Summary: Sam, along with Spinelli is arrested because of Nikolas. Will Nikolas get what's coming to him? Is this the roadblock that forces Jake to abandon his searches? Will he ever find out who he really is? And if he does, how will Sam and Patrick deal with the fall out? Samtrick and JaSam. (Patrick is not leaving in this story).

I'm writing this story because I'm truly upset that Jason Thompson is leaving and wanted to provide an alternate version to the JaSam reveal. I wish Jason all the best with his future endeavors.
Reviews are always extremely welcome as they keep me motivated to continue writing. I'm genuinely excited about writing this story and can't wait to update future chapters.


Chapter 1:

"Commissioner, hi, what can I do for you?" Sam asked when she opened the door. Jordan, along with two other officers walked into the room.

"Samantha Morgan and Damien Spinelli, you are under arrest," Jordan explained. Spinelli rushed to remove any possible damming evidence from his laptop and Sam stood at the door still shocked as one of the officers walked around her and took out his handcuffs. Sam willingly put her arms around her back and allowed for the officer to cuff her, not wanting anymore misunderstandings. Spinelli finished his rush to secure his files and stood up as the officer proceeded to cuff him as well.

"What exactly are we being arrested for?" Sam finally asked.

Jordan retrieved a piece of paper from her bag and unfolded it.

"Samantha Morgan, you are under arrest for trespassing, larceny, and aiding and abetting Damien Spinelli in a computer crime," Jordan read, "Dan, read both of the suspects their rights please."

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult with a lawyer and have that lawyer present during the interrogation. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed to represent you. You can invoke your right to be silent before or during an interrogation, and if you do so, the interrogation must stop. You can invoke your right to have an attorney present, and until your attorney is present, the interrogation must stop," Dan, the arresting officer, robotically stated and Sam was practically mouthing along with him after the amount of times she's heard the script in the past.

Sam instantly knew that Nikolas had called the cops on her but how? He didn't have any evidence and Jake assured her earlier that Nikolas couldn't possibly file any charges because he would press charges right back. She also wondered how Spinelli was caught. Wasn't he the Ace of Cyberspace, the Assassin of the Internet?

"Do you understand these rights as they have been explained to you?" Jordan asked, "We need a verbal answer." Both replied with a reluctant yes.

"Alright then, let's go. Oh and…" Jordan walked over to the desk, "we have a warrant to cease your laptop, Spinelli."

Spinelli nodded and looked over towards Sam, who had by now, been repeatedly rolling her eyes. The officers pushed Sam and Spinelli through the door and placed them into separate cop cars.

10 minutes later they arrived at the police station. Sam was somewhat grateful to get out of the car. Sitting in the moving vehicle with her hands locked behind her wasn't a very comfortable experience.

Sam was led into the building first and straightaway spotted the man himself, Nikolas.

"You bastard! How dare you file charges against me!" Sam fought and rushed out of the officer's hands and towards Nikolas. The officer ran after her and held her back.

"Now now Sam. Calm down, you don't want to add resisting arrest to your list of charges." Nikolas calmly replied. A part of himself felt disturbed. She was, after all, his cousin but then he quickly remembered his motives.

"How could you do this?!" Sam continued to yell. She was beyond annoyed with her "cousin".

"I had to find a way to stop you. Apparently just asking you wasn't enough. I don't want to go to these lengths but unfortunately it's necessary."

"You can go and rot in hell! I'm going to have Jake press charges on you for running an illegal DNA test on you!"

Jordan stepped into the precinct and witnessed the situation occurring.

"Dan, bring Ms. Morgan into interrogation 1. Get her away from Mr. Cassadine," she ordered.

Dan struggled to gain control of Sam but eventually was able to push her into the interrogation room. The officer was surprised because for such a petite lady, she sure had a lot of might and strength, even for a guy that lifted weights every day. Once in the room Sam calmed down enough and Dan removed the cuffs and locked her to the table. Sam, again in shock, looked up at Dan, feeling as if this was unnecessary. Dan, noticing her distaste, apologized.

"I'm sorry, it's commissioner's orders. Anyone with a prior record is to be secured to the table," he explained as he stepped out of the room.

Finally, she was left to her own thoughts. Patrick wasn't going to be happy about this at all. At the hospital she hadn't really told him what led to her spraining her ankle but now that she was arrested she was left with no choice but to explain herself. She looked down towards her beautiful engagement ring; the last thing she wanted is for her fiancé to be mad at her or for him to be jealous of her friendship with Jake. JAKE! If she's been arrested then he must have been arrested as well! Nikolas wouldn't discriminate between the two of them. But she hadn't seen Jake anywhere in the precinct, unless he was put into a separate interrogation room, or he had already been booked and was in a jail cell down in the basement.

Moments later Jordan walked in with a file underneath her arm. She was dressed to the tee with a black pencil skirt, a navy blue blouse and heals that accentuated her gorgeous legs. The look gave her so much confidence and exuberated power.

"I'll ask first before we waste any time," Jordan said as she sat down.

"Ask what?"

"Should I even interrogate you or are you going to exercise your right and not talk?"

"I want to have my phone call," Sam replied. She had a lot of respect for Jordan and felt like on any other day she would get along quite nicely with her but today was not the day. She didn't have an ounce of patience left.

"Fair enough. I'll have Dan escort you down to the phone booth," Jordan stood up and pushed in her chair.

"Wait, I have one question," Sam stopped Jordan, "was Jake arrested as well?"

"No he wasn't. Is there a reason why he should be?"

"No, not at all. I was… I don't know why I asked."

"Sam, this is not a place you belong. I know the only reason why you're in here is because of your cousin, Nikolas. I understand that you feel like you're doing the right thing; you're trying to find out who Jake really is, but unfortunately the law doesn't distinguish between motives. I want to help you because you shouldn't be here. There are murderers and drug dealers that are out there that I would much rather be spending my time fighting. With the list of charges, you could be spending the next 10 years of your life in prison. 10 years separated from your son, Danny. If there is something you have to tell me that could possibly get you out of here or close this case, then please tell me," Jordan said sympathetically. She was genuine; it wasn't a strategy to have Sam talk.

"I want my phone call."