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That Kakashi was not amused, was an understatement. Not only had he been killed during his fight with Pain, granted it had actually been his fault, but he had been brought back to life. Under normal circumstances, Kakashi would be more than happy to be able to still protect those precious to him, but being reanimated as his eight years old chunin self was not funny, not at all. Especially not, when he found himself face to face with his father. His dead father.

"Kakashi, are you alright? What happened to your eye?"

Just now did Kakashi realise that he still possessed his sharingan. No, Obito's sharingan. Obito, who was still very much alive and kind and always late; if this wasn't just some kind of dream that is. Kakashi hoped not.

Realising that his father, his very much alive father, was still waiting for an answer, Kakashi quickly thought of an excuse.

"I feel… dizzy and I hurt myself while training."

Sakumo's eyebrow rose: "While training?!"

"Yeah, eh I was training with the ninken and one of them was over enthusiastic…"

It had been a lame excuse, if Sakumo's wary gaze was any indicator, but it seemed as if Sakumo had decided to drop the subject, at least for now. Kakashi only hoped that his father hadn't seen the actual eye, but just the scar over it.

Kakashi eventually took the offered hand and pulled himself to his feet.

"Are you sure that you are alright? You don't collapse every day, you know!"

"I'm fine… what about you?"

Kakashi had to make sure when exactly he was. If this was reality, then Kakashi was determined to change some of the events and outcomes. He would make sure Obito and his father would both survive and be alright and maybe, Kakashi would even be able to save Rin and his sensei…

Sakumo however seemed a little bit taken aback by the question and saw his father's eyes darken.

"I'm alright as well, don't worry."

Before Sakumo turned around, Kakashi quickly grabbed his hand.

"You know you can tell me if something is bothering you, right dad?"

Sakumo hesitated before turning around, a painfully obvious fake smile on his lips and ruffling his son's unruly and gravity defining silver hair.

Kakashi sighed as soon as his father left. So, Sakumo's health was bad, very bad. Realisation dawned on Kakashi and he quickly checked the date. Only a few days left until his father would… no, Kakashi would make sure that he would be on time.