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Chapter 30

"Good morning."

"Hmm, good morning," Sam replied while Jason held her tighter underneath the sheets.

"Did you sleep well?"

"With you beside me, how could I not sleep well?"

"You're amazing, you know," Jason spoke and nibbled under her ear, causing her to laugh and shrug shoulders to get away from his ticklish, prickly beard.

"Stop," she giggled. Turning around to face him, Sam laid a hand on his cheek. "Last night was more than I could have ever dreamed of."

"I agree… we've always been intense haven't we? It's a good thing the kids weren't here. You would've woken them up, and who know, maybe they would have been scared enough by your screaming that they would have called 911," Jason teased.

"Oh shut up! You're such a jerk," Sam replied with a small slap to his cheek.

"Ouch… what do you say I make us some breakfast?" Jason offered.

"Sure, do you need any help?"

"Um… no thank you, I like my kitchen in one piece please."

"Hey, come on! I'm not that bad anymore. Emma has been teaching me a lot. I can even make pancakes and muffins now. You just don't ever let me show you!"

"Well, remember that time right before I went to Pentonville and you made me a BLT?"

"Yes yes yes, the BLT was burnt to a crisp," Sam sighed. It was nice in the cabin; romantic and relaxing. The only issue was that the prison sentence was always looming above like a dark angry cloud ready to shower upon the knowing victims below. "Maybe one day we'll be able to go back to the cabin."

"Or to the house where the old box car used to be."

"Of course, how could I forget. We spent our very first wedding night there, well depending on what day you call the wedding night. That would be really nice if we could be able to go back sometime."

"Yes it would. Now, come on, what would you like for breakfast? An omelet, pancakes, French toast, muffins?" Jason shelled out the various options. Sam thought for a moment, placing a finger to her chin.

"As much as a picture of you baking me muffins would be hilarious, I won't hurt your ego so harshly, so instead I'll ask for a cheese and bacon omelet.

"Alright, one cheese and bacon omelet coming right up," Jason said, tapping on Sam's leg before climbing out of the bed and grabbed his pair of jeans.

Sam leaped across the bed and took a hold of Jason's shirt before he could get to it.

"I wanted you shirtless in the kitchen," she demanded.

"Really?" he cocked his head and raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, I've missed your six pack and I want to get every chance possible to see it. Besides, nothing is hotter than my man cooking in the kitchen with his shirt off."

"Oh, is that so?" Well in that case," Jason quickly sped to the other side of the bedroom and grabbed Sam's shirt. She smirked, walked to her dresser and grabbed a new blouse.

"Gosh, you're mean."

"That's what happens when you're too lazy to unpack your clothes out of the boxes. Now, let's go. Stop complaining and make me some breakfast!" she retorted and spanked Jason's bottom as he walked past her.

"One cheese and bacon omelet for you and one cheese and bacon omelet for me," Jason brought the two dishes out of the kitchen and placed them on the respective places on the dining table.

"Thank you very much, you may now get your shirt back," Sam replied with a smile and handed the black cotton shirt back to its respective owner.

"Thanks, I appreciate it. If I'd known how…"

"How what?!" she interrupted.

"Um…nothing…" Jason wisely remained silent.

"That's what I thought. It's the price you pay to be with the Queen."

"And I would pay any price if to spend just one more second with you," Jason smiled.

"You are too sweet… and wow is delicious," Sam replied when she took a bite of the omelet.

"Thank you, I'm sure yours would have been just as good," Jason countered sarcastically.

"You are such a tool! You know what? I want that shirt back!"

"Nope, I already have it on, silly goose," he took a quick bite from his omelet.

"I can solve that easily," she pushed her chair back and ran after Jason. However, Jason was too quick and ran away from her, shoving his chair in Sam's way in the process.

"Try and catch me!" he teased from the opposite side of the couch. He leaned left when Sam leaned left and leaned right when she leaned right. Suddenly, Sam lurched over the couch and reached Jason's arm, but he managed to escape, ran back to the dining table and picked up a glass of water.

"Oh, you wouldn't dare!"

"Watch me!" and just like that he splashed her face with water. He then immediately ran away up the stairs, knowing that Sam would be seething for revenge. However, he was a bit confused when instead of running after him, she fled to the kitchen.

Then, suddenly, he heard a blood curdling scream. He left all his previous thoughts behind him and sprinted to the kitchen and collapsed to the ground when he saw Sam lying motionless on the cold tile floors.

"Sam…hey Sam…come on talk to me," he was utterly flabbergasted and clueless as to what could have happened. He turned her body to face him and checked for any blood, and somewhat relieved to see nothing. "Sam, honey, wake up…what happened," he kept shaking her desperately trying to wake her up from her apparent unconsciousness.

"BOO!" she screamed and could have sworn that he jumped like a kangaroo, followed by him falling back and hitting his back into the cabinetry. He held his hand to his chest as if he had just had a heart attack, meanwhile, Sam grabbed something from behind the kitchen and pointed it at him.

A fire extinguisher. Things were about to get messy. She pulled the pin, aimed the nozzle and quickly sprayed him down with the white foam.

"Are you crazy?!" he yelled over the spray.

"If I can't have the shirt, then no one can," she replied, hysterically laughing. She fell to the ground in a heap of giggles, barely able to catch a breath while Jason took a kitchen towel to wipe off his face. Looking down at his wife unable to contain herself, Jason couldn't help but allow for a big grin to appear on his face. Nothing could make him happier than seeing her happy.

"Okay, I'm going to go pick up Danny from preschool, bring him home and then grab Emma," Sam said to Jason, whom was sitting on the couch, freshly showered, as she came down the stairs and grabbed her keys off the desk.

"I'll make sure that Danny is in bed and napping by the time you come home with Emma then," Jason replied.

"Great, thank you babe," and then her phone began buzzed in her jeans pocket. "Hmm it's Spinelli. He sent me a series of text messages. He says that…oh, wow… apparently, Nikolas accessed his bank account last night around 11 PM," she read off the messages.

"Did Spinelli mention from where Nikolas accessed his account?" Jason questioned.

"Should you even ask? According to Spinelli, he's on a remote island in the Mediterranean."

"Cassadine Island?"

"Nope, seems like it's a different island. It's still in Greece though."

"I wonder why he would he would do something so stupid though…" Jason pondered.

"Everyone makes a mistake at some point. At the risk of sounding cheesy, nobody is perfect," Sam replied.

"Well… I guess we're going to Greece."