'I wonder when Bill will be back...I mean it's not l-like I miss him or anything! So what should I do now?' Dipper explored the house, after he explored he went to the kitchen to find something to eat. Just then the doorbell rang, Dipper happily opened thinking it was Ford or Mabel...or maybe even Bill.

But as soon as he opened it he recvied a punch to the gut. "Well well Dipper pines." Said the voice. Dipper knew that voice anywhere. "G-Gideon?" Gideon chuckled, "My my you sure have gotten dumber-" he cut himself off as he kicked dipper in the side. "And weaker since the last time I saw you." He said with venom in his voice.

He hit Dipper in the head and Dipper was knocked out and Gideon called for one of his goons. "Take him to the warehouse make sure he doesn't leave!" The goon nodded and picked up Dipper and left and brought him to the warehouse.

A while later~

Bill came home excited to his little cute, sweet Dipper! "My pine tree bride I'm home~!" He got silence so he tried again louder this time. "Dipper my sweet if this is a joke you better come out I'm getting angry!" He shouted he started searching the house he couldn't find him. "Dipper where are you?!" He called.

Then through all the chaos he found a note it read:

'Dear Bill,

I have taken Dipper I still have a score to settle with him, hope you don't mind!


Gideon Gleeful'

Bill crumbled it up his eye Turing crimson red, he growled...'I'm coming my bride, and when I do I'll never let go ever again. Gleeful is in for a world a hurt when I find him! He's dead...

The thought of his beloved bride at the hands of...him made him even more mad. Now to find Dipper...

With Dipper~

When Dipper woke up and was punched in the face. "I hate you!" He was punched again

"You sent me to jail!" He got kicked in the side again.

"You made Mabel hate me!" He got slapped in the face

"You ruined my life!" He punched him in the mouth.

"STOP!" Everyone froze to see an angry Bill, "your dead Gleeful.." Bill growled. And thus began Gideon's torture

Dipper's Pov

Bill looks mad, really mad I wonder it hes also mad at me? Bill then balled up his fist and before throwing some punches he said, " Sweetie close your eyes..." I blinked blankly, why does he want me to close my eyes. "U-um Bill?..."

"I said NOW Pine tree," He growled and I immediately closed my eyes and used my hands to cover my eyes so I wasn't peeking. I heard lots of screaming, then it died down then I heard laughter.

"I'm not done with you Gideon!" He hissed, "You toke my bride from me and you hurt him, tainting his beauty...So now you will pay!" Then I heard screaming for a good hour or so then I felt someone next to me.

"My bride I don't want you to see this, so keep your eyes closed and take my hand." Dipper felt him grab his hand, and he transported us he then whispered, "You can open your eyes now love.." I uncovered my eyes and opened them and blinked.

"U-um Bill?" I said as I looked up at the dream demon's human form. "Yes Pine tree?" he said, I gulped "W-what did you do to Gideon and his goons exactly I heard lots of screaming..."

Normal pov

Bill froze, then said,"Oh I just made sure they wouldn't mess with us again.." He smiled sweetly at Dipper. 'Well maybe I did take it a little to far, I did kinda rip off his fingernails ripped his out from his sockets and bashed his head in.' He thought to himself but then he looked back at Dipper.

'Well I don't really care, he deserved it, from keeping me from my love, oh how I love him so mu...Wait love? emotions? cursed you emotions for making me feel this way! And curse you Pine tree for being so attractive!'

"Bill are you alright?" Dipper asked as Bill was in his thoughts, "Uh O-oh yes I'm fine Pine tree, now you should get some sleep you've had long day." Dipper yawned and nodded. Bill went over to him and carried him bridal style, Dipper's face turned bright red as Bill put him down in the King sized bed and kissed him on the forehead as Dipper fell asleep.

"Goodnight my little pine tree bride." He said softly...

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