Harry Potter: The Prince of Games: A Harry Potter/Yugioh GX Crossover Fan Fiction

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its associated characters; all rights belong to JK Rowling; I do not own Yugioh, Yugioh GX, 5Ds, Zexal, Arc-V or any of the associated characters; all rights belong to Kazuki Takahashi; I do own any OC spells explained at the end of a chapter as well as any OC Cards described in the chapters.

Plot: Harry never went to the Dursleys; instead, he went to James' brother and was raised in a life of fun, mystery and excitement. But, as it always does, destiny soon catches up with Harry as he discovers strange powers, dark destinies and unusual truths about himself.

Author's Note: Okay, so this one is an idea that's completely random and yet fun at the same time; now, as for cards, I'm mostly going with some OCs and some known to me, though the only 'rules' that this story will follow are those of the main adventure as well as GX, so any 'special' summoning traits after that (Synchro as well as whatever it's called in the later series) won't appear in this story.

And, as always, I say that if you don't like it, then don't read it

Added Information: Like most animes/mangas, this adventure will be divided between arcs/parts to divide parts of the story between one another. Some parts will be like the actual Yugioh GX anime arcs, but for the others, the differences will be described.

In the case of our GX Season 1 AU, the arcs are as follows;

ARC 0: Enter the Prince

ARC 1/I: Welcome to Duel Academy

ARC 2/II: Team Supreme

ARC 3/III: Who Rules the School? - School Duel

ARC 4/IV: Seven Stars - Sacred Beasts Arc/Ending

Dedication: I'd like to dedicate this story to Goodfella96 and Above the Winter Moonlight for being my inspiration for this story; their stories are also my recommended reads: Battle Born by Above the Winter Moonlight and Harry Potter and the Stone of Ra by Goodfella96;

Key Pairings: Eventual Harry/Alexis; Eventual Jaden/Yubel

Normal Speech


'Spirit/Mind Speech'

(OC Cards)

Chapter 1: The Call of Family

Five thousand years ago, Egyptian Kings played a game of great and terrible power;

But these 'Shadow Games' erupted into a war that threatened to destroy the world as we know it, until one miraculous day when a brave and powerful Pharaoh by the name of Atem managed to use the power of the mystical Millennium Items to lock the dark magic away, sealing it forever within seven mystical items.

However, as is rather uncommon knowledge to the common people, five thousand years later, the threat of the Shadow Games returned and it fell to the Pharaoh, imprisoned without his memories inside the Millennium Puzzle, to rely on a boy named Yugi to help him defeat the Shadow Games second coming and learn about his past.

Facing trials and tests like no-one else, the Pharaoh and Yugi, with the aid of their friends, worked with the power of the Millennium Items and the game commonly known as Duel Monsters to bring about the end of the Shadow Games, or the 'Shadow Wars' as they were known. At the end, the Pharaoh returned to his life beyond death and Yugi was hailed as the King of Games.

He thought his adventures were over, but the truth was that they were only just beginning…

Prince of Games

Nineteen year-old Yugi Muto stood alone at the bedroom window of his room within the Kame Game Shop, his amethyst-coloured eyes half-closed while tears rolled down his cheeks, his hands gripped in fury as he tried not to let emotion overwhelm him. The reason for said emotion was because of the phone call that he had just ended with a lawyer in the United Kingdom whom had shared unfortunate news with the young duellist, news that was both grave and life-changing.

Ever since he had defeated Atem's spirit and sent him into the afterlife, Yugi had longed for the belief that he was finally free to enjoy a life where there were no weird Shadow Games or dark duellists wanting to destroy the world. A life where Yugi was hailed as the best, though there was an upside to that: without Atem, he was finally able to prove it to everyone by himself.

At that precise moment, however, as the phone call had ended and Yugi's trembling hands had actually dropped the phone onto the floor in a state of fear and shock, the King of Games actually wished that his partner…his friend was there with him. Even in spirit, Atem was always the voice of reason to Yugi and had been able to provide words of comfort, advice and friendly agreement or opinion when it mattered.

As he looked at the reflection of his pale skin and amethyst-coloured eyes, Yugi felt a smile tug at his lips as he could actually picture that his other self was actually standing right there beside him, arms folded with that smug smile of his on his face, his deep, powerful voice filled with amusement as he asked Yugi what was wrong and then did what he could to offer advice, if not condolence for what the young teen had just learned.

But that was all that it was now: a daydream that would never come true.

Yugi had lost a friend and now, he had lost the one thing that he had always tried to hold onto for years.

His brother, his older brother, was dead…murdered by some dark force that had destroyed his family…well, technically that wasn't true.

His brother had an heir, a successor to his line, which also meant that Yugi had a nephew and, according to a will set down by said brother, it would fall to Yugi to raise his nephew as his own flesh and blood.

Staring at his reflection, Yugi sighed deeply before he whispered, "I know what needs to be done…I just wish that I knew why."

Silence was his answer, though Yugi did feel a smile tug at his lips as he heard the voice of his former partner echo in his now-adult voice; gone was the somewhat high-pitched, whiny voice that had been weak and defenceless without Atem. Now, there was only strength in Yugi's voice, strength that came from the fact – amusing as it was – that his voice sounded like Atem, which made Yugi feel like his partner, his Yami, was still with him in some way.

That gave him the strength to keep going, if nothing else, he didn't want to make anyone feel like he had lost himself that day in the Ceremonial Battle; no, he would keep going for the sake of his partner.

'No,' thought Yugi, wiping his eyes as he mused, 'Not just Atem; now, I do this for James too…because we lost the chance to know one another as brothers, but I won't take my nephew's family from him.'

Picking up the phone once again, Yugi took a deep breath as he dialled a number that had been in his mind for a while, the reason for the memorised number being the rocky, but civil friendship that Yugi had formed with the owner of the number.

Pressing dial, Yugi placed the phone to his ear where, before two rings had sounded on the other end, there was a click and Yugi heard the familiar hiss-like drawl of the owner of the number, "Yes Yugi, what can I do for you?"

"I need your help," replied Yugi, his eyes staring out of the window as a new day dawned over Domino City.

Prince of Games

Travelling by jet was an experience in it of itself, but in Yugi's case, for someone that had been through hell and back again more times than he could count, he was a little surprised to feel the anxiety return to him as he glanced from the window to the figure sitting opposite him, their fingers linked together over their lips in a thoughtful expression.

"A brother?" asked the cool-toned voice of Seto Kaiba, rank number 2 in the Duelling Circles and Yugi's friend as well as semi-rival whenever they renewed their infamous battles with one another.

"Yes," replied Yugi, trying not to smile as he saw the familiar blue duster and dark clothes that Kaiba had once worn in Duellist Kingdom; he often preferred the flared-wings of the white overcoat, but when the CEO was on business, he showed it in his apparel. Since this was a legal matter, Yugi supposed that this was the reason for his quote-unquote friend going back to basics.

"How come you never told anyone?" asked the CEO, his dark-grey eyes fixed on Yugi as he spoke to him about what they were about to experience.

"Because he belongs to another world," replied Yugi, his lips turning upwards in a smirk as he added, "I had a hard enough time convincing you of our pasts being united, Kaiba; I highly doubt you'd believe in a whole world of, as you often put it, mystic mumbo jumbo."

"You mean the magical world?" asked Kaiba, earning a raised eyebrow from Yugi while the Kaibacorp owner leaned back in his seat, his hand now resting against the side of his head in a contemplative gesture as he explained, "Ever since Industrial Illusions went fully corporate with the ideas of teaching others to learn the art of duelling, I had Pegasus tell me about this world. Apparently, he ran into some of their members when preserving…the Pharaoh's tomb in Egypt."

Yugi's eyes narrowed as he asked coolly, "Why would Atem's resting place need any further protection? Marik and Ishizu seem to have that down pretty well, don't they?"

Seto shrugged ruefully before he went on, "You know I try to stay away from the Ishtars and their beliefs in destiny as well as anyone else would: in any case, Pegasus came to me after he met these magic users and told me about the effect that our duel disks and electrical devices have on their protections. Since then, he's been trying to convince me to experiment with the power of magic to try and keep Duel Monsters between all races as well as beings, be they magical or otherwise."

"I didn't ask you for this favour because I want you to look at my nephew like a lab rat, Kaiba!" growled Yugi, his eyes actually flashing as he explained, "I asked you because you understand law and rights more than anyone else I know. I would have asked Pegasus, but he's usually unreachable because he's testing some new card series or other. I swear, ever since he lost the Millennium Eye, he's become more business-like, but he's also become more…well…"

"Camp?" asked Seto, his lips turning upwards in a small smile as he added, "I can certainly agree with that one; either way, I'm not going to use your nephew as a lab rat for anything, Yugi. However, I would appreciate any information that you can give me about his magic, if he has it himself."

"He might, he might not," reasoned Yugi, heaving a sigh as he mirrored Kaiba's former expression of linking his fingers over his lips while he leaned forwards in his seat as he went on. "I was barely a toddler when James and I were separated: apparently, what I am, a Squib as they called me, is frowned upon in some circles and so they sent me to Grandpa, who was actually Mother's Father, but he moved to Japan when he was young; you know how it is."

Kaiba just scoffed while Yugi went on, "James tried to keep in touch with me, but he eventually wound up going to a school where he learned about magic; at the same time, Grandpa introduced me to the Millennium Puzzle and I spent what felt like forever solving it. The next time I heard from my brother was after I started calling the Pharaoh Yami; he said that he was getting married and he wanted me there to be his best man…or one of them anyway."

"One?" asked Seto, earning a nod from Yugi.

"A friend of his named Sirius Black was the other, but he was chosen by Lily, his wife, while James asked her to let me be there, if anything, he wanted me to see that he hadn't forgotten his little brother…we're a year apart from one another," he added when Seto raised a questioning eyebrow.

"So what happened after that?" asked Seto, listening as Yugi told him more about his mysterious past.

"I returned to Japan and James became something called an Auror, but he made sure to keep in touch with me, especially since he was a little surprised and interested to learn about Atem," explained Yugi, earning another raised eyebrow from Seto that had him shrugging. "He's family, Kaiba; I trust him."

"You're talking to the wrong guy if you want me to agree that family can be trusted, Yugi," argued Seto, earning a soft laugh from Yugi as he asked, "How long has it been since you last spoke to him?"

"About a year or two," admitted the King of Games, "The last time…well, it was when he told me that his wife had told him that he was going to be a Father. Obviously, he wanted me to know because he wanted his son to know his Uncle more than James ever did, but I never imagined this."

"And now you're going back for him?" asked Seto, earning a slow nod from Yugi as he asked, "What's his name, then? I mean, he can't really be known as a Muto, can he?"

"No," admitted Yugi, wiping a stray tear from his eye while he smiled softly as he explained, "When Grandpa took me in, Mum and Dad agreed that it'd be safer for me to take Mum's old family name of Muto, so I did. As for James and my nephew, Harry as he's called, they're known by the family name of Potter: Harry James Potter, to be exact."

"And…what? You're going to do what your parents did?" asked Seto, actually smiling as he added, "The son of the King of Games: he'll be hounded everywhere he goes, you realise that, don't you?"

"Harry will keep his old name unless he expressly asks me to change it for him," explained Yugi, before he nodded in mutual agreement as he added, "You are right, though, Seto; since my fame's not exactly a secret, Harry will be a target for people clamouring to get close to me. I could ask Tristan and Joey to keep an eye on him, but I don't want to deprive him of family, so I'll just keep an eye on him."

"I could help you," argued Seto, earning a surprised look from his on-again-off-again rival as he went on, "My offices and my mansion are the most-secure places in the country, Yugi: with my bodyguards patrolling each area and the new holographic security systems putting my big three on watch as silent watchdogs…"

"More like watch-dragons," sniggered Yugi, but he listened as Kaiba went on.

"It's safe," explained the CEO, "And besides, he'll need someone other than you and the old guy to help him learn how to duel without simply relying on the Heart of the Cards."

"As long as he doesn't end up like you were the first time we duelled, I think I can allow that," sniggered Yugi, looking down at the chain around his neck as he added, "Because this time, I don't have the Millennium Puzzle to use to open his mind."

"Don't worry," agreed Seto, smirking in agreement as he added, "As this current moment proves, things are very different from back then."

Yugi just nodded in agreement before he straightened his posture as the announcement came over the tannoy that they were about to reach Heathrow Airport in London.

Prince of Games

The lawyer that supervised the business between Yugi and his family was a Mr Tyrone Stoker, a tall, but well-mannered man that spoke with a clear English-groomed accent – his many qualifications also adding that he was taught at Eton and Oxford – and, when he did business with Seto Kaiba of all people, he actually seemed to be honoured.

Though the honour only increased when he realised that Yugi was actually the same boy that many called the King of Games, which was strange since Yugi was fairly certain that there wasn't a duelling region in the world that didn't know his name. When Mr Stoker pointed out that his information from the late Lord Potter had mentioned Yugi, it was by a first name and contact details and nothing else.

After filling out papers that seemed to appear as quickly as they then disappeared, Mr Stoker led Yugi and Seto into an adjacent room where a thin woman was standing with her back to what Yugi could see was a Moses basket with a blanket-wrapped bundle inside.

As soon as he stepped inside, however, Yugi actually coughed and gagged when a foul smell filled the air, earning a frown from the Duelling Champion as well as the KC CEO as he faced the woman. "Didn't you bother to see that he was properly changed and prepared for us?"

"What do I care about the little brat?" asked the woman, unaware of a steely, White-Lightning-like glare filling Seto's eyes as he heard her insult the child behind her. "Dumping him on our doorstep like we're just meant to take care of him: I hated his Mother and if it wasn't for you, you weirdo, I'd have left him in an orphanage."

"Rest assured that you wouldn't have even gotten out of the street before you thought about it," growled Seto, his tone startling Yugi, though he supposed that it had something to do with Seto's upbringing and the fact that he and Mokuba had been in an orphanage themselves.

"Whatever, just take him!" scowled the woman, taking the bundle and thrusting it into Yugi's hands; the fact that the infant was silent actually surprised the King of Games, but not as much as the fact that he smelled just as bad as a rotting corpse.

Before the thin woman had reached the door, Yugi gasped when Seto moved and, slamming the door to the office, he turned on the woman as he asked, "Where is Harry Potter?"

"He…" the woman began, but her eyes widened with revulsion when she saw Yugi peel back the covers to reveal a sickly sight: a large jar that was filled with what looked like fresh sewage and there, printed on a label on the front of the jar, was a laughing face and an obscene remark that didn't need repeating.

"Trust me, Madam," hissed Seto, once again surprising Yugi with his protective side as he asked, "I'm only going to ask one more time and then you will be facing more than just mild prison time for wanton child abuse and neglect: where is the boy?"

"In…in…in the car!" gasped the woman, earning a movement from Seto that surprised Yugi; one minute he was blocking the woman's escape, and the next thing anyone knew, he was out the door, his coat's tails billowing like the wings of his favourite Dragon Type monster as he flew out of the office.

Yugi, meanwhile, discarded the insulting display and, wiping his hands on a disinfectant-laced tissue, he asked in a calm voice, "You really don't know who that man is, do you, Petunia Evans?"

"It's Petunia Dursley, you weird-haired freak!" snarled the woman, earning a curt nod of agreement from Yugi as she added, "And I neither know nor care: you're all freaks to me, especially my whore sister and that mongrel brother of yours!"

"That," Yugi hissed, his eyes actually glowing once again as he told the woman, "Was Seto Kaiba, as in CEO and owner of Kaiba Corporation, former Duel Monsters Champion and, quite possibly, one of the wealthiest and most-resourceful men I know and you, Petunia, have just pissed him off! Do you actually think he'll let this slide?"

The woman, Petunia, suddenly went as white as a sheet as though the name had struck a chord; at the same time, Yugi clasped the chain that he wore around his neck in one hand as he told her, "Were times different, you probably wouldn't be standing here right now, but since they are, the only thing that I can do…"

He turned to Mr Stoker, whom looked as furious as Yugi and Seto felt as the King of Games went on, "Is request a restraining order on pain of imprisonment against the entire Dursley Family and my nephew. If they even look at him wrong, then they will be arrested for this and, trust me, Mr Stoker, if necessary, I'll see them extradited to Japan where we're a little less lenient on those who harm their young."

As Mr Stoker made a note for the request, the door opened and Seto returned, carrying a small boy in his arms; as soon as he saw the boy, Yugi's rage actually vanished as he saw the most-innocent-filled emerald-green eyes looking right at him underneath a small mop of wild black hair.

'That really is a hereditary curse of our family,' sniggered Yugi as he thought about something his brother had once told him about the Potters and their hairstyles. At the same time, Yugi's eyes narrowed when he noticed a small lightning-bolt-shaped scar on the babe's brow; it seemed to be fresh, but as he looked at it, Yugi actually felt something stirring inside of him that he hadn't felt for some years now.

Time with Atem and learning of the mysteries and truths of the Shadow Games had given Yugi an alertness towards strange energies and magical powers and, whether it was simply the result of whatever had saved his nephew from the same fate as his parents or simply because Harry himself was magical, Yugi didn't know.

But there was something that seemed to both surround and fill the small body of the young infant; something ancient and, much like the Items themselves, it was also powerful.

As he took Harry from Seto, the eyes of the CEO still filled with rage as he glared at Petunia, only Yugi saw his nephew smile up at him as though he recognised the King of Games as family.

At the same time, however, Harry James Potter's emerald-green eyes changed into a whole-other colour altogether; a colour that seemed to prove that he had magic inside him as well as something…more!

Because when he'd smiled, Harry's eyes had become a vibrant, but almost-cold shade of gold!

"Did you…" Yugi began, but before he could get the attention of the others in the room, he saw his nephew's eyes return to the innocent emerald shade once more.

Anyone else might have thought that it was simply a trick of the light, but not Yugi.

Something was somehow infused with his nephew and, whether it was for good or for evil purposes, he didn't know, but there was one thing that he did know.

It was going to make raising this young duellist-to-be very interesting indeed…

And so the adventure begins and, already, you might be able to figure out what it is that I've changed, but I hope that doesn't stop you enjoying the story; anyway, just what is it and how did it become part of Harry in the first place?

Plus, with an upbringing filled with fans, fun and furious encounters as well as a CEO that seems to protect him before he even knows why, how will this change Harry when the world of magic catches up to him?

Keep Reading to Find Out

Next Chapter: Yugi tries to figure out what sort of force has become his nephew's inner form while time passes and Harry starts to show signs of being just as potentially-fuelled as his uncle; also, it's time to duel as Yugi gives his nephew a gift: one that changes things for Harry as he learns about his parents and what he is to become…

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