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That was it. The last thing I heard before being thrust into the universe of Vampire Knight. The terrified scream of my mother as I fell from atop my horse and was crushed by a herd of cattle.


I scream. Its so loud it deafens me, and I collapse into the cold snow with a sore throat and tired lungs. I lay there in the snow for minutes before the cold begins to get to me and I stand on my shaking legs. In the distance, I see a light. I begin to walk towards it with renewed strength. Must be Adrenaline.

I walk for what seems like hours. Now, don't get me wrong, I like walking. I walked miles everyday back home, but when you've been trampled by cattle and laying in the cold, its painful. I continue to walk through the pain when I feel a sharper pain in my lower back. I gasp and fall to my knees. There is an ominous, inhuman laugh from behind me before it cuts off suddenly with a loud BANG! I scream but this time it only last a few seconds. At some point I had twisted around to face a man whose eyes glowed a deep crimson red. Then the gun went off and the man's blood splattered all over me as he fell face first into the snow, revealing another man behind him. He had long black hair and was carrying a shotgun. At the time I couldn't see properly as my hair was whipping my face, but I didn't care to look.

I grab his outstretched glove hand with my pale ones, grateful for the help.

'T-thank you.' I stutter. He nods faintly and pulls me close, leading me a little east from the lights. After hours more, another set of light is revealed. When we arrive he pulls open the door and pushes me gently inside. I stumble from the force, even though it wasn't much. He come in second after. My eyes widen upon seeing my saviour.

Though he doesn't have an eye patch yet, I would recognise him anywhere. Toga Yagari. He has ruffled shoulder length jet black hair and cold ice blue eyes. He notices my reaction but doesn't question it, probably thinking it to be shock. I stare at him for quite a while before he begins to shift uncomfortably. In a desperate attempt to regain his composure, he introduces himself.

'I'm Toga Yagari, and I just saved you from a vampire attack.' I suppress another scream. He continues, 'What's your name, little girl?' I bristle as he calls me a little girl, but don't complain. Instead, I answer,


He nods approvingly and turns to boil a kettle. He begins to make a cup of tea. With nothing else to do, I sit on the wooden floor and watch. Eventually he finishes the process and hands me the tea. I take it gratefully and go to sip, when I notice my hands. They're smaller and chubbier than I'm used to. I ignore it a drink. As Toga watches me from the other side of the room I think back to both the times I spoke. My voice had a slightly higher pitch than normal. I ignore this too and finish my drink. Toga nods and takes my hand, silently leading me to a room. He opens the door.

'This is where you can sleep. My room's just across the hall.' I nod and he leaves, closing the door behind him. Sighing, I look around the room.

Its small and cosy, with a fireplace across from a four post bed. Hanging from the roof and posts are curtains, tied back. Released, they would form a perfect olive green tent around the bed. The bed covers were a deep red, and the pillows matched the curtains. On either side of the bed was a pine table with three drawers. Hanging above the fireplace was a painting of snowy mountain peaks and a pretty little lake. As my eyes roamed the room, they landed on a bronze mirror. I stifle a scream.

Looking back at me was not my seventeen year old self, instead it was me when I was six. I had slightly chubby hands, but only slightly, and long, straight black hair. My forest green eyes with ice blue highlights where framed by ebony eyelashes and my small lips were a pretty shade of red, though slightly blue from the cold. Sighing again, I sat on the floor and began to cry. This is how I was when Toga came in again.

'Sakura?' He asks hesitantly. I knew he was a secret softy! I turn to him slowly.

'Yes?' I reply. He answers immediately,

'I've drawn you a bath, here's a towel. Last room, all the way up the end.' I nod my thanks and walk towards the bathroom. Upon seeing the inside I nearly cry again. Its almost exactly like my own back home. Right next to the door is a bath and across from that in the top right corner is a black shower. In the left top corner is a water basin with plants. In the middle of the left wall is his fiancée's vanity, with make-up and brushes.

Shrugging off my clothes, I slip into the hot water. Its soothing and warms me, and I let out a deep breath. I lay there for a while, staring up at the roof. There's a knock on the door and immediately after comes a woman's soft voice.

'Sakura? I'm Toga's fiancée, Melody. I got you some clothes and a towel.' My eyes widen as I realise I hadn't had a towel the whole time. Crisis adverted, that could have potentially been embarrassing. Bah, I'm six now! As far as my knowledge goes, nobody cares if a six year old makes a fool of them self. In fact, they find it adorable! Though, Yagari doesn't seem like the kind of guy to find something embarrassing cute.

'Sakura?' I'm shaken from my musings as Melody calls my name again, and I realise I never answered.

'Thank you, Melody.' I say. She pushes the door open and places my clothes and towel on top of the basin, then she leaves.

'Call if you need help.' She calls from half way down the hall. I nod to myself.

Eventually, I realise I need to get out. So, I jump out of the bath reluctantly and walk over to the basin and pull the towel out from under my clothes. I dry myself with the soft material before slipping on my clothes. Its a pair of little egg-shell blue shorts with a light pink tank top. Well, I definitely approve! Sitting next to the basin are matching pink silk slippers. I slip my feet into them and raise my eyebrows. They outfit fits surprisingly well. Good job Melody! I open the door and walk out into the living room.

I stand there awkwardly with Melody and Toga watching me. Suddenly, Toga speaks.

'Well, Sakura, what happened to you?' He questions. Of all the times to be inquisitive, he chooses now!? I have no good answer to your question! I can't be like " Hey, this is crazy, and I just met you, but I'm from another world in which I died by being crushed by the cattle herd I raised and now I'm six again and gotta not royally screw up the plot of the Anime/manga with my mere presence, so help me maybe?" Noooo, I have a feeling that wouldn't fly. So, instead I answer with,

'I- I don't remember.' His face softens with my answer.

'Do you remember your parents?'

'They, they died.' I reply, trying to look upset. I summon up tears to my eyes. It works surprisingly well on the vampire hunter.

'You can live with us.' My head jolts up in shock. I look at him with wide, excited eyes.

'Really!?' He's smiling now. He answers yes.

'Thank you! I promise I'll be the best daughter ever!' I yell, running up and hugging him. He's shocked at first but soon returns the hug.

'I'm sure you will be.' He replies and motions to me to go to my room.


I'm not fond of time skips. It leaves out far too much information and the author just seems lazy, but in this case it's necessary. I've been here for exactly 4 years. Today is my 'birthday'. Not my actual birthday of course, but the day Toga found me. I'm actually writing in a journal I got for my birthday this year. Its pages are pure white, with no lines ruled up, and bound in black leather. On the cover, written neatly in silver is "Sakura Yagari". Toga got it for me to go with the writing and drawing kit Melody gave me last year, before Toga killed her. He still mourns.

A few weeks after I arrived, Melody enlisted me in the school she teaches at. A week after that, I was in. I passed year 1 with flying colours and I'm now in grade 4. Easy done. Sadly, I've still not met Zero or Ichiru. I've heard children and teachers speak of them, I've seen them, but every time I've had the chance to actually meet them, I've chickened out. I desperately want to save they're parents, but be honest, I'm scared shitless.

Last year, I began training in the use of guns and knives, after I was attacked by a vampire for the second time. I had ridden to town on my horse, Lavender, to have lunch at the park. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the bird were singing and the prices were low. A perfect day. I had lunch and a run around with a few other kids, and was walking towards the public stables at the edge of town. I had a vague feeling something was wrong, and when I was pinned to a wall in an alley with a man whose eyes glowed red, you bet I screamed. The vampire, startled at how loud my scream was, winced but didn't move. Luckily, someone had heard my scream.

I'll forever be grateful to Kaien Cross for saving me that day.

I had never met him before and I'm absolutely sure I looked positively stupid as I looked upon him, me eyes wide with awe. I'll never get over the amazement of meeting someone I previously thought to be fictional, in person. Back on to the subject of my training.

I am the knife GODDESS!

Seriously, I'm amazing with knives. Even Toga said so, as did Kaien! In fact, Kaien thought me so good he bought me a knife and dagger weapon set. Oh, how I squealed with delight.


I sigh and set down my pen. So much writing! My hand hurts. So far the first day of the summer holidays has sucked. I have absolutely nothing to do.

'Suki! You ready?' Toga calls from down the hallway. Wait, are we going somewhere? I say so out loud. Toga sighs with irritation. 'Yes, Sakura, we're going to another hunter's house.'

Oh. Right.

'Nearly, dad.' I reply. He groans, knowing he will probably have to wait another twenty minutes while I dress and do my hair and makeup. I pity him so I move quickly. My now wavy hair goes up in a ponytail with a green hairband and I put on some simple makeup. Mascara and lip gloss is all I do. I throw on black shorts and a grey tank top with a green hoodie. As I exit my room I grab my black combat boots and shoulder bag. All in all, it only took me around fifteen minutes. Toga and I exit the house and jump into the car swiftly.

It takes us about twenty minutes to get into town by horse, ten by car. Then we drive around for another five minutes until we find the house. We exit the car and walk up to the house. Toga knocks on the door and I hop around nervously. I wonder who it is? Will I recognise him or her from the anime or manga? The answer, I find, is yes, when the front door opens to reveal... drum roll please...

Zero Kiryu! Or Ichiru, I can't tell at this point. Damn it! We need to get him talking so I can tell.

'Hello, Ichiru.' Or not. Thank you dad.

'Hello Master.' Ichiru replies, stepping out from the doorway. So far I have gone unnoticed. I walk in after Toga an follow him to the living room where Mrs. Kiryu, Mr. Kiryu and Zero sit, talking about one thing or another. The chatter stops when we walk in.

'Hello, Toga. Welcome.' Mr. Kiryu greets. He stands up as Toga replies,

'Thank you, Sakai. You haven't met my daughter, have you?' The Kiryu family looks at us in shock.

'Daughter!?' Zero and Ichiru exclaim in shock. I grin.

'Yup! Sakura Yagari, at your service.' I announce and bow extravagantly. I receive odd looks from everyone but Toga, who smiles at me and chuckles. I stand up and blink owlishly. Mrs. Kiryu smiles at me sweetly, fiddling with her dark blonde hair.

'Are you going to train Zero and Ichiru through the summer holidays?' She asks. Toga nods.

'And Sakura. Its about time she learn to work with others.' Mrs. Kiryu looks at me.

'Sakura, how old are you.' She asks.

'Ten today.' I answer immediately.

'Happy birthday, Sakura. I'm Yakama.' I nod. Silence ensues. I begin to fiddle with my hair, twisting the wavy locks around my finger. Toga notices my discomfort and instructs the twins to gather their things and meet us outside.