Hell's Guard

Summary: Fiore is full of guilds that accept jobs from everyone, but when the council needs some less than respectable jobs done, whom do they turn to? Mercenaries of course! Now recruiting! (OCs wanted)

Rated: M

Tags: Humor & Action/Adventure

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy tail.

"Fiore! A land that has… uh Magic and stuff… Got like 17 million people or something. Pretty cool place to chill, they got dragons and shit… And have you seen the babes around here?! I mean that Mirajane and Erza WHOOO! Now that's a piece of ass I'd like to…"

Hey! What are you doing?!

"Whoops gotta go! See you all later!"

Hmpf, very well, let us begin.

Fiore, a land full of dragons and magic and… shit… it has a lot of people and I don't really give a crap?

Ahem, let's try this again. Erza gazed upon the long sword that was brought before her, ready to let it enter her OK WHO THE FUCK CHANGED MY SCRIPT FOR SOME FAIRY TAIL EROTICA?!

"*Loud obvious giggling*"

You know what? FUCK IT! Let's just start.

Prologue: "Back in action"

"Barry's bar" was a fairly popular bar in this area of Fiore, it looked rather run down on the outside, but it gave you that feeling of experience, as if it had been there for a very long time, which it had. The interior was fairly standard, wooden floors, darkened walls and windows that had a dark tint, leaving only silhouettes of the patrons inside. The bar area itself had a few silvery bar stools with red cushions atop them, the counter was rather well crafted mahogany, with some intricate carvings at its front. Behind the counter was a large collection of about every known alcohol and addition to alcohol known to man, and in the middle between the two stood Barry.

Barry was a fairly normal man, 6,2, slightly pale skin and had grey hair split in two because of his giant bald spot atop his head, but he dosen't care. Really friendly guy who you can talk to if you need it.

Suddenly a loud slurping noise was heard, and almost all the patrons turned towards the source with murderous intent... Only to shrink back into their seats with a fearful look in their eyes.

Sitting at the bar was a literal giant of a man, standing at an incredible 8,2 he towered everyone in the bar easily, and if his size wasn't intimidating enough, the armor he wears should be. Completely black with silvery linings and some questionable dark splotches the thing is riddled with scars from previous battles, on the counter was his helm, a gladiatorial styled helmet that covered his entire head while showing his eyes to his foes so that it may strike fear into their hearts. The man himself had short and spikey blonde hair that was still long enough to make a pony tail out of if he combed it, his skin was pale and his eyes held a powerful glow to them, their orange shine gave out a feeling of: Strength! Honor! Loyalty! AND…Utter boredom.

He gave a long and drawn out sigh.

"Sam, that is the seventeenth time you have sighed this hour… and you have been lying facedown on my counter for 90% PERCENT OF THAT TIME! Only getting up to drink. So tell me, why are you so sad?"

The only response he was given was a pitiful groan.

"Is the cola bad?" As he said that he gestured towards the small McDonald's cola currently in Sam's hand.

Sam gave a negative groan.

"Did someone attempt to kidnap you and force you into marriage? Again?"

Another groan.

"Well come on now, spit it out."


There was a minute of silence.

"Yeah, I don't speak Pyro."

Sam raised his head.

"The magic council has been hounding me day and night over missions, but no matter how many I do they keep making me do more for so much money, even on my day off they keep sending people to give me missions."

And with that Sam's head got reacquainted with the table

"Yeesh, now I get it, but don't worry here you can just: Coca-Cola and Chill."

Sam gave a small smile.

"Thanks Barry."

"No probs."

And as the night drew closer, the bar was empty. Save for Sam and Barry having a conversation, but another patron interrupted them. Someone Sam didn't want to see.

"Ah, Samuel Steele. Just the man I was looking for!"

Samuel gave a disapproving grunt.

"Now, now, I bring good news! The council has a job that will make you pretty damn rich and respected."

"Kindly tell 'em to go fuck off."

The man was quit surprised by this response and was at a loss for words.

Barry turned towards the man and narrowed his eyes at the man.

"Just who are you stranger?"

The man regained his composure and answered with a car salesman smile,

"My name is agent Saren Sidonis, I am the "hotline" to mercenaries that the council contacts when they need special jobs done, and right now Samuel is at the top of his game so they want him for most things."

"Which is why I have so much money now that I won't need to work for them until my grandchildren die."

Saren Turned towards Samuel who had his back facing him

"Come on Sam, you will get millions!"


"Every merc will be in awe of you!"


"Women will throw themselves at you!"


Barry could see that Saren had a small frown while Samuel had a face that would be described as… Intensely angry yet calm and stoic

Saren sighed.

"Alright, they told me to use this only as a last resort, but Samuel. If you assist the council in this one last mission, they will divert most of their intelligence networks to finding the culprits of the SKULLS incident."

Samuel's eyes widened slightly in recognition of that name and at the chance to find who did it. He then turned around to face Saren and walked towards him.

"And what, pray tell, will this mission include?"

Saren gave a predatory smile.

"It will include YOU, training the next generation of mages and mercenaries of Fiore, you will work under the code name of a guild named Hell's Guard and carry out special strike missions that may result in death. And while your "Guild" catches the attention of others we will be able to gather information about the whereabouts of the culprits."

Saren reached his hand out.

"Do we have a deal?"

Samuel stared at Saren's hand, then at his eyes. They were full of plots and schemes that would ensure success for him and those he aided. Samuel's own were now full of conviction and drive. It looked as if a firestorm was raging within them.

"Deal, Agent Sidonis."

And with that, they shook hands and Saren left to report his good news to the council. While went towards one of the empty tables and sat down.

"Barry, get me some papers, pencils and a communications lacrima. This is going to be one hell of a night."

And so Samuel started writing and called a few… Old friends in order to prepare for this mission.

Welcome new recruits! Please fill in the form below in order to join Hell's guard!





Appearance: (Eyes, height, hair, skin, clothing and weapons.)


Reasons for joining:

Guild mark Location and colour:




Suicide Permit: Sign your name here in case it has your "parents'" permission to go on suicide missions that may result in death, dismemberment and/or being eaten by a monster. You will receive a suitable replacement by your maker.

Stars 1-3: (Your rankings within the mercenary community. 1 is fresh recruit. 2 is have been on a few missions and 3 is veterans who have been on many missions. Be mindful that even if you are a veteran, you can get killed. There are rank 4 and 5 but they are special and I will give them an explanation at another time.)

Remember, no matter who you are, what you did or what you ethnicity is. We are all equals. We are Vode An!

This is my first story so constructive criticism is appreciated, and if anything is unclear in the form PM me and I can explain.

Looking forward to all the different characters I will get and remember, death will be a constant risk… So be very afraid. Oh and before I forget, this thing will be filled with references and familiar names. I hope some of you recognize them, I don't own them either.

Samuel Steele – Benthino

Saren Sidonis – Benthino

Barry the barkeep – Benthino