Author's Note: I don't know that I can forgive myself for posting this along side another piece. Both went up on the same weekend and this one got lost in the shuffle. I've been sitting on that spite for a year. So here's a second part that I can't let go of.

"Have you seen my headset?" he asked, pawing through a desk drawer stuffed with cables, adaptors, controllers, and the occasional dead battery.

"No." Erza's voice was muffled by the blankets on his bed. Jellal sighed and checked the last drawer. The headset he found was old but it would do.

"Do you still have a headache?"


Jellal tossed the headset on the surface of his desk and stood. He peeked under the blankets and found his girlfriend browsing twitter on her phone. The white light illuminated her face.

"You know that your app has a night mode now, right? Though, I'm pretty sure any mode will make your headache worse."

Erza pouted and slid her phone off the edge of his bed. She gathered his blanket under her chin and gazed up at him pitifully.

"Do you have any naproxen?" she asked. "It's the only thing that that works for me anymore."

"I'll check my mom's bathroom. I think you cleaned my bottle out last week."

When he returned to his bedroom, Erza had moved to the foot of his bed and was curling the tip of Lily's tail around her fingers. Lily was an older cat and didn't take kindly to anyone but Jellal's mother, Erza, and Jellal himself. Any and all other visitors were glared at from the shadows or ignored completely.

When Jellal offered her the pill bottle and a glass of water, Erza rolled over onto her stomach, shook out five tablets, and tossed them back with the water.

"Are you sure you should take that many?" Jellal sat on the end of the bed and tidied the scarlet hair that matched his black sheets perfectly. Strands of red tumbled over the edge of the mattress and she grimaced.

"It works. The stuff my doctor wants me to take makes me nauseous."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay. They always pass eventually." Erza finally smiled and grabbed his hand. "It's alright if I stay and have a nap here, isn't it? I won't be interrupting your super important guild meeting?"

"Maybe I should swear you to secrecy first," he said with a grin. "I can't have you tattling all our secrets back to your guild."

"I would never betray you."

"I don't know, Erza, sometimes you can be pretty spiteful." Erza squeezed his hand painfully. "Ouch! See? That's what I mean!"

"I'm sorry," she said kissing his fingers. "Can I stay now?"

"I guess I'll allow it."

"You drive a hard bargain, Guild Master Jellal." Erza tugged on his hand. "Come lay down with me before you have to Skype."

Jellal turned and slid under the blanket next to Erza, who immediately found the bottom hem of his shirt and worked her way beneath it.

"You're a seductress, Erza," he whispered before kissing her. She discarded his shirt over the foot of the bed but he caught her wrist before she could get her hand in his sweatpants. "We have less than ten minutes."

"So?" she asked going for his neck with her mouth.

"So that's not enough time for sex."

"Says who?" Erza twisted her wrist from his grasp and moved his hand to her hip. "We can be fast."

"Not that fast." He swallowed back a groan when she hooked her leg around his waist and pressed herself fully against him.

"You're wasting time trying to convince me we don't have time." Erza kissed him forcefully and bit his bottom lip. Jellal lost the last of his cool and grabbed her wrist again to pin it to the bed. He lifted himself over her and she smiled as she sank further into the mattress.

"Ultear is going to gripe at me," he said yanking her pants off, and working his own down around his thighs. "Because I am definitely going to be late today."

Erza's eyes fluttered closed and Jellal focused on the way her teeth bit into her own bottom lip. He grasped her thigh and hitched it through the crook of his arm. Just before thrusting into her, he touched his tongue to her worried lip and took a fervent kiss. Erza groaned loudly when he set a faster than normal pace and hissed at the delightful pain of her fingernails digging into his shoulders.

In an effort to speed things along, Jellal reached between their bodies and found the spot he knew would make her lose her breath. His fingers circled her fast then slow and counterclockwise. Erza's back arched off the bed and she found her climax with a string of whispered expletives. It was rare to bring her full circle so quickly but Jellal was on a deadline. Later, if she was up for it, he'd get the rest of her clothes off and take his time.

A shrill ringing from his laptop cut through their afterglow. Jellal dropped kisses to Erza's forehead and lips before rolling off of her.

"I told you we had enough time," she breathed, wrapping the blankets back around her shoulders. Jellal pulled his pants back around his waist and retrieved his t-shirt. He glanced at the time on his laptop and chuckled.

"Actually, we didn't. Ultear is late."

"Mm, whatever," Erza muttered. Jellal slid the shirt over his head and glanced back at Erza before taking a seat at his desk. Curls of red stood out against the sheets that drooped over the foot of the bed. Her eyes were already closed and the mound of blankets rose and fell gently.

"What took you so long?" Ultear's voice was the first to hit his ear. Jellal settled into his chair and sighed.

"I had some business to take care of. You were late too." Ultear didn't have the chance to defend herself before their other guildmates started popping into the chat. "I think we should discuss that raid first. I don't want to have anymore arguments about loot distribution."

"Fair enough," Ultear said slowly. He let her add everyone to the chat and waited for more video bubbles to pop up. Usually only himself, Ultear, Meredy, and Erik bothered with the video. Due to the time difference, Jellal suspected his other guildmates weren't dressed to be seen.

"Before we get into that last clusterfuck of a raid," Erik said irritably. "I just want to say I think it's bullshit that Macbeth is allowed to skip meetings. He never grinds with us either and I think he's probably –"

"This isn't your personal gripe session, Erik," Ultear snapped. "We get it. You don't like him but he does contribute when it counts."

"Jellal doesn't play with us on Saturdays either," Meredy said with a laugh. "He's too busy with Titania."

"Don't tease him, Meredy," Ultear said smoothly. "Someone has to take her ego down a few notches."

Jellal rolled his eyes and scrolled through his spreadsheet. He thought maybe he was the only one who kept such a detailed roster but their highly successful guild was proof enough of it's effectiveness. The chatter went on but he tuned most of it out. Ultear was very good at keeping their team of loose cannons in line.

"So Jellal," Meredy said again. "Are you into cosplay?"

"Excuse me?" His eyes flit back to the Skype window. "I'm not following."

Meredy giggled and poked at her laptop screen. "That red hair behind you. Is it a wig or is there someone in your bed?"

Jellal glanced backward instinctively even though he knew she was referring to the mane of red hair he'd admired earlier.

"Uh," he turned back toward his screen and contemplated pulling himself out of video but it was already too late.

"So the rumors are true and she really does have crazy red hair?" Meredy asked, her face moving even closer into her screen.

"It's not crazy!" Jellal said defensively. "And I don't even know what you're talking about!" His eyes zeroed in on Ultear's video bubble. "Ultear, you promised!"

"I didn't say anything!" She held up her hands defensively. "You gave yourself away all on your own."

"Okay, fine. Yes, Titania is a person I know in real life. She's my neighbor and yes she's napping in my bed. I've known her since we were in preschool, for fuck's sake."

Meredy and Ultear laughed and Erik rolled his eyes. "No wonder you waste every Saturday with her in Battle Mode."

"Well, Ultear isn't wrong about her ego," he muttered glancing back once more. "It's just a thing we do. Can we please stay on topic and stop gossiping about my girlfriend?"

"So she's your girlfriend too?" Meredy asked lightly. Jellal ran his hands over his face and bristled when Erza laughed from under the blankets. She sat up and slid over the side of the bed – and out of the view of his camera – to pull her pants back on.

"So I have an ego, huh?" she asked softly.

"You know you do." He pursed his lips and tried to dodge her hand as she walked by toward his door. Her fingers found purchase in his hair anyway and nearly knocked the headset off completely.

"You like it." Erza grinned at him over her shoulder before leaving the room. "I'm going to have a shower before heading home. Come find me when you're done with your little meeting."

Jellal scowled and turned back to his laptop screen. "So are we done here or what?"

"By all means, Jellal," Ultear said with a sly grin. "Go have that shower. We're through." Meredy was full on cackling when he disconnected from the call. Erza would pay for embarrassing him. No one would be home for at least another hour. He would make her beg.