Author's Note: For Jelulz based on the following prompt -

"Imagine your OTP is playing a game together. Person A is the more competitive and cocky one while Person B is focused and experienced. Despite all of A's bragging and trash talk they are losing to Person B, but refuse to accept it. A then begins to seduce and distract B however they can (kissing/biting their neck, groping them, etc.) until Person B can no longer focus on playing anymore. The two forget the game and proceed with steamy sex on the floor."

Yes, I realize some of the gaming logistics in this aren't exactly accurate, but I don't care. In my world (where I design the platform and game) this is completely plausible.

Battle mode was his least favorite. It was pointless and, in his opinion, took away from the main game. However, Erza wouldn't be appeased any other way so he capitulated. Once a week, without fail, she'd challenge him to a best-of-three match. She'd never actually beat him but that fact didn't seem to temper her exuberance… or trash talking. For some inexplicable reason she was under the impression that warrior knights were stronger than mages. Each loss brought on astonishing incredulity on her part.

It wasn't that Erza's character was weak. She habitually decimated members of her player's guild in battle mode and had a reputation for being a gracious winner – even offering advice to players not on her skill level. Regardless of her grace when winning, though, Erza was the worst kind of loser. More than once Jellal had to rescue a thrown controller from behind one piece of furniture or another. She would glare at him and criticize his techniques, despite not knowing anything about playing a mage class.

Jellal's own player's guild teased him for carrying on with Erza but never complained about the way he ditched them every Saturday to waste hours in battle mode. They had a healthy respect for their leader who regularly wiped the floor with the famous Titania. When his second in command, TimeWitch, pressed him for information on how he'd even become acquainted with Erza – player's guilds didn't always closely interact – he eventually revealed that they were neighbors in real life. TimeWitch had guessed on her own that they were much more than just neighbors.

"Are you letting me win?" Erza snapped.

He grinned and glanced over at her. Erza leaned forward on her cushion with her face twisted in irritation. "Nope."

"Because I'll know if you throw this match."

"I would never take away your thrill of victory like that. The day you beat me will be all you." Jellal leaned easily against the footboard of his bed and glanced out the window. It was snowing again.

"You should pay attention! I'm about to destroy you with my new enchanted sword."

"Let's see it then." Erza's sword, and the special attack stills that went along with it, were impressive but he'd been busy the past week too. Her push against him was deflected with a barrage of dark magic. His XP meter shot up and, technically, Jellal could let Erza's knight take hits at him until the clock ran down and he'd still win by an embarrassing margin.

"What the hell, Jellal?!" She bit out. "You were not casting spells like that last week!"

He shrugged. "I may have cleared a dungeon or two."

"Or two?"

"Well, you know, it's winter break and all. Why not?"

"I hate you," she muttered.

Jellal sighed and tossed his controller aside. He scooted over onto Erza's cushion and inched his arm around her waist. "No you don't."

"Oh, yes I do." Her words were barely anything other than a growl. "You're so cocky that you're not even watching the match anymore."

"It's boring." Jellal brushed her hair from her shoulder and kissed her neck.

"Glad to hear you think playing me is boring. I won't come over on Saturdays anymore then." She shrugged her shoulder in an attempt to shake him off. Jellal did not oblige and continued to plant open-mouthed kisses on her neck and just behind her ear. "I'll take up knitting."

"Nothing about you is boring, Erza. But I don't want to battle anymore."

"You're only saying that because you're winning!" She huffed frustratedly. "You're winning and you're not even playing!"

Jellal's hand at her waist slid under her sweater and grazed her skin. He moved up her ribs and stopped just below the wire of her bra. "Why is winning against me so important to you?" he whispered in her ear.

Erza stifled a shudder and half-heartedly tried to twist away from him. "Because I don't like losing."

"But it's just me. Who cares?" Jellal quickly lifted her and pulled her into his lap. The edge of Erza's skirt caught between his stomach and her body. Jellal preferred winter to summer on most days but her heavy leggings could sometimes present a problem.

"I care." Despite her refusal to give up Erza settled into the space between his crossed legs. "It's embarrassing. I feel like everyone in-game knows you kick my ass every week."

"Maybe, but during the rest of the week you're destroying everyone else." Jellal worked his thumb and forefinger under the bra wire and used his free hand to sweep the mass of delicious smelling red hair from the back of her neck. He returned to kissing her there and inhaled the scent of her shampoo. How did she always manage to smell so incredible?

Erza growled in frustration again. Jellal didn't have to peek at the screen to know why. His mage was equipped with an auto-attack item. If he became inactive for more than a few seconds the character would use basic melee skills to defend himself. Even though physical combat was his weakest skill, he was so far ahead in points it didn't matter. The battle timer would run out soon enough.

Jellal released Erza's hair and found the spot on her rear where her skirt rode up. He tugged on the waistband of her leggings. "These need to go."

She turned her head slightly from the screen. "You could at least wait until the match is over."

"I already told you," he said, working the elastic over her hips that stubbornly pressed against him. "It's boring."

Erza's jaw twitched as she kicked off the leggings. "One of these days, Jellal –" She cut off with a gasp when his fingers pressed between her legs.

"One of these days… what?" He sucked a mouthful of her skin into his mouth and grazed his teeth over it. His reward was the way Erza's eyes momentarily fluttered closed and her head fell back against his shoulder. She was wet and warm and the aggravation of their battle had worked her into a state he easily capitalized on.

"Jellal," Erza breathed just before she clenched around his fingers.


"I hate you."

He laughed softly and tightened his arm around her torso. His hand finally wormed its way under the cup of her bra and even though the wire dug into him he didn't remove it. Jellal didn't need Erza to be naked in order to be completely aroused by her.

The sound of the battle timer reaching zero startled her and she flung her controller back over them onto his bed. Without warning she spun around and pushed him onto his back. Erza straddled his lap and leaned down very close to his face.

"You cheated."

"I'd never stoop to cheating." His hands grabbed her thighs and moved under the hem of her skirt.

"You did too. Distracting me from the game is cheating." Erza yanked at his belt buckle with an unnecessary force.

"By the time I stopped playing, you winning was a statistical improbability. Even with your enchanted sword." He lifted his hips enough for her to yank his pants down.

"There's no way you can know that! I have plenty of things in my equipment space that you don't even know about!"

Jellal sighed and released her thighs. He tugged at the edge of her sweater and she pulled it over her head leaving wisps of hair charged with static floating around her face. Erza planted her hands on either side of his face and kissed him with a gentleness he didn't expect.

"Next week, I'm going to destroy you," she whispered against his lips.

He smiled and pushed her onto her back. "I'm going to hold you to that, Erza. I expect great and deadly things from you."

Erza reached between them and grabbed his hardened cock. She positioned him at her entrance and he easily slid inside. Despite her fierce personality, Erza had many soft parts that Jellal loved. Her red hair always intoxicated him with the strong citrus scent of her soap, the sides of her neck were always begging to be kissed, and there was a spot behind her left knee that made her stomach muscles tremble with anticipation. However, the softest part of Erza was on the inside. The way she felt wrapped around him with all that wet heat made him think there wasn't anything more pleasurable in the known universe.

His thrusts were smooth and deep. Erza's fingernails raked down his back and he hoped she'd leave a scratch that would sting in the shower later – he was a bit of a masochist and the hot water on her marks would be a perfect way to end the day once she'd gone home. Jellal's head dropped to her covered breasts and he enjoyed the look of them so much he decided to leave the bra. He knew she didn't pick her underclothes for his gaze but he loved her selections all the same. His mouth settled over one mound and her nipple rose to press against the purple lace. His teeth scraped across the delicate flower design and Erza's back arched into him.

One smooth leg hitched high around his hip and she whimpered in irritation. Erza had a hard time climaxing unless he fucked her hard and fast or applied direct stimulation. So he grabbed her thigh and pressed it into her chest to gain leverage.

"Right there," she whispered as she bit into her bottom lip. Jellal watched the tension build on her face and smiled when she grasped at his shoulders painfully. "I –" He knew she'd never finish the thought.

Jellal had long ago learned the skill of holding out on himself until Erza had reached her peak. She wasn't an easy girl to please, and he didn't like to brag, but he liked to think that he'd leveled up to a previously undiscovered area. Early in their relationship she'd been a little hesitant and embarrassed about the things she needed to orgasm, but Jellal didn't mind the learning curve. Someone else's failure to make her eyes roll into the back of her head was his triumph.

Breathing hard and with trembling arms, Jellal fell onto her chest. The skin between her breasts smelled like something so utterly Erza that he decided he'd like to drown there. She raked her fingers through his hair and sighed loudly.

"I still hate you."

Jellal smiled. "I love you, too."