Hi, RareNyte here! And in case you were wondering, I am still writing Warmth of Winter, but I recently received a PM that asked me to consider doing a different kind of story, so here it is.

This is not meant to be taken too seriously as it will be effectively light smut featuring Jaune and the girls. This is meant for a bit of enjoyable light reading rather than following an actual coherent story.

This is different from my usual M.O but I thought I could give it a try and see what you lovely readers think!

So try to enjoy :)

"Sorry, what?" Jaune couldn't possibly believe his ears, what he had just heard was so absurd, so ludicrous, so entirely implausible that in any other situation he'd scoff at the concept. If it were anyone else telling him this, he would assume it was their poor attempt at a joke, but surely she wouldn't lie to him, especially about this.
He must have misheard.

"..Could you repeat that, please?" Jaune managed to croak out, his mental state having been sent haywire after what it had heard and was desperate for an explanation to calm it down Pyrrha's deep blush grew redder still as she was unable to meet his eye.

"I-It's like I said. That's what your semblance is, the results prove it. Though it may be a little hard to grasp right away..." she stuttered, swaying in embarrassment.

Nope, she was entirely serious.

"But HOW?! How could that possibly be a semblance!" Jaune waved his hands like a madman, even to him this sounded completely ridiculous. Jaune wasn't exactly sure how semblances worked, some created shadow-like clones, some allowed you to outrun a bullet, others allowed you control over the very forces of nature. But in all his life he had never heard of one like this.

"Well I don't know either! It's a shock to me too to say the least, but it says it right here!" Pyrrha exclaimed, also in rather a perplexed state as she held up the test results they had received. After weeks and weeks of attempts at figuring out the special ability beneath is sub-par (at best) fighting prowess, they had hit a dead end.

The only solution left was to send a blood sample to be examined. Getting his aura low enough to pierce skin was a challenge in itself, getting him to sit still so she could stick it in was something else altogether. Weiss had reluctantly agreed to pass it down to a nearby Schnee laboratory and it was back within the week.
Though they had never expected this.

"JAUNE ARC: RESULTS" Pyrrha read aloud to Jaune, proving she wasn't making it up.
"Semblance appears to be a great power. It can allow the boy to win any battle by instilling him with unfaltering luck.
Slight caveat. It appears that the only way to ACTIVATE this power is to receive a kiss on the lips from a woman, faunus or human, lasting at least five seconds.
The effect wears off after seven days and afterwards must be re-activated if he wishes to use his luck again. Also, the same woman can not be kissed in the period of a month. "


There it was, on paper, intricately explained, written by real scientists funded by one of the largest and most prominent companies in Vale, the chances of this being a grievous error were slim at the very best, no matter how unlikely it would seem to anyone who heard it.

Jaune fell to his knees with his head in his hands, muttering to himself
"I'm the descendent of the Arc family, famed for their skill in battle and honour, and this is my semblance. Oh god what will my sisters say?! What will MOM say?!"

Jaune felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to see Pyrhha giving him a supportive smile, this reaction being expected of someone as kind as her after learning this, he dreaded to think what would have happened if one of the others had discovered it first or G forbid Nora finding out first.

Jaune gave her an appreciative smile as she nodded at him warmly before taking a seat beside him. It was good that they had chosen the rooftop for reading the result, in public he would reacted far worse and the thought of anyone overhearing. Jaune shuddered at the thought.

"So... what now?" Jaune asked, still processing everything in his head as Pyrhha looked up at him in slight surprise before her body language turned rather bashful, looking down at the ground and clenching her hands together.

"Do you..." Pyrrha started, her eyes glued to the floor beneath as Jaune turned to her with a 'Hm?', she hesitated for a few seconds before speaking again
"Do you want to test it?" she asked, finally turning her face towards his, now a slight blush present.

Jaune blinked. For the second time today he seriously doubted his sense of hearing as what he just heard couldn't possibly have been what actually came from the respectable huntress-in-training's mouth.

"Come again?" he squeaked, completely taken by surprise as Pyrrha lifted herself from the ground and began to pace up and down past him whilst trying to appear thoughtful as Jaune followed her with his eyes..

"Well we don't know for sure if the results are valid, we won't until we... try it out. If it doesn't work we can forget all about this, if it does work then... we'll figure that out later!" she reasoned, becoming more flustered by the second.

Jaune's eyes went wide, his heart began to beat faster and loud enough for him to hear it. Part of him was telling him to run, to run back home and truly become a farmer for his life. But upon thinking more, that part was erased entirely. Pyrhha was his best friend, she was always there for him even when he wasn't the best friend to her.

And besides that, even he realized her beauty, with being around her almost 24/7 he must have gotten used to it but once you take a step back and take a real good look, she is truly a gorgeous girl. Her emerald green eyes that illuminated the room, her luscious flowing red hair that was tied in an elegant ponytail. And for a constantly active and mighty fighter, her figure remained lean and sleek. There were also other areas that he refused to acknowledge but knew they were oh so alluring to a growing teenage boy like him.

He'd kick himself, no, he'd find a much worse punishment for himself if he missed out on this oppurtunity. Steeling his resolve with a tightened fist, he stood. Facing Pyrhha hiding as much nervousness as was Jaune-ly possible.

"Just one kiss, right?" Jaune asked hesitantly, Pyrrha didn't make eye contact but nodded gently.
Jaune took a deep breath in an attempt to prepare himself for what was to come next.

"...Okay" he spoke simply, though just getting the words out without stuttering was a magnificent feat alone.
Pyrrha looked taken aback, freezing whilst she stared wide eyed at Jaune, the red began to grow on her face once more before she shook her head vehemently.
"This is just to make sure, okay?" she asked, though it partially sounded as if she were addressing herself.

Both taking a step forward, they had abruptly closed their distance, suddenly within touching distance as both students' faces flushed deep scarlet
"U-Uhm, this is, well kind of my first so I might not be the best at it" he spoke shakily as Pyrrha seemed a bit relieved
"It's al right. This also happens to be my first" she returned with her usual bright tone but there was definitely nervousness behind it.

"Well then, I guess all that's left is to-" Jaune said quietly, Pyrrha said nothing but nodded quickly. Jaune took a breath as his hands had begun to shake a little, Pyrrha was the first to close her eyes, she took hold of Jaune's cheeks and begun to lean in. Jaune's heart almost couldn't take it as he began to feel her warmth.
Then their lips met.

Jaune's eyes shot open before the sensation began to ensnare him, the soft feel of her lips against his was almost overwhelming. It started off very innocently as Jaune simply enjoyed the feeling of her lips against his before she suddenly thrust her tongue into his mouth, his opening instinctively as theirs met in the hot act of passion.

Jaune reciprocated intensely, tasting all of Pyrrha's mouth as their saliva mixed with one another's. Neither could believe how good it felt, prompting them to continue on locking their lips together.

Pyrrha pulled Jaune further into the kiss, bringing his body right against hers as her hands ran through his hair whilst they explored each others mouths. Jaune's arms reached around her back and brought her in closer still as their tongues wrestled in pleasure.

The pair continued on with their make out session for far longer than the 5 second requirement and only stopped when Pyrrha's emerald eyes shot open, having almost lost herself in ecstasy she managed to control herself at the last second, breaking their lip-lock and stepping away from the blond.

They both stood gasping for a while as Pyrrha held her hand to her chest, feeling a tad light-headed as Jaune took in what had just happened.
Both offered each other a brief glance before turning away instantly, faces burning.

"Do.. you think it worked?" Jaune asked eventually, having only somewhat regained his bearings, Pyrhha initially responded with a look of confusion, her mind being all over the place following that experience before she remembered, the semblance!

"*Ahem* O-Oh, Okay. I suppose that's naturally the next thing to do" she rambled, attempting to grasp some composure and slow her sky-rocketing heartbeat.
Coughing to herself, she pulled out her blade that had been strapped to her waist and told Jaune to stand defensively before trying to dodge it.

When she swung at him, Jaune stepped back in an instant, the blade falling harmlessly in front of his face, when she swung it back, he yet again moved out of the way. His movements weren't elegant or precise and Pyrrha had stopped going easy on him after the first few swings. There were two possibilities.

Either he had secretly mastered formless dodging whilst she hadn't been looking or..

The kiss had worked.

The two barely spoke following that, they had entered their dorm room without a word to their team mates, Jaune simply collapsed on his bed and Pyrhha strode right into the bathroom without a word, confusing the other two occupants of the room immensely as they pondered just what had occurred between their team mates,

The next morning, Jaune managed to wake up before anyone else and get dressed and ready without disturbing them, tiptoeing to the bathroom before stealthily sneaking out the door, closing it softly behind him.

As Jaune walked to the cafeteria to catch some breakfast, his inner turmoil filled his poor feeble mind
"So, it works, apparently. That's my semblance, really?! THAT?! Of all things... Well now that we proved it does that mean.. we have to do it again?
Wait, I'm getting wayy ahead of myself. Who says I even need the luck? My combat skills alone should be sufficient for-"

Jaune sighed, even in his own inner monologue he couldn't lie convincingly to himself.
"Okay maybe they aren't ideal, but that doesn't mean I HAVE to resort to such.. extreme methods, does it? Of course not!
All I have to do is train my hardest and then when it comes to the time when I have to fight, I'll be ready! With my current progress I should be okay in a month, give or take. As long as there isn't any tournament or something before then, I'll be fine as is"

Satisfied with his solution, Jaune smiled to himself, having managed to sidestep what could have been a very awkward and troublesome secret ritual.
"It's a shame I wouldn't get to kiss her again, though..."
Jaune shook his head free of such thoughts, as much as he agreed with them, he couldn't ruin their relationship like that.

No, he'd be fine for now. Absolutely.

"God damn it..."

As if the world simply wanted to toy with him for its own amusement, it had thrown Jaune a curveball. After eating quickly at the cafeteria, Jaune had begun to go to first lesson with Professor Port. Once inside the classroom, he had chosen to sit next to his small perky friend Ruby today rather than an endure a heavy atmosphere with the other red haired huntress.

Things were the same as usual as Jaune began to nod off, but then something Port had said caused him to jolt to attention as alarm bells blared in his brain.
"...and so, for this practice battle next Friday, I entreat you to train hard and persevere! As the most impressive warrior shall earn a great prize and the least impressive fighter will be forced to assist me with coming up with lesson plans for the rest of the semester"

As the rest of the class groaned, Jaune's pale expression only grew whiter. Wasn't that just a bit too harsh!? Out of everyone in the room, it wasn't exactly a secret that Jaune was the worst combat-wise. Without a doubt he'd be the one giving the professor his scroll number so they could stay up late going through the best methods of warbling on and on about the hunting habits of the common beowolf.

That is of course unless...

Jaune took a quick glance around the room, spotting Pyrrha, now ruled out as per the one month rule, and Nora ruled out because, well a girl can only shyly clarify that she isn't romantically involved with a boy a hundred or so times when you begin to get the hint.

That means that if he were to activate his semblance once again he'd have to get one of the other girls to kiss him before next Friday.
As the images of certain girls in his year popped up in his head Jaune tried his best to forget about it for now and focus solely on the lesson, as hard as that was once thoughts started creeping into his imagination.

He would have time to think about that later.

This would mark the start of Jaune's newly spiced life at Beacon, if only he knew the unbelievable things that were going to happen to him next, in which he'll have to wonder if this semblance is the best gift he had ever received, or a terrible curse. Only time will tell.

A short chapter to start off with, I hope this interests you. So as I said this before this will be mostly lime smut, small chance of lemon depending on whether or not this story becomes popular.

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