This is a once shot based on a picture that I drew for a friend. Her OC Sishu with Demon God Demigra. I drew them as Persephone as I drew the demon lord as Hades. I thought this was quite fitting. I hope you guys enjoy reading this.

Demigra belongs to Akirka Toriyama

Sishu belongs to Talia-Ishtar

I don't own or came up with the idea of greek mythology

The pink hared woman was under the earth. The place was full of darkness, barely any light has shone. She was stuck here with her captor, it was hard to escape with the large creature guarding the entrance of the underworld The woman has gotten a bit hunger wondering if their were anything to eat besides souls and bones. From the corner of the woman's yellow eyes she spotted a small tree that bared delicious fruit. The young goddess walked up to the tree picking the small fruit from the branch.

Little did she know the red haired male was near by watching the scene. A small smirk formed onto his pale lips. 'Go on deary, eat the fruit, you hungry aren't you.' The ruler of the underworld thought as he darkly chuckled to himself. He knew that the daughter of the nature goddess had no idea what she was getting into.

Sishu stared at the food a little, she was hungry. Yet she was in a strange place she has never been in, besides Demigra capturing her, there was no danger or harm to come her way yet. The pink goddess devoured the fruit as her stomach as demanding to be feed. Little did she know that the decision that she made was a bad one, and it was too late to change it.

Demigra stepped out in from the shadow with a wide grin, showing his menacing fangs. The small woman heard foot steps approaching her direction, her yellow orbs turn towards the death god. Chills ran down her spine as she noticed his menacing grin, knowing it wasn't a good one. "You can't keep me here forever, I will find a way out." She spoke as she gave the tall male a stern couldn't help chuckle a little, amused by her small statement. "Even if you try getting out of here, there's no way you can do that know, my dear Sishu." He looks down at her. "If there's a way in, there's a way out/ Don't say what's possible impossible." She frowned, crossing her arms. "My dear Goddess, you've already accepted my invitation." Demigra pointed out to the small tree where she got the fruit from.

Her eyes widen in shock, realizing that she was stuck her forever. "No, that can't be true. That has to be a lie." She looked at him with disbelief. This was hard for her to believe, how would she get out of this place, how would she return to her mother. How would she reach the messenger to come and go deliver the message of where she was. "Oh, I don't ever lie, what do I even need to bend the truth ever for." He notice that she gazed was locked on to the fruit. Thinking of the horrid decision and consequences she was going to deal with.

The God grabbed her chin and tilted her head up so his gaze would lock on to hers. "As you said before, don't say what's possible, impossible." The petite female was surprised to hear that the red haired male was using her very own words against her. "Let go of me!" She tried to push him away but the pale male caught her hand in a tight grip."As I said before, it is futile to even leave. You belong to me now." The spring goddess's fate was now sealed. She was down in this dark place with this man. There was no possible way for her to escape, there was no way out. She was living a nightmare.