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Salazar eyed Marvolo. Despite the man's promises and his gentle demeanour, Salazar could just tell that this was the type of person one did not anger in any fashion. He really didn't want to be on the end of some unpleasant curse simply because he annoyed the other magic practitioner.

"Why is your stare so accusing?" the other man asked, a curious look crossing his features.

The teen flushed, realising that he very wellcould have been glaring a hole into the other man's head.

"Your magic puts me on edge."

An amused smirk flitted across the man's perfect lips, his magic reaching out to caress Salazar's arms. "That would be because I am more powerful than you are, dear Salazar. More than a hundred fold."

Great Salazar in the stars, the man was intimidating!

"What happened to the mouthy youth who addressed me so disrespectfully a fortnight ago?"

The teen cleared his throat to prevent his voice from cracking when he answered. "He went home and realised that getting on the bad side of someone capable of killing him without him even knowing, would not be very wise."

A smooth, elegant finger reached up to trace Marvolo's bottom lip. The man seemed to consider his words. "Indeed."

Once again, Marvolo had decided to come to the forest for whatever reason. He was not doing any herb gathering this time however. His hands were empty save for the staff he always carried.

"Tell me, Salazar, what sort of magical training do you have?"

The boy struggled to come up with an answer, unsure of where the question came from. "I get some assistance from... a fairy."

"Summon them."

Not even a 'please'. How rude.


There was a distant tinkling of bells that Harry recognised as a Crumple-Horned Snorkack. Rearing back at the sudden intrusion of the tiny being in his face, he listened as they frantically informed him that Luna was hiding from Marvolo and that she did not want to anger 'the lord'. Whatever that meant.

Harry's smile was strained by he assured the poor creature that he did not hold it against either of them.

The being fled immediately.

"Luna is hiding from you," he said.

Marvolo quirked a brow.

"Something about not wanting to anger 'the lord'?"

A noncommittal hum was his only response.

The man turned and began walking away. Or at least Salazar thought he was until the man looked back and crooked a finger invitingly. Almost sensually. Not that Salazar's mind was going in that direction!

It was just that every movement the man made, seemed almost like flowing water. As if he was floating across the ground and every gesticulation was fluid-like and in essence, sensual.

To add on to his appearance, his presence was very awe-inspiring. Salazar was so tempted to just stare, but he knew that that wouldn't be appreciated. Also, he didn't like it when people stared at him, so he was pretty certain that the other man wouldn't approve either.

Salazar continued trailing after the man, curious as to where he was being lead to. There was only a moment of fear that something bad would happen to him. But if anything became dangerous, Salazar would probably be able to get out of it himself. Or Luna might come to save him.

They walked and walked for what seemed like hours. Really the sun had barely shifted in the sky, so it couldn't have taken that long. However, the Forbidden Forest was much larger than people assumed it was. And it had the ability to affect time and space if one was exposed to it for too long.

Either one could spend only a minute inside and it would feel like they had been there for hours, or they could be there for hours and feel like they had only spent a minute inside. It took a lot of magical control for somebody to regulate the Mist in order to prevent it from affecting their person.

The Mist curled away from Marvolo. As if it did not want to be anywhere near him. Salazar wasn't sure if it was actually the Mist doing it, or Marvolo's magic was literally forcing it away. No matter the answer, it was still an amazing and yet terrifying revelation.

Towards the center of the forest, they came across a very large and imposing manor. In fact, Salazar would have gone so far as to call it a castle, but it paled in comparison to the emperor's castle.

Still, there were three large towers and even two bridges linking them. It was pretty amazing, he had to admit. But it also seemed so dark and depressing. It obviously was not home to many people nor was it used to having visitors.

"Are you not ever lonesome?" Salazar couldn't help but ask. It seemed like the place was abandoned. Either that, or it lacked any kind of servants or help. Either way, it was dank and dreary and Salazar found himself preferring his small hut on the edge of the forest.

"What need have I of visitors? Rarely do I ever find somebody who was interesting enough to speak with let alone bring home."

The man sent another smirk in Salazar's direction. As if Salazar should be honoured that the man considered him interesting enough to invite inside. Salazar gave no response.

Though he was indeed flattered by the man's obvious interest in him, which ever direction that interest was going, he just wanted to know if he could learn more about the magical half of their society. As he'd grown up alone, with only Luna, Minerva, and the creatures of the forest as his company, he wasn't well-versed in the happenings of the human society.

He hunted his own food, and transfigured his own clothes, and he basically kept to himself and the creatures of the forest.

There had never been a need once leaving the Dursleys, to venture out into the market.

Upon entering the large building, Salazar was confronted with Nagini, Marvolo's familiar. The great serpent coiled around herself, and lifted her head in order to get a better view of Salazar's form.

She nodded her greeting to him, and turned to Marvolo, inquiring about her supper. She was promptly told to go outside in fetch it on her own.

The serpent slithered away, tossing insults at her human as she went. Apparently, she preferred to be treated lavishly instead of having to get up and do the work herself. It was humorous in a way. A snake rebelling against her inborn nature.

Marvolo summoned a House Elf, proving that there were actually helpers around the manor. He lead Salazar into the drawing room, and motioned to the tea once it was brought in.

"I wish to discuss your magical education, if you will. As you have a very important name, you must live up to it. I cannot in good or bad conscience allow you to continue without proper education. Salazar Slytherin would be greatly displeased if someone bearing his name were to make a fool of themselves."

Salazar flushed at the implication that he was a bumbling moron. Or at least, if he didn't get the proper education then he would become a bumbling moron. Either way, he was greatly insulted.

Marvolo raised a hand to forestall Salazar's planned response. "I understand the annoyance of people discrediting you and underestimating you. It happened with me when I was your age. However, there were some wizards to guide me along. You have only a fairy. Fairies are not human, and therefore she will not fully understand how humans with magic, live. You need someone of experience, and I shall instruct you."

Salazar's jaw dropped.

Marvolo didn't really know what he was doing. For probably the first time in his life, he was confused on how to handle the situation.

He had considered getting the boy a tutor, but he had not thought of the tutor being himself.

But there was something about this boy that called to his possessiveness. Something that demanded all of his attention. He wanted Salazar's attention to be on him. He wanted to get as close to the boy as possible.

It was a strange sort of sensation, and he could not fully understand it. What was causing such strange longings within him?

The thought of the boy going to anybody else for assistance infuriated him. He did not want the boy, who shared the name of Marvolo's greatest ancestor, who also shared a magical ability that was a recessive gene in Marvolo's line, to possibly pique another's interest.

Especially Dumbledore of all people. Merlin help them if Dumbledore somehow got his hands on the boy.

Salazar was an opportunity. And opportunities were not to be wasted. The Dark Lord intended to bring out everything in the boy.

And he did mean everything.

Lily watched the horizon with sadness. Another day had gone by. Another day that she didn't know where her son resided, or if he was even alive any longer. And she was conflicted. If he was indeed alive, then he would have only a few months left to actually live, before he fell into an eternal slumber.

But if he was dead, then he wouldn't have to go through that.

Which was better?

Was one even better than the other? She wanted him to be alive but not to suffer. What kind of mother did that make her?

Bellatrix came to her side and placed a calming hand on her shoulder. "Come back inside, you're doing yourself no good but sitting out here."

Lily relented and returned to her chambers.

Another night filled with wine it seemed.

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