Dipper and Ford ran over by Bill was floating, there they saw Mabel passed out.

"Mabel!" Dipper shouted and ran over to her. He hugged his passed out sister, while he had watery eyes.

"BILL!" Ford shouted towards the triangle. Bill looked down at Ford and laughed, " What's the matter four eyes? You look like a toddler ready to throw a fit!" Bill said chuckling.

Ford ignored him and shouted "What have you done to Mabel! Answer me!" Bill floated down towards him while saying " Well she made a deal with me, she gave me the rift in exchange her summer continues...Forever!" Bill then started laughing hysterically.

Dipper then got up and walked over to Bill and Ford, he sniffled and had tears in his eyes. "B-bill why are you doing this?" He asked getting both of their attention. 'So cute...my little pine tree' bill thought.

"Well you see pine tree, I've waited a very looong time for this to happen,but since I like you I'll make a deal with you." He said while floating next to dipper and put an arm around his waist and Dipper blushed slightly at the contact.

"Let go of him!" Ford shouted, Bill ignored him " I'll make sure Mabel wakes, heck I'll even hold off the end of the world if-" Dipper blinked, "If what?"

"You become my bride!" Bill said happily as he hugged Dipper, who was in shock. " I said get away from him!" Ford shouted as he ran towards them. Bill grabbed dipper bridal style and they floated up out of ford's reach. "So..."Bill stuck out one of his hands and blue flames appeared around his hand. "Do we have a deal?"

Dipper looked down at Mabel, who was still passed out and sighed sadly, looking down he grabbed Bill's hand. "Deal."

Bill then snapped his fingers and everything went back to the way it was. Dipper then grabbed Bill's arm and said, "Please let me say goodbye!"

Bill had a rush of emotion pass throw him...guilt? no no no he never felt guilt...well until now. He floated down slowly and placed Dipper on the ground gently "You have 5 minutes.." Bill said sternly.

Dipper ran over to Ford and hugged him, "Please take care of Mabel.." Dipper said quietly. Ford nodded and hugged him tighter, "I'll find a way to get you, I'll miss you kiddo."

Dipper then walked over to Mabel and hugged her tightly, "I'll miss you Mabel, I love you.." He said while holding back some tears. He then walked silently over to Bill who put his arm around his waist. "Ready Pine Tree?" Bill asked. Dipper bit his lip and nodded, Bill snapped his fingers and they were gone.

When Dipper opened his eyes again, they were in what seemed to be the Dreamscape. Bill then transformed into human form, with blond hair, an eye patch, a yellow tailcoat and his cane. Dipper then sneezed like a kitten, "Aww~ Your so cute Pine tree!" Bill said as he hugged Dipper. Bill was also way taller than Dipper in this form.

"B-Bill I can't b-breathe!" Bill then let go and Dipper fell to the floor, Dipper was gasping for air. "Welcome to the Dreamscape! my cute bride~" he said while patting his head. "U-um Bill when are we going to be married anyways?" Bill put his index finger and his thumb on his chin, "How long do meat sacks wait to be married?" He asked.

"U-um I dunno maybe 6 to 8 months.." Bill then picked up Dipper and swung him around. "Alright then!, in 6 months we shall be wed!" He said happily. "U-um Bill?" Dipper said.

Bill looked down at him, "Yes cutie?" "Can my family come, to the wedding?" He asked bashfully. Bill then rubbed their cheeks together and said, "Of course!, when you put it like that~" Bill then put Dipper down again.

"Well I have some things to take care and since I don't want you in the Dreamscape by yourself just yet.." He snapped his fingers and they were in a house, on the outskirts of town. "Bye bye my bride!~" Bill said as he kissed Dipper's cheek, Dipper's face turned beet red as Bill disappeared...

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