PAIRING: Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy


Rating: T, but rating might go up for a specific chapter. Warnings will be present. Story might contain some potty language.

A/N: Hello! This story is a sequel to my previous Harley/Ivy fic "What Love Is", however, reading the previous story is not a requirement to following or understanding this one. As a matter of fact, I actually wrote this one first LOL. Then I went back to do a prequel that ended up being way longer than I expected. This story will not be nearly as long as the previous one and I know that because I've already written most of it. Enjoy.

Fruitful Endeavors

by Semerket

Chapter 1: Trouble

Harley appeared relatively calm on the outside, but inside she was experiencing nothing less than abject terror. Harley stared at the little thing with wonder. Under any other circumstances she would have laughed at how much grief a little plastic stick had been able to cause her.


The little pink plus sign mocked her, but it wasn't just the single sign that bothered her. There were at least five other pink plus signs and they were all telling her the same thing. Strewn about the small bathroom floor were several empty boxes of Fruitful Endeavors home pregnancy tests. Harley was sitting on the edge of the toilet lid completely oblivious to her surroundings beyond the little plus sign she held in her hand. What the hell was she going to do? Or more importantly: what was she going to tell Ivy?

Harley berated herself. It was so typical that this would happen. Just when she had finally severed ties with the Joker he still found a way to haunt her. Ivy despised him utterly. There's no way she'd want to look at his grinning kid day end and day out. Ivy would put her out. And what would she do for money? She hadn't done anything illegal since she'd gotten together with Pamela. That had been a little more than three months ago, and they had been the best months of Harley's tragic life. Her only regret was not coming to her senses sooner. Harley laughed bitterly. Of all the times she had actually wanted to go back to Joker, the one time that she didn't, she might have too out of necessity.

The joke was on her.

Fuck. My. Life. The harlequin was jolted out of her sad reverie by the sound of Ivy banging on the door. She could hear her concerned voice on the other side.

"Harley?" The blond jumped up from her seat in panic. Harley realized she must have been silent for too long because Ivy continued. "Harley, I'm coming in..."

The blond's eyes bulged. "Noooooo!" Harley saw the doorknob turning and raced over and grabbed it. Then she quickly locked the door, much to her partner's annoyance.

Ivy's voice held a combination of amusement and bafflement, "What are you doing in there?"

Harley began gathering up the tests as she frantically tried to figure out where to stash them. They'd be too visible in the trash. Harley raised her voice to be heard through the door, "Just a minute!"

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine!" Harley thought maybe she could hide it in the hamper- yes, at the bottom. She began pulling clothes and towels out and frantically tossing them on the floor of the whicker clothing container.

She could hear the skepticism in the other woman's voice. "You've been in there for over an hour!" Satisfied that the troublesome tests were stashed at the bottom of the hamper, the flailing blond began tossing the clothes back inside.

Harley sounded a bit labored from the speed of her exertions. "I'm takin' a shower!"

"Then how come the water hasn't been running?"

Oops. She rubbed her face as she tried to think of a believable excuse. "Well... I… Uh..." Thinking fast was never Harley's strong suit. She needed to deflect the emphasis off of herself. "Didja need somethin', Red?" Maybe she could get rid of her that way.

"I was going to do laundry."

Harley mouthed 'Oh my god' as she realized she'd have to hide the tests somewhere else. She pulled the hamper over and dumped out all the clothes and snatched up the tests. Her blue eyes settled on the cabinet.

"Harley, you're not constipated, are you? Because I have an herbal remedy for that you know..."

Harley muttered low enough that she couldn't be heard through the door. "Oh, there's no remedy for this, I assure you!" She hurriedly stashed the boxes and tests in the very back of the bathroom cabinet. Ivy was unlikely to look behind the cleaning detergents; unless she was planning on mopping the floor and doing the laundry simultaneously, which was unlikely. Or so Harley hoped.


"I'm. Not. Constipated!" She yelled loudly as she rolled her eyes. Harley sounded quite childish. She began picking up the clothes again and tossing them back into the hamper.

"I thought you'd managed to flush yourself down the toilet!"

Harley's eyes were getting moist. "Yea, of course I did. Because I'm sucha stupid bimbo, right?! Harleys' sucha clown she can never do anythin' right evah! Stupid Harley can't even take a dump without help!" She was so angry at herself.

"So then..." She could hear the redhead's confusion through the door. "You are constipated?"

She shrieked. "No! I'm not fuckin' constipated!" She was crying now.

"Well." Ivy huffed, "You don't have to take that tone with me. Excuse me, for caring about your well-being!"

Oh great. The last thing she needed was an irate Ivy. Forcing herself to calm down, Harley took a deep breath and said sincerely, "I'm sorry I yelled at you, Red." Harley hoped the apology would work.

"Open the damn door!" Unfortunately it didn't.

Having straightened out the bathroom, she wiped her eyes. Luckily she wasn't really wearing any makeup at the moment. Harley opened the door and stepped out. Ivy was clearly upset, but she seemed more worried than angry. "It's all yours, Red." Harley offered a small smile and began to walk away.

Ivy's hands immediately grabbed her arm and pulled her closer. "Tell me what's wrong." She said softly. Ivy had noticed Harley's behavior had become more erratic as of late.

Ivy's piercing green eyes had an almost primal glint in them. They looked more like an exotic feline predator's eyes than a human's. She could see the affection in them. Harley gulped and felt ashamed. She couldn't look her in the eye. She couldn't hurt her like this. She'd already hurt Ivy so much over the years. Every time Harley chose the Joker over Ivy she'd broken the woman's heart and she was going to do it again.

"Talk to me, baby." Her face drew nearer to Harley's. It irked her that the blond was unable to look at her. This was highly irregular. She reached up and stroked Harley's cheek.

Harley's eyes instinctively closed as she felt her lover's fingers gently rubbing her cheek and jawline. She could smell Ivy's unique scent. She always smelled like some kind of intoxicating flower. The blond brought her hands up to Ivy's. It was difficult to resist the green seductress at the worst of times, but Harley wasn't ready to discuss this. She doubted she would ever be. Ivy placed a soft kiss on the blond's lips. That seemed to give the blond the resolve to untangle herself from the goddess.

Harley gently pulled Ivy's hands away from her face and took a step back. "It's nothing, Red." She stared at the floor as she spoke. "I just haven't been feeling that well lately."

Ivy was studying her intensely. Harley was very familiar with this expression. She was assessing the blond's truthfulness. The expression changed and her eyes now had a hint of sadness in them. She knew that Harley wasn't being entirely honest. It broke the blond's heart knowing that she had done it again. Harley wasn't sure if it was the stress or the guilt, maybe all of the above, but before she knew it she was waking up in another part of the house.

"Red?" Harley sat up slowly. She was lying on their bed.

"You fainted." Ivy explained as she dabbed the blond's head with a cool cloth. "You should get some sleep now, it's late. We can set you up with a doctor's appointment in the morning."

"Yea, I think you're right." Harley could tell that Ivy knew something was up, but she was willing to put it off until morning. She could tell that the redhead was not happy, however.


It was still in the wee hours of the morning as a fully dressed Harley grabbed her duffel bag and crept past the rows and rows of plants towards the front door. She wasn't wearing anything special- just a red hoodie and a pair of blue jeans. Her hair was down rather than in her trademark pigtails. She was just about to grab the doorknob when she felt a small feline brush up against her leg.


Harley bent down and scooped up Sprout. The little plant-hybrid kitty had been a gift from Ivy on her last birthday. His normally green, grassy fur had turned a lovely shade of red that blended into orange and yellow. It was early December and his plant-like 'fur' apparently changed with the seasons. He purred into the blond's arms as she hugged him and kissed him. "Now, you take good care of, Ivy while I'm gone. I'll miss my little green booger." She punctuated her statement by planting a kiss on his head before she put him back on the floor.


Ivy awoke with a start. Something was wrong. Everything felt off somehow. Her babies were trying to tell her something... She didn't need to look beside her to know that Harley wasn't there. She snatched back the covers and tried to fight her sinking feeling. She stalked out into the living room. There was a note on the coffee table. She snatched it up.

Dearest Red,

I have to go away for a while. I need time to think. It's not you, it's me- REALLY, it's me. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone or anything, but I don't think we can be together. I'm a terrible person for hurting you again. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me one day.

I'm so sorry,

Harley XOXO

Ivy wasn't sure what to do. Should she mope around the hideout as usual when Harley stomped on her heart? Or should she go on a killer plant rampage? There were so many ways to express her emotional upset. Carton of ice cream? Or plant-themed crime spree?

"God damn it!" Ivy shrieked as she flipped the kitchen table and tossed it against the wall angrily.

Sprout flinched at the sudden display of violence and darted into the greenhouse.

She was starting to cry. Again. What if Harley had wanted to stay? What if she was in danger? Maybe the Joker was coming for her again and she thought she had to hide to protect Ivy? Maybe she had read Harley all wrong. Ivy scoffed at that notion. No, if anything, Harley was happily following her Puddin's orders just like always.

But Ivy was still uncertain. They had been through so much in the last year… and Harley had demonstrated more than once that she was no longer affected by the clown. Ivy needed to confront her. Ivy needed closure, she couldn't sit in the house wondering about it forever. Ivy snatched her car keys and left.