Since Olive became Ms.O, everything had been going great for her, she was pretty happy for herself but one thing kept bugging her. Otto's new partner Oriel. She couldn't shake off the fact that she liked Otto, everyday she would restrain herself from bursting Into tears and she also couldn't accept the fact that they there made to be partners. They both liked soundcheck, they both loved food, and they both loved having fun, it's like she's his built-in partner or something. There was this one time she was walking into the cake room and she saw Otto and Oriel stuffing cake in each others mouth giggling and laughing, bitterness filled her heart, as tears streaked down her face she just ran back to her office and stayed there for the whole day.
Today she was in a good mood her day went perfectly okay she adjusted her uniform with a smile on her face. Normally the old Ms.O would wear purple and her hair was in a bun, but Ms.O told her she doesn't have to wear the same colour so Olive went with red. Her hair was out of her normal ponytail to straight hair. The young boss walked into her office and started her paper filing the something slipped out of the file and fell on the floor she picked it up and flipped it over and saw a picture of her and Otto when they got here badges back Otto had his arms wrapped around her and tear streak down her face she quickly wiped it away.
"No! Not today! I'm in a great mood no need bring that up." she said then slipped the photo under her desk and finished her filing, after that she went on her lunch break eating her yogurt quietly when she saw Otto and Oriel came in she instantly became jealous.
"Hey Ms.O." Oriel chirped happy.
"Hey Oriel." Olive managed to sound cold yet happy at the same time which surprised her.
"Hey Olive, wanna go basketball shooting with us Oriel and me later?" They both said at the same time.
"Hey! I said it! I did let's just stop..we can't- listen I can't sorry I've got...stuff to do Okay bye!" Olive grabbed another yogurt and quickly left, but then she bumped into Octavia on the way to her office.
"Sorry Ms.O I didn't see you there." Octavia said.
"It's okay. Hey umm, can I ask you something? " Olive asked, not sure whether she should ask or not.
"Sure ask away!" Octavia said brightly.
'"Okay Oriel and Otto.. Um dating?" Olive asked doubtfully, Octavia just stared at her with a you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me look.
"You're seriously telling me you haven't known they were dating!?" Octavia exclaimed. Olive dropped the unopened yogurt she was holding.
"No!" Olive shook her head, hurt by this new piece of information.
"Well they at least that's what Oren told me," Octavia said. "Hey! Are you okay? you look like if you wanna cry your heart out!" Octavia gave her the yogurt, she dropped
"Yeah I'm fine Octavia, I'm just gonna go to my office now bye!" Olive took off instead of going to her office she went to the bathroom and cried her heart out a lot of memories of then Otto and her were partners just took over her mind
"Meanwhile Otto couldn't stop thinking about how strange Olive was acting. She hadn't been talking much like she use to until she became Ms.O. Otto decided to come to the conclusion that something was wrong.
"Hey Oriel, I'm gonna go talk to Ms.O about something... private. Do you mind finishing this paper filing for me? " Otto asked with a smile.
"Sure Otto anything for you." Oriel said happily.
"Thanks." Otto blushed and left for Ms.O/his old partners office he looked inside her office he didn't she her there he look in the basketball room she wasn't there either then he saw Octavia passing by whistling.
"Octavia! Have you seen Olive? I can't find her anywhere." Otto said in concern.
"Oh, I bumped into her in the hallway upstairs she looked sad about something, she said she was going to her office." Octavia said, with her usual smile.
"Um...okay thanks." Otto decided to look in her office again this time her saw her in her office at her desk. He knocked on the glass door with little smile and walked in.
"Hey um I've been looking for you." Otto walked up to her desk.
"Oh..yeah I was in the bathroom." She said with a cough Otto noticed something was up so he decided to confront her about it.
"Okay something's up what's going on?" He took a seat on the chair in front of her desk.
"What are you talking about? Nothing's wrong, I'm fine." Olive lied, trying to hide her sadness from Otto. But it wasn't working, Otto looked unconvinced.
"Olive?..I know when your mad and I know when you sad you can't fool me with that look I know you." Otto said.
"Well your seeing things cause I'm not-" she was interrupted by Otto turning her face to him he scanned her face till she turned her face away to hide her tears.
"Olive what's wrong? I know there's something wrong." He took her hand and led her to the purple couch in the office.
"Otto! I'm perfectly fine-"
"Then why is there tearstains on your face?" He interrupted her, Oh shoot, why didn't I wash my face? Stupid Olive, why didn't you wash your face. She thought, mentally kicking herself.
"Olive we were partners for 3 years, why can't you tell me what's wrong?" Otto tilted her face to meet her eyes there eyes met Olive couldn't take it anymore
"I MISS YOU!" She launched herself, into his arms, crying. Otto kept blinking trying to process what Olive said until he wrapped his arms around her.
"What do you mean? We see each other every day we work at the same place." Otto said.
"No! You don't understand." she got out of his embrace "when I said I miss you I mean I miss being your partner I miss You because i-i Love you!" Olive placed her hands to her face and started crying again.
"Olive I miss you too." Otto pulled her back into his embrace.
"Really?" Olive took her hands off her face.
Otto nods "You have no idea of how many times I called Oriel, Olive." he chuckled, a smile crept up her face " and..." He brushes her bangs behind her ears " I love you too " he was about to hug her when she got out his embrace again.
"Wait!? I thought you were dating Oriel?" Olive asked a bit uncomfortably, Otto just stared at her, surprised. Really surprised.
"WHERE IN THE JACKALOPE'S WORLD DID YOU GET THAT IDEA FROM!?" Otto exclaimed surprised. "Who in odds name put that crazy idea in that adorable head of yours?" Otto chuckled.
"Huh? But but Octavia said that you too were dating!" Olive said confused.
"Okay I think if Oriel hears this she will freak... Those every agent here thinks that Oriel and I are dating? " Otto thought out loud
"Yeah I guess." Olive laughs.
"Well if your still wondering, No! I'm not dating Oriel." He placed his hand on her cheek which were turning red.
"I thought you forgot about me." she said, sniffing slightly.
"Olive! How could I ever forget about you your the first thing I think when I wake up you have no idea how important you are to me." He smiled, she giggled and placed her head on his chest.
"I love you." He kissed her forehead.
"Love you too." She kissed his cheeks. He wrapped his arms around her, they stayed like that, for almost the whole day, but they had no idea all the agents were watching them from outside.