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The sky was clear, pidgeys were tweeting and the shiny sun's rays were hitting the ground of a small rural town. Today looked like it could have been a really peaceful and quiet day, but... there was a certain commotion preventing that.

''I'm sick of you. You do nothing with your life and you can't even get a job!''

The only thing preventing that blissful day to be peace and quiet was a father and his son arguing, which had attracted some neighbor's attention.

''And what the hell do you think I've been doing?! Twiddling my thumbs?!'' Exclaimed the son.

The boy was outside of his house, a few meters away from the door, and his father was throwing all of his personal stuff at him.

''Looks like it. Nothing has changed and you still live under my roof without providing any source of income.''

''I've looked for jobs, but the bastards won't even give me a fucking chance!''

''Your problem, not mine.''

''You can't just kick me out of the house like that.''

''Watch me.'' Said the angered father, still throwing out his stuff.

''And what am I supposed to do now?''

''Here!'' Said the father while throwing a big backpack. ''Why don't you go to a pokémon journey like you always wanted?''

''But I'm not a trainer, and I don't have a starter pokemon.''

''I DON'T CARE!'' Shouted the father, slamming the door, never to be seen again.

"Phhft. Well, this is great. Just great." Said the son, who was very annoyed.

Max is a young adult that had just been kicked out of his house from a town called Ousa. It wasn't really big and the people weren't very nice to say the least, so Max didn't really have any friends. Instead of friends, he got bullies or mean classmates in his school years, which led Max to hate his species with a passion. However, he always liked Pokémon. The pokemon aren't mean or rude like humans usually are and they lived simple lives. And some pokémon were kinda cute.

He began to pack all of his stuff from the ground into his big backpack. When done packing, he decided to walk to a small park in the town and then sat on a bench.

"...What now? I don't have a lot of money, I only have one pokeball and not a single pokémon with me." Max said to himself, very discouraged with his predicament.

He looked at the sky and tried to empty his mind watching the clouds and the bright blue sky. Minutes later, he managed to catch sight of a group of hoppip migrating.

*sigh* "I suppose I won't make progress by staying here doing nothing. Better move on and see if I can find something to do elsewhere."

He then took his backpack again and moved toward the edge of the town. Thinking it through, Max felt relieved he could finally abandon the town and go away from all of the pain and suffering that this excuse of a town brought to him.

"Goodbye and good riddance." Those were his final words for the town before leaving it completely.

The zone just outside the town was a flat terrain with a straight road leading to a forest a few kilometers away. The flat zone didn't have much life besides some Pokémon passing by from time to time. Half an hour later, he reached the forest's entrance. The inside was a bit more lively; some bug-type Pokémon were on the trees while normal and grass-type pokemon were deeper in the forest. A wild butterfree even flew to him. He raised his arm for him to land on it and strokes his head a few times before letting him go.

(Pokémon are the best.) Thought Max.

Most Pokémon are very nice, as long as they don't feel threatened in any way. However, some were naturally aggressive and could be very dangerous for humans. Luckily, most of the dangerous ones are far from civilization and live in places that are either hard to find or reach. Max thought that he should catch one for protection, but he quickly discards that thought. He never liked the idea of enslaving Pokémon in a tiny ball and forcing them to travel and fight if it's not what the Pokémon itself wants. When he was younger, he wanted to be a Pokémon trainer but abandoned it because of that. He thought that Pokémon should have the free will to decide what they want to do.

Max walked for hours with some breaks here and there before he decided to set camp in a small cleared terrain a bit deeper beside the road. He unpacked the small tent that was on his packsack and started to set it up. Half an hour later, it was all done. Max was now looking for a sleeping bag in his sack when he found a potion.

"Ha! Didn't know I still had it after all this time."

Since Max wanted to be a Pokémon trainer when he was younger, he had equipped himself with basic items, like a pokeball and a potion. He also found some rations his dad gave him and the sleeping bag he was looking for. With his camp all set, he was now thirsty. He took an empty canister and goes a bit deeper into the forest to find a water source, and maybe some berries along the way. He walked several minutes before he found a very big water pond. He kneeled to the water source to fill his canister. When full, he takes it out of the water and was about to seal it... but something caught his attention at the other side of the pond. On the other side, there was a… red gardevoir!?

Max was subjugated by the sight. A red gardevoir was drinking water at the other side of the pond. Then the gardevoir stopped drinking when it felt someone was watching and looked up to see a human at the other side. Max was so astonished by the extraordinary scene that he dropped his canister in the water. He had to unhook his eyes from the gardevoir to retrieve it before losing it. When back in his grasp, he looked up again but the gardevoir was gone.

"Damn! You don't see that every day." He exclaimed to himself.

With some disappointment, he then left to his campsite while grabbing some berries on the way back. Arriving at his camp, he sat on the ground and got to snacking. After finishing the last of his berries, he noticed that the sun was setting and it was getting dark. He enters and then closed his tent entrance and laid down on his sleeping bag, thinking about that red gardevoir. The more he was thinking about that pokémon, the more intrigued he was becoming.

(I wonder if I can find that gardevoir tomorrow… and maybe, build a friendship with it. Hmm… I never heard in my life that a gardevoir could be red, though.) Max thought before drifting slowly to sleep.

The next morning, Max woke up energetically, deciding to see again the red gardevoir. He leaves the tent, has breakfast and immediately goes to search for the pokémon. He first headed to the zone where he saw the red gardevoir the first time, but unfortunately, it wasn't near the big pond. Max decides to go around the pond and goes a bit deeper into the forest.

He managed to catch sight of some other Pokémon going about their lives: some metapod are hanging from the branches of trees; pokémon like oddish and furret were running around happily through the forest; and a donphan almost attacked him for trespassing into his territory, but Max managed to convince him that he wasn't a threat. Despite getting to see a variety of pokémon, he still couldn't find the red gardevoir.

Half the day had passed when Max decided to give up and continue his journey. He was disappointed, but there was not much more he could do. He returned to his camp to pack up and left.

He continued his journey for about twenty minutes when he heard a loud noise in the woods, like a small explosion. Probably some Pokémon were fighting, but curiosity grasped Max and wanted to see what's going on. There could be a weak and innocent pokémon in danger. He then passed through trees and bushes of the forest, heading towards the noise's provenance. About 300m later, he saw in the distance what he was looking for hours earlier, the red gardevoir. However, it was sitting on the ground, laid against a tree. Max carefully walked toward the Pokémon as silently as possible. He then hid behind a bush close to him to get a better look without being noticed. Max couldn't get enough of that gorgeous red colour. The gardevoir was red and white with the usual crest at its chest and back respectively, but oddly, they're very small and blue. But what got Max's attention the most was all the bruises and scratches all over its body.

(What happened to him? Or her.) Thought Max.

The red gardevoir was just sitting there, breathing a bit heavily, probably from the pain. He wanted to approach a little bit more, but he stepped on a dead branch. The gardevoir got spooked and tossed a Psybeam attack in Max's direction. He barely managed to dodge it by just a centimeter by getting out of the bush and he now stood in plain sight in front of the Pokémon.

"Woah, calm down, calm down! I don't want to hurt you." Max said while presenting himself as less threatening as possible, almost in a submission stance.

The gardevoir ignored his words and started to prepare another Psybeam, but unfortunately, it couldn't gather the required energy for the attack due to the pain and grabbed the arm where its worst wound was.

"Gard!" The gardevoir painfully growled.

"...Come on now. Don't stress yourself so hard in that state." Max reassured while getting a little closer.

The gardevoir didn't want him to get any closer but wasn't able to attack, it could only back up a bit from him. Max then put his packsack on the ground and was searching inside of it. The gardevoir closed its eyes, almost in resignation, thinking that the human will pull out some kind of weapon or something hurtful.

"Found it. Look, this should make you feel a bit better."

Since the gardevoir didn't feel anything dangerous, it opened its eyes but saw him holding a strange thing that was looking a bit like a weapon.

"Voir. Gardevoir!" It exclaimed while retreating further and glaring threateningly at him.

"Don't worry. It's just a potion." Max reassured while spraying some of the liquid on his own arm. "See, nothing harmful."

Max then approached the gardevoir with the potion in hand to try and heal the wounds, but the gardevoir pushed the potion away. It was aware now that the object wasn't dangerous but it still didn't want the help of a human.

"Gardevoir!" The Pokémon angrily growled while turning its head away, but keeping an eye locked on him.

"Huh?... You don't want me to help you?... Fine, then. Suit yourself. Your wounds will probably just get infected in a couple hours... You may even lose your arm." Max told the red pokémon while getting up. "I can help you prevent that and ease your pain, but if you really don't want my help, I won't insist. You're on your own." He finished while turning his back and starting to walk away.

"...V-Voir!" The pokemon loudly called out to him.

Max halts his steps and turned around.

"Yes?..." Max inquired softly.

The gardevoir was looking hesitant on receiving help before it closed its eyes and wore an angry face.

"Grr... Gard!" The gardevoir angrily told him while showing him its wounds.

The pokémon wasn't facing him, but Max could tell that its pride had taken a heavy hit.

"Don't worry. You made the right choice." Max assured, walking back to it and kneeled.

"Hmpff." The gardevoir huffed, not wanting the human's help but didn't want to endure the pain anymore, so the sooner he finishes, the quicker it could get away from that human.

"This may sting a little but it's just how medicine works." Max warned.

He then started to apply the potion all over the wounds, which was causing the gardevoir to make weird faces due to the quite unpleasant feeling. It was kinda cute for Max to see. Next, he starts to apply some on its inner slender thigh. Unintentionally, he discovered that the gardevoir is a female with a glimpse of her private parts.

"So you're a girl, huh." He remarked when he was done with her thigh.

The gardevoir then blushed a bit and cramped her legs together, covering herself.

"Gardevoir!" She accused with an even more angry face.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to embarrass you." Max apologized, looking away in guilt.

The gardevoir's angry face softened a bit and looked away. Max continued healing her and was almost finished, the only thing left was the worst injury: her arm.

"VOIR!" She yelled very loudly when the liquid made contact with her arm.

"I know, I know, it's very unpleasant. But it's a necessary pain to feel better later on."

When he was finally done applying the medicine, Max waited a bit to see some results with her condition. Soon enough, she was indeed feeling better and wanted to stand up, to which Max offers to help her up but she pushed him away. Slowly but surely, she got up and was keeping her balance on the tree.

"I can help you move." Max proposed while getting close to help her.

"Devoir!" She denied while concentrating a Psybeam in his direction without actually shooting it, most likely it was a warning.

"Fine, I'll leave you alone, but please, just don't push yourself too hard, okay?"

Then Max left, leaving the red gardevoir that was holding onto the tree so she could stay up. He wasn't sure if she will be okay in her current state, but forcing her to accept his help would have been a bad idea. She seems to be very distrustful of humans, so he didn't want to get on her bad side. He then decided to return to his previous camp site and set it again, just in case something bad happens to her again. It took some time to set his camp again and when it was done, the rain was starting to drop.

"Shit... Maybe I should go check if she's gonna be okay in this weather."

Max then quickly walked back to where she was. When coming across her again, he saw that she had moved a bit further in the direction of where the camp was and was now starting to heavily rain. She seems to have stopped to sit under a tree with big leaves to cover herself from the rain, but it wasn't working very well. She then sensed the human's presence and turned to face him, making him stop moving on the spot so to not alarm her. Max was close enough to notice that she was shaking from the cold of the rain. For now, she doesn't seem to want to attack, just carefully observing him.

"You should come with me. I have a tent that could shelter you from the rain." Max proposed while offering his hand.

The gardevoir hesitated.

"I'm sure you don't want to freeze to death."

It took a moment of thinking and glaring before the gardevoir accepted his help and took his hand reluctantly.

(Damn! She's ice cold.) Max exclaimed in his mind when he grabbed her hand.

Max and the gardevoir then walked quickly as possible to his tent. When they arrived, the gardevoir was madly shaking from the cold.

"Come on, get inside before you suffer from hypothermia!"

Again, she wasn't sure about entering a human's place, but she reminded herself that a shelter is better than freezing to death outside. In that situation, she didn't have any other option. Once inside, she sat as far as possible from the human. Max then grabbed his packsack and takes out a big towel. He then crawls to the gardevoir to begin to dry her up. To Max's surprise, it was the first time that she didn't push him away and let him touch her without any resistance. When he was done drying her, he threw the towel away and gave her a blanket to warm her up.

"Wait here. I'll be back." Max said before leaving the tent.

The gardevoir wondered why and what were the reasons the human was helping her. But again, she doesn't really care about that human. Later, Max came back with some berries.

"You must be hungry. Here, these berries will also help you heal."

The gardevoir then hesitantly took the berries and ate them. Despite being uncomfortable with a human next to her, she looked on the bright side: she has a temporary shelter, she was getting warmer and was not hungry anymore.

"...Voir." She softly said.

"No problem." Max barely heard.

She then turned away, her back facing Max and laid down on the ground to get some rest.

"Here, take this. It's comfortable and better for your head." Max pointed out while offering a spare pillow to her.

She didn't respond.

"Ok... I'll leave it here in case you change your mind." Max told her while putting the pillow next to her.

Eventually, darkness was covering the sky completely with the sound of raindrops falling on the tent and Max grew tired.

"Time to sleep, then." He yawned while getting in his sleeping bag.

He looked one last time at the red gardevoir and saw that she wasn't shaking anymore and was doing fine. With that in mind, he goes to sleep.

The next morning, he woke up, sat up and quickly noticed that she was unfortunately gone.

(Guess she will be okay now.) Max thought while he stretches his body and rubs his eyes. "...Ohh."

He left the tent with a smile when he noticed that the pillow he gave her last night was under the blanket.

"Hmm, maybe I should stay here a bit longer, juuuust in case." Max proposed to himself.

He then decided to kill time by looking for new pokémon to befriend or just observing them. It was successful a few times, but most of the pokémon were either mistrustful of him or were driving him off with attacks. After a while, he decided it was enough and goes back to the campsite to pack his stuff and continue his travel with the hope that he stumbles into the red gardevoir again. In good shape, that is.

At the end of the day, the weather was getting oddly cold. Max started to set up camp again and then took a coat for a little walk before going to bed. When he came back, he entered the tent and was about to close it when he managed to catch sight of the red gardevoir walking towards him with her arms crossed and shaking a bit from the cold.

"...It sure is cold outside. You're more than welcome to enter." He told her with a smile while letting her enter.

Once inside, she went to her previous spot but saw that her blanket and pillow were not there anymore.

"Ah, sorry. I didn't know you would come back, so I didn't bother to take them out." Max explained, getting in the sleeping bag.

The gardevoir was a bit disappointed, but it was nothing unexpected from a human.

"But even though if they were out, I don't think it would have been enough to keep you warm. It's cold, even inside the tent and even more on the ground... So heum... there is not much space but... we could… share the sleeping bag. You know, to keep ourselves warm." Max suggested with a faint blush while making some space for the pokémon.

At first, she was ready to refuse categorically, but after a quick introspection, she started to hesitate a bit, but still not liking that idea very much. However, she began to believe that this human doesn't seem that bad after all. If he really wanted to hurt her, he would have done it by now in her weakest state. She wasn't comfortable with that at all, but since it was really cold, she didn't have much choice in the matter. She moved closer to Max with a mix of her pride breaking and an embarrassed expression on her face. She clumsily entered the sleeping bag next to the human and was awfully close to him, but was feeling really warm. Her back was facing him and since her crest was smaller than normal, it didn't bother Max. She will however stay vigilant in case he tries anything.

"Goodnight." Max wished before closing his eyes.

She was really embarrassed, but she eventually got used to it as time passed, getting comfortable. She was about to fall asleep when suddenly she felt Max's arm coil around her waist and his hand was close to her crest. She was surprised and immediately wanted to attack him, but... but she was feeling… oddly safe and protected. When the effect of surprise worn off, she found herself liking the probably accidental affection of the human and hugged his arm tighter against her while shedding a single tear. Yeah, this human wasn't that bad after all. He was… different.

The next morning, Max wakes up and again saw that the gardevoir was gone.

*sigh* "Well, I'm sure she will be okay from now on. Her wounds are healing very well, so I guess she will be able to take care of herself. I should move on."

He exits the tent, ate his breakfast and then starts packing up everything. He then left his camp spot in hopes that nothing bad will happen to her again.

He spent the rest of the day walking non-stop without any breaks or incidents to interrupt him. But... it looks like he'll need to camp once again.

"Damn it! How big is this forest?!" Max complained .

He couldn't find any good spot until it was almost completely dark. He then quickly set up his tent before he wasn't able to see anything. When the last arrangement was done, he turned back to get in his tent without knowing that the red gardevoir was just behind him.

"SHIT!... Ooh." *pant* "It's only you." *pant* "I almost had a heart attack!" Max exclaimed, calming himself down with deep breaths.

"Gardevoir!" She apologized with a guilty face.

*sigh* "Don't worry. They say it's good for the heart to make it skip a beat from time to time."

The gardevoir seems to be reassured since her goal wasn't to scare him.

"So, you need a shelter again? That's why you followed me, right?"

The gardevoir didn't respond but instead gave an embarrassed look.

"Hehe, it's okay. There's plenty of space for the two of us inside." He assured before both of them entered the tent.

Max sat on the ground and begins searching for the stuff in his backpack.

"Okay, there's my bed. Your blanket and pillow should be at the bottom of the-" Max announced before being interrupted by the gardevoir.

"Voir." She said while shaking her head.

"You don't want the blanket?"

The gardevoir shook her head again and grabbed the sleeping bag and showed it to Max.

"Humm... you want my bed?"

She motioned no once more with a slightly annoyed expression.

"...You want to sleep... with me again?"

She nodded with a tiny smile, happy that he finally guessed.

"Oh. It's not that cold in here but… okay."

When the sleeping bag was placed, Max got in first and the gardevoir slowly followed and entered in the bag. But to his surprise, she was facing him.

"Hehe, didn't know my sleeping bag was that comfortable for you."

She didn't respond, she just stuck herself very close to him and glared at his torso with her hands on it.

"Are you sure it's okay for you to follow me? I mean, I figure that you have a hard time finding a shelter, but don't you have some Pokémon friends that can also help you?" Max asked.

"..." She doesn't answer and then gripped his shirt tightly.

"Or maybe your family is worried and they're looking or waiting for you."

She tightened her grip even more while starting to tremble and tears are coming out of her closed eyes.

"What's wrong?" Max asked, getting worried about her sudden change of emotions.

The only response he got was the gardevoir burying her face in his chest while letting out some whimpers and on the verge of crying.

(...Oh no. No, no. There is no way it can be that. Right?) Max thought, afraid of the reality of her situation.

"D-don't tell me that you-" Max couldn't finish his sentence because the gardevoir bursted into tears and started crying loudly.

Then, it all made sense to Max.

(Of course, it was so obvious! She is a red gardevoir! She's probably a disgrace for her kind or something and was abandoned by her family. And even worse, she is so rare that poachers or dangerous people might be always chasing her. That would explain the source of her injuries and her mistrust for humans. She probably even hates us.)

Hearing her loud cries of sorrow, Max couldn't help but feel his heart tightening from how much pain he was feeling from her.

(Damn it, I'm such an idiot.) Max berated himself before proceeding to hug her, trying to provide her comfort while stroking softly her red hair.

"There, there. Just let it all out... Everything is gonna be okay now." He whispered soft words of comfort, being there for her in her moment of distress, never once stopping his soft strokes.

After various minutes, she started to calm down.

"It's okay now." Max repeated with a small smile.

He then gently lifted her head and wiped away her tears with his thumb.

"Do you feel better?"

"V-voir." She softly answered.

"Happy to hear that. I'm sorry for upsetting you. It wasn't my intention." Max reassured while resuming his strokes on her hair.

"Devoir." She accepted his apology.

Max and the gardevoir kept embracing each other for a couple more minutes.

"...Say…" Max started.


"It's up to you to believe me or not, but I want you to know that I'm here for you now. You don't have to suffer any more from solitude. I want to be with you, and I promise that I'll treat you the way you deserve. I want you to be my first pokemon." Max confessed with a smile, looking right into her gorgeous blue eyes.

The gardevoir was having a hard time believing this. Was all her suffering really ending? All of that coming to an end because of this human? She wasn't sure about it, but there's one thing that she was sure of: that this human was telling the truth and he really wanted to be with her. She sensed no evil or deceit in his words.

"Voir, voir!" She exclaimed with so much happiness while jumping on top of him and tightly hugged him, nuzzling his chest vigorously with her cheek.

"Ahaha! You sure have become affectionate all of a sudden."

The gardevoir stops her nuzzling but still had her head against his chest and held onto him tightly, blushing a bit.

"Hehe, I'm glad that you're not sad anymore. You know, humans show their affection with kisses, but we like hugging too."

"Gardevoir?" She asked, looking at him with her head tilted to the side.

"You don't know what kissing is?"

She shook her head and Max knew by her expression that she wanted to know.

"Well... you know... it's when a couple presses their lips against each other." Max explained, pointing at his lips with one finger.

The gardevoir touched her own lips, wondering how it would feel.

"Gardevoir, garde." The pokémon shyly pleaded.

"Huh?... Are you telling me that you want to try?" Max inquired, a bit surprised.

"Gardevoir." The gardevoir confirmed, slowly nodding.

The gardevoir wasn't totally sure about this, but if this was how humans express their affection, then she wanted to thank him properly.

"...Well... okay, then. Never done it with a pokémon, but it can't be that much different, right?" Max commented, slightly nervous.

Max then prepared himself for a kiss but saw that the gardevoir wasn't doing anything and had a puzzled face.

"Ah, sorry. Forgot that you never done it. I'll show you how." Max said while sitting up.

"First, you need to put your lips like this." Max taught before setting his lips in a kissing position.

The gardevoir does the same with her small mouth and with an overwhelming cuteness.

"...Hahaha!" Max laughed.

"Gardevoir!" The gardevoir scolded, a little upset with him.

"Sorry. I wasn't laughing at you. It's just that, you looked so cute."

"Voir." She pouted, blushing a little and briefly looking away.

"Then, when you touch the other person's lips you start to do… umm... a very small suction with your mouth and you move your lips."


"Well, I don't really know how to explain how you move your own lips, but don't worry, just do the same as me."

With a nervous and embarrassed face, the gardevoir got ready for the 'kiss'.

"Alright. Here I go." Max said while moving forward to her.

The gardevoir closes her eyes due to the anticipation. The next thing she felt was something soft on her lips. She widely opened her eyes in surprise, alongside forgetting what to do. Few seconds later, Max broke from the kiss.

"So, how was it?"

She still had her eyes wide open in surprise and had one finger resting on her lips.

"Oh. So you didn't like it." Max guessed, a bit disappointed.

The female pokémon then stared at him for a few seconds and in an instant she thrusts herself over to him, giving him a passionate kiss. This time she didn't forget what to do and was eagerly and strongly kissing him, surprising Max with her sudden aggressive behavior. She assaulted him for a few seconds before Max too got into it and wanted to add his tongue to the play. He pushed on the gardevoir's lips, asking access into her mouth. She didn't know why but she let him do that, thinking it was another way of affection. When Max started exploring her mouth, she had an idea of what he was thinking and tried doing the same. And so, they started to make out with both of their tongues wrestling against each other. Minutes went by and heat was rising more and more inside both of them, especially in the female pokémon. Before she knew it, she was rubbing her special place on Max's hardening member. But when she noticed, she broke the kiss and jumped back away from him and got on a sitting position, covering herself in shame.

"Gardevoir!" She exclaimed with both of her arms covering her womanhood.

Max was indeed getting in the mood but he really wasn't expecting her wanting to... do it.

"Wait... does that mean that you want to... mate with me?"

She looked away in embarrassment, saying nothing and blushing madly.

"Wow... To be honest, I didn't expect that you would want to go that far with the affection."

She remained silent.

"But then again, to be honest… I kind of... don't... dislike the idea." Max confessed with difficulty, avoiding eye contact with her for a short moment.

She looked at him, her shame being replaced by unsureness.

"In fact, I'm tempted to... d-do it with a beautiful and very cute creature like you." He shared, obviously looking embarrassed.

"G-gard-devoir?" She asked with a nervous tone.

"If you're asking if I'm serious, then yes. Kind of. Sorry, it's not something I'm very comfortable with to share." He explained, rubbing his neck.

The gardevoir was now shaking a bit.

"Anyway, I don't know how pokémon customs are in that matter, but for us humans, we first do something called foreplay before anything to increase pleasure and set everyone in the right mood."

"D-Devoir?" She inquired while looking a bit like a scared vulpix.

"Pleasure is something really nice that make humans feel very good and we can never get enough of it. Do you... want to give it a t-try?" Max shyly asked.

At this moment, she noticed how shaky she was and guessed that it was probably very visible. A human never showed that much true interest and kindness to her. She was really conflicted with what to think regarding that. However, she wasn't sensing any bad intentions or any kind of lie from him, therefore making him a rather reliable and trustworthy human. If he says that he can make her feel good and show her true pleasure, she got pretty much tempted. Also, she was feeling no danger when with him.

"G-Gardevoir." She shyly responded while slowly saying yes with her head.

"Ok. I'll be gentle, I promise."


"Maybe you want to lie down. It will be more comfortable for you and easier for me."

She then nervously laid on her back, still covering herself. Max didn't pay attention to that for now and crawls on all fours on top of her.

"You ready?"

She nervously nodded with an already accelerated breathing.

"For now, you don't have to do anything. Just let me do the job and enjoy." Max reassured softly.

She was still shaking from anticipation and nervosity when Max started with some kisses on the lips. Since she has already done that, it wasn't much of a surprise, calming her a little. Better yet, his kisses had a soothing sensation she couldn't explain. Then, Max leaves her lips to now go kiss her on her neck. That was something new, but it was strangely arousing. But she couldn't understand how something like that was making her feel so good and desired. Still on her neck, Max then puts a hand on one of her thighs and started to softly stroke it. Since his hand was very close to her intimate, she almost instinctively pushed him away and stop everything, but yet again, she didn't know why, but a small but strong part of her convinced her to let him continue. Next, Max moved his kissing on her flat chest, beside her blue crest. He searched for nipples but oddly didn't find any, prompting her nervousness to begin to rise again.

(I guess that's how her species are made and don't need them.) Max thought.

But suddenly, a wild idea appeared in his head.


He then gives a small lick on her blue torso crest.

"GAAAAAA!" The gardevoir yelled, all of her muscles clenching and eyes widening from the sudden strong feeling.

"Sorry! Did I hurt you?" Max apologized.

"...Gard." She assured with a no after regaining her composure.

"Ooooh! So that means you're really sensitive over there, aren't you?" Max remarked with a big grin.

In an instant, her expression became one of surprise; like if her most vulnerable part of her has just been exposed. She hid her face with her hands in embarrassment.

"Do you want me to do it again?"

It took her a moment, but she lowered her hands to her mouth level and looked at Max with absolute cuteness before slowly nodding her head.

With her approval, Max then begins to trace one finger on the edge of her crest from the top base to the tip and from the tip to the lower base which made the gardevoir moan a bit loudly, even if she was muffling most of the noise with her hands. Max continued stimulating her crest with his tongue, repeating the same motion which caused the gardevoir to close her eyes and moan very loudly.

"Damn! You sure are very sensitive over here."

Max continues licking her crest for about a minute or two before wanting to go somewhere more interesting. He leaves her crest alone and moved downward on her body. The gardevoir stopped moaning because she knew where he wanted to go. She then quickly closed her thighs together and covered herself.

"Come on now, you have nothing to be ashamed of." Max reassured.

"G-Gardevoir, garde." She told him with a mixed expression of anger and embarrassment.

"I promise I won't stare too much. Besides, if you want to start to feel really good, you have to grant me access."

She then closed her eyes and thought about it for a moment. After calming herself down, she removed her hands from her thighs to cover her face again.

(Damn, she is gonna kill me from cuteness overload.)

She then slowly but surely, separates her slender legs with slight resistance, leaving her privates in full view. Her pussy was pretty much like that of a female human, besides the fact that it was all white, smaller and cuter. Then, Max noticed that she was already leaking juice.

"I guess I still got it a little. That, or the crest stimulation felt really good. Anyhow, I think you're more perverted than I first thought."

"Gardevoir." She replied with an upset and embarrassed voice.

"Hehe, sorry. Teasing is also part of the fun. Well now, get ready for the most fun part."

The gardevoir didn't have the time to try anything as she immediately felt something wet and warm on her most sensitive spot.

"Gaaaard!" She exclaimed, clenching her hands and covering her mouth again.

Max started slowly moving his tongue on her clit. Up and down and side to side, he did his best to please her and make the best of this experience.

"Mmm, you taste great." Max commented a bit clumsily, trying to be seductive, which made the gardevoir go red on her face.

He then resumed his work with more energy.

"Gnnnnh!" The gardevoir moaned cutely.

The more Max was going, the more vigor he was putting into the act and the louder the moans the pokémon was letting out. Moments later, her arms were grasping the ground beside her, her eyes were closed and felt that something from within her was coming. She was a bit scared since she had never experienced it before.

"G-Ga... Gard." She said, breathing heavily.

At hearing her talk, Max assumed that she was close to her orgasm, so he decides to increase the speed of his licking, giving the best he can to her for an unforgettable experience.

"Gaa! GAANNNNNNnnnnnh!" She exclaimed loudly, clenching her teeth and all her muscles while squirting a little. A few seconds later, she finally relaxed, panting a little.

"So, how was it?" Max asked with drops of her juices around his mouth and wore a lustful smile.

"Gard... gardevoir." She responded with her own lustful smile.

"Glad you liked it. Now, are you ready for the main event?"

For a moment, she went really hesitant. After some thinking, she looked at him a bit before shyly nodding.

Max then removed his clothes, leaving only his underwear. When he looked back at her, her face was red and was looking away.

"What is it?" Max inquired.

She pointed at his underwear with an embarrassed look.

Max looked down and noticed that his erection was more than visible.

"Oh, sorry about that. But that's kinda because of you."

"Garde... devoir?" She shyly asked.

"You want to see it?"

She slowly nodded with a heavy blush.

"But of course. This time, I'll be the one to lie down." He said, laying on his back while the gardevoir rose to a sitting position.

Max wanted to take off his underwear but retained himself.

"You know, why don't you do it?"

An unsure expression could be seen on her face. She hesitated a bit before moving forward to Max. Sitting on his thighs, she was really close to it and wasn't really sure what to do. She then shyly touched it with one finger a couple of times.

"To set it free, you have to take this fabric and pull it down."

She looked at him and back at his hard member. She nervously grabbed the fabric by the top and slowly pulled it down. The gardevoir pulled back her head in surprise by the sudden revelation of the fabric. She was blushing madly and kept staring at it intently.

"You can grab it with your hands."

She nervously and slowly moved her hands closer to it when she stopped an inch away in hesitation. Two seconds later, she grabbed it quickly in one go.

"Gard... devoir?"

It was a weird sensation for Max to have a hand with three fingers grasping his dick, but it was obviously not unpleasant.

"Now you go up and down with your hands."

She obliged and started stroking his shaft as instructed to her.

"...Gardevoir!" She said with a smile and accelerated a bit her stroking.

(Haha. She must find it fun to do.) He thought, starting to feel good.

She then continues stroking him for a bit when the gardevoir was beginning to smell something musky. The smell was pleasant and it made her feel more excited and bold. She didn't know why, but the more she stroked him, the more mesmerized she was becoming to Max's member. The excitement was so overwhelming, that, to her surprise, a sudden urge to give it a lick had rose inside her. She then slowly stuck out her small tongue and gave a lick from the base to the tip. She was a bit embarrassed and confused as to why she did that, but didn't care that much as she was getting more accustomed to the situation. She told herself that since a tongue feels good, he won't object.

"You're getting more into it, I see."

She was still a bit embarrassed but happy at the same time that she managed to please him. She then continued her licking from the base to the tip with more confidence and vigor.

"Oooh… You see the round shaped part on the top? It's the more sensitive spot."

He didn't have to explain more because she understood what he meant. She then focused her licking on the top.

"Yes! That feels good."

The more happy and pleased she was making him, the more into it she was becoming. The taste of the top was different and strange, but not unpleasant. On the contrary, she liked it more and more over time. She then eventually wanted to taste more, so she put the entire tip in her mouth, licking him with the warmth and wetness of her mouth.

"Damn! You learn fast. That's the start of a very pleasant thing called a blowjob. You put all of it in your mouth and bob your head up and down on it while doing a small suction with your lips. But you need to be careful with your teeth. It's not painful but it's not very fun."

She nods and started to do as instructed. She slowly started to engulf Max's dick inside her mouth as much as possible. It was almost halfway in when it reached her throat. Then, she moved up with her head while doing a small suction and then moved down, being careful with her teeth and repeated the process.

"Humpf, you're doing great. That feels incredible."

She was really happy to hear those words. She may be a novice but she'll do her best. Over time, she was getting more confident and got the hang of it. She was getting better and better, very eager to please him and a bit because she liked it quite a lot.

"You can also play with your tongue while doing it and try going down as far as you can."

She took note of it and added her tongue to the play; sometimes while moving and sometimes stopping to focus on the tip before resuming. She also tried to deepthroat a couple of times but since she wasn't used to it, she didn't do it very often and choked a few times. Saliva was starting to overflow and she was even rubbing her thighs together. She then did a deepthroat as long as she was able to before releasing Max's dick and looked at him.

"Voir, gardevoir."

"I guess now you want the main event, don't you?"

"Voir!" She confirmed, getting closer and started to rub her pussy on Max's member, coating it with her juices.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this? I mean, you're pretty small and... I don't want to hurt you."

"Garde, devoir." She assured, putting at ease his worry for her.

"Ok. But we will stop if it's too much for you, okay?"

"Voir." She answered while nodding.

She then laid on her back again in front of him with her legs spread.

"Oh! You want me to take the lead."

She shyly nodded.

"Well, since it's your first time, I guess it's understandable."

Max then moved towards her and placed himself, rubbing the tip on her slippery entrance.

"Alright, it's possible that you're gonna feel pain at first but it's only temporary. You'll feel better after a moment."

She looked at him for a moment before slowly nodding. She quickly began to shake from anticipation, but not as much as Max thought that she would.

(I guess she's getting really into it and she is more confident.) Thought Max.

"Here I go."

Max starts to push the tip slowly inside. Just with that, he could tell she was extremely tight, wondering if he will be able to get it all in, but thanks to her being soaking wet, it wasn't very hard. Luckily, the gardevoir didn't seem to be in pain, so he kept moving on. He continued entering deeper and deeper inside the gardevoir while she was containing her moans. She was indeed very tight and he will have to do his best not to cum too soon. He was almost all the way in when he reached the bottom.

"GARD!" She exclaimed loudly.

Max thought he had hurt her, but was reassured when he saw her wearing a lustful smile. She didn't seem to be in pain at all. Now that he thought about it, he didn't feel her hymen.

(I guess pokemon aren't like female humans with that aspect.) "I'm gonna start moving now."

"Garde." She said, nodding.

He then started to move his hips backwards until just the tip remained inside, and pushed it inside again.

(Dammit! This tightness is... almost unbearable.)

He was going slowly at first, for both of them to get used to the other. The gardevoir started to moan with each thrust he did, encouraging Max to go faster little by little. Suddenly, her insides had become a bit less narrow. Max thought that it was probably because of her stress that he had little space, but he still didn't have much. A few minutes later, Max was going at a moderate speed, making the gardevoir moan louder while she had her eyes closed and her tongue was sticking out. After a little while, both of them were now moaning loudly and breathing heavily.

"I won't be able to hold on much longer, you're so damn narrow!"

"V-voir!" She said between her moans.

A couple more thrusts were enough for Max to explode, coating all her insides with his seeds. After a few seconds of ecstatic bliss, Max took out his softening member from her and sat in front of her.

"...Shit. Sorry, but your tightness was a bit too much to bear." Max apologized.

"Gardevoir, voir." The pokémon replied, jumping on him and making Max fall on his back with her on top. "Voir! Voir, gardevoir!"

"Haha, you bet I want to do it again. Now that I came, I should be able to last longer."

"Voir!" The pokémon said happily.

She then positioned herself so that her entrance was facing Max's member. She slowly lowered herself until the tip touched her. She rubbed against it a few times before letting it slide inside her.

"Voir!" She exclaimed, arching her back a little.

"I guess that you're in charge now."


She goes up slowly until the tip was almost out, and then goes down, trying to fill herself the best she could.

"Voir. Voir. Voir." She moaned with each thrust that she made.

Max on his side had got used to her tightness and was able to hold on longer.

"You're doing... really... great." Max panted.

Those words made her so happy that it increased her lust and sensitivity. Despite being the second round, she was almost at her limit. Her flesh walls started to contract a bit, making it harder for Max to hold on. After a minute or two, she accelerated her pace, now going at moderately fast speed, not making things easy for Max. Juice was overflowing from the gardevoir, coating all of Max's groin. Her eyes were closed with her tongue sticking out again and was laying against Max with her hands on his torso. A few thrusts away from her climax, the gardevoir accelerated her pace to a quite fast speed.

"Voir, gardevoir!... VOIR, GAAAAAAAARD!" She screamed very loudly, contracting her vaginal muscles horribly tight, making Max explode at the same time.

"Ghaaa!" He softly screamed.

Their synchronized orgasms lasted almost twenty seconds before the gardevoir let herself fall on Max's chest, both of them catching their breath.

*pant* "Damn, that... was amazing." *pant* "I hope to do that again someday."

He then looks at her for a response but saw that she had fallen asleep.

"Oh, you're asleep now. Eh, I suppose you can answer me tomorrow." He said while stroking her crimson red hair and starts to close his eyes, his body drained out of energy and let himself drift off to sleep as well.