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'Get your dirty hands off her!' Zero yells, aiming Bloody Rose at the Level E atop of me. The vampire looks up and Zero shoots. The bullet hits its mark, lodging itself deep within the vampire's throat. The Level E gurgles before perishing in an explosion of sand, dust and ash. I scramble over to Zero and hug his legs tight. He collapses to his knees and pulls me close to him. I am now sitting on his lap and he holds my head close to his muscled chest. I feel warm water fall on me and gradually I begin to realise it is Zero's tears. I look up at his face and see small rivulets of salty tears stream down his face from closed eyes.

'Zero. Please don't cry, Zero. I hate seeing you sad.' I say softly and he begins to sob loudly. I gently place my hands on his cheeks and swipe away tears with my thumbs. He open his lavender eyes and I smile kindly. He sobs louder.

'How can you smile like that Sakura when you nearly lost your life? I can't. If I lost you, I wouldn't have anyone.'

I smile again.

'I can smile because I'm still alive, and if I wasn't, the only thing I would regret is not being able to say goodbye. And because you would never lose me. Once you love someone, whether a little or a lot, they will always be in your heart.' I reply, gingerly touching where his heart is with my left hand. He smiles slightly and hugs me to him tighter.

'Hey! Mr. and Mrs. Disciplinary committee, we found a survivor. What do you want us to do with her?' I jolt my head up in shock. How long had Rima and Shiki been with us here? Zero, however, bears no such questions and answers immediately.

'Erase her memory. When she wakes up, tell her she fainted in the street or something. Do the same to her parents' Rima and Shiki nod, the only acknowledgment of the position Zero and I are in being a suggestive wink and smirk from Rima. I blush Scarlett and squirm in Zero's arms. Noticing my discomfort, Zero removes his arms from my waist and head and swiftly stands up. I stand to, dust myself off, and grab on to Zero's arm. We exit the building and walk slowly back to the Academy together.


I lay in my warm bed, staring up at the painted cream ceiling, thinking of the days events. Zero never cries. Even when his parents died, he didn't cry. He was just... numb. Devoid of any kind of emotion. Seeing him today was shocking. It was also something I never want to experience again. I never want to see Zero so scared he clings onto me tightly and cries real,warm, salty tears. Ever. I chuckle softly.

What has this world done to me? Since when do I care so much about others?

I sigh deeply and roll over to face the wall. When we were younger, Yuuki and I took creative liberty and redecorated every girls dorm room in the school. The walls of the one I share with Azuma are adorned in paintings of tall trees and the ceiling a pale sky blue. The floor is made of a smooth, dark timber wood and has a carpet which is located in between Azuma's and my own bed. The carpet is soft and a deep shade of red. I smile at the memory but it quickly fades and is replaced with a frown.

Why can't I sleep?

I groan quietly and lay at the end of my bed. My head hands limply of the foot of my single bed and is the only thing uncovered by my mint duna. As I look at the wardrobe in front of me, I notice something peeking out from under it. I frown at it before quietly climbing out of bed and picking it up. As I look at the object picked up, I sit down on the end of my bed. I realise it is a photo of Ichiru, Zero, Yuuki and myself when the twins had first met Yuuki. I smile.

Zero sits on a wooden bench at the local park and I sit beside him. Next to me is Ichiru and Yuuki hugs me from behind. The twins have their arms wrapped snugly around my waist is a hug. The four of us smile brightly at the camera. Looking at the photo, a single tear falls. I clutch onto the photo tightly and suddenly burst out the door, startling Azuma and waking her up. She looks at the door in shock as she listens to my light footsteps run up the hall and towards the boys dorms. She shakes her head with a smile and lays back down to sleep.


I throw open Zero's bedroom door and close it behind me quietly, as not to wake up the other boys. I grin excitedly but it immediately falls at the scene before me. Zero sits on the bed, Bloody Rose at his head and safety turned off. I shout and lunge at the gun.

'Zero! What are you doing!?' I ask loudly. He looks down at his, now empty, hands laying in his lap and answers.


'Nothing!? Not the best answer when your obviously committing suicide!' I shout at him. He glares at me.

'If its obvious, why did you ask?' He growls. I sigh and shake my head, sitting on his bed next to him, crossing my legs. I look at the photo in my hands sadly.

'Why, Zero? Why can't we be like this again?' I whisper suddenly. Caught unaware, Zero turns and looks at me. I wipe away a few tears with my hands. Zero grabs my wrists as I do so and pulls me close to him, hugging me tight. Not being able to hold it in anymore, I burst into tears. As I sob and wail and cry loudly Zero rubs small circles on my back with one hand, using the other to run his fingers through my hair.

'Shhhhh...Hush now, Suki. I'm here.' He says softly. I continue to cry loudly for ages afterwards but do eventually calm down. When I do, I open my eyes and look at the photo again. I begin to whisper softly to the photo and eventually fall asleep in Zero's arms for the second time that week.


When I wake up I'm not in my own bed like last time. Instead, I still lay on Zero's bed, wrapped in his arms like a comforting blanket. I look at the clock on the stand beside us blearily. In big, red, glowing digits the clock showed 4:33am. I groan softly and slip out of Zero's arms, careful not to wake the sleeping hunter. I walk towards the door and open it gently. I turn back and smile at Zero before exiting the room, closing the door, and walking back towards my dorm.

15 minutes after leaving Zero, I walk into my room. Azuma sleeps peacefully on her bed, deep blue silken sheets covering her body. I shake my head and head into the washroom. With a little more than two hours left till classes start, what point is there in going back to sleep?

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