Disclaimer/author's notes: Naruto is owned by Masashi Kishimoto and Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling, not me, no profit involved. No warnings other than slight gender dysphoria, set in vague timeline where Luna is in the basement of the Malfoy Manor and Sasuke is walking home to find his family has been massacred. I may or may not continue; if I do, it won't be a crossover since Luna is the only character from Harry Potter that will be present. I'm not sure how in-character everyone is, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

My first thought is that Wrackspurts have eaten my brain; my second thought is that they have eaten my brother's. I don't have a brother, but my head is telling me that this angry boy in front of me is my brother: Uchiha Itachi. The people lying on the ground are my parents. My parents from before are gone; at least, my mother is dead and my father is gone wherever Voldemort took him. His name is Lovegood—not Uchiha—Xenop—I cannot remember his name. This does not make very much sense even if there are Wrackspurts involved, does it?

All I can remember is then-Mother—not the one in front of me lying down—sprawled on the floor eyes blank and cold until then-Father—not this one—telling me that I had to let go of her because she was dead. I don't like this memory. I don't want this Mother to be dead. I don't want this Father to have eyes dead as Mother's after she died.

I decide to ask the brother in front of me, "Did they have an accident with a spell? We need to go to St. Mungo's now." My voice sounds different than it usually does, lower like a young boy's.

Brother stops looking angry and his face becomes impassive. He says, "They're dead because I killed them. I wanted to test the limits of my ability." His voice is strange like he rehearsed this, and he reminds me of how the bossy, bushy-haired girl used to lie back when, back when—.

"I don't believe you," I say. This is true, this cannot be true. This is a Crucio Curse, an Imperius Curse, and, no, I don't want this. This is worse than that dark place that I was before. "The Wrackspurts are making you lie or the Nargles made you think I was the one who took your kunai and you're playing a mean joke to get back at me. Stop—it's horrid!"

I try not to get upset; then-Mother, this-Mother too, always said getting upset never solved anything. Nothing got solved when I was upset after then-Mother died, so I smiled and then-Father smiled. it never reached then-Father's eyes though. His eyes looked like Brother's eyes look now. I try smiling at Brother.

Brother begins to mutter, "Madara said he wouldn't," and then he catches himself, "Seeing your parents dead in front of you has made you blind as well as deaf, foolish little brother; our entire family is dead. I was the one who killed them. Do you not hate me?"

"No, I do not hate you, and besides, you are lying. Badly too, " I say. It is all I can say. Just because Brother is lying does not mean I cannot not tell the truth, or if the Wrackspurts are the ones making his mind sick, I must remind him I still love him. Maybe this is just another one his games or training; it is not fun training though…

Brother huffs, "Are you paying attention?" I shake my head, and he grabs my arm, dragging me out to the hallway. There are more bodies slumped there, and my mind tells me that I remember seeing them as I walked to the room. Oh, I don't think I like this. My chest hurts and I realize I have begun crying. It hurts, this is a bad dream, and it hurts so bad I cannot remember why.

"Do you hate me now? Do you wish to kill me?" he asks.

"No," I say, There is nothing much else I can say to that. I stare at the ceiling because I do not want to look at my brother's face or the bodies on the floor. I begin to hum.

Brother looks confused.

There is an silence and I feel like I was cruel although I didn't mean to be. I say, " I think you may not be alright in the head right now. It's okay, though, I don't feel like I'm quite alright in the head. I think it's seeing everybody dead. It's quite a shock."

He starts to laugh like a cruel laugh, but I do not think he's laughing at me. "You will hate me with time, foolish little brother. If you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me, and yet survive in an unsightly way. Run. Run and cling to life, and then one day when you have the same eyes as I do, come before me."

Brother was never good at public-speaking. I remember—how do I remember this time and not remember before?— this-Father trying to teach him how to have a conversation like a normal person since he was going to be clan head. Brother was always too soft-spoken or too exaggerated as if he did not know how normal people talked.

"You're being too dramatic. Why would I want to kill you? Everyone else is dead and why would I want to kill you—" my little boy's voice breaks—"you're my brother, my family."

Brother snarls softly and reaches for my head. His eyes look all swirly and red like bloody windmills. Is this Occlumency-genjutsu?, I wonder. My world changes. Everything becomes black and red and everyone is dying again and again and again. This hurts worse than the red light that made me scream in the darkness before. I cannot remember when I started screaming; I only know I cannot stop.

After what seems like forever, it ends and I do not understand. It's not real or it's a trick; it has to be. Like Petter Pettigrew actually murdering all those people they said Sirius Black did—wait, that turned out badly and Sirius was only found innocent after he died, and who is Sirius Black and how do I know his name? I fall to the ground and think about my life and the world. I decide the world is horrible-mad, this may not be caused all by Wrackspurts, and I miss my relatives. The ones that are dead on the floor next to me, that is. I feel very upset, and I do not want to smile ever again. Then-Father and this-Father are both dead in all the ways that matter anyways.

I stay on the floor and drool falls from my mouth. Brother turns to go. I manage to get up. I am crying even harder, and I don't want Brother to think I am even more pathetic. "Don't go," I sob, "even if you did kill them, I still love you. And why would you? Why? The Wrack—"

Brother, back turned to me, sneers, "It was of great importance."

"No," I say one last time as I try to grab him, "I still love you."

Brother turns around, grabs me by my throat, and slams me against a wall. I cannot tell him I love him anymore because it is hard to breathe. I think he is crying, but my vision is blurry. Something wet like a teardrop falls on my face, and then everything goes black.

I hope I don't wake up.

Summary: Luna wakes up during the Uchiha Massacre and is very confused. In care you couldn't figure out, then-Mother and then-Father are Xenophilius (who Luna was separated from since she was being imprisoned by Voldemort) and Pandora Lovegood (who died from a backfired in front on Luna when she was a child). This-Mother and this-Father are Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha (who have just been killed by Itachi).

Pairings aren't planned as of yet, but if they do happen, they literally could be anything so be prepared.

*Update: It's not going to be the focus at all and it's a long way down the road, but Luna-Sasuke/Naruto is going to be endgame.*