer dogs come bounding in their direction.

Heather: We have to go, Towny!

Henry: Damnit!

Heather leaps into the hole. Henry hesitates and looks back to the cars once again before finally jumping in himself.

Henry suddenly wakes up in his bed as is from a nightmare. Heather is standing beside the bed and tries to calm him down.

Heather: Towny! Are you alright?!

Henry: Wh...what happened?! Did we make it?

Heather: Yeah, just barely.

Henry: What about Cynthia?

Heather: We haven't seen her...

Henry lowers his head and sighs deeply. He hears a whimpering noise and turns around to see James on the other side of the bed clutching his now ripped pillow on the verge of tears. Henry rolls his eyes and turns back around.

Henry: James. You're okay. Hooray.

James: How can you be celebrating at a time like THIS?! Look what they did to her!

James holds his tattered pillow out. A few feathers fly out and float gently to the bed.

Heather: Awwww, poor Sundy's pillow.

Heather reaches and puts both hands on the pillow.

Heather: You want me to fix it and make it all better?

James nods.

Heather: Okay then.

Heather grips the pillow in both hands and pulls hard, tearing it in half. An explosion of feathers befalls the room and rains down in every direction. James goes completely pale and can only get out a squeaky whimper or two.

The subway is now completely silent. Inside one of the cars, Cynthia comes out from behind a row of seats.

Cynthia: Henry? Heather?

She stands up and heads for one of the exit doors. After forcing it open she heads towards the wall but see's nothing.

Cynthia: There's no hole here. Where on earth did they go?

She places her hand on the cold concrete wall and feels around. Just then she hears footsteps approaching her. She quickly turns and see's a tall young man in a long blue overcoat walking towards her. His long, greasy blonde hair covers most of his tired face.

Man: Did you need some help?

Cynthia: Are you lost down here to? I was down here with some friends and they somehow got out but I can't find them!

Man: Relax. I'm sure we will find them soon enough. I know the way out of here. Just follow me.

Cynthia: Really? Oh, thank you Mister...?

Man: Sullivan. Walter Sullivan.

Walter smiles a devious and sinister grin. A sickening grin that would turn your stomach. The grin of a madman.